Posted on December 8, 2011

The Truth About Our Liberal Elite and Race Crime

Leo McKinstry, Express, December 8, 2011

The dogma of political correctness is dangerously weakening Britain’s traditional concept of justice.

Our ruling elite are so deluded by the ideology of cultural diversity that they have lost the ability to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

That is the only conclusion to be drawn from the outrageous leniency shown by a court this week towards a gang of Somalian Muslim women who savagely beat up a white woman in Leicster city centre. In a brutal, unprovoked assault, the thugs knocked Rhea Page to the ground, then repeatedly kicked in the head while calling her a “white bitch” and “white slag”.

Ms Page, who was so traumatised by the incident that she has lost her job as a carer for people with learning disabilities, later said: “I thought they were going to kill me.”

Incredibly, despite the ferocity of the attack, the judge gave the girls only suspended sentences, even though he could have jailed them for up to five years.

His bizarre decision came after the defence told him that the Muslim assailants had been drinking and were “not used to being drunk” because of their religion.

As a cause for mitigation, this is absurd. Why on earth should Muslims be treated any differently to other offenders, simply on the grounds of their faith?

If they are so pious, so respectful of Islamic rituals, why were they drinking in the first place? And shouldn’t their drunkenness in public, an offence in itself, have added to the seriousness of their crime rather than lessened it?

Just as troubling was the failure of the authorities to charge the gang with racially-aggravated assault. For nothing could be more racially abusive than their barbaric cry of “kill the white bitch”.

We can be pretty sure that if a Somalian Muslim girl had been kicked to the ground by a group of white brutes, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Police would have taken a tougher approach.

The disgraceful message of this episode is that Muslims can get drunk and maim almost with impunity because the state is so craven about their creed.

The case makes a mockery of the idea of equality before the law–one of the cornerstones of liberal democracy.

The reluctance to imprison Ms Page’s attackers is so indicative of the supine, guilt-ridden mindset of our modern ruling class, where cowardice is dressed up as cultural sensitivity and self-loathing masquerades as tolerance.

This mentality, which is tearing apart the moral bonds of our civilisation, can be seen all around us. A classic recent example was the police’s initial paralysing feebleness towards the rioters last August because of fears about accusations of racism.

The same is true of the hesitancy in tackling so-called “honour” attacks on women in Muslim communities.

Only last week, it was revealed that the total of these appalling incidents, some of them fatal, is approaching 3,000 a year.

In a similar vein, the police and social services have long been terrified of talking openly about the growing problem of Pakistani gangs preying on white girls in northern towns.

As Detective Inspector Alan Edwards, an expert in the field, has said, “Everyone’s been too scared to address the ethnicity factor.”

In the twisted world of our civic institutions, minorities are always seen as victims.

Even the worst behaviour of some in their communities is excused by references to poverty or racism or social exclusion.

That certainly applies to the Somalian community in Britain, who are constantly presented one of the most oppressed groups in the country.

But, in truth, the oppression can work the other way. Too many Somalians have become a burden on the British taxpayer, thanks to their welfare dependency.

Over 80 per cent of them, for instance, live in taxpayer-funded homes. Moreover Somalian gangs, most of them peddling drugs, have helped to create a climate of fear in parts of our cities through their enthusiasm for violence and contempt for the law.

As one Somalian youth from the notorious Woolwich Boys says, “We’ve come over here with one thing on our mind–money. We don’t care how we get it. The Government doesn’t stand a chance.”

Tremendous double standards are at work over race crime. Racial killings of whites are frequently downplayed or forgotten.

The name of Kriss Donald is almost unknown today, yet the circumstances of his death could hardly have been more horrific.

In March 2004, while walking through Glasgow, the 15-year-old schoolboy was kidnapped by a Pakistani gang, dragged to open land, tortured, stabbed 13 times and set on fire while he was still alive.

Fortunately the gang was caught and convicted, but this monstrous crime provoked no great outpouring of moral anguish.

Peter Fahy, one of Britain’s leading chief constables, once said that political correctness means it is “harder to get the media interested” when the victims are “young white men”.

The British establishment is guilty of nothing less than reverse racism. Their members, from judges to politicians, think they are enlightened and compassionate. But in truth they are filled with prejudice.

For often they refuse to expect the same standards of civilised behaviour from certain minorities that they demand of the indigenous population.

Such a perverted outlook is the opposite of equality. In the name of anti-racism, they have ended up in the bizarre position of promoting discrimination.

That is no way to achieve the integration and cohesion that our society so badly needs.

25 responses to “The Truth About Our Liberal Elite and Race Crime”

  1. ice says:

    “The dogma of political correctness is dangerously weakening Britain’s traditional concept of justice.”

    It isn’t just their concept of justice that is being weakened. It’s their entire country in every respect.

    The multicults, however, seem to be totally in the dark about the dangerous road they’re on and are driving straight toward the cliff.

    But, the same thing is happening over here, so is anything new?

  2. Anonymous says:

    An article like this would never appear in a mainstream publication in America (where we have it twice as bad). Thoughts like this would be deemed too dangerous and insensitive, racist and offensive. We’re finished in American, not in Britain. Speaking a single word against injustice against whites is considered the ultimate act of ‘racism’, and racism the most greivous crime.

  3. Dutchman says:

    Excellent article. The entire Anglosphere seems to be ruled by the worst possible ruling elite. Spineless, craven, greedy. No loyalty to anything beyond corrupt political parties. Look at our Republican presidential nominees. Those are the very best and brightest?

    The USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand become increasingly unlivable day by day. The statistic that 80% of the Somali ‘refugees’ are using some form of public housing is likely the same in the USA. Will it ever end? Will it come to a head at some point?

  4. Jason Robertson says:

    Leo McKinstry is virtually the only commentator in mainstream journalism in “England” who gets it 95% right on this subject. Some others often come nearly close: Peter Hitchens, Melanie Phillips, Ron Liddle, Richard Littlejohn, but Leo is the one always to watch.

    Thank you, America, for publishing this – our fellow-countrymen mostly agree with his view, and are daring to say so at long last.

    “One spark can start a prairie fire” (Chairperson Mao).

  5. Ronald says:

    “As Detective Inspector Alan Edwards, an expert in the field, has said, “Everyone’s been too scared to address the ethnicity factor.”

    “In the twisted world of our civic institutions, minorities are always seen as victims.

    “Even the worst behaviour of some in their communities is excused by references to poverty or racism or social exclusion.”

    “Tremendous double standards are at work over race crime. Racial killings of whites are frequently downplayed or forgotten.”

    Our British cousins fought an unnecessary and unwise fratricidal war to the finish. The cost was the loss of their Empire. Even at that cost the world did not stop spinning so they could get off. Now it appears they have lost their country as well.

    Unless our own “leaders” begin developing some backbone and begin addressing serious problems, it appears the same fate awaits us. It may already be too late to hope for a reversal.


  6. drdeeselixir says:

    2 — Anonymous wrote at 6:49 PM on December 8:

    2An article like this would never appear in a mainstream publication in America (where we have it twice as bad).”

    I live in the UK and unfortunately it’s no better in the UK than in the US. I’ve followed the case of this Muslim girl gang since it made the news a few days ago and Leo McKinstry’s article is the only one – apart from the BNP and other nationalist Internet sites – of many I’ve read that draws attention to the fact that so-called British justice is a politically-correct farce that charges whites with a racially aggravated crime if they attack a minority, but time after time when the shoe is on the other foot and minorities attack a white the brainwashers who run the UK will do anything to avoid charging the minorities with a racially aggravated crime as they did once again with this Muslim girl gang.

    As for McKinstry he talks a lot but won’t really make a proper stand against the politically-correct pro-globalism/multiculturalism Establishment. When you’ve listened to him as long as I have you begin to think that he’s just what is called ‘controlled opposition’, placed there to fool the sheep into believing that something is being done by those in charge.

  7. Anonymous says:

    May God save Emma West! She’s a modern day Jean D’ Arc for Britain albeit with a more colorful vocabulary.

    Who knows? They might burn Emma at the stake as well.

    White Britain, rise up in her defense! Save your country. So many died for nothing so that Britain might be free. You may as well have surrendered to the Nazis. Could you be any worse off than you are now? Your diversity guests obviously plan to annihilate you eventually.

  8. Robert Binion says:

    Remember, at BBC, “Quality” is our most sacred transmission–unless, of course, it is too much trouble.

  9. MSNPC says:

    In both the USA and UK, it’s all self inflicted white genocide. Unless white westerners wake up to Darwin’s rule of natural selection, whitey will eventually disappear.

  10. SS says:

    White People, in every Community, need to make pacts and purchase all property put up for sale in their Community so as to control who lives in their Community and then take over the Local Politics.

    We really do need to tighten up. We simply cannot afford to allow non-whites to gain footholds in our communities. They will continue killing us one by one and unabated too if we continue allowing them to separate us.

  11. Ben N Indiana says:

    The next time you hear the myth, “Diversity is a strength,” think of this article.

  12. AnalogMan says:

    #4 Jason Robertson: “Some others often come nearly close: Peter Hitchens, …”

    No, not Hitchens. He’s useless. He has a huge rep, but I’ve seen nothing to justify it. He once stated flatly in an article that there is no difference between the races. In the comments I challenged him, quoting James Watson’s statement (for which he got fired):

    “there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically.”

    I invited Hitchens to refute that statement. In reply, he completely ducked it, saying I’d missed the point of his article, and he wasn’t going to yada yada yada. Of course he wasn’t going to. He couldn’t. Nobody can. He’s just a gasbag.

  13. BerekHalfhand says:


    I think you’re being a little unfair to McKinstry. He goes further than any other mainstream journalist in the UK. Without him there is no-one, no-one at all who really speaks out. I’d like him to go the whole way, maybe a dam would even burst if he did, but he’s better than all the others by far.

  14. Jason Robertson says:

    I meant to write Rod (not Ron) Liddle, who has an excellent article in the current “Spectator” (December 10).

    2-Anonymous is largely correct, but unfair to Leo McKinstry’s writings & books. He is a unique journalist who says aloud what and whenever he can. He understands the nature of the problem better than most.

    Political activism must be done by others, using his excellent material. McK is neither just an establishment plant (quite the opposite) nor a mere safety-valve.

    Across the Anglosphere – indeed across the whole White World – the resistance must be carried on at all levels – opinion-forming in the face of stiff anti-“racist” legislation and indoctrination is one essential, though obviously not sufficient, part of our common struggle to overthrow a “nomenklatura” increasingly devoid of popular support.

    They’ll crack in the end, like the communist dictatorships (though we need to ensure that our situation is not transformed into something also undesirable as has happened, to some extent, in Russia). We are beginning to sniff panic in the “liberal” autocracy, at any rate in Britain. Its “steel fist” is not a sign of strength or confidence. The jails are already bursting with foreign criminals, and they have no room for thousands of Emma Wests!

  15. s says:

    What judge let this happen? Is it already gone so far that it would be abusive and a hate crime to write the name of the judge and also print his photo?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I live in the U.S. and the situation with the mainstream media is much worse here, the corporate and public broadcasting media are apparently much more controlled, or much more politically correct here. However, the surveillance grid and legal oppression in the U.K. looks like it is much worse. Unfortunately, the same forces behind U.K. totalitarianism are behind U.S.A. totalitarianism, Canadian totalitarianism, and elsewhere in the English speaking world and western world. The elitists and marxists are trying to implement all of the same programs here. Chatham House is behind a lot of this. The U.S. elitists take orders from Chatham House, not vice versa. I find it quite galling to hear that the U.S. supposedly gives orders to the U.K.

    Thanks to those of you who have mentioned Mr. McKinstry. I had never heard of him here in the U.S.A.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #5, Ronald.

    You said, “Our British cousins fought an unnecessary and unwise fratricidal war to the finish. The cost was the loss of their Empire. Even at that cost the world did not stop spinning so they could get off. Now it appears they have lost their country as well.”

    That is an interesting point. Empire indeed is part of the problem. An empire imposes minority or foreign groups on the group that was the backbone and most productive group and the founding ethnicity of the empire. This is probably partly just invevitable in an empire as empire by its very nature is the forced coalition of several nations. But this is not just because it is inevitable, IT IS ALSO A DIVIDE AND CONQUER STRATEGY. This is not to say that we should put up with having this forced upon us, we must not accept it. We must, however, be realistic about what we are facing and empire (and the attendant corporatism) is part of the problem.

    It is also instructive to note that the poverty within the English homeland of the British Empire at the height of imperial power and riches was extreme. Empire is not a good thing for the founding ethnicity. It is much better to maintain and nation of one ethnicity. Look at the mess in Northern Ireland, for example. The ethnicities and religions that have been in conflict are, in the global scheme of things, quite closely related. In fact, it is about like our founding groups and original American gene-pool in the United States. In our case, we would be a lot better off if we were still mostly from the British Isles or mostly from Northwestern Europe. Now we have every ethnicity under the sun and a special emphasis is put on importing angry aggrieved ethnicities that hate us. Is that an accident? I, for one, not believe that it is an accident.

    I am not sure that minorities are “seen” to be the victims of the elitists. At the highest levels they know better and know that what they are doing is a cynical divide and conquer strategy. The answer is to divide and conquer the elitists and their clients.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think that some of the controlled opposition are really controlled and some are not. Some self-censorship so as not to be prosecuted or otherwise shut down. Some just have a no-conflict attitude that is unrealistic.

  19. Old White Jim says:

    Now would be a good time for all Britons born of native stock to take a close look at the nations from which your immigrants and refugees came. Everything you see in those third world hell holes will soon be right there in your backyard.

    Child rape, Black on White male rape, ritual killings, honor killings and universal illiteracy is in your not-so-distant future.

    Yeah, I realize that all of that stuff is already happening, but soon it will be normal behavior on the foggy island that used to be Old Blighty.

  20. Englishman says:

    Debate on strategies to stop and reverse the multi-racial mass immigration into countries of European origin is desirable. This is our major common objective.

    To debate on AmRen the real or alleged demerits of the -regrettably few – “right-wing” journalists in England is not necessarily useful or very interesting, but a comment on contributions above may help illustrate the disadvantage of condemning particular personalities. Peter Hitchens, for example, is basically a moralist, who wrote a good book on the “Abolition of Britain”, and is scathingly accurate in his indictment of UK parliamentary parties; his analysis of our misfortunes has improved, since he added unwanted mass-immigration to his list. His hope for a new conservative party was never going to succeed, but he did consider and reject the BNP because of an ideological baggage (“nose-measurers”) that worried him. Yet his arguments and observations all help create a climate of opinion favourable to white nationalism; they can be selected and quoted for devastating effect by patriots who disagree with him in other minor respects. Ditto, Melanie Phillips whose Zionism has not compromised her unfashionable anti-egalitarian support for the Christian heritage and cultural homogeneity in Britain.

    The perennial problem with so-called “far right” groups is their sectarianism, ideological purism, heresy hunting over details, and personal vanity, all aggravated by infiltrators and agents provocateurs. Their main weakness has been to poach members from one another, rather than create a coalition to secure a popular fan-base.

    It is of course much the same with “far left” parties, who argue over ideological details, and likewise make little progress at the ballot box, especially when rival candidates split the votes.

    However, the difference, especially in Britain, is that in a general way “leftism” is already entrenched throughout the political and academic establishment, with its influential camp-following such as the BBC, The Guardian, New Statesman, various think-tanks and “charities” – and, increasingly, corrupted institutions like the armed forces and judiciary.

    “Rightism” is more popular with the general public, which is the base for patriotic revolution. Those journalists mentioned above are not “racists” but their overall effect is helpful, not harmful. It is up to the rest of us to deploy their arguments effectively rather to condemn individual authors for personal inadequacies.

  21. Ted of England says:

    Take no notice of what leo the lying says.He will condemn multi culturalism but his choice epithets for the BNP are ‘Vile,loathsome’ and the like. The Daily Express does not back Nationalism when they describe the E.D.L. as ‘the so called English Defence League’. I don’t take what any newspaper says as sincere. I don’t think that there is one single media outlet that is right wing or Nationalist. They are all quislings.

  22. Anonymous says:

    For another MSM journalist (perhaps the ONLY one) who goes anywhere near the truth, google Kevin Myers of the Irish Independent. Particularly his article: “Africa is giving nothing to anyone, apart from AIDS.”

    He ran a very real risk of going to prison over it, and still stands by it.

  23. Englishman says:

    Ted just doesn’t quite get it.

    The BNP and EDL attack each other, and UKIP attacks them both.

    Mainstream journalists shouldn’t vilify BNP policies, but can hardly ignore past violent behaviour by BNP & EDL members. Half a legal loaf is better than a contaminated crust.

    McK can’t be expected to sign up members for the BNP in Dirty Desmond’s Daily, but intelligent white nationalists can and should use his arguments to do their own recruitment, and get together an agreed basic policy for single candidates per constituency at election time – which opportunity doesn’t come round that often!

    No more from me on this subject – from the (once) Fairest Isle across the Atlantic.

  24. british says:

    what the ellites r doing to britain is criminal, as these somalian women got let off a lady called emma west has been locked up in prison over the christmas period, had her children taken away for saying on a tram what a lot of british people r thinking, if anyone thinks they r free then they r already slaves, britain is growing with anger day by day, it looks like the english defence league r going to protest this somalian situation in leicester in january, although i am not a member when your goverment and politicans commit treason against there own people, its time for revolutunary acts

  25. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    The British are more racially liberal than we are. With blacks absence makes the heart grow fonder. Those who see blacks up close every day know what they are like.