Posted on December 2, 2011

Poverty on the Rise Among Immigrants: Study

The Local, December 2, 2011

Two thirds of the people in Sweden relying long term on social benefits have a foreign background, while child poverty in the same group is becoming more and more serious, according to new reports.

“It is a real problem that poverty in Sweden has taken on an ethnic dimension,” said Björn Halleröd, sociology professor at Gothenburg university, to dail Dagens Nyheter (DN).

The report published in the paper revealed that 67 percent of those on long term benefits were born overseas, with unemployment being the main cause.

Using statistics from 2010, of the 117, 000 people on long term benefits, (defined in this case as over 10 months), 78,000 were from foreign countries.

Meanwhile the charity Save the Children has also flagged the problem of child poverty in Sweden.

In a recent survey carried out by the organisation, child poverty is markedly over-represented among those from a foreign background whose parents are unemployed.

To address the problem at government level, minister Maria Larsson is responsible for the welfare of children and the aged.

“It is a great failure of our society that it takes so long for so many people to get a job and an income. It must be frustrating for our new Swedes that it takes so long. It is a poor utilization of human resources,” she said.

“It is difficult when the foreign-born people lack basic education,” she added.

“But how we welcome newcomers to Sweden and treat them, our attitudes and prejudices when a foreign-sounding name comes up, our ability to effectively educate and introduce them to the language, is also crucial.”

Larsson promised that the government will continue their efforts to ensure that people get into work or study.

“The government will also review the income support system, so that there is not an immediate reduction in social benefits when a person starts to receive an income,” said Larsson.

17 responses to “Poverty on the Rise Among Immigrants: Study”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Perhaps the reason why poverty is on the rise among immigrants in Sweden is because Sweden is admitting ever more destitute immigrants by the year.

  2. Tom S. says:

    *“It is a great failure of our society that it takes so long for so many people to get a job and an income. It must be frustrating for our new Swedes that it takes so long. It is a poor utilization of human resources,” she said.

    First of all Ms. Larsson, these are not “Swedes”! Second, didn’t you notice that your society was going along just fine until these “new Swedes” came into your country? If you weren’t so blinded by PC, you’d realize that a “poor utilization of human resources” is allowing non-White moochers into your country that have no intentions of ever supporting themselves. Ms. Larsson dear – YOU are part of the problem and YOU are one of the reasons your society is failing!

  3. GM (Australia) says:

    Sweden pioneered the modern welfare state, basically this comprised of universal health care, pensions for the elderly and income support for the disabled, handicapped etc. Like all Western social welfare systems it was designed for a Western style industrial economy with essentially full employment.

    The first crack in the system was when the “next” generation found that welfare was an alternative to work, this included the supporting mothers pension for young women.

    It now seems that Sweden and all other Western nations are becoming welfare providers for (mainly unwanted and or illegal) 3rd world immigrants who can never contribute anything to the countries that they are invading. No social security system anywhere in the world was designed for this sort of thing. (This also includes the “Mother of 15” in yesterday’s Amren posts)

    One does not need to be a professor of socialology to see that our western style welfare systems are being pushed beyond breaking point. Think “outside the box” Professor, like, for instance, let Sweden pioneer an incentive driven repatriation system for its 3rd world population.

  4. The g Factor says:

    One wonders how much migrants have contributed to Europe’s economic woes. In Greece about one in twelve of the population are migrants, mostly from the Third World. Like in other European countries they are a drain on the nation, contributing little to the economy but taking welfare and other benefits.

  5. Anonymous says:


    “Poverty on the rise among immigrants:Study”


    “Sweden imports poverty.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sweden was once a very poor country, causing many to emigrate.

    We can only hope that the present European economy nosedives, immigrants are hit hard, and this provides the incentives for the non-Swedes to leave the country.

    We have to hit rock bottom before change will occur.

  7. Jack Krak says:

    The Swedes will let every person in Africa into their country and give each one a gold plated high-end Mercedes (or maybe Volvo…) stuffed with cash and two blonde beauties before they admit that their precious welfare state encourages immigrants to show up on their door step and then do exactly nothing for the rest of their lives. It’s the same mentality that drives the American liberal – don’t measure me by the results of what I do, measure me by my noble intentions & if you still don’t like what I do then you are obviously an evil racist neanderthal who hates puppies and rainbows.

  8. Kenelm Digby says:

    And the immigrationists continue to insist that mass immigration is ‘needed’ to ‘save an ageing population and pay into social ecurity’.

    Why do people still fall for this damnable falsehood?

  9. s says:

    “But how we welcome newcomers to Sweden and treat them, our attitudes and prejudices when a foreign-sounding name comes up, our ability to effectively educate and introduce them to the language, is also crucial.”

    The immigration waves over northern Europe have never ever been discussed or dealt with in democratic ways. It has in dictatorial ways been forced upon us. And they still expect welcoming attitudes, to immediately forget all experience with the newcomers, calling it prejudice and to keep on working for free to integrate the unwilling.

    Despite I have little talent for racism and always evaluate people for their personal approach and not pigment, I have come to regard it as a high moral duty to not speak or to interact with them in any way. Because it is not voluntarily.

    I am supposed to participate in a grand scheme irreversible social experiment. NO THANKS.

    The eighties might become remembered when multiculturalism actually worked somehow, the Pakistanis was few and therefore interesting, now, those i knew are caught up in the massive conformity which the solidification that the enormous immigration have caused.

  10. Jesse from Sweden says:

    Yes, they are indeed calling them “new Swedes”, because in Sweden, you may not in “polite” society point out that there exist such a thing as a difference between people.

    In USA they actually differ between blacks, hispanics and whites, as well as some other groups. In Sweden, all such things are outlawed as racism.

    The only thing you can point out is that they are foreign-born or that their parents are born outside of the country.

    Which of course leads to some rather ridiculous naming of certain groups as “third generation immigrant”, which is because that is the only thing you are allowed to point out.

    This of course also means that Africans and Middle-Easterners are lumped in with Japanese, Americans, Germans and Australians, because there is seldom any distinction made between different immigration-groups, for some rather obvious reasons, since the few studies that exist where they have done this (old ones) all point out that there are certain groups which cause these problems (hint, not west Europeans, east Asians or North Americans).

    The problem is also that many immigrant groups have no interest in getting a job, you don’t come to the country with the highest taxes in the world* and the highest welfare checks in the world, if you want to work. You come here if you don’t want to work.

    Equally problematic is the fact that taxes and welfare in Sweden are so high, that it’s hard to find a normal job that will give you more money every month, for a family with 4-5 children and 2 unemployed adults, that what welfare gives you.

    Essentially, if one of the parents gets a standard low-paying job, that will actually mean they get less money after taxes every month, compared to staying on welfare.

    The system is based around both parents working (if one parent already has a job, their net income will increase if the other one also does), and not having a extraordinarily amount of children.

    But if you do, then it’s best that either both are employed or both are unemployed, for getting the most amount of money. So offering just one of them a job will mean a loss of income.

    And since certain groups have no interest in having both parents working (immigrant groups from certain areas and certain religions have the opinion that women should wear fully covering clothes and stay at home having more babies) that means that no one will be working.

    The entire welfare-system in Sweden is based around Swedes and their attitudes and values, and it doesn’t work with groups that differ in these aspects.

    But the left-wingers refuse to see this, they are of the opinion that once you cross the border, your values suddenly become exactly like those of Swedes.

    IF there even are any swedes at all, there is large pressure from establishment and media to deny that swedes and Swedish culture even exists, and that recently arrived immigrants are just as Swedish as people who have lived in the country since iron age.

    *OK, only 2nd place, but Sweden is not far behind the #1 spot, Denmark.

  11. Anon says:

    Had I not known Ms. Larsson was a govt. Minister, I would think her comments were spoken by a naive, brainwashed child. The suspension of disbelief that it must take to pass off such drivel in the face of reality would make any normal person ill. In this case, the road to hell isn’t even paved with good intentions; it’s paved with insanity and her country will continue to pay dearly.

  12. Jim says:

    Oh, those awful Swedish people, impoverishing immigrants of color through structural racism. Oh well, the world will have to wait for paradise until whites are bred out of existence, then the black scientists will be free to get something done.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Maria Larsson says it must be “frustrating” that it takes so long for the “new Swedes” to find jobs. How twisted is that, to call them Swedes?

  14. Howard W. Campbell says:

    I believe that Minnesota and Wisconsin were the first (or among the first) states in the US to pioneer a stripped down version of welfare compared to that in Scandinavia. Except for Milwaukee, those two states had very few blacks (or other minorities) until recently. Even though I grew up in a state that was a polar opposite of these two, I can understand the mentality behind this type of support for those in (real) need. You are not likely to freeze to death under a bridge or in a tar paper shack in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama.

    What is it with the Scandinavian mentality that believes that everyone can be equal? When I was in the Navy, I was stationed with a guy from Maine who never saw a black face to face until he arrived at Great Lakes. The guy from Maine picked up on the problems a lot faster than anyone I knew from Minnesota. The Southerners would pick up the subtleties of the trustworthy minorities (and whites) a lot faster than most.

    Once when I was about 15, I was going on a flight to visit a relative out west. While sitting in the waiting area between connections, I struck up a conversation with this girl who was about the same age. Her mother overheard where I was from and in her best mocking liberal tone asked me “Is your school fully integrated?” I replied, “It sure is, It’s all black.” (It was about 75% when I was in high school). That answer had the desired effect of getting rid of the mother; however, it ticked off her daughter too.

    Unfortunately, we are probably going to end up with a society that is a combination of “Idiocracy” with “The Marching Morons” (A science fiction story by Cyril Kornbluth. There is an elite of about 3 million working feverishly to support 5 billion morons). Europe is headed down that path a lot faster than the US (for now).

  15. Sardonicus says:

    What better definition of insanity is there then the Swedes importing a permanent ethnic and racial underclass? Couldn’t they see the fatal flaw of America: our restive and permanent underclass? Must all European countries follow our vibrant diversity, or journey to decay and disintegration?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I can’t help but notice that most Swedes I know here in the USA are very liberal when it comes to racial issues. Heaven forbid they be called a racist! That is the worst “sin” one can commit if you are White, according to them. Suffice to say, I avoid them like the plague because one can never open their eyes to the truth. Many even have the gall to call themselves “conservatives”. I will also say this about the Irish, not to mention the English mindset of today, that I have encountered. Just look at what has happened in Sweden and Ireland and Britain. They sure seem to adore the Africans in their midst.

    It was a sad and tragic day for America when she started importing all these WHITE racial liberals into our land, let alone all these nonwhites into our land.

  17. Rhialto says:

    If the liberal agenda failed in Sweden, where can it be successful?

    Sweden had a homogeneous, well educated, and peaceful society. Swedes had a strong sense of community, and were willing to pay 50% of there salary to guarantee all members of the Swedish community a good standard of living. The legal system was designed to correct, if possible, rather than punish. They were serious about protecting the Swedish environment. I can testify that in the 1960s it seemed to be working.

    The Swedish government provided foreign aid to poor countries mainly in Africa, with no geopolitical strings attached. This should have been adequate to satisfy the Swedish national obligation to help the world. From the above article and other news, the Swedes decided that massive self sacrifice was required. Instead of helping people in impoverished nations, the Swedes are bringing them to Sweden. This isn’t self sacrifice, it’s self destruction.

    It makes no sense to me. If the Swedes wanted to provide more help to the world’s impoverished, they should have increased their foreign aid. This would have helped more people than bringing a few hundred thousand into Sweden, and would have been much more cost effective.

    How do you say “death wish” in Swedish?