Posted on December 14, 2011

Liege Killer Went on Gun and Grenade Rampage ‘Because He Feared Being Sent Back to Prison for a Sex Crime’

Peter Allen, Daily Mail (London), December 14, 2011

Liege killer Nordine Amrani murdered four people and wounded 125 others because he feared being sent to back to prison for a sex crime, his lawyer said today.

The 32-year-old convicted criminal, who was due to marry his long-term girlfriend, used grenades and a semi-automatic rifle to cause carnage in the Belgian city before turning a revolver on himself.

Among his victims was a 45-year-old cleaning lady whom he shot dead near his home on Tuesday morning, as well as a 17-month old baby boy who died in the early hours today.

Defence lawyer Jean-Francois Dister said Amrani, a Belgian from a Moroccan background, was on parole and was due to answer a summons about allegedly ‘sexually molesting’ a young woman.

He is thought to have attacked the unnamed victim after driving alongside her in his van. Its number plate was captured by CCTV.

One of Amrani’s numerous previous convictions was for rape, for which he had been given a two-year suspended sentence in 2003.

If convicted again for a sex crime, he would have had to serve it.

This would have also meant his girlfriend, a nurse called Perrin Balon, finding out about the sex allegations against him.

‘He feared being returned to prison,’said Mr Dister. ‘He called me twice on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday morning about it.

‘What worried him most was to be jailed again. According to my client it was a set-up by people who wanted to harm him. Mr Amrani had a grudge against the law.

‘He thought he had been wrongfully convicted.’

After Tuesday’s attack, the bag Amrani used to carry his haul of weapons was found to still contain several loaded magazines, as well as a number of live grenades.

An enquiry has been launched into why he had not been under closer supervision while on bail after early release from a sentence of nearly five years.

His weapons were confiscated because of his other criminal offences, yet he managed to obtain a FAL Belgian assault rifle, grenades and other weapons soon after his release in October 2010.

Belgian’s notoriously liberal criminal justice system is already facing questions as to why, in October 2010, the killer had been released from prison three years early after being convicted of firearms and drug offences.

In 2008 he had been found guilty of keeping 10 complete firearms, and an astonishing 9,500 gun parts in his flat, along with 2,800 cannabis plants nearby.

On Tuesday morning, Amrani is thought to have tried to rape the woman cleaner in his flat, where police had found an arsenal of weapons including a rocket launcher, AK47 and Kalashnikov.

Police said he killed her ‘with a bullet to her head’ and then dumped her body in a lock-up shed where he was growing cannabis plants.

He then left money for Ms Balon, with a note that said: ‘Good luck! I love you.’

A police source said: ‘The cleaner had been working in a neighbour’s home. It appears that Amrani had invited her into his own flat to discuss the possibility of cleaning his flat.

‘There were signs of a struggle, and it may be that Amrani had tried to rape her.

‘Whatever happened, she was undoubtedly his first murder victim on Tuesday morning.’

Cedric Visart Bocarme, the Belgian Attorney General, confirmed that the woman ‘would have been murdered by the killer just before he went to Place Saint-Lambert’.

The attack brought horror to Belgium’s fifth largest city, with crowds of shoppers, many of them children, screaming and running in panic as grenades exploded and shots rang out.

Among the dead was an 18-month-old girl who lost her fight for survival in hospital last night.

The others killed include a 15-year-old boy, a 17-year-old student and a 75-year-old woman.

Today, a small crowd gathered at the Place Saint-Lambert for a minute’s silence at 12noon, 24 hours after the shooting.

Students at the Saint Barthelemy High School–attended by two of the victims–also joined hands and observed the silence.

Abdelhadi Amrani, another lawyer who worked for the killer but is not related, said he had grown up in foster homes after being orphaned as a child.

‘I remember a man deeply marked by the loss of his parents,’ said Ms Amrani. ‘He lost his father and mother very early. He was marked by fate.

‘I would add he was a very smart boy, gifted.

‘Nordine often spoke of his desire to start a family. He was to be married to a nurse in Liege.’

Commenting on Amrani’s background, Ms Amrani said: ‘He did not feel at all Moroccan. He did not speak a word of Arabic, and was not Muslim. What he said is that he felt like a Belgian.

‘He was crazy about weapons, but as a collector.

‘He felt he had not had much luck in life and felt unfairly treated by the courts.

‘This was the fed-up cry of a tormented soul–he was estranged from justice, and against society.’

A 17-month-old baby boy called Gabriel became the fourth victim after dying in hospital late on Tuesday night despite undergoing hours of emergency treatment.

Gabriel was in the arms of his mother when he was hit by a bullet in the back of the head. The child and his parents were at the bus stop just below the walkway from where Amrani opened fire.

Amrani had been due to attend a police interview in the late morning but never showed up.

Instead he left his apartment armed with a Belgian-made FN- FAL automatic rifle, a handgun and up to a dozen grenades carried in a backpack.

He drove the five-minute journey from his 1930s apartment building the Residence Belvedere and parked his white van in Place St Lambert.

He walked on to a raised walkway above a bus stop where lunchtime shoppers were thronging for the opening of a Christmas market.

From his 15ft high vantage point he lobbed three hand grenades towards a busy bus shelter before opening fire on the crowd. A 15-year-old boy died instantly while the baby of 17 months and a 17-year-old boy succumbed to their injuries in hospital.

Five people are still fighting for their lives, including a 75-year old woman who was initially declared dead on arrival at hospital.

19 responses to “Liege Killer Went on Gun and Grenade Rampage ‘Because He Feared Being Sent Back to Prison for a Sex Crime’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes,Nordine Amrani did rape and kill all those people, but at least the people of Belgium benefited greatly in the years before those unfornate events from the Diversity he brought.

    What a boring place Belgium would be if it did not have so many Muslim and African immigrants to add vibrancy and color to their society. They were lucky to have him for a while — too bad he is gone now. However, look on the bright side — 10 new immigrants will take his place in Belgium. Diversity is Belgium’s Greatest Strength!

  2. Lygeia says:

    He was afraid of going to prison so he shot a 17-month old baby? Where is the logic in this? Oh, wait. A third-world Muslim enriching the Belgium culture with his limited reasoning skills.

  3. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    I just love how his lefty defense lawyer tried to take the sting out of what was so obviously on everyone’s minds: “He was not the least bit Moroccan. He spoke no Arabic. He was all Belgian.” I would be willing to bet that an overwhelming majority of Belgians (real ethnic ones) probably wouldn’t condone shooting and killing a toddler, a senior citizen, a cleaning lady, raping and child molesting a young girl whom he drove up next to in a van. If I am the survivors of these individuals, I sue not only for $$$ but to start legislation to end immigration from Africa, North and Central. But allow the Dutch from S. Africa to come back. That is the only way to start healing these wounds.

    The lawyers, judges, case workers, left-leaning, politicians and all of their enablers in “multi-cult” Belgium are guilty and have these people’s blood on their hands.

  4. Seek says:

    That the perp is neither Walloon nor Fleming is no surprise given his surname of “Amrani.” What is no surprise either, regrettably, are the voices of those justifying his crime. “A tormented soul,” my foot. What about the torment of family and friends who now have to bury four innocent murder victims? In the age of Diversity, one supposes, one does not ask such inconvenient questions.

    It’s poetic justice, though cruel, that the attack took place in Francophone Liege. It was the French-speaking multiculturalists who have promoted entry of such people. They’re ruining Belgium. If a Flemish patriot party (like the outlawed Vlaams Blok) ruled, this Moroccan clown wouldn’t have been permitted entry.

  5. GM (Australia) says:

    Obviously the Belgium people should be asking a lot of questions about their justice system and immigration policies. However the comment I want to make is about the reporting of this dreadful incident. (At least on all our TV news services) Two similar crimes occured on this particular day.

    1, Belgium Terror Attack: “Lone gunman”, “no obvious motive” “but had been spoken to by police earlier in the day”.(No mention that he was a Muslim from Morocco with a long record of weapons and other offences)

    2, Murder of Africans in Florence, Italy: “…by a White, far right-wing extremist”

    Has anyone else noticed the obvious double standards in reporting the identities of the persons responsible for these crimes?

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Commenting on Amrani’s background, Ms Amrani said: ‘He did not feel at all Moroccan. He did not speak a word of Arabic, and was not Muslim. What he said is that he felt like a Belgian.”

    Here is the result of taking in people who never belonged. He was NOT Belgian but didn’t think he was Moroccan or Muslim, yet he acted just like a jihadist. On the other hand, his attorney, another Moroccan, could be lying for him for gaining sympathy for others like him.

    Belgium and Europe needs to rid themselves of non-genetic Europeans before it is too late. It’s not just a matter of racism and discrimination, it’s a matter of world stability. You cannot destroy the heart of world civilization this way and expect a good result for the whole world.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The first moment I heard of this story I KNEW the killer would be a foreigner and not an native European. Reluctantly the media has had to admit it – “a Belgian of Moroccan background”.

    Or in other words he is an Arab and not a Belgian at all.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “He did not feel like a Moroccan. He felt like a Belgian”.

    Gosh, he sure looks like a Moroccan to me! Who am I supposed to believe? His lawyer or my own ‘lying eyes’?

  9. Mr.White says:

    I am more Belgian than this MUSLIM is and I’ve never set foot in Belgium! The multicults are bending over backwards to make excuses for this foreigner; terrified the natives will finally catch on that importing hordes of third-world muslims in order to achieve “multiculturalism and diversity” is a death sentence for native Belgians!

  10. ATBOTL says:

    Why is Belgium’s justice system so lenient?

  11. Anonymous says:

    One of Amrani’s numerous previous convictions was for rape, for which he had been given a two-year suspended sentence in 2003.

    Two year suspended sentence for rape. In a article full of outrages, this one needs a bit of emphasis.

  12. Paleface 6 says:

    “He did not feel like a Moroccan. He felt like a Belgian”.

    Well, today I feel like a fish, but that doesn’t make it true.

  13. Anonymous says:

    There is no such thing as a Belgian of Moroccan background.

    I want to know just what it will take before all real Belgians will have had enough of these endless attacks and murders, and right these wrongs.

  14. Anonymous says:

    In some Muslim nations, a woman who reports being raped will be stonned to death for infidelity.

    This is just one of ten-thousand reasons why Islam and modern, liberal Western society are incompatable. The two ideologies cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot live together. Better if each lives separately.

    History has demonstrated conclusively a thousand times what happens when Muslims and non-muslims are forced to live together — it always results in blood. Our elites know this. The question then is: why are they then importing millions of Muslims into Western nations? What is the purpose of this?

  15. Perispais says:

    The moment I learned of this atrocity, I knew the shooter was Muslim, the shooter was not born in Belgium, and the attack was terrorism directed against the native population. This attack has anti-western, anti-Christian, and anti-white written all over it. How this didn’t turn into the next Beslan massacre was miraculous, dozens could have died at this thug’s hands. The whole thing reeks of some sort of Machurian Candidate, automatic rifles and grenades are not legally owned by civilians in Belgium or any other European state. Had someone been legally armed with a bolt-action hunting rifle or a battle rifle, he could have shot and killed this Muslim invader before he could have killed and wounded so many people. Many of the wounded are going to have a lifetime of debility and pain becaue of their injuries at his hands, some of which will be fatal years later. This Muslim rapist and terrorist blows a big hole in the lie Islam is a religion of piece, it is a religion of violent hatred, genocide and oppression. Islam is more a genocidal politcial philosophy than a religion. This guy must have been in league with Al Qaeda or some other jihadist group, the weapons he used are just not obtainable any other way.

  16. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    “On Tuesday morning, Amrani is thought to have tried to rape the woman cleaner in his flat, where police had found an arsenal of weapons including a rocket launcher, AK47 and Kalashnikov.”

    This was a major warning to the local authorities. I’m pro-gun but NOBODY needs a Rocket Launcher. This offense alone should have serious jail time if not deportation. He is as much Belgium as I am.

    Is there a book they get these excuse from?

    ‘He was crazy about weapons, but as a collector. WRONG!!!

    ‘He felt he had not had much luck in life and felt unfairly treated by the courts. He could not get away with rape.

    ‘This was the fed-up cry of a tormented soul—he was estranged from justice, and against society.’ No, these were the actions of a cowardly Muslim.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I see no indication at this point that this guy was a Muslim, not everyone from a Muslim background is actually a Muslim, if religion worked like that I would be a Catholic. Maybe he decided during his last days to rededicate his life to Allah and go out as a martyr, but right now it seems like he was a common criminal turned mass-murdering lunatic. Not everything a North African/Middle Easterner does is part of a grand Islamic plot.

    His race and criminal behaviour should have been enough to keep him out of the streets of any Western nation regardless of his religion.

  18. Anonymous says:

    ‘This was the fed-up cry of a tormented soul—he was estranged from justice, and against society.’

    Copied and pasted from the ADL AJC SPLC ACLU NOW defense of a non White criminal template. How many times have we read those and similiar words from defense attorneys.

    He looks like he has some unfortunate black slave girl ancestry.

    He was so upset and distraught by the cleaning woman’s rejection of his loving advances that he had to go on this murder spree.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s not easy for an ordinary common criminal to get hold of grenades, a rocket launcher, AK47 and Kalashnikov. This is no common criminal. He is most probably involved in furnishing weapons to criminal and political gangs in other countries.

    There is more to this man than a rapist, robber owner of illegal weapons. He is part of something. At best is running an armoury for ordinary criminals who might need grenades and Kalashnikovs. At worst he runs an armoury for terrorists.

    Given the rapes and numerous run ins with the law, I think he is the armourer for an organized probably mafia type gang that has members in other countries.

    I don’t think a terrorist group would keep some one constantly being arrested and imprisoned around. It would draw law enforcement attention to them.

    He is an organized crime armourer. Probably rents out the weapons.