‘Muslim’ TV Ratings Dive Amid Media Frenzy: TLC Series Plummets Despite Controversy

Chicago Tribune, December 21, 2011

“All-American Muslim” may be disproving that old saying about bad publicity.

Although the TLC series filled the headlines all of last week after protests erupted over the withdrawal of advertisers including home-improvement chain Lowe’s, Sunday’s episode actually experienced a significant ratings decrease.

The Dec. 18 episode plummeted over 30% versus the previous week’s episode, which registered 900,000 total viewers. And ratings for the Dec. 11 episode itself could have benefited from increased visibility for “Muslim” given the controversy was starting to gather steam, particularly on Twitter, several days earlier, though didn’t truly explode into the mainstream press the following week.

The past two episodes of “Muslim” are trending below the season average for the series, which is over 1 million total viewers. The series, an unscripted look at a group of Muslim-American families living in Dearborn, Mich., launched Nov. 13 to 1.7 million.


TLC has yet to indicate whether “Muslim,” which was an eight-episode order, will be renewed for another season.


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  • Follow The Light

    Just having the term “All-American” in the title seems like an oxymoron and used to be provocative and annoying. I do not think we are yet at the point when a Mohammedan can be equated with a term that is equated with old-fashioned values.

  • Jupiter7

    Many of you no doubt saw the promo on the Learning Channel. The young Muslim “American” Women who were featured in the promo blathered on about how they are American-Apple Pie variety-just like you and I. Of course, this is just bold-face lying…and highly repellant. These two very arrogant, young Muslim “American” Women understand very well that the pro-Muslim immigration policy that they are advocating means only on thing: Native Born White American Christians are reduced to a rapidly dwindling and violently persecuted racial minority within the borders of “America”…they are most definitely hyper-conscious of the demographic consequences of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act..and they understand very well who loses. The question that should be put to these two very arrogant young “Muslim” American Women is this:why should the Native Born White American Christian Majority be in favor of their race-replacement at the hands of post-1965 high fertility Muslims..a question that obviously answers itself.

    If the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had never been passed, and if there was a National Origins Immigration Policy in place since 1965 that completely excluded Muslims…9/11 would have never occurred..nor would the Fort Hood massacre have occurred.

    There are no economic,demographic,cultural and ecological reasons for importing Muslims into our America..never was.

    The fact that General Casey expressed great concern that the Fort Hood massacre by a Muslim “American” Major might increase zenophic concern among Native Born White American Christians that Muslims should be kept out of the “US” Military..and America as a whole…shows just how massive and deep the treason is among high ranking “US” Military Officers..cut the “US” Military budget by 70 percent..that will go a long way into rooting out the Traitors in the “US” military.

    On a more fundamental level:why should millions of young Native Born White American Christian Males be forced to compete with millions of young, high fertility Muslim Males for living and breeding space-Sailer’s affordable family formation in our America..this is another question you can ask these two very arrogant Muslim “American” Women featured in the Learning Channel promo. Ask race-replacement enthusiast Ron Paul the same question(go see my comments in Kieth Preston’s very excellent post today over at Alernative Right.)

  • Anonymous

    Marketer: We’re going to make a show that’s a complete outrage. Even the title will make people sick. Here’s the brilliant part, how we all make money: So-called sponsors get publicity for refusing to subsidize it.

    Corporate sponsor: Tell me more.

    Marketer: Think if we had a show called “baby eaters.” You’d make a fortune simply announcing how outraged you were and how you’d never advertise on that show. The idiots in zombieland will never catch on. We won’t even have to produce an actual show. The title will be the whole show, and the withdrawal of support will be the whole substance of the media event.

    Corporate sponsor: I like it.

    Marketer: Now you can be the first company to make a show of outrage. Win over a lot of TV watchers, beer drinkers, football fans. The figure is fifty million.

    Corporate sponsor: Done.

  • sbuffalonative

    “Progressive-liberal” propaganda made to convince me that Muslims are just like me.

    They aren’t. They’re Muslims.

  • Anonymous

    This is just another attempt to claim that we are all alike and, at the same time, make the contradictory claim that westerners are evil and that third world populations are superior or are morally superior. I just read a very interesting article on those issues:


  • Anonymous

    “Just having the term “All-American” in the title seems like an oxymoron and used to be provocative and annoying”

    ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ debuted on Canadian television a couple of years ago. The sitcom about a Muslim community taking over a rural town from white buffoons was written to be deliberately provocative.

    Beneath whatever face they show the public, Muslim immigrants and their liberal supporters are seething with racial aggression. The chip they wear on their shoulders is barely disguised in these laugh-challenged efforts.

  • Auntie Em

    Last summer in the early evening, riding home from an afternoon visit to another state, I noticed something alarming. As I traveled through the farmland I noticed no one outside – no children playing games, no farmers and their wives doing end-of-the-day chores, not even a dog barking at the end of the driveway.

    And in each farmhouse glowed the light from the blue screen only emphasizing the eery absence of vitality. It was chilling in comparison to, only a few decades prior, what were the sounds of family homesteads winding down from a day of work.

    Most modern media strike me as social conditioning. In spite of that awareness I avoid too much familiarity realizing that, over the years, what once seemed shocking and unbelievable can easily become unremarkable with the saturation effect.

    I encourage all red-blooded Americans to do the same. Turn your back on the idiot box and spend time conversing and recreating with your families and neighbors.

    We are willing participants in the destruction of our culture if we aren’t actively practicing it.

  • Anonymous

    This is the show that used the promotion spot where a Muslim woman was talking about how another passenger should get off the plane if she didn’t feel comfortable with her because, “I’m flying to a conference to talk to other ignorant people like you.”

    I am really weary of having every foreigner in the world come to my country and tell me that I am the one who has to change. Our governments have given the signal to the trash of the world that they can easily come here and than gain advantages by insulting their hosts. Go to their countries and you will find you must change for them. This is hypocrisy at its finest. Our Western governments are forcing us into daily humiliations that no people should have to endure.

  • AvgWhiteGuy

    I’m sure the only reason the ratings were up at first was all the people who just wanted to see what the show was about. After seeing the gross deception of a show designed solely as propaganda, they stopped watching.

  • Anonymous


    A very thought-provoking and eloquent response. I am especially moved by your comment since I was born in Dearborn in 1954. The house in the neighborhood that I came home to as a baby is now a muslim enclave. The church that I was Christened in is now a mosque. The high school that my father graduated from, Fordson High, is now a school for foreigners. My family on my mother’s side lived in this area of NA since the late 1500s and were instrumental in the founding of Detroit in 1701. My grandmother was a neighbor of Henry Ford and would visit him as a little girl, watching him build a car. She may have been the first person to ride in his car which was made of many bicycle parts.

    So how would this matter to the casual reader? I am living proof of what Jupiter7 and many others have warned America to wake up to the racial aspects of our place in this land. I and many family members have all left Detroit, Dearborn and other communities, some for the rural areas of Michigan and others, like refugees fleeing from a war and ensuing invasion, have traveled far away. We now face a collapsing area of security no matter where we go. We are denied rights to decent jobs due to “infirmative action”, our bank accounts are robbed to pay for our replacements, and as many have found, we are physically attacked, raped and murdered in ever increasing numbers. There simply will not be a place for us soon. As the whites in S Africa have discovered, as a minority you will be savaged, an open target of a lessor but vicious peoples. I believe that we are fast approaching but one course of action. One that will be difficult to begin and worse, almost impossible to succeed. The longer we wait, the worse the odds at winning but I’ll be damned to end up with my throat cut and body mutilated as those poor white souls in South Africa. Does anyone see another way out that I have overlooked?

  • Anonymous

    This makes sense. People don’t want to watch muslims on t.v. They want every single last one removed from this country. Now that would be entertaining.

  • olewhitelady

    Many of the people who now produce TV shows and movies are apparently fuzzy-headed, self-destructive dreamers who are so determined to push their radical agenda that they waste their own resources and that of everyone else involved in their projects. Why would anyone think a show touting Moslems would be a hit in America?

    The movie industry now appears to exist on children’s films, date flicks, and knockoffs of fairy tales, of all things! I haven’t been to the theater in years and very, very rarely even get a new film from the library or Netflix. Almost everything is aimed at the lowest common denominator.

  • Anonymous

    TLC is an anti-White cable station, period. They promote race mixing and miscegenation, even lesbianism. Ever watch those shows depicting interracial weddings and the births of newborns? Almost all shows, supposed comedies, etc. are now featuring nothing but race mixing and miscegenation, even on non-cable networks. Forget about Extreme Makeover and Wife Swap and now we have a black woman “Nanny” showing Whites how to control their kids.

  • Whirlwinder

    Dearborn is an example of how stealth jihad works. Islam has come to America not to assimilate but to dominate and replace the Constitution with Shariah law. First they establish a small community by buying up adjoining properties. Then more muslims come and the area grows. A mosque is built and the area continues to grow. Before you know it, you have a ‘no go’ area.

    Second, they begin making demands such as halal foods in supermarkets and police protections from Americans who might ‘attack’ them. They are perfect victims. Then they try to force people from speaking badly about Islam (Freedom of speech down the tubes) Before you know it, they are taking over and we have lost everything. The media types must know this because they put up programs like All American Muslims. It is hard to fight the real enemies like Islam when you have friends like the American media shilling for Islam.

  • Anonymous

    “I encourage all red-blooded Americans to do the same. Turn your back on the idiot box and spend time conversing and recreating with your families and neighbors.”

    The cable company was harassing me about some unfair charges. I’m glad they did that, because it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I cancelled cable one year ago. I had some environmental company remove my old TV for free. I’m NOT buying a new one. Television is toxic for everyone, especially children. I feel so invigorated to have that garbage out of my life. I go to the gym more often, I read more, I make more money.

    I try to suggest this to others, but they look at me like I’m insane. I won’t give up though. White folks: liberal elites want you to sit in front of the TV and swill beer. They want your kids to do the same. They want to turn you into mindless zombies and take everything you have…including your children.

    We often see young white teenagers, covered in tattoos and piercings, pushing mulatto babies in a carriage. This happens all over the country, and world for that matter. You must know that MTV, CNN, movies, gangsta rap, and all of the other disgusting media outlets brought this on. There would still be innocence and morality without all of this garbage.

    How many folks on AMREN will drink heavily tonight and watch TV? How many of your children are listening to gangsta rap? Pull the plug on that disgusting, anti-white garbage and pour that alcohol down the toilet. We can’t take our country back if we’re buzzed, drooling in front of the telescreen. It takes work to fight back. Getting rid of vice is the first step. Get the enemy out of your living room as well.

    By the way, let me give you some background about me. For my entire young life, about 12 years, I lived in and around Hollywood. I was a liberal and I worked in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, I was an alcoholic and addicted to prescription drugs. My experiences and bad choices prompted me to change my life. I have seen some horrifying situations that inspired me to do better. If I can cut myself off from the matrix, so can you. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    Think of all the white men killed in action fighting overseas, and how they’ll never have children.

    Then look at how the government assists their killers to come here and have large families.

    We’re fighting the wrong battles, in the wrong places, for the wrong objectives.

  • Tom S.

    *8 – Go to their countries and you will find you must change for them.

    Well for one thing White Christians aren’t generaly welcome in their countries and are “encouraged” not to live there – in peace anyway. You try going to their countries and air “All Iranian Christian” and your head-less body will be found in some alley!

    If I ran this rodeo, I’d tell them that I will give Muslims the same rights that Christians have in Muslim countries – for every church built AND ALLOWED TO OPERATE, we will allow a mosque to be built etc.!

  • Jupiter7


    Hamtramck Michigan used to be majority Native Born White American Catholic-Polish variety-American Town. These days, Hamtramck is over 90 percent Muslim. Christmas used to celebratd every year in Hamtramck…these days, Ramadan is celebrated every year instead. And every day in Hamtramck Michigan-at 5 o’clock-you can here the evil and alien sounding Muslim call to prayer blaring from loud speakers on Hamtramck’s street corners.

    And make no mistake about this:if you voted for Ronnie Reagan – a notorious and obvious big faker if there ever was one-you voted for the Muslim conquest of a formerly Catholic town on American soil.

    And if you want to know why the Muslim conquest of America is taking place .. Sports Entertainment!!!…NFL brain rot pornography tomorrow on Christmas Eve!!!..touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame!!..and at the Catholic High School I attended…and Fantasy football pornography!!!

    Millions of Native Born White American Males live utterly meaningless lives … Sports Entertainment Pornography is a very thin membrane that prevents a free fall into a very deep, cold black abyss of infinite despair .. this is a massive indictment of post-WW2 and Cold War Era Native Born White American Corporate Culture whose main function is to emasculate, and thus render spiritually and morally impotent millions of Native Born White American Males who would otherwise be left with no choice other than to engage in a massive race-revolt against their race-replacement at the hands of hostile,high fertility – and eventually, heavily armed-post-1965 Muslims, Asians, gang banger Hispanics and blacks.

    Twilight is coming up around the bend very fast for millions of Native Born White American Males…how many of their teenage sons in the waning days of 2011 – and beyond – are going to be able to support a wife and children with massive unpayable college loan debt with a communications degree or a poly sci degree or a sports communication degree?

  • Anonymous


    It’s all about bread and circus. Same thing in Rome. People wouldn’t revolt and would be distracted from their empire going to hell as long as they had entertainment. I suppose it will take time for more and more whites to wake up and fight back. History is cyclical and whites have survived and vanquished enemies throughout history even when we were outnumbered. Whites are slow to anger and slow to hate, as the Ruyard Kipling poem is called The Awakened Saxon.

  • Southern Man

    #7 Auntie Em:

    Such an eloquent description of our crumbling societal core. It has wracked me even more in that I have lived through this time and now watch a son and daughter, struggle to deal with this reality. We try to avoid that blue screen that carries with it the stench of death for our beloved country. We play outdoors, take walks in the park, play ball, fish, hunt, camp and Scout. But it is still there, overhanging our future. The rush to crush the core of America accelerates with these foreigners that hate everything that was traditional and are determined to replace us.

  • Anonymous

    Here to say I’m another one of the “No TV(for years now) Club.” Funny thing is, people say, “What do you DO?” Geez… (They also say they don’t have time to keep up with…oh, politics, for instance…piddly stuff like that.)