Posted on January 4, 2012

Britain’s Soft Touch Border Policy Exposed

Tom McTague, Daily Mirror, January 2, 2012

Britain is an easy target for asylum seekers — with the vast majority never being turned away.

More than 90% are not even considered for deportation, according to figures seen by the Mirror.

Under EU rules UK officials can return asylum seekers to the first European country they set foot in.

Most enter Europe through Greece, then travel to Britain via other “safe” countries such as France and Italy.

But in 2010, just 1,600 out of 18,000, around 9%, were considered for removal.

That’s 2% down on 2009 — making a mockery of David Cameron’s vow to tighten our borders.

And there was a further blow last month when the EU created a “perfect back door” by ruling we could not return asylum seekers to Greece because the Greek asylum system was in such a mess.

Essex MP Priti Patel said: “People should be claiming asylum in the first safe country they come to, but they do all they can to get here because of the generous benefits.”

The shock figures came as a report revealed the Government would NOT hit its target to cut immigration to “tens of thousands” a year.

Experts predicted the net figure would still be around 180,000 in 2012.

But Immigration Minister Damian Green insisted the goal would be reached by the end of the current parliament.