Posted on December 19, 2011

Message to Black Community: Return to Moral Code, Stop the Violence

Jewell Cardwell, Beacon Journal, December 19, 2011

Their disappointment was palpable.

That so few found the hot-button issue of black-on-black crime important enough to stand with them.

They were only about 60 in number.

Yet those who braved the cold Sunday evening to attend a vigil against violence in front of Akron’s Buchtel High School were determined to make the conversation matter. Not to sugarcoat the facts.

They didn’t.

Phil Booker, who organized the gathering by sending out messages on Facebook, said he was moved to do so because of the exceptional number of homicides the city recorded last week. {snip}

There was much blame to go around for what’s happening in the black community–nine people shot, six killed, in just days–and why it’s being allowed to happen.

Some focused on fathers missing in action. Not men, but males, as someone in the crowd characterized the situation in the homes that spill over into the streets.

Bishop Ben Drone echoed those sentiments, saying, “It starts at home. But it falls upon all us” to promote love and peace.

Acknowledging the way so many black children begin life fatherless, Drone said everyone has an obligation to mentor them as early as possible.

“It’s a moral issue. The police cannot solve this. The politicians cannot solve this,” he said. “I don’t care if you put an army in here. They can’t stop it.”

It starts from the cradle, he said, with supervision and a community providing its children with the right moral compass.


Russel Neal, Akron’s Ward 4 councilman and the only politician to attend, responded to someone angered that other political leaders did not attend.

“I hear you calling out the leaders,” he said, “but the problem is not them, or more police. It’s a moral problem.

“Our ancestors endured all kinds of atrocities.” But what is happening now is “what we’re visiting upon ourselves.”


28 responses to “Message to Black Community: Return to Moral Code, Stop the Violence”

  1. Bill R says:

    Notice these black community leaders never ask the black community to stop murdering. They merely ask the black community to stop murdering BLACKS. Notice they never say it’s immoral to murder whites. Only blacks. There was a time they would never have dared murder, assault, rape or give the angry stare at whites. What pansies we have become. That pendulum wills swing back again. As the blacks get more arrogant and out of control, whites are waking up. Soon, hopefully, there will be a universal backlash that even the toady, liberal anti-white treasonous governments in Canada, England, America and Europe won’t be able to contain, or stop. Not unless they are willing to risk the same outrage and backlash that’s coming to the most ill-behaved, ignorant, worthless race on the face of the planet.

  2. Hirsch says:

    “Our ancestors endured all kinds of atrocities”

    Yes, and your contemporary African brethren are committing even more. In fact, America’s variation of “black on black crime” pales in comparison to the kinds of pathologies catalogued during Charles Taylor’s reign in Liberia.

    I’m a glass half-full sort of guy, so look on the bright side: at least American blacks are not eating each other. Yet.

  3. Terry says:

    How can they be moral when violence and hate is in them. It is in their DNA. They hate white people. Something that they are allowed to do. You don’t dare call a black a racist when he tells everybody that he hates white people. But have a white tell the truth about black people, that they cause basically all the crime because they are criminals throught their DNA, all of a sudden the white is a racist.

  4. HH says:

    We’ve heard this all before – many, many times. Unfortunately, it’s all talk. There is a crime-plagued area not terribly far from me that is, of course, predominantly Black(and rounded out with Mestizos). They routinely stage press-confrences, vigils and similar demonstrations to “take back” their communities, stop the murder and mayhem, etc. Usually, by that same night, the mischief and criminality is back in effect as if nothing had happened or been said at all.

    Such is life in communities “of color.”

  5. anonymous says:

    The atrocities of the Knoxville horror and the Wichita Massacre and present day South Africa and one-hundred million other similar events that blacks are responsible for are greater than any perceived slights or unpleasantries blacks have had to deal with.

  6. norm says:

    If blacks cannot learn civilized behavior the only solution may be to construct concentration camps for their criminal elements.

    Gitmo will be a model.

  7. Question Diversity says:

    That so few found the hot-button issue of black-on-black crime important enough to stand with them.

    Even fewer would show up to a black-organized rally opposing black-on-white crime. Come to think of it, I don’t think there ever has been such a rally.

  8. boogie says:

    I have watched blacks across America when we go on trips,they are the same,act the same,same mannerism’s. Why,,,they are from Africa,we can not change them.

  9. danjack says:

    make sure they realize that their disdain should only be for “black” on “black” crime. black on white crime is ok

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is interesting for conversations like this are likely to be what’s left after all the whites have been driven out. Another passionate or intellectual call to help out blacks. Haven’t whites nearly been driven out of Akron, Ohio? Are whites more than 20% of the students attending Akron public schools? No

    No doubt these marchers will be a minority in their concerns or at least won’t get very much traction. As long as their are still whites alive somewhere whites will get the true-blame for the actions of these victims of color. And as long as whites are getting the blame expect victims of color to continue the ‘healing’ in Akron.

  11. Tom S. says:

    *I don’t care if you put an army in here. They can’t stop it.”

    If that army had shoot-to-kill orders they could stop it. Most of the problems this country has with ghetto thugs could be easy to solve in a short time frame, but the American people don’t have the “rocks” to do it. That’s why it has gotten out of control.

    The “Million Thug – oops – “Man” March” was suppose to be about going back home to better their “communities” – how did that turn out? If a million black thugs – oops – “men” couldn’t improve their communities, Mr. Booker sure won’t be able to. Mr. Booker also has to realize that a large % of blacks – be they poor, middle class or wealthy – acually look up to and support the “thug mentallity” – especially if they’re “sticking it to Whitey”.

  12. Madison Grant says:

    Black leaders are outraged by “black-on-black crime”.

    As for black assaults on whites, hispanics, Asians, etc.? They couldn’t possibly care less.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So many thoughts…

    “Our ancestors endured all kinds of atrocities”.

    The usual black meaninless non-sequitur. This has nothing to do with anything but must always be mentioned. It is the one-size-fits-all excuse for all black pathologies. I could mention, what about the atrocites in Rwanda that ocurred recently and not the distant past?

    “Black on black crime has to stop.”

    But apparently black on white, Asian, Latino, Jews, etc, crime is just fine.

    “I don’t care if you put an army in here. They can’t stop it”.

    In fact they could in very short order. But then blacks (and their liberal white allies) would scream “racism”. As always, when your dealing with blacks, you just can’t win.

    “Its a moral issue…it starts from the cradle…were visiting this upon ourselves”.

    Translation. The black community is dysfunctional. As anyone who has spent much time around blacks clearly knows.

  14. kind soul says:

    Genetic Influences on the Overlap Between Low IQ and Antisocial Behavior in Young Children

  15. Anonymous says:

    Good thing the rally against black-on-black crime didn’t attract too many people, otherwise there would have been a lot of black-on-black crime

  16. Ron says:

    Isn’t it interesting that black criminality and pathological behavior has gotten worse as slavery and Jim Crow laws become more distant memories? Kind of shoots the whole “legacy of slavery made me do it” argument out the window.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, if a non-black person were to say the same, they would be accused of being ‘racist’ towards blacks. If more blacks spoke out against violence and whatnot, things might change, but as the types of blacks who have enough brains to say it are rare, nothing will truly change.

  18. Anonymous says:

    #1 wrote: …at least American blacks are not eating each other. Yet.

    They’re probably kept a step above that option thanks to the Whites feeding them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    There was one of those “vigils” in Philly a few months back that ended in several shootings. White vigils for victims of Black violence end with prayers singing of hymns and hugging each other for comfort. I don’t recall ever reading about shootings and stabbings.

    These creatures will NEVER change. It IS in their DNA and they need to be somewhere FAR and DETACHED from any civilized society. Perhaps with the passage of time they will winnow out their evil specimens or completely annihilate each other. At this point I don’t really care. Either of the aforementioned scenarios is acceptable. Just keep them away from me by any means necessary. I never thought that I’d ever feel this way and for a while I felt guilty but their actions have dried up all my human compassion when it comes to them.

  20. olewhitelady says:

    The U.S. used to do a decent job of controlling black crime. We didn’t need mass repatriations to Liberia or some other African country or the use of concentration camps. The first thing the nation did was to put a strong fear of authority in blacks. This was a fear of not only officials, but of white people in general. Blacks knew that if they got out of line with whites, they would suffer retribution from them, both legally and illegally. Those who proved themselves to be dangers to society drew long prison sentences or the death penalty.

    Now, society promotes interaction with whites. Low-IQ ghetto blacks who once preyed almost exclusively on other blacks now routinely prey on whites as well.

  21. Bob Turner says:

    “Bishop Ben Drone echoed those sentiments, saying, “It starts at home. But it falls upon all us” to promote love and peace.”

    Actually, it starts with black men having generally higher testosterone levels, young women not on birth control, and black men refusing to use condoms, because it feels better without them. Their other dirty trick is to insist upon sex or they will dump the girl, and then, guess what, dump her as soon as the thrill is gone, and especially when she gets pregnant.

    The point is that the preaching cannot be as if speaking to a white audience or anyone but single mothers. One must go right to the root of the culture.

  22. kulak says:

    Black pathology in America is the side effect of white pathology.

    When whites practiced legal segregation, blacks behaved better.

    When whites didn’t give the lowest elements welfare, blacks behaved better.

    Blacks had more genuine small businesses of their own, greater rates of marriage, lower illigetimacy, and so on, when they took care of their own, and WE took care of OUR own.

    Jim Crow was eugenic.

    What could more more dysgenic than 50 years of the Great Society?

  23. white is right, black is whac says:

    Asking them to shape up and be moral is like asking a tiger to not be violent. It’s their nature. Understand that and stay away from them.

  24. Un-Indoctrinated says:

    I totally agree that black on black crime is absurd. The only thing worse is black on White crime. I don’t have an opinion either way when it comes to White on black crime because it doesn’t exist, except in terms of self-defense, then it is well warranted.

  25. Anonymous says:

    We’ve been hearing this for the last 100 years. Who cares? Not me.

  26. Anonymous says:

    “What could more more dysgenic than 50 years of the Great Society?”

    Lyndon B. Johnson was a traitor to his people and conceivably a murderer. May he roast in Hell also.

  27. Dewey says:

    There are autocratic moral men of the black community. Thanks to liberal, “democratic” egalitarianism, they cannot take charge.

    Two things must happen.

    Black people must not be allowed to culturally program themselves. Thug rap must become unacceptable. Asians, white, and elite blacks should do the cultural programming of blacks in order to maximize respect for authority, and drive towards achievement

    Strong black moral authority must be allowed to take over. There is a current in black culture of church-going, combined with strong drive which can help lift their race.

    In addition, one must see people as individuals, not as groups. There are individual blacks who can, and will escape the conditions of most blacks. They know their genetic disadvantaged, remedy them, and take advantage of their drive, and focus to achieve.

  28. Daniel Williams says:

    Sometimes when I read articles like this one, I assume that they are parodies. They all have the same silly cast of characters: the no-name local politician, the preacher with a ridiculously-inflated title (“Bishop” Ben Drone), the local guy who thinks that blacks would stop acting like blacks if some particular thing (or group of things) could be changed… Give me a break.

    They don’t get it. There is no black “community”, only groups of blacks. They kill each other for no reason at all and there is nothing whatsoever that anyone, black or white, can do about it, other than try to either keep them in one place or avoid them and hope that they continue victimising each other rather than our kind. This behavior will never end unless we, as a society, make drastic changes that are utterly unreconcilable with our current lifestyles. This will never happen.