Posted on December 14, 2011

UK Vicar Facing Jail for Staging 31 Sham Marriages Between Illegal Brides and Grooms

James Tozer, Daily Mail (London), December 13, 2011

A vicar was yesterday warned that he faced going to jail ‘for some time’ after he admitted staging 31 sham marriages.

The Rev Canon John Magumba, 58, conducted weddings between illegal immigrant brides and grooms and EU passport holders they barely knew so they could remain in Britain.

The Ugandan-born vicar also admitted pocketing over £8,000 that was given to his church in fees or donations from genuine weddings and funerals.

Investigators from the UK Border Agency were tipped off earlier this year that Magumba, who covered three churches in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was helping illegal immigrants take part in bogus weddings.

Equipped with marriage certificates, immigrants were then able to obtain a visa allowing them leave to stay in Britain with full access to education, healthcare and welfare benefits.

Often the couples would immediately drop the pretence of a relationship straight after the ceremony and go their separate ways.

At Bolton Crown Court yesterday, Magumba pleaded guilty to conspiracy to breaching UK immigration law by conducting sham marriages and also two counts of theft.

Judge Thomas Teague QC told the defence counsel for the shamed vicar: ‘It is a very serious case and he must obviously expect to lose his liberty for some time.’

Speaking to Magumba, who stood in the dock with his head bowed, the judge added that it was ‘a very serious matter’.

The married father-of-six, who wore an open-neck shirt with no dog collar, was accompanied by the Venerable Alan Wolstencroft, from the Bishop of Manchester’s office.

Afterwards he said: ‘He will not be saying anything–he is very upset.’

Magumba admitted conspiring with a number of people–who cannot be named for legal reasons–in facilitating the commission of a breach in immigration law between April 2008 and February 2011.

He also admitted stealing £5,437 from St Peter’s Church and £2,908 from St Luke’s Church, both in Rochdale–a total of £8,345.

He was granted bail and will be sentenced in January.

The vicar, of Deeplish, Rochdale, was arrested in March after an investigation into 100 sham marriages and suspended by the Bishop of Manchester, the Right Reverend Nigel McCulloch.

6 responses to “UK Vicar Facing Jail for Staging 31 Sham Marriages Between Illegal Brides and Grooms”

  1. The land of ice and snow says:

    I remember back in the 1960s, how so many of the Roman Catholic priests one met, both in the US and in Latin America, were Irish. But Ireland got rich, and a life of celibacy, poverty, and toil no longer appealed to pious young men. Today the country that sends Roman Catholic priests all over the world is Nigeria. And apparently even the Anglicans have begun to resort to African priests. Well, the good news is that the Africans don’t appear to have a pedophile problem (am interested in any information to the contrary). The bad news is though, that they are corrupt, they are sexually hyperactive, and that they are clannishly doing whatever they can to promote other Africans.

  2. GM (Australia) says:

    You can take them out of the 3rd world, even give them a theology degree. You can give them all the authority and priviledge that goes with his position in society but really nothing really changes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He needs to be sent back to preach the Gospel in his country of origin, with no possibility of ever returning to the UK after he finishes his prison sentence. He will need a fresh start somewhere, and it should be in his home country, not in the UK. He is a disgrace to the Gospel of Christ. He needs time to reflect on what he has done.

    I say all of this as a fellow Anglican priest.

  4. Bill R says:

    Well, that was the first mistake. Ordaining a black. But why not? The Anglican church also ordains lesbians and homosexuals.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It must be understood that Africans, like Magumba regard the church first and foremost as a career – and great career if they can get posted to a parish in England! There isn’t an ounce of ‘calling’ involved, rather it’s seen as a get-rich-quick move. Escaping a rat-infested dump of a country for the green and pleasantly wealthy land of England is a dream. With six children he would have been receiving at least 300 pounds ($460) a week in government child benefits on top of his salary and housing provision paid by the church. I guess that wasn’t enough – maybe he lied to see a hooker now and then? That he should then also rob his own ‘flock’ just about says it all. I wonder if his wife is a white UK citizen? Maybe that’s were he got the idea!

  6. Colonist says:

    Lets see what the politicians and liberals say:

    Michael Portillo: immigration, diversity and enrichment is good for the UK

    Nick Clegg: racism must be dealt with an iron fist (in this case assisting to outbreed the indigenous white Celtic Britons)

    Race realists say: import 3rd worlders and you import 3rd world behaviour not compatible with western behaviour and values

    Bishop Tutu in South Africa says: impose a wealth tax on SA’s white population only. Is that not racist? Where is Nick Clegg’s iron fist?

    To any white liberals reading this:

    The signs are there for all to clearly see.

    If you take pride in your ethnicity, the accomplishments and values that your people have built up, and want to leave the same legacy that you received to your children, start mobilising to put an end to this multi-culti failure that is taking root in your midst.