Ron Paul: Stand Tall for Middle America

Ilana Mercer, World Net Daily, December 29, 2011

“Terrible,” “tricky” and “a phony”: Who was the incorrigible racist who thus described Martin Luther King Jr.? Was it the unknown author of the politically improper newsletters published under Rep. Ron Paul’s name during the 1980s and 1990s?

Not quite.

Those were the words of the nation’s most engaging first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.

Audio recordings of Mrs. Kennedy’s historic 1964 conversations on life with John F. Kennedy were released in September of 2011.


Indisputably, MLK set the tone for “assailing America as irredeemably racist” forever after.


Faithful to this legacy, the media monolith has been fulminating over the reference in the Ron Paul newsletters to African-American men as the instigators of the L.A. riots. The “Ron-Paul-Report” quote that has caused consternation is this: “The criminals who terrorized our cities–in riots and on every non-riot day–are not exclusively young black males, but they largely are.”

Wikipedia all but seconds this characterization, writing that the “disturbances were concentrated in South Central Los Angeles, which was primarily composed of African-American and Hispanic residents.”


Courtesy of “Suicide of a Superpower” come the FBI’s crime figures for 2007: “Blacks committed 433,934 violent crimes against whites, eight times as many as the 55,685 that whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black-on-white, with 14,000 assaults on white women by African-American males in 2007. Not one case of white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study” (page 243).

Yet, to listen to the media kibitz about the long-gone Ron Paul newsletters, you’d think that being maligned is more hateful than being maimed or murdered.


However, the presidential contender has a chance here to show he can lead; to get off his knees, quit groveling and strike a pose against the racial ramrodding Anglo-Americans have been subjected to ever since.

Dr. Paul walked headlong into the political quicksand. He can, however, still do an about face. By rising against–and rejecting–the racial tyranny that prohibits rational discourse about race, Ron Paul stands to earn the undying loyalty of most Americans, bar the traitors at the top.



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  • Anonymous

    Notice how such smears had absolutely no effect whatsoever.

    The race card has been exhausted by Obama. He plans to play it more than any other, this election, but will quickly find, the very first time he attempts it that whites simply do not care to hear about it anymore. As far as we are concerned, those days are over and we owe blacks NOTHING. Obama’s presidency itself signals that racism does not exist. And attempting to claim it does will make whites angry instead of shamed, forever afterward.

  • Anonymous

    Would that not be political suicide for him to do what this writer would have? Despite the obvious. He should wait until hes president if anything to do any such things.

  • Anonymous

    1 — Anonymous wrote at 5:15 PM on December 30:

    Notice how such smears had absolutely no effect whatsoever.

    “The race card has been exhausted by Obama. He plans to play it more than any other, this election, but will quickly find, the very first time he attempts it that whites simply do not care to hear about it anymore. As far as we are concerned, those days are over and we owe blacks NOTHING. Obama’s presidency itself signals that racism does not exist. And attempting to claim it does will make whites angry instead of shamed, forever afterward.

    We can only hope that it gets them so angry that they’ll be willing to put an end to this whole issue.

  • Nick

    With all due respect, you’re wrong. The self-hating white liberals still care (or pretend to care) about race issues and will forever pander to minorities.

    And Paul better make this go away, even if he has to grovel, if he hopes to have a chance. That’s the reality in this country today since at least the 60s and that reality will not change any time soon. Not as long as the liberal elites control the media, influence popular opinion as they do, and all other institutions in this country.

  • Freyr

    No I think a lot of Whites are still stuck in “false consciousness”. They know it’s wrong but they want to be part of the group and they fear the consequences of speaking the truth. Some of them even double down and become enforcers as a way of showing their loyalty – if only to themselves. Like the mourners of Kim Jong Il, they throw themselves on the ground moaning and wailing with one eye on everyone else at all times.

  • Screamin’ Ruffed Grouse

    Posted by a comment thread on the original article:

    You know who Martin Luther King was you racist B***H??? … He was trying to be free from a race of MORONS that have subjugated EVERY OTHER RACE OF PEOPLE that they have ever encountered.[emphasis original]

    Ok, so if whites are such morons, how exactly did they manage to subjugate all every other every other race they’ve encountered (which is everyone)? Seems to speak pretty poorly of all those other races if you ask me.

  • Mark

    Interesting tidbit about the author of this article, Ms. Ilana and her father, Rabbi Isaacson, fought apartheid in South Africa. She has now written a book, Into The Cannibal’s Pot, wherein she bemoans what is now happening to Whites in South Africa. With friends like this…………

  • Madison Grant

    Always remember that practically none of the members of today’s establishment actually knew ML King- yet they describe him as a saint.

    The people who knew King back then- whether personally or from seeing him on TV- often thought he was a total lowlife (Jackie O, Lyndon Johnson, Adam Clayton Powell, J. Edgar Hoover, Murray Rothbard, and many others).

  • Just Saying

    “Ok, so if whites are such morons, how exactly did they manage to subjugate all every other every other race they’ve encountered (which is everyone)? Seems to speak pretty poorly of all those other races if you ask me.”

    Attempting to have a coherent discussion with blacks tends to be an exercise in futility & a trip into bizarro-land where up is down & day is night. It’s a good lesson to learn, & the internet at least allows us to do so w/o putting ourselves at risk of injury.

    Ron Paul wants to end all foreign aid. For that alone, he’d have my vote, even if he weren’t running against the Obamanation.

  • White Guy In Japan

    @7-Actually, I really liked her book and would recommend it to people here. Packed with facts detailing the collapse of South Africa, the author then draws a direct parallel with the happenings in the US.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised Mercer wrote this and even more surprised WorldNetDaily published it. I still don’t trust her and WorldNetDaily. Even a broken clock…

  • Mike Harrigan

    “The criminals who terrorized our cities—in riots and on every non-riot day—are not exclusively young black males, but they largely are.”

    I’ll take the position that Paul should tell the left and the leftist media to shove it. First there is nothing remotely racist in the above quote. Of course the brainwashed liberals will see racism there and other places that it doesn’t exist. But who cares? These fools are voting for whomever the Democrats run out there in every election. Its not like they would decide to vote for Paul if he groveled.

    Paul and the rest of the Republicans dont know this, but I suspect most here at AmRen and most White conservatives in general know this as well: If Paul (Or any conservative candidate) were to stand up tomorrow and say if elected President, I will end all of this “racist” nonsense, close AND guard/defend our southern borders, repatriate ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS and put a moratorium on ALL immigration for at least 10 years, end hate crimes laws, etc, he would be elected in the biggest landslide since Nixon won in ’72. Obama and the rest of the Dems would be left wondering whether they should scratch their heads or the other place. America is ripe for someone with guts to say and do what has needed said and done for decades.

    Unfortunately those who advise politicians during presidential campaigns appear to be of the opinion that groveling and pandering to minorities is the way to a successful run at POTUS. I have never understood this insanity. Minorities, especially blacks are NOT going to vote for anyone without a “D” by their name, in any significant numbers. Can someone tell me why otherwise rational people cannot seem to grasp this reality?

  • Mark

    I’m sorry, but Europeans don’t believe the main stream media, the MSM relentless attacks on Ron Paul have backfired and have effectively giving him a forum to address the real issues and expose the Neocons for what they are, warmongering, UN-hugging, tyrants.

    There are only two choices for the Republican nomination; Ron Paul for peace and freedom, or Neocons for war and tyranny. Which would you choose? As a citizen of The United States I fear the Federal government more than Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, combined.

  • Question Diversity

    World Net Daily is a source to me that is a lot like Alex Jones in that they’re both 75% spot-on and 25% “out there.” It’s just that the 25% on which WND is “out there” is a different 25% than Alex Jones’s 25% “out there.” But, give them both this much — For the most part, they, unlike lamestream conservatives, neo-cons and RINOs, much less the left, don’t automatically genuflect to racial egalitarianism. WND gives PJB the time of day, and in fact, runs his column. And don’t forget the 14-point case against the Rickroller, largely dog whistling about Hispanic immigration, came from Alex Jones, though since he’s from Austin, he probably has been following the Rickroller for quite a long time.

  • Irish

    Ron Paul is no pro white race realist. The noises he made in this direction were a cynical attempt to heavy-handedly pander to the legitimate grievances of disaffected whites, as well as actual vicious crackpots. It was a mere phase Ron Paul was in, which he abandoned after it failed to produce the upsurge of libertarian momentum he and Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard anticipated.

    Today Ron Paul is pandering to non-whites, accusing the criminal justice system of “racism” because it disproportionately imprisons blacks, etc.

  • Zookeeper

    @10, my point -previously as Mark- was that she and her Rabbi father had contributed to the demise of apartheid and therefore were complicit in the genocide going on in S.A. today. For her to write a book championing Whites now is a little hypocritical, disgusting if you consider her profit. But, I wouldn’t classify what she and her Rabbi father did as traitorous.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m remembering this wrong…but I could swear that I saw footage from the LA riots showing many dozens of people lining up outside the post office. To pick up welfare checks? Does anyone else remember this?

  • Rhalto

    Let’s be realistic: Ron Paul is not going to get the Repub candidacy. At this point, unless there is a major economic prolapse, the Dems will hold the presidency. Remember Obama will be running against Gingrich or Romney, two political has-beens.

    On the other hand, a vote Paul is a great way to reject America’s political establishment. There is no reason to be concerned with the details of Paul’s positions or even his mental and physical capacities. I plan to vote Paul in the Repub primary, and then Constitutional in the general election. My way of saying NFW to America’s ruling nitwits.

    PS: #11 is spot on regarding Mercer.

  • Jim

    #1 is correct: The race card has been played out. Now, when I’m called a “racist” on the Internet by some pc hall monitor, I shoot back: “raaaaaaaacist!” and move on. That’s really all the race card is to me, just empty noise.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is the only one who can take back the GOP from the neocons:

    Basically, since George H.W. Bush, we had two leftist parties in America.

  • Canadian Boer

    I believe that the best bet for America right now would be a Ron Paul / Pat Buchanan ticket for the presidency. Ron Paul’s free-market economic views on the ending the disasterous fiat currency of the federal reserve system and decreasing the size of government; combined with Pat Buchanan’s cultural conservatism and his opposition to the mass immigration tsunami and affirmative action, would be a potent threat to the liberal establishment.

  • Ian J. MacAllister

    “And Paul better make this go away, even if he has to grovel,”

    I strongly disagree. He shouldn’t grovel or beg forgiveness from Jesse Jackson or attend some kind of beer summit. He should tell the truth about race.

    He should stand up and say, “When I am president, I will work to repeal all laws which discriminate against white people. While everyone will be equal before the bar of justice, no one will be granted special rights or privileges because of their ethnicity, or because once upon a time their ancestors were held in bondage.”

    The liberals and the blacks would still hate him and whine like stuck pigs, but tens of millions of white people would applaud him.

  • pandemonium

    I think Ron Paul has no chance to win the Republican nomination, but he is doing a great job of getting the Libertarian message out! That’s a start.

    Let’s not forget that Libertarianism supports the right to free association, which has been denied to us by our government for about 70 years!!

    I am through throwing my vote away on Tweedledee and tweedledum every four years.

    And remember, there is no PERFECT CANDIDATE. The lamestream media will find all kinds of problems with any candidate who DARES to challenge the status quo!!

  • Luke

    This, coming from the same woman who, during an appearance on The Political Cesspool radio show several weeks ago – insisted on trying to convince Bill Rollins and Keith Alexander that any attempts to reach out to, and appeal to, our fellow Whites based on racial solidarity grounds – was a fool’s errand?

    And, that Whites needed to continue to cling to the curse of ‘individualism’ and never think, act, or behave ‘Tribally’?

    And, ignore the very real fact that every single one of our racial and ethnic ‘competitors’ think, act, vote and behave collectively and as a result of using those tactics – are kicking Whitey up and down the playing field?

  • Anonymous

    They must be desperate, trying to scrape together any “dirt” to throw at him. How ridiculous, he feels uncomfortable around gays. Ron Paul has always spoken the truth, and we have reached a stage when speaking the truth is a crime. God help us, Ron Paul is our last chance, and he is an old man.

    Teach the children well, we have not done that.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Ron Paul shouldn’t cower to the racism charges, as more people are discovering racist means white people. He should say, “These are tactics designed to smear me and so I waste time defending myself from allegations of racism than trying to get people’s freedoms back.” Ron did a good thing during the debates when he said he wouldn’t pander to Hispanics. The thing is, and surprisingly, he’s reaching out to both parties and even all races from what I gather. That’s why the GOP is scared of him and why the liberals are as well. I’m voting for Ron and nobody else. The GOP needs to really get their act together and stop with the wars, cut off funding for all nations, don’t get involved with their problems, bring our troops home, put armed soldiers on the borders, stop voter fraud, stop the immigration for awhile, and make English the national language. Then work on getting rid of affirmative action and other laws that negatively impact on whites.

  • Tom Iron

    Here’s an interesting thing. When I walk around wearing my Ron Paul button, a whole lotta young men and women ask where they can get a Ron Paul button. That doesn’t bode well for the establishment. Interesting, in that they’ve been brainwashed all their lives and seem not to believe all the baloney they’ve been told.

    Tom Iron…

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    And, that Whites needed to continue to cling to the curse of ‘individualism’ and never think, act, or behave ‘Tribally’?


    Also, she promoted and demanded the end of apartheid in SA, marched in anti-apareid protests IN South Africa, cheered the handover of the government to black communists.

    And then immediately departed South Africa for a safer White-run country.

    She’s a hypocrite.


  • paul rim

    RON PAUL! Take him out of the equation & we’ve got bugger all. He’s taken on the establishment on so many fronts I think race would be a campaign too far. The small job of breaking the Fed- banking- military – industrial cartel is probably a handful at the moment. Oh, & exposing the statist-socialistic-cultural marxists. The guys a youthful 76, but maybe we should all help him a little. Here in England we view him as Oliver Cromwell resurrected, a slayer of tyranny & a champion of liberty.

  • Webspin

    Ron Paul isn’t the hoped for defender of white rights. He IS a highly principled man that believes in honesty, personal freedom and limited government. It’s these traits that will garner my vote. If he doesn’t win the nomination I will vote Libertarian as not one of the candidates that the Republicans have rallied around for the last 80 plus years have differentiated themselves from the Democrats. I wish the Repubs and Dems would merge and quite deluding themselves that there is any real difference between the two. G.W. Bush pushed the size and reach of government farther than any Democrat before him. Same as Nixon, another arrogant corrupt, idiotic, Republi-fool.

  • John Engelman

    According to Gallup, among Republicans Mitt Romney leads with 26 percent approval. Ron Paul gets 11 percent of approval. In a two way race, President Obama gets 50 percent; Mitt Romney gets 48 percent.

  • steve

    Don’t believe the Establishment polls they have consistently underestimated Paul EXCEPT for a Zogby Poll which showed Paul two points behind Obama. Romney is a sure loser.