N.C. Panel: Pay Eugenics Victims $50,000

Tommy Tomlinson, News Observer, January 11, 2012

A governor’s task force voted Tuesday to recommend paying $50,000 each to survivors who were sterilized under North Carolina’s eugenics program.

The legislature will have to approve any payments. If that happens, North Carolina will be the first state to compensate victims of programs that sterilized tens of thousands of poor, sick and mentally challenged people across the country.

The N.C. Eugenics Board approved sterilizing about 7,600 people between 1929 and 1974. The state expanded its program in the ‘40s and ‘50s, even as other states ended or reduced theirs because of the eugenics connection to Nazi Germany in World War II. Mecklenburg County, under longtime welfare director Wallace Kuralt, sterilized more people than any other N.C. county by far. Dr. Laura Gerald, chairwoman of the task force, said her group wanted to send a message: “We in North Carolina are people who pay for our mistakes.”

Legislators and advocates have been pushing for compensation for a decade. But the idea got traction last year after Gov. Bev Perdue formed the task force and created a state office to track down victims. The state estimates that 1,500 to 2,000 are still alive. As of Tuesday, only 72 had come forward and been verified. Officials expect that number to grow now that a specific recommendation is on the table.

Some cases approved by the Eugenics Board were people who were mentally ill and sexually aggressive, and families who wanted to stop having children.

But the board also authorized sterilizing people who were poor, or part of large families, or whose parents worried that men might take advantage of them. Some victims were as young as 10.



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  • Red

    $50,000 a piece is probably worth it. Yes, it seems like a lot, but the long-term net benefit is incalculable.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t it cost something like that to incarcerate one thug for one year in our prisons?

  • Anonymous

    I realize I’m going to sound horrible saying this.

    If sterilizations became mandatory with welfare recipients, that would do WONDERS for the country.  It would stop or at least slow Hispanic and Black population growth, possibly even reverse it.

    Look at the woman under “I got 15 kids and 3 babydaddys” on YouTube and tell me that sterilizing her 20 years ago wouldn’t have done a world of good for her neighbors who are FORCED to pay for her children.

    The good part is that sterilization is voluntary.  That is, if you want welfare money, you can’t have any more children.

    From a financial point of view it would do wonders as well.  Think of how much less would be spent incarcerating these people and feeding their kids and grandchildren on welfare.

    • Ageofknowledge

      I concur. It’s called breaking the cycle.

  • Anonymous

    It is really a shame the Nazi’s gave eugenics such a bad name. I am sure in many cases the sterilizations were a good idea, but then again the doctors did some crazy things prior to the 50’s. Lobotomies were all the rage for a while and were claimed to be a cure for migraines and homosexuality among other things, many of the willing victims ended up brain damaged and in an institution for the rest of their lives.

    A modern consensual eugenics program would truly be a great thing. Offer low income people $5000 cash to get sterilized. The black thug population would be all over that and would be working hard to get all of their girlfriends and baby’s mamas sterilized asap. If they have the money to reverse the procedure down the road and want kids they pay a doc to make them fertile again.

  • Anonymous

    That is ridiculous.  In the end, we are going to have to face up to the consequences of dysgenic fertility.  Societies are going to have to decide between politically correct pieties and the very survival of their civilization.  That is all there is to it.  Sadly, I think most people are willing to sacrifice civilization itself on the altar of equality.

  • Anonymous

    “The good part is that sterilization is voluntary. That is, if you want welfare money, you can’t have any more children.”
    Good point.  Why is it morally acceptable to FORCE taxpayers to support other people’s children, but not morally acceptable to demand that recipients get sterilized, after say two kids?

  • Anonymous

    I say give it to them!  As a thank you.  Think of all the lives, neighborhoods and tax dollars saved.  If only we could bring back these programs.

    • ‘If only we could bring back these programs.’

      Actually racial eugenics lives on (disguised) at Planned Parenthood!  It was founded by Margaret Sanger, a noted eugenicist and racialist. 

      Just type in ‘planned parenthood racist’ into google and one will get almost one million hits! 

      In the state I live in there is a program called ‘the political tax credit’ for $50.  If Ron Paul drops out of the race I am looking at sending $50 to Planned Parenthood, maybe it will be used to abort some brown-skinned ‘anchor baby’, there have been a lot of those around here lately.  Every little bit helps.

  • Anonymous

    But first before they get paid they have to see the video of the 37 year old black women who has 15 children and three baby daddys in jail demand that we give her money to raise her kids

  • Anonymous

    But the board also authorized sterilizing people who were poor, or part of large families, or whose parents worried that men might take advantage of them. Some victims were as young as 10.

    A few years ago, I saw a documentary about a eugenics program and I have to say it was truly heartbreaking.

    They were sterilizing child, white children, in orphanages whose only sin was that they were born out of wedlock and were deemed to be the product of immoral parents.

    They were all perfectly healthy in ever way and yet they were permanently sterilized, never to have white children.

    I have to say there were some terrible things done to physically and mentally healthy white children by over zealous eugenicists.   Maybe they believed it was all for the greater good or maybe they were mad with power. I don’t know.

    Today, we have reversible procedures so I don’t have a problem with paying adults and giving them free treatments if they have more kids than they can handle as long as they’re consenting adults. I do have a problem knowing the excesses of the past and arbitrarily sterilizing healthy, young, white children for no other reason than their parents weren’t married or were poor. 

    Adults can make reasoned decisions but children can’t.

  • Anonymous

    beat the left and the negro at their own game. when in a store or where ever if a black has an attitude with you, take it to court. take the store to court. demand the black be fired claim racism. use everything the left uses use their own system to beat them at their own game use the lefts system against them.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s not such good news North Carolina pays for it’s mistakes. They continue to make more and more of them as if it’s something to aspire to. 

  • To Everyone Here:
     Just reading these sentiments is really amazing. For a group of people who believe they’re superior, you’ll sure act the opposite. Sterilization was forced on these people, they weren’t given the liberty to choose. You know , how would you like it if the gov. made a decision that
    all you W.N. types get sterilized,!?! You’ll would be outraged. Therefore, these victims should be compensated. Live and let live regardless. Thanks!!
    P.S. Here’s something my late father stated, ” never deem yourself superior to others or reality will slap you right in the face.” My suggestion is to take this advice to heart. Bye-Bye!!

    • TomSwift

      My understanding of evolutionary theory is that if we do nothing, the least fit will out-breed everyone else.

      Fish in caves lose their eyesight, island dwarfism for example.

      The human brain consumes 20% of your bodies energy budget. Hence all else being equal the least intelligent will breed the most. Without our intelligence this planet could not support more than 5 million humans.

      I used to share your concerns. But if we do nothing, 99% of our children will die because we did nothing.  I don’t know if it takes 1 generation or 100, but either way it is immoral to give our children no future. How would you solve the problem, then?

      If can scientifically prove that this isn’t a problem, I would never support this website. The sterilization doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) based on race. Pass a law banning anyone without a high school degree from breeding.

      Your argument about sterilization W.N. is based on judging people on their beliefs. People can be highly intelligent and still be wrong. Our counter-parts, the White Liberals, are many things but they would not be able to create so many problems if they were stupid.

      • I actually completely agree with everything you’ve said here, I’ve so often been flabbergasted by how causally certain socio-economic groups seem to create human life, with little to no regard to the real commitment its takes to raise a well rounded human being. 
        We all get to pick up the tab financially and socially with this type of short term, instant gratification, welfare mooching mentality. But in saying all of that I must admit that I do find the idea of forced sterilization to be pretty reprehensible, when it’s arbitrarily applied to people because of their ages or financial backgrounds, although upon reflection I’m sure there are cases that would merit it for sure such as serial rapists or drug addicted habitual mothers who are either reproducing as a form of income, or who simply can’t close their own legs/stop themselves. As an personal example of the latter I had a neighbor whose daughter was a meth addict, who at last count had brought five children into this world, with no signs of stopping as the rewards were just too great. My neighbor, as this drug dependent girls mother was raising one of her grandchildren herself at great personal expense to herself (time, energy and money), while the remaining four children were going through the revolving door or foster care and youth services at a great tax payer expense.I must say that to me, the most unsettling aspect to this situation, was the cold dead look that came out of the eyes of these kids who were left in the care of this junkie, these were little people who knew no love, so would no doubt have great difficulty in being able to give (or receive) any sort of compassion or love in their own later lives, pity the poor souls who cross the paths of these broken people.I certainly prefer the pro choice option here, such as giving the addict a large amount of their drug of choice to be voluntarily sterilized, (I know this would never happen).On paper forced sterilization sounds like a good idea, but as Anthony above has suggested it all depends on who is holding the pen to that paper.But none of these personal opinions are really why I’m posting now, I just wanted to share a link on a story regarding the disturbing twitter reactions to the Emma West tram rant video.
        http://www.anorak.co.uk/303424/news/is-emma-west-a-victim-of-twitter-hunt-tweeters-want-my-tram-experience-woman-raped-shot-and-knifed.html/   Although I give liberals on the upper echelons, credit for often being extremely intelligent people, I fear that the masses below them have taken their left wing  moral supremacy literally to heart in believing that they are righteous in wishing to execute great violence against all faucets of the right wing, paradoxically ‘in the name of goodness’.As someone who considers myself an pro-White advocate of some sort, I feel that our stance and message is one which is constantly evolving and updating itself and that our stance for self pride and pro survival on equal terms with all other racial groups to be quite reasonable. Yet I see zero efforts from the MSM to update this image on our behalf, as they seem intent on keeping the public thinking that all Right wingers from the Fox news/ Neo Cons types to the most extreme fascists are all virtually indistinguishable from each other and that killing us, is akin to killing the next Hitler.

    • Anonymous

      I saw only one case on a news program a little while back.  It was the case of a black female who was sterilized after having several babies with different baby daddies and the entire bunch on public assistance .  Is this about Eugenics?  While current genetic research seems to be vindicating the obvious, that it is desirable to see the best and brightest reproduce the most, this doesn’t seem to be the question, although the race-baiters want it to be.  No, the issue is whether the state and taxpayer ought to pay for women like this one, who was functionally illiterate at least, to create as many children as their reproductive systems can produce, creating more offspring to feed off the taxpayer’s largess and continue the expansion of such families generation to generation.

    • ‘You know , how would you like it if the gov. made a decision that all you W.N. types get sterilized,!?’ You’ll would be outraged.

      The outrage would be well-placed due to fact Whites are the back-bone of Civilization and Civilization has a right to preserve itself.

      Once we disappear (through hypothetical forced sterilization or ‘racial integration’) there will be mass savagery and economic deprivation.

      Look at what happened to Haiti after all the Whites were gone as proof. 

      •  To Johannes Yngvar:
         Sir, if you call attitudes such as this “civilized” then i would prefer to be in Haiti, even as messed up as it is than your version of civilization. I guess, not to be sarcastic, but you probably considered what the Nazis did in WWII, what
        the KKK did in the 1920’s and what Stalin’s government was like to be great civilizations, huh!?! Hey, they were white. Think about that!! Thanks.

        • Impertinent

          The difference is that while Germany managed to build a greater society….run it off the rails and lose it all to a military defeat…..they are once gain a dynamic, rich productive member of the planet. Producing goods and jobs all over this earth. From cars to popsicle sticks. 

          What’s Haiti’s excuse for being a perennial basket case producing nothing of substance or value…and sucking the productive countries dry?

          For the last 150 years Haiti has had it’s independence from it’s white European”masters”. The French. Now…they are their own masters of depravity, poverty,disease and failure.

  • Anonymous

    A British professor recently caused a stir by advocating the forced sterilization of drug addicts and otherwise unfit parents.   The man’s arguments are good and quite sensible, unfortunately common sense went out of style in the Western world quite some time ago.
    Professor David Marsland’s stance on forced sterilization of unfit parents:

  • Joseph Bishop

    That is actually exactly right.  I’ve been saying it for decades, but no one seems to listen.  Offer $$$ to the possessors of genetic garbage, big money, and most of them will take it, in exchange for being permanently sterilized.  The economic ripple effect over generations saves many times whatever they are paid but more importantly the social-political effect can only relieve society of countless burdens for generations to come.

    The egalitarian obsession mandates a knee-jerk condemnation of eugenics without even the slightest examination of its pros or cons.  American society – and most other societies – are rapidly turning into genetic freak shows in which an ever-growing percentile of the population are defective, or sick, or low-IQ’ed, or just plain strange or weird, all of the aforementioned representing a kaleidoscope of burdens to the ever-dwindling healthy and positive genetic elements.

    On the positive side, encouraging and subsidizing the replication of healthy and intelligent, creative people can only lead to society getting healthier, stronger, and better at solving its problems.  But this too, seems to never be considered.  It is flat-out banned from any national dialogue.

    Eugenicists and their advocates offered a solution to the world’s problems a few generations ago and it was globally rejected.  The world is now paying the price.  All the world’s genetic garbage will only continue to reject eugenics and to demand more, more, more, from the better elements.  This can only drown the world in darkness and misery.

    • Aewtwefsd

      Well it is unsustainable to the “knee jerk response.” Historically certain TYPES of eugenics haven’t been well received.

      It is unfortunate because there is different gradations and ways it can be applied without be inhumane.

      In fact we practice eugenics today. We just don’t call it that. But it doesn’t make it any different.

      • Impertinent

        “In fact we practice eugenics today..”

        Meaning…abortion? Which blacks have the highest rate of participation?

  • $50K is pretty cheap since 4 welfare babies would cost taxpayers $500,000 over 10 years. The last year I could find info for said the average cost per prison inmate in 2005 was 23k per year.  The savings in prisons alone make that a huge windfall for the state.

  • Space4jan

    Eugenics in principle is morally sound and socially desirable.  It has had its abuses (not only in Germany) but so have other applied sciences, such as the treatment of mental illness and the rehabilitation of convicts.  As David Ashton pointed out in the British quarterly Salisbury Review some time ago, the principle was supported by people as diverse as Churchill, Trotsky and Catholic  theologians.  Modern left-liberal opposition stems not from honest humanitarianism, but from hatred of human excellence; it is also  significant that opponents of “designer babies” so often use the specific cliche “blond hair and blue eyes”.  Such  people are unmoved by late abortions on demand which (ex)terminate healthy babies from trivial or irresponsible motives.
    In fact, eugenics is a humanitarian policy which prevents the brutal winnowing of human beings by nature or by conflict, and increases the proportion of creative  and self-reliant individuals in society, which benefits everyone in the long term.
    There is a case for sterilising people who produce increasing numbers of babies that others are forced to support, or who are guilty of gross ill-treatment of children.
    For newcomers to debate, I recommend (1) Richard Lynn’s “Dysgenics” (2011 ed) & John Glad’s “Future Human Evolution” (2006, available on-line). 

  • chitown

    It appears this was not true eugenics but simply trying to help these people using a selective elimination of unwanted pregnancies from those who couldnt afford offspring and would have been a burden on the state taxpayers or other legtimate reasons.

    What about the millions of back alley abortions that occured before Roe vs Wade that ended in death or mutilation at the hands of butchers in dirty germ infested places?  If anything this type of social services helped them out and taxpayers. Not everyone is qualified to have offspring and selective breeding needs to return.

    • To Chitdown:
       I have a question. Who are you, me, or others to determine,  even judge who’s fit to live
      or die!?!  It’s not  your right or mine to make that decision, only God’s. As stated earlier never deem yourself better or the truth will hit you hard. Thanks!!

  • Andy

    The abuses and cautions of sterilization and negative eugenics sure ought to be duly emphasized.  HOWEVER,  those of us having first hand awareness within schools of
    some of the “cases” encountered,  realize that the mistakes of  an overall eugenics  program can easily get headlines.   The specific  “homes” that can present compounded  creation of persons unfit from conception to enjoy life, to belong, etc.,  are circumstances once directly encountered, no decent person can ever forget.     But such specific situations for obvious reasons of legal liability, etc., do not any regard beyond the whispered comments of shock by school personnel encountering them .   There has been for decades now an enormous misallocation of indignation and righteousness about this overall question.