Posted on December 13, 2011

‘Half Black, Half White and Almost Everything It Does Stinks’: Racism Row Erupts as Tea Party Calls Barack Obama a Skunk

Lee Moran, Daily Mail (London), December 12, 2011

An ultra-conservative ‘Tea Party’ group has defended its depiction of President Barack Obama as a skunk as satirical–after it was accused of being racist.

The Kansas-based Patriot Freedom Alliance came under fire for posting a photo of a skunk on its website.

The caption above it read: ‘The skunk has replaced the eagle as the new symbol for the president. It is half black, it is half white, and almost everything it does, stinks.’

Area president of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) Darrell Pope called the depiction a ‘blatant statement of racism’.

He said: ‘As far as I’m concerned it’s proof of the kind of organisation that they are, which I felt it always had racial overtones in the first place.

‘You would think that an organisation that claims to be about patriotism and what this country is supposed to stand for would have a better way of expressing it than what they’re doing.’

Thomas Hymer, who maintains the website, defended the post which has now been taken down by saying: ‘It’s satire is what it is. Satire in a politically incorrect form.’

And local tea party supporter Chuck Sankey said former U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin had been the target of worse insults.

He told the Hutchinson News: ‘It just makes a point that we’re in trouble and what’s happening doesn’t smell right. That’s what it means to me.’

Asked about the note to half-black, half-white, seen as a reference to Obama’s dual heritage of having a black father and white mother, he said: ‘Isn’t that the truth? ‘What’s wrong with the truth?’

The Patriot Freedom Alliance meets regularly and has hosted rallies in the Hutchinson Sports Arena.

The race row came as Obama said he ‘always believed fixing the economy was a long-term project’ during a wide-ranging interview on last night’s 60 Minutes show on CBS.

He acknowledged it would take more than one term in office for his administration to achieve what it set out in his hope-and-change campaign in 2008.

He also blamed ‘Republican intransigence’ for stymieing his efforts to enact policies to improve the economy.

He said he knew that ‘reversing a culture here in Washington dominated by special interests would take more than year, more than two years, more than one term, probably take more than one president.’

But he vowed not to bow out after a single term and added: ‘One thing I pride myself on before becoming president and that has continued as president: I’m a persistent son of a gun. I stay at it. I keep staying at it.’

Speaking about his potential 2012 opponents, he said former House speaker Newt Gingrich was ‘good on TV and good in debates’.

He also said former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was ‘good at politics’. But he asked voters to judge him against the alternative, and not against the ideal.

He added: ‘I’m being judged against the ideal . . . don’t judge me against the Almighty, judge me against the alternative.’

28 responses to “‘Half Black, Half White and Almost Everything It Does Stinks’: Racism Row Erupts as Tea Party Calls Barack Obama a Skunk”

  1. Adi says:

    This is hilarious stuff. I hope these guys stick to their guns (literally!) and give the NAACP the one-finger salute.

  2. SS says:

    “defended the post which has now been taken down”

    “taken down” is what people need to remember when praising this phony group.

    The “tea party” folds quicker than anybody else when accused of “racism”. They are not American. No American would ever fold over a little name calling.

    Americans would say something like: Yeah okay, fine. Now can we please get back to the subject at hand?

  3. Bandmo says:

    Because “They can’t handle the toof”.

  4. Tom S. says:

    So let me get this straight – this racist, Darrell Pope, of The National Association for the ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE thinks that the Tea Party has “racial overtones”! We are truely living in an unside down world. As I’ve stated before, the Tea Party should put out a statement saying they do not respond to statements made by hate groups such as the NAACP.

  5. AmericaFirst says:

    The despicable NAACP lost all credibility, not to say any sense of justice, when they supported the commutation of the death penalty for the racist torturers, rapists and murderers Dale Selby Pierre and William Andrews. (The Ogden Hi-Fi murders of 1974.) The group should be relegated to the ashbin of history, with their irrelevancy and insistent obsession with black victimhood. Frankly, NAACP is a collection of knee-jerk racists themselves.

  6. Girlish says:

    “And local tea party supporter Chuck Sankey said former U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin had been the target of worse insults.”

    Chuck Sankey is exactly right. Bill Maher called Sarah Palin the c-word. That’s why I no longer watch his show. But when liberal say they’re concerned about “racism, sexism, homophobia” and the list goes on, according to David Horowitz: they merely do that to create the impression of a laundry list of grievances against the West and what they are solely concerned with is racism. Hillary Clinton has been called all kinds of names and you don’t see any whining coming from anyone about it. But like most blacks, Barack Obama is molly coddled and protected against being offended by the slightest comment.

  7. baldowl says:

    Spineless white people are scared to death of that word racism. It’s an unloaded gun. Just look at what is being perpetrated the world over, and especially in this country, by “people of color.” A little prejudice directed at them is definitely called for. Where is your courage, white people? Are you really going to let these people–the multiculturists and race-baiters–take the country your fathers and grandfathers fought for?

  8. Awakened says:

    A skunk is Black!!!

    That’s racist!!!

  9. Mike B. says:

    The NAACP has always been a “blatant statement of racism”.

  10. Son of Abraham says:

    “Asked about the note to half-black, half-white, seen as a reference to Obama’s dual heritage of having a black father and white mother, he said: ‘Isn’t that the truth?”

    Indeed, isn’t it?

  11. Rhailto says:

    I too am disgusted with the comparison of Prez. Obama to a skunk: “…and almost everything it does, stinks”.

    This statement unfairly defames skunks. Skunks emit their foul odor only when the skunk is threatened. Skunks do not like the odor themselves, use it only as a last resort, and never on other skunks. Skunks are not at all like Obama in their use of toxic and nausiating emissions toward enemies.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one here who finds this ‘satire’ depressingly vulgar and not very funny?

  13. SS says:

    Dear AmericaFirst,

    Did you used to post on Politico some years ago?

    p.s. Forget about blacks for they will never measure and concentrate on the asians. asians can memorize and they’re favored. It’s a double threat.

    People love to “bash” blacks and hispanics but they’re not the problem. asians are the problem.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this more about animal cruelty? PETA should complain. Comparing Obama to skunks gives skunks a bad name. NOBODY, not man nor beast, should ever have to endure being compared to Obama.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is unfair to skunks!! I must call PETA to complain!!

  16. Alexandra says:

    I read this to my husband and he burst out laughing.

  17. Jim says:

    A skunk serves a purpose, obama serves nothing but himself. He is a useless excuse for a human being with no redeeming qualities. Like the rest of his family he is nothing but a parasite.

  18. angry mike says:

    Well well well! I just read somewhere about Newt rising in the polls ” As a monkey climbs a pole, you can see its bottom that much better” by a former demo mayor. The first thing I thought of was, ya say that about Bari! Sad!

  19. Uptown says:

    I think we need to develop some verbal judo when confronted with a charge of racism, a charge easy to make and difficult to disprove.

    Here is one suggestion, which might fit in some circumstances:

    “Outraged multiculturalist: You racis’.

    Usually befuddled white guy: {pause} Well, in a multiethnic country like the U S, almost everything involves people of different races. What can I tell you?”

    Let the other guy get angry; it’s the modern equivalent of keeping your powder dry.

  20. James says:

    @ #2 SS:

    When initially formed as part of Ron Paul’s 2007 fund raising apparatus, I initially loved the idea of the Tea Party.

    Shortly thereafter, I lost complete faith and all interest when there was a Tea Party protest in front of the White House and the slinky cowards not only asked permission to fling tea bags around the easement in front of the White House, but after their request was denied by local police, they then offered to pick them up afterward. Again, having their request denied, they offered to lay down tarps and to throw their tea bags only on the tarps and to collect them when they were finished. For a third time, having their request denied, they slinked off into obscurity, and as far as I’m concerned that’s where they can stay.

  21. John Engelman says:

    2 — SS wrote at 6:01 PM on December 13:

    “defended the post which has now been taken down”

    The “tea party” folds quicker than anybody else when accused of “racism”


    There is little support in the United States for the kind of overt race baiting that once resonated here. Black social pathology can be discussed. Ridiculing someone because he is black will impede a national movement.

  22. Anonymous says:

    So here yet another animal that is forbidden under political correctness since the monkey is racist as is the zebra. Poor skunk.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wouldnt being called a skunk be the real politically corrrect way to make a derogatory comment?

    Afterall isnt a skunk (like Obama) a 50/50 equal equality mix of 2 different races being the white and black race?

    So why wouldnt whites likewise be offended too since afterall their race is being slandered too, right? Are whites not allowed to be sensitive to racism against them?

    And besides whites are the minority race on the planet anyway so technically they should the ones practicing political correctness not the other 2 races.

    And clearly Obama is trying to reduce their numbers even furthur with the attempt to legalize the reds who flood in from across the border. Is that evil racism in itself? He certainly is not encouraging whites to come into country is he?

    We believe this skunk mentality needs to be rethought out and that when it comes to equality the skunk symbolizes equal racism against whites and blacks thus its a wash.

    A skunks stink does not distinuish between its white part and its black part does it? It stinks equally from both white and black.

    This is true equality. Equal stink.

    So put the skunk back up and insult both black and white equally.

  24. Laager says:


    What do they mean by Coloured People?

    In the UK someone with Obama’s ethnic roots would be referred to as Mixed Race

    In South Africa the term would be Coloured

    In the USA I believe the term is Mulatto

    American Pastor James Manning uses the term Bi-Racial

    In the past we have read of Americans identifying themselves as Afro/African- American, Polish-American, Irish-American, Italian-American, First Nation-Americans etc

    A term that clearly identifies ethnic roots and present nationality

    Nothing wrong with that

    However in this case Mulatto-American seems to cause a problem when it clearly states the obvious truth.

    So just who are the Coloured Americans that the NAACP represents?

  25. Berin says:

    The apellation AFRICAN-American helps us identify their continent of origin. Without that, we’d never know from

    whence they came. It serves also to distinguish them from

    Americans – a distinction worth preserving.

  26. Duran Dahl says:

    Many folks seem to miss the point. They perceive the protected minorities as being thin-skinned. The reality is far more sinister, it is an expression of raw political power. What ensues is a bit of Kabuki theater. An individual of European heritage speaks plainly, the minority-member, or advocacy group calls: “Raciss,” or the corresponding Cultural Marxist “Shut-up” word. Next, the offending individual grovels. Such theatrics are part of our re-education for dispossession. Stand up, White Man!

    “In politics never retreat, never retract, never admit a mistake.” Napoleon Bonaparte

  27. Doug says:

    Actually this whole regression started amazingly enough around the same time the immigration act of 1965 began.

    I doubt it is too late to stop America from becoming a third world ghetto.

    I just hope the liberals appreciate their diversity when, as what happened in the super dome in N.O. during Katrina, their multicultral friends slit their throats because of race.

    Oh well, glad I am old, I don’t want to see.

  28. underdog says:

    Alternate poster text for this group:

    In the coming New Year, 2012, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address will occur on the same day.

    This is an ironic juxtaposition of events.

    One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for prognostication.

    The other involves a groundhog.