Genetic and Environmental Contributions to the Association Between Anthropometric Measures and IQ: A Study of Minnesota Twins at Age 11 and 17

K. Silventoinen et al., Pub Med, December 4, 2011


Associations of height and head circumference with IQ are well documented, but much less is known about the association of IQ with other anthropometric measures or the mechanisms behind these associations. We therefore analyzed the associations between IQ and several anthropometric measures using a twin-study design. Twins born in Minnesota were assessed at either age 11 (756 complete pairs) or 17 (626 complete pairs) and analyzed using genetic modeling. Head circumference and height showed the most consistent positive associations with IQ, whereas more detailed anthropometric measures were not significantly better predictors of IQ. These associations were mainly due to common genetic factors. Our results suggest that the same genetic factors have an effect on physical and cognitive development. Head circumference and height capture information on children’s physical development, which is partly associated also with cognitive development.


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  • Jupiter7

    Of course this is 100 percent irrelevant to the Native Born White American revolt against race-replacement…nothing could be more obvious. And if the Mexicans all had IQs of 200, would the case against importing them become weaker?…not by one bit.

    What was Emma West the Tram Lady suppose to do? I suppose if you believe that IQ score-race psychometrics is crucial for waging the revolt against race-replacement, Emma West should have lectured the young pregnant Pakistani mothers on the Tram about the finer points of Murray-Hernstien. Emma West, the Tram Lady shows in a very dramatic way just how irrelevant the mad- calibrator psychometrically obsessed types really are. What matters is what European people know to be true in their guts.

    I really hope that the AR conference this march in Tennessee focuses exclusively on the race-replacement issue..we are running out of time.

  • John Engelman

    And yet liberals continue to say that The Bell Curve has been decisively refuted.

  • Jim

    Just keep reporting the truth. Our opponents can’t lie forever. “Name a single legitimate study that shows racial I.Q. differences,” they say. My standard response is: “You’re being deliberately obtuse. Stop trying to waste my time.”

  • john

    Jensen and Shockley proved this over four decades ago. Identical twins raised in markedly different environments maintained virtually identical IQs.

    How often does the genetic component of intelligence have to be proven?

  • knuckledragger

    The racial IQ gap has been old news for a while. The latest attempt to account for the emperor’s nudity has been to say that tests of general intelligence (g) don’t “actually” measure cognitive ability, or that the “type of intelligence” possessed by blacks (anyone’s guess what that is) isn’t accounted for in measurements of IQ.

    Or my personal favorite, that the test itself is ray-siss.

  • John Engelman

    4 — john wrote at 9:10 PM on December 6:

    Jensen and Shockley proved this over four decades ago. Identical twins raised in markedly different environments maintained virtually identical IQs.

    How often does the genetic component of intelligence have to be proven?


    As often as lies are fashionable, and it is dangerous to tell the truth.

  • Jupiter7

    #2,#3,#4 and #5

    And what if it turns out that the twin studies are all flawed? That’s how science works..things could be otherwise (for the record there have always been serious critiques of the twin studies). Would this have any consequences for the Native Born White American revolt against race-replacement at the hands of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites such as the Asian invader? No..because scores on an IQ tests are 100 percent irrelevant to the race-replacement issue.

    The IQ score enthusiasts will always sidetrack a “debate” on White race-replacement with a mind-numbing-the eyes-glaze-over- irrelevant discussion on the finer points of Murray-Hernstien psychometrics. The research is not as strong as IQ score enthusiasts believe it to be..and eventually they will go up against someone who who has a deep conceptual and statistical grasp of the underlying will not go very well for your side…but like the 9/11 Truthers you will persist..and in the meantime Native Born White Americans are race-replaced. The foolishness is monumental.