Several Fights Reported at Mall of America, 9 Arrested: Police

CBS Minnesota, December 26, 2011

Police arrested nine people at the Mall of America Monday, the day after Christmas, after multiple fights broke out, authorities said.

Mall of America officials released a statement saying that around 4:20 p.m. 50 juveniles caused a large disturbance in the north food court.

Witnesses said the fights started after there were reports that rappers Lil’ Wayne and Drake were visiting the Mall. {snip}


Police said as many as 200 were involved the fights. A YouTube video, which contains profanity, shows a fight break out and rage before a police officer interrupts it. The fight occurs at roughly 50 seconds in.

As the fights were popping up, the Mall of America inadvertently called for a lock down. But the lock down was called off minutes later, Mall officials said.

Although the Mall is keeping its normal hours, some stores within the Mall have closed.

Some witnesses reported being evacuated from the Mall; but police said that shoppers were escorted toward the east exit to make room for the investigation, Stehlik said.

According to Stehlik, no weapons were recovered, and there are no reports of burglary. However, there is YouTube video of chairs being thrown.


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  • White Mom

    At one point in the video, dozens of blacks are fighting in front of a store called “Hanna Andersson” – this is an upscale Swedish children’s clothing store. Who wants to buy a $50 baby sweater with a rioting crowd of blacks out front?! Another mall ruined.

  • Anonymous

    There were also “scuffles” on buses from the mall. Police had to use pepper spray in the mall. Here is a longer article on the melee:

    As usual, “youths” and “juveniles” are the words used to describe the perpetrators.

  • Hirsch

    Someone please explain the logic at play.

    Gentleman 1: I do say, Jamarcus, our favorite rappers are rumored to be arriving soon.

    Gentleman 2: Do tell, Lashawn. Let us celebrate by beating each other to a pulp.

  • Dutchman

    I’m amazed that the comments on the CBS local article have not been shut down yet. When I looked at the comments earlier this morning they already stood at over 200 and many posters were complaining that CBS had been deleting non-PC posts. That being said, several posts had slipped in the URLs of several of our allied Web sites, including AMREN.

    Blacks seem to be the best ready-made propaganda tool for our glorius cause. All we have to do is wait a couple of days and one or several news stories appear of black depravity somewhere in the USA. When is comes to run-of-the-mill rapes and murders this is a daily occurance, but the mob actions are truly a bludgeon that we can beat DWLs over the head with.

  • Cliff Yablonski

    It’s official:


  • Anonymous

    A punch out at Hannah Anderson? Must be those darn Swedes acting up again.

  • shepherdtrainer

    from my perspective the police are not going to be able to contain this. what we are witnessing is the breakdown of civil society. this will get much worse. white citizens have no choice but to purchase firearms , become well aquainted with their operation and safe use because the police will not be there to help you. if you fear guns you better get over it because your life and health will depend on them.

  • gun man

    heres a good link these blacks were knocking down shoppers

  • Anonymous

    I can`t hear the bouncy shopping center music…

  • HH

    So, let me get this straight. Two popular “rappers” were rumored to be at the mall…and spontaneous riots among Blacks broke out as a result? Is this some new way of showing appreciation for one’s entertainment idols? Is this indeed, a “Black thing?”

    This story makes no sense whatsoever as presented. Of course, that is because any legitimate explanation of these “urban cultural” quirks are expressly forbidden, lest it be revealed that Blacks just DO NOT behave as others do – period.

  • Jeddermann.

    “Gentleman 2: Do tell, Lashawn. Let us celebrate by beating each other to a pulp.”

    Well, I had thought the same thing and the logic totally baffles me. The rappers are going to show up [rumor] so we must fight. And this is excepted as an EXCUSE?

  • on the lam from the Thought Police

    Whenever a bunch of those people get together there is trouble. At least I did not see any whites get beat up.

  • Uncle Bob

    You must admit that pummelings and profanity are pretty civil compared to what’s usually on their menu for an outing.

  • Laager

    “lads, teens, youths, juveniles”

    Looks like the media is starting to run out of euphemisms

    “From my perspective the police are not going to be able to contain this. What we are witnessing is the breakdown of civil society.”

    There is a solution.

    Build 2 malls each populated with the same shops.

    Mall No1 can be staffed by white people and only admit white customers

    Mall No 2 can be staffed by black people and only admit black customers

    In South Africa this was called Separate (and equal) Development in English and Apartheid in Afrikaans

    Alternatively assign only left wing liberals to the security staff within the Mall of America. I’m sure they would just love the opportunity to experience diversity and enrichment at the coal face in this multi-culti paradise.

  • Foolishness

    Some years ago I attended a business meeting at a hotel near the Mall of Americans. At that time the local media was ablaze talking about a new program to bring blacks to the area from the twin cities so these disadvantages yutes could take advantage of opportunities. Seems the little cities around the mall and the airport were just too darn white bread. Liberals had to make themselves feel good and diverse.

    Government services even put on special buses for the purpose of going to the inner cities and loading up ghetto “yoooouths” and bringing them out.

    I thought this insane program would come to a sorry end. I see that it did. International business is now ruined for the mall. Back in the day rich foreigners made special flights to the area just to shop. Kiss that good-bye.

  • WHC

    Every time similar incidents occur I can’t help but think the white segregationists from the old south are shaking their heads and saying “we told you so.” Self-loathing white liberals are getting exactly what they asked for. I no longer visit malls where “urban youths” gather in large numbers. If you happen to be someplace where such a large gathering begins to form, leave immediately and be prepared to defend yourself on the way to your car. We are watching the decline of America in slow motion.

  • olewhitelady

    I just read on VFR that there were no rappers involved. Not surprisingly, most of the action was flash-mob style mayhem and theft. As these insurrectionist activities worsen, the liberal media coverage is getting more absurd and Onion-like. One MN paper “quoted” a bystander as saying the rioters were “teenage men”. As VFR pointed out, no one talks like that. The observer probably said “black men”, and the paper–as always–substituted one of their usual euphemisms (“youth”, “teens”, etc.). Non-black teenagers should start mounting a protest against this constant besmirchment of their age group.

  • Anonymous

    Mall of America officials released a statement saying that around 4:20 p.m. 50 juveniles caused a large disturbance in the north food court.

    If it was 4:20 in the afternoon, shouldn’t those “juveniles” have been outdoors — somewhere behind the mall or maybe in the parking garage — sparking up their Blunts?

    Although the Mall is keeping its normal hours, some stores within the Mall have closed.


  • Anonymous

    “Gentleman 1: I do say, Jamarcus, our favorite rappers are rumored to be arriving soon.

    Gentleman 2: Do tell, Lashawn. Let us celebrate by beating each other to a pulp.”

    How come black guys get to have all of the fun? I want to see social distortion in the mall and start a mosh pit!

  • Tom in Illinois

    Could you just imagine….if all the black rappers in the world we’re to be making an appearance in the mall?

    Anytime there is a rapper performing in my city in any place, I avoid anywhere near that are. Don’t want a molotov thrown at me by some fan because rappers like Chingy decided to show up.

  • Auntie Em

    I just happened to catch this as it was breaking and it’s been interesting to see the twists and turns of self-censorship of the press.

    Here’s my take on the senseless violence and it echoes Little Ole Lady’s: A few kids start the rumor and then throw a few punches. Others follow lemming-like and that sets the stage for the looters to run amok.

    It gets covered in the press as just a bunch of over-excited kids when the real motive, as most could guess, was to provide a distraction from the looting. It also keeps potential witnesses away out of fear.

    I heard on the radio this morning that the police are questioning whether it was the rumor about rappers that started it. Chances are they will be forced to release the info as they are instructed. Can’t tell people our black youth are trying to rob and harm decent citizens.

    Maybe the teenmen didn’t get what they “needed” for Christmas?

  • The Bobster

    Fast forward to the 1:10 mark and you’ll see that this was just normal behavior among black yoofs.

  • Concerned

    This is why “situational awareness” is so important. Be aware of what’s going on around you and be prepared to leave before things get out of control. This is also why the sale of guns reached a record high this year. Many people (like myself) carry a concealed weapon. I will do anything to avoid a confrontation, but if backed into a corner I have the means and ability to defend myself.

  • moobabaammabooboo

    Shoppers were sent running for cover, with many taking refuge in stores as they closed their doors for fear of looting.

    “I was on the third-floor railing and saw a massive group of people [on the first floor],” Makenzie Shofner, 15, of Maple Plain told the Star Tribune.

    “It looked like they were trying to pull people’s stuff out of their bags.”

    Police took over an hour to restore order to the mall

  • Anonymous

    White people caused this incident through the use of magic racism. The youths are innocent. The magic racism of white people magically forced them to act this way.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s an update from a white eye witness:

    Woodbury Woman On Mall of America Fight: ‘It Was A Mob’

    If anything, reports of the massive brawl at the Mall of America on Monday have been understated, according to a Woodbury woman who was there.

    Susan Nally said she and her husband arrived at the mall at about 4 p.m. on Monday to return an item and do a little shopping.

    The Mall of America was “jam packed,” she said, and many of the people were “rough, gangster-looking.”

    After she and her husband got some coffee, an alarm sounded and an announcement said the mall was being locked down and shoppers were urged to take refuge in stores, Nally said.

    She was at the entrance to Nordstroms when a massive group of more than 200 people came running through, knocking into others, screaming and acting unruly.


    “People were scared. The workers were scared, the shoppers there,” she said. Her husband, too, was “shocked” by what happened, Nally said.

    Incidents similar to those shown in Youtube videos were “going on all over the mall,” she said.

    Nally and her husband stayed in a scrapbooking store for about an hour. “Until all the mayhem cleared out and we could leave.”

    Story at link:

  • Anonymous

    There was a witness who saw guns drawn, but this video has been removed from the web. The police say there were no weapons recovered. I’m not surprised, as the police herded the “youths” out of the mall as fast as they could. There were also witnesses who saw shoppers being knocked over, items stolen from them, and things being stolen from kiosks. The media has handled this very gingerly, sanitizing it, as they don’t want nice white people to avoid the mall. It would be bad for business.

    I’m not at all surprised by this behaviour. I remember black kids wreaking havoc on public transport and creating absolute mayhem in restaurants in downtown Minneapolis back in the 70’s. The only change is that it has gotten worse.

    Aside from the blatant violence, I noticed something else disturbing in one video of this riot: two black teenage girls and a black boy mugging for the camera as they walked by. They were smiling as if they were having fun!

  • This happens with every mall in the US eventually.   There’s a mall in West Des Moines called Jordan Creek.  It is way out in the ‘burbs where decent people moved after Des Moines started turning into the usual democrats run cesspool that all cities become after democrats run them for too long.   

    Now, there are more and more blacks showing up at Jordan Creek.  Because of that the security has been doubled over the past 5 years.   West Des Moines is also being subject to one of those federal programs to move poor blacks into all white areas.   So it’s only a matter of time before my new home becomes a dump for the same reason that all my past neighborhoods became dumps, i.e. because too many blacks move in and ruin it. 

  • Looks like those crazy “youf” are at it again!