3 responses to “I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys”

  1. Anonymous 1387 says:

    PLEASE, someone tell me what right this woman has to have 15 children with the expectation that someone elsepay for them? I don’t blame her “baby daddys;” they were only sperm donors and she would have used a turkey baster if she could have.

    Given that she sounds illiterate, the only reason anyone would pay attention to her is if she had children and the more children, the more free money. If she was evicted, I can only imagine what the place she was evicted from looks like.

    I know middle class families that have only one child because that is what they can afford, even though they would like to have more. Why do they have to support this low life (and others like her (of all races) and her children that will simply become future unemployable refuse? From child birth to age 21, you can expect taxpayers to cover $100s of thousands of dollars (or even millions of dollars) for her expenses and the trouble her brood will cause society; everything from the child birth to child car to housing to food to ‘education” to social services, to SSI payments to incarceration to their impending criminal impact on their victims.

    What gives her the right when we have people who have worked all their lives and contributed to society only to find themselves in need of a safety net that is not there because of women like this having sucked it dry? What do we do as a society to stop it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The babydaddy of 10 of her children is known as her fiance?

  3. cecilhenry says:

    Somebody needs to pay? Somebody needs to be accountable?

    That would be this woman and the criminal father. Nobody else.

    This is why blacks need to be in a separate society— where they can be accountable on their own terms without exploiting whites and white society.

    This example is not unique. See this article: