Posted on December 19, 2011

Frank Borzellieri: Victim of the New Orthodoxy

Jack Kerwick, BeliefNet, December 15, 2011

Frank Borzellieri was the principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a predominantly black and Hispanic Catholic elementary school located in the Bronx, New York. This past summer, in spite of having had a stellar record during his tenure, Borzellieri was abruptly terminated from the office that he held for two years.

Unlike those sexually abusive priests who the Church harbored for decades, Borzellieri is not guilty of any crime. In fact, he isn’t so much as suspected of having engaged in any criminal activity whatsoever. Nor is it the case that Borzellieri, a committed Catholic, was deemed to have deviated from Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Catholic mission.

Still, Borzellieri was judged, and justly, of holding quite heterodox views. But the orthodoxy from which he deviated is not that of Catholicism, but that of “Political Correctness.”

Borzellieri, you see, dared to defy the conventional dogma on race. For this, he was essentially branded a “white supremacist” by the New York Daily News and fired by the Archdiocese of New York. In early August of this year, the Archdiocese of New York released a statement in which it said that Borzellieri’s views were “incompatible with the philosophy and practices of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, and with Catholic schools throughout the archdiocese.”

Borzellieri, I hope to show, is up against an immovable object, on the one hand, and an irresistible force, on the other. It is with the twin titans of Idiocy and Cowardice that he has to contend.

First, to know that someone is an advocate of “white supremacy” is to know practically nothing. To know that a person is a “jerk” is to know more. Like the term “racist,” “white supremacy” is a rhetorical mechanism by which some groups of individuals have sought to neutralize those racially-oriented ideas that the politically dominant group deems threatening. Like the terms “jerk” and “idiot,” it is an all-purpose device. However, for all of the latter terms’ ambiguity, most of us haven’t any difficulty spotting jerks and idiots when we encounter them. Such cannot be said of “white supremacists” and “racists.”

Second, while the task of identifying “white supremacy” is indeed formidable, the challenge of determining what “white supremacy” is not is more readily surmountable. One would think that a “white supremacist” is a white person who either seeks to be as far away from non-whites as possible or to hold a position in which either he or other whites can perpetually weaken the social standing of non-whites–all non-whites.

Yet not only does Borzellieri fail to satisfy this description of “the white supremacist”; he blatantly defies it. For one, Borzellieri has chosen to spend his professional life in the company of blacks and Hispanics–his students and their parents. Moreover, he has labored incessantly, as a principal, an educator, and an elected member of the New York City school board, to guarantee that his black and Hispanic students get a first-rate education.

Borzellieri has more than a little experience interacting intimately with large non-white student populations: he taught English prior to being a principal and worked at other predominantly black and Hispanic schools before assuming responsibilities at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. There is absolutely no evidence, or at least none that his accusers have as yet to supply, that Borzellieri ever so much as remotely mistreated any students. Moreover, no less a figure than Father Eric Rapaglia, the man who initially hired him as principal at Mount Carmel two years ago and who now expresses regret over having done so, admits that “there was never any complaints from parents or students about him sent to the Archdiocese.”

This hardly sounds like the workings of a raving, hate-filled “white supremacist.”

But there is another consideration that puts the lie to the charge that Borzellieri is a “white supremacist.” In the very same writings in which he notes–correctly–that, measured by such indicia as rates of crime and academic performance, blacks and Hispanics are at a disadvantage with respect to whites, he also observes–again, correctly–that relative to the same standards, whites are at a disadvantage relative to Asians.

To put it simply, by the same criteria that his critics judge him a “white supremacist,” we could just as easily–and much more consistently–judge him an “Asian supremacist.”

Of course, Borzellieri has done or said nothing to suggest, much less establish, that he is any sort of “supremacist.” In addition to his own writings, his detractors cite Borzellieri’s relationship with “American Renaissance” as the basis for their claim to the contrary. In so doing, however, they only convict themselves further of gross illogic.

To argue that Borzellieri is a “white supremacist” because he associates with American Renaissance and the latter champions “white supremacy” is like arguing that theism is true because the Bible claims that it is. The problem here is that the very reasons one has for doubting the truth of theism are precisely the same reasons that one has for doubting the claims of the Bible. Similarly, we first have to show that “white supremacy” has any meaning within the context of American Renaissance before we can use Borzellieri’s association with it to show that he is a “white supremacist.” To argue otherwise is to beg the question.

According to American Renaissance’s website, since “race and racial conflict are at the heart of the most serious challenges the Western world faces in the 21st century,” it seeks to ameliorate misunderstandings by analyzing “all aspects of race, whether historical, cultural, or biological.” That whites would organize for the purposes of calling into question the conventional egalitarian vision of race relations is alone more than sufficient to condemn them in the eyes of the self-appointed guardians of our Politically Correct orthodoxy. That they would dare to note IQ differences between blacks and themselves, and that they would argue that such differences are predominantly hereditary, is enough to insure their reduction to non-persons.

One needn’t agree with American Renaissance’s findings in order to recognize, and respect, the fact that it seeks to address issues of real importance. That is, one needn’t agree with its positions in order to recognize that the fury with which its nemeses attack it is entirely undeserved, the function of a raw anti-intellectualism. And that the charge of “white supremacy” is as unwarranted when made against American Renaissance as it is when hurled against Borzellieri is obvious once we consider that while American Renaissance observes that whites as a group have a higher IQ than blacks as a group, it just as quickly notes that northern Asians have a higher IQ than whites. It is a strange sort of “white supremacist” that affirms the intellectual superiority of non-whites over whites.


The logic–or illogic–of Borzellieri’s situation aside, the real story here is the ungodly treatment to which he has been subjected by his fellow Christians.


Frank Borzellieri is in need. Yet not only has the Church within which he has spent his life and to which he has provided tireless service refused to attend to his needs; Borzellieri is in the situation that he is because of it.


[…] Borzellieri violated the doctrines of Political Correctness, not Catholicism. It is for this transgression that the Archdiocese threw him out in the cold.


18 responses to “Frank Borzellieri: Victim of the New Orthodoxy”

  1. Robert says:

    They got you coming or going. It’s both a sin to lie and a sin to tell the truth.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a lot of people don’t know is that Asians are actually at a disadvantage to whites. The reason for this is because the Asians actually learned everything from the whites. All of this information about the Asians being so much smarter than whites is actually bogus when you consider that it was the white race that actually started the Asian cultures and civilizations. No, it was actually the white’s that taught the asians. The white people are the most intelligent people in the world today. Even the asians are going to have to cow down to them.

  3. GenX ANZAC says:

    “Homogeneous supremacy” is a type of vanity or pride that all of mankind’s groups ought to strive for, for at least their own groups mental well being and to fuel the desire for the groups survival.

    I wish others no harm, I just want little to nothing from them and would prefer to see them also remain untainted by the influence of other out groups, who’d also corrupt their innate ways of living.

    But no, we must learn to live in the global melting pot and love everything non White(authorized topics only) and hate everything that has been identified as being ‘White'(which seldom seem to be the positive contributions to our modern world).

    Being a racist may be reprehensible, but being completely a-racist/ or racially blind (as a White person) is beyond foolish is a unsustainable type of extremism in itself.

  4. Paul says:

    I’m not sure how IQ really relates to Asians.

    In fact 96% of all patents have been awarded to white males.

    Where would asians be without white ingenuity?

    I think we all know. The stone age.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The only reasonable way to defend against charges of “white supremacy” is to embrace it. Arguments are irrelevant and lies and deception are the main techniques of our enemies. Their goal is white genocide. Power and the skillful application of it, to destroy those enemies is or should be the goal of whites everywhere.

    While they focus on propaganda, we should focus on infiltration and takeover of institutions. Where they seek the hearts and minds of people (mostly through degeneracy), we should seek obedience through severe sanction. They want a war of words…..wars are fought with bullets.

    They want to save the planet by restricting population. Our children and our children’s children should be legion and take over the earth in the name of our God.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jared Taylor seems to defend against charges of racism by saying Asians are smarter than whites.

  7. Periapsis says:

    White supremacism is the new McCarthyism. Since cowing us into silence via accusations of racism is going to lose it’s power when we are a hated and oppressed minority in our own lands, a new way had to be found to silence honest debate let alone whites standing up for their rights and interests. However, white supremacism to me and a growing number of other whites is also absurd, since we are most definitely not in control of the country, hostile non-whites who want us dead are.

  8. madison grant says:

    The great irony is that black and hispanic students get better educations from “racists” (who tend to hold them to high standards) than from coddling, p.c. liberals who pat them on the head, tell them how “special” and “gifted” they are and then hand them diplomas they can’t read.

  9. paul rim says:

    Highest IQ score in Europe- Finland 108. Beats every asian co. Germans achieve 106, again tops the Asians. The UK is 100 for the white pop. which has a preponderance of Celtic, Iberian & non Nordic indigenous genes. Get the picture..certain white sub groups clearly trump our asian friends.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure Asians are smarter than whites. The Bell Curve answered the question by limiting the question to East Asians not Asian in general, that score higher than whites. And then, East Asian only score slightly higher than whites. This surprised me that they only scored slightly higher. When you consider East Asian cultures are largely homogenous and in tact. White societies have been decimated by multicultalism. I would have though East Asians would score considerably higher given the sorry state of self-loathing whites societies have become.

  11. White Guy In Japan says:

    #9 brings up a very important point. Essentially, we are all looking at averages or means with the IQ issue and thus miss quite a bit. East Asians may score higher than Whites on average, but the White IQ shows more variation, greater dispersion than East Asians. The White IQ has more high and very high IQ scores but also more low scores.

    East Asians (particularly the Japanese and Koreans from personal experience) produce a very steady stream of fairly bright students who work hard and so on but lack a certain creative spark. They don’t produce as many low IQ individuals but neither do they produce many geniuses either. Also, Asians lean towards very conservative, risk-averse behavior that tends to prohibit the creative, curious, chance-taking that pushed Western man forward.

    Even when Asians do produce curious, adventuresome individuals, their conformist cultures see such people as problems. Nails to be hammered down, as the Japanese saying goes. In other words, regression to the mean is culturally mandated.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This just proves that no 1 is safe from the charge of political incorrectness. Even their own who slavishly serve their PC masters are subject to being thrown under the political bus. Guilt by association seems to the tactic here.

  13. Rocky Mountain says:

    There are plenty of dumb white people. I don’t think any serious discussion of race needs to hang its hat on IQ because I don’t think that IQ, in and of itself, is the truly deciding factor in failed race relations or failed levels of at least average achievement by blacks or badly behaving whites (and, again, there are plenty). Obviously, a group of low intelligence people left to their own devices may not function that well, but I note that some commenters in Amren have cited sub-saharans peoples with low IQ as some sort of evidence of inferiority but if these IQs are truly low at least these peoples have frequently developed stable ways of living over time. Sure they don’t have HD TVs and hybrid vehicles etc. but do you really need these things to live? Access to medical care is a larger issue for them rather than access to consumer goods. Anyway, the races don’t seem to mix very well here (or there) but asserting that IQ is the basis for all the problems falls well short of helping to develop realistic solutions.

  14. Sylvie says:

    I’d like Mr Borzellieri to tell everyone why he was wasting his time being the principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a predominantly black and Hispanic Catholic elementary school located in the Bronx, New York? Why?

  15. Bob Turner says:

    First you have to clearly establish that both sides of the argument mean exactly the same thing by “supremacy”. One can make a strong case that Whites are indeed intellectually and behaviorally superior to African blacks. Blacks are generally more athletic, and Asians may be better students. One must guard against the probability that it is irrational hatred that is actually the topic being discussed.

  16. highduke says:

    How many patents awarded to high-IQ Finns? It takes more than IQ to be an inventor. If you met a group of people with an IQ of 136+ they would not stand out in personality, character or occupation and I know bc MENSA reported in the mid-2000s that Serbia had the highest ratio of ‘geniuses’ (IQ 136+) behind Israel and Slovenia, so a documentary was made to profile these people. The Right has SO screwed itself with the IQ thing into elitism, away from the working class. AmRen encouraged it too.

  17. Anonymous says:

    All people are supremacists. This is a healthy natural instinct. It is only white people who are stupid enough to apologise for it. That is the real problem with Frank Borzellieri and this article dripping with apologies. Blacks or Hispanics or Asians do not apologize for their own acts of self interest or supremacy. Only foolish whites do.

  18. nativist says:

    I would like a citation from Paul Rim

    for his claims on Finnish and German