Posted on December 2, 2011

Dr. Yeagley Marks Important Milestone in Suit Against “Anti-Racists”

AR Staff, American Renaissance, December 2, 2011

The American Renaissance conference planned for February 2010 had to be cancelled because four successive hotels that had agreed to host the conference were intimidated by “anti-fascist” thugs. Last August, one of the speakers scheduled for the conference, David Yeagley, filed suit against the “anti-fascists,” accusing them of conspiracy and tortious interference with contract.

Mr. Yeagley has announced that he has already–just four months after filing suit–reached a settlement with one of the defendants, Jeffrey Imm. As a result, he expects no further conflict between Mr. Imm and himself or American Renaissance. Mr. Yeagley says he is now focusing his efforts on the remaining defendants and hopes to achieve similar results.

This is very good news for all champions of freedom of speech and assembly, and for supporters of American Renaissance. The AR conference to be held in Tennessee in March will be at a government facility, which has certain obligations under the Constitution, so will not submit to pressures in the same way a private company would. Moreover, the facility is not likely to face much pressure, thanks to Dr. Yeagley’s clear determination to protect his–and our–right to gather and discuss controversial questions.

Dr. Yeagley is no stranger to controversy. He is the great-great-grandson of the legendary Comanche chief Bad Eagle, and his commentaries on American patriotism have so infuriated a few liberal Indians that some have accused him of being an imposter and not really an Indian. Dr. Yeagley has brought libel charges against his accusers. He has all available evidence of his identity, and expects to rout opponents who clearly never researched his background. One even recklessly claimed that Chief Bad Eagle never existed.

Dr. Yeagley has long been involved in the struggle to keep Indian mascots and logos for sports teams. He has always argued that giving Indian names to a team–or to an attack helicopter like the Apache–is a sign of respect for the Indian warrior’s prowess and by no means an insult.

In this connection, he recently wrote three open letters to the United Nations in an effort to inspire this international authority to enforce its own conventions. According to Dr. Yeagley’s reading of the 1948 UN mandate and the 2007 Declaration of Human Rights, the removal of American Indian images and symbols from public view is one of the acts that constitute genocide. Dr. Yeagley has pointed out these provisions of basic UN documents to that organization’s Special Advisors on the Prevention of Genocide. He has called on the UN to warn the United States Commission on Civil Rights and the National Collegiate Athletic Association that their actions against Indian mascots are a potential crime against humanity. An Oklahoma lawyer has vowed to sue the UN on Dr. Yeagley’s behalf if it ignores his appeals.

Please send help.

Being a plaintiff in a lawsuit is burdensome and time-consuming, and we are grateful to Dr. Yeagley for his fight against the people who want to silence us. Dr. Yeagley manages a small, 501(c) 3 educational public charity is by no means a wealthy man. We encourage all those who approve of his action against the “anti-fascists” to send a tax-deductible contribution to:

Bad Eagle Foundation

PO Box 75017

Oklahoma City, OK 73147

Dr. Yeagley extends his sincere appreciation to American Renaissance readers who have already contributed to his foundation, and would be deeply grateful for any possible further support. He has said that he sees his cause as “the preservation of America and of all the precious freedoms it represents,” and looks forward to further successes in the new year. “America will be the beneficiary,” he says, “both Indian and white.”

44 responses to “Dr. Yeagley Marks Important Milestone in Suit Against “Anti-Racists””

  1. Ben N Indiana (AWG) says:

    In a more sane society the Dept of Justice would have stepped in and prosecuted the opponents of free speech.

    Fortunately, the rule of law still allows for justice.

  2. Jeddermann. says:

    David is half whitey and half American Indian. And has undergone therapy and treatment for the cancer now in remission [?]! So his appearance as an American Indian spokesman does surprise some. And he does catch a lot of flak but he is related to Bad Eagle and can more than take it. He does better than most. Actually according to his resume one of the most accomplished persons on the planet. And he is not tooting his own horn but merely stating facts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whites and American Indians both have legitimate claims to the land, both ancient and modern. White liberals and blacks have caused almost all of the misery exposed on this site. The Antifa fanatics are borderline racist anyway; they aren’t wired like normal people, on a genetic level.

  4. Mike Harrigan says:

    I have maintained for years, that the best way to stop these thugs (who feel they have a right to dictate to the rest of us and to infringe upon our rights any time they desire) was to hit them in the wallet. AND HARD.

    Congratulations to Mr Yeagley and our side. What a great victory. This has really put me in a good mood. Now Mr Taylor, about those thugs in Canada who physically assaulted you and prevented you from speaking, AND those who attempted to prevent you from exercising your rights to free association and free speech at your conferences?

  5. Thomas Q says:

    He won because he goes on the offensive, to bring pain to his attackers, so they will not want to repeat their folly. Americans should learn from this and allow their anger and frustration to give them energy to go after their attackers and bring them down. Shouldn’t Amren or it’s supporters look into developing the skills needed to go after the thugs? Thugs like that could easily be lured into making incriminating statements and actions, caught on video and then sued and / or arrested. Why will so few fight back?

  6. Andromeda says:

    A little off topic. “Bad Eagle” is to me the second coolest name I’ve ever heard. Especially for an actual tribal member, not a wanna be. I like the name anew every time I go to his website.

    The coolest name is that of a great aunt of a friend of mine: Dolly Dimple Flake.

  7. Sureesh says:

    I’m a full blooded Indian who agrees with his views.

    I wonder if Dr. Yeagley will appreciate that I, an immigrant from India, who shares the same name of the ethnicity ‘Indian’ agrees with his views.

    I wish they hadn’t changed their name to Native American ’cause anyone who’s born here (including my own two kids) are ‘Native American.’

    When I came here in 1985, they were all called ‘Indians’ and I was hopeful that I, an immigrant from India, would get all the goodies that they get from the U.S. government.

  8. Mike says:

    This is great news. We’d like to know the details of the settlement. Monetary damages, public apology, etc?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is a class-action suit, by all the attendees (who were not able to attend) possible?

  10. Sheila says:

    No, Sureesh, neither your children nor “anyone who’s born here” is a Native American. Just as Emma West correctly noted that her black verbal attacker could not be English, so do I note that no Hindustani will ever be a Native American. You may be an immigrant with a green card, an American passport holder of Indian birth, or a citizen of Hindustani descent – i.e. a desi – but you will never be a Native American. Your pretense of being White in all but skin color grew tiresome long ago, but most here are unwilling to call you out on it. I’ve dealt with far too many obnoxious Indians (those asking me for visas, or those resident in MY country working as cashiers and suspiciously eyeing my coupons or return receipt) to put up with your verbal sleight-of-hand.

  11. Von Mises says:

    A common tactic of our enemies is to use the corrupt court system against us, to drag us in front of a judge who will punish us financially and ruin our reputations by making us unemployable and “known felons.” Far past time we turned this nasty little tactic on them.

    Wonder what the settlement was with Jeffrey Imm. I hope it was a large, punitive fine, loss of employment, jail or at least probation and forced to undergo sensitivity training as part of his rehabilitation. Let him be ever known as a law breaker.

    Good show and keep it coming.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The reason he can do something and accomplish something is, he can play ‘a’ race card. Which you and I can not. It has come to this, we have to have an Indian fighting our battles. The way things are, complaining how badly we are treated will be considered a hate crime.

  13. Jupiter7 says:

    One of the most destructive consequences of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act is that it has 1) increased the scale of prexisting social problems and 2) created ones that didn’t even exist within the borders of America. The fascist anti-Native Born White American thugs who are attempting to shut down AR conferences will have a whole lot of explaining to do in the event of the racial partioning of the US into separate race-based nation states. They will not be welcomed into the new nonwhite nation states in the former America….nor will they be welcomed into the Native Born White American areas of the former America. The “anti-facists” facists will truely be a placeless people without a country..and they are very likely to finally face the full consequences of their race-treason. They truely are a suicidal cabal. Very disturbed people.


    Go over to and take a look at my exchange with the Leftists-liberals in Justin Raimondo’s “Setting the Trap”…his most recent O’Raiffeartaigh’s,Mike’s and Mr. McGuckins comments. This i how you debate letists-liberals..a scorched earth policy.

    Free Emma West!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Re post #1 and the Do”J”

    The FOIA/Privacy Act/ surely provides a basis for AR/ Dr. Yeagley

    to request access to information held in files AND to submit

    information to any files in the interest of counteracting

    “cookie cut” “gerrymandered” disinformation. It would likely take a few y-e-a-r-s to get access. Contributing potentially corrective information, of course, should not entail any appreciable delays. The big attainment in the

    long run in these legal actions would be through powers of discovery/ or trial cross examination/ to break into the otherwise concealed actions and motivations of the thugs. Perhaps (?) no entity in America wishes to get this case defused/de-fanged by monetary settlements more than Eric Holder’s Do”J”?? Certainly, as an immediate practical matter, accepting settlements is in no way ignominious. But there

    might, also, be larger fish to fry? Bare and use the FOIA teeth.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I wish there was a way to donate online.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “Native” means “born.” That is why we see nativity scenes at Christmas. It is where Jesus was born. Indigenous Americans would be a better name for American Indians but in truth it is mostly just white or Hispanic multiculturalist crypto-marxist liberal types who are offended by saying “American Indian” or “Indian,” not the American Indians. Even many American Indian newspapers use the term “Indian” not “Native American.” I wonder how many centuries or millenia whites will have to have lived here before being considered indigneous, though. Many of my white ancestors came here 400 years ago on literally the next boat after the Mayflower to Plymouth, Massachusetts (1630).

    With regard to obnoxious Indian (from India) cashiers, the Quisling imports are very arrogant. It is as simple as that.

  17. Remnant says:

    Take a look at this list of the best-run and worst-run U.S. states.

    And just keep repeating: Diversity is our greatest strength!

  18. David Yeagley says:

    There is a way to donate online, if anyone prefers that. Go to, click on the “Donate” button, and there is a PayPal arrangement. I think, however, that you should click on the “Contact” button first, and let me know you’re using the PayPal. I keep funds quite separate. The suit involving American Renaissance is an entirely separate endeavor than the others. Just thought I’d let everyone know. The P.O. box arrangement is fine, too. PayPal does charge a fee for its use, you must know.

    Thank you all for previous donations (which really got everything started on this suit), and for whatever you are able to spare at this rather intense time of year…

    By the way, people from India were originally called Hindu. It comes from their own Sanskrit, “sindhu.” In just means “river.” It was the people who lived along the giant river. The river people. The people of the river.

    The Persians later put the “h” in place of the “s.” When the Europeans traveled over that way, the records were written in Latin, and Hindu became “Indus.” The geographic territory was called “India.” People, Indian. However, this is all in LATIN.

    In the English language, “Indian” was first used of the indigenous people of the Americas. “Indian” is our premiere historical name, for those who did not previously know of us.

    At that time, India was still referred to as Hindustan, and the people, Hindu. Their language, Hindi. It did not mean religion, culture, food, or customs, although all those are included. It was the people of the river, the Hindu.

    I am an American Indian, or, Indian. It is an offense that a foreign people should come to these shores of late, and try to usurp the historical name of my people. Not exactly their fault, but, why do they insist on being called Indian, in English, now? Why not before?

    I, for one, shall always refer to these people as Hindu. I never refer to myself as Native American, First Nation, Indigenous, or any other such. Our historical name, in English, is INDIAN.

  19. Fritz says:

    Bravo to #5, Thomas Q. He is right on the money. We need to start fighting back, not only through legal actions in the courts, but by collective targeted boycotts, picketing, letters to the editors, letters to the station managers and every other legal means we can think of to be a pain to our enemies.

  20. John Engelman says:

    Hotels that cancel agreements to hold the conferences should be sued also. Most of these “anti fascists” activists lack deep pockets.

  21. Anonymous says:

    20 — John Engelman wrote at 7:16 AM on December 4:

    Hotels that cancel agreements to hold the conferences should be sued also. Most of these “anti fascists” activists lack deep pockets.


    Where did you come up with that gem? You really think these “hotels” don’t have the big money of the anti-White orgs. that will pour in the money? Think ACLU, SPLC/ADL and all the rest and you might come to a different conclusion.

  22. Sureesh says:

    Hindu is a RELIGION and not a race. I am atheist so therefore, I do not consider myself “Hindu”. I do not believe in any Hindu deities.

    Why can’t I share the name ‘Indian’ alongside with you guys?

  23. Dot vs. Feathers... says:

    Indians from India and the aboriginal tribes in America can both rightfully call themselves “INDIAN.”

    The way to differentiate the two types of “INDIANS” is DOT or FEATHER.

    DOTS do not qualify for affirmative action because Indians from India far outscore whites on the SATs, etc.

    FEATHERS do because they are a ‘historically oppressed minority’ with a lower than average SAT score.

    Sureesh is a Dot trying to get the two types of Indians merged together so that his two high achieving teenage children can qualify for the affirmative action, scholarship, and government goodies set aside for the Feathers.

    No wonder liberals won’t let him.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Mr. Yeagley! Too bad white men today don’t have the guts you do. I also heard that Indian means ‘people of god’? Is that true?

  25. Anonymous says:

    10 — Sheila wrote at 1:41 PM on December 3:

    ” … You may be an immigrant with a green card, an American passport holder of Indian birth, or a citizen of Hindustani descent – i.e. a desi – but you will never be a Native American… ”

    Sureesh does not claim to be a native American. He says his CHILDREN who were born here are native Americans, and he is correct, unless you want to chuck the Constitution of the United States, like our enemies are trying to do. If you don’t like the 14th amendment (and I don’t) we have to work to remove it, not belittle the whole document by ignoring the parts we don’t like.

    Sureesh’s American-born children are American citizens, like it or not. I would much rather live within a community full of Asian-Indian immigrants than a community of Mestizo “Latinoes”, or God forbid, a community full of feral African- Americans. At least with the Asians, I would have a better chance of waking up every morning alive and not robbed, raped, beaten and/or killed during the night.

  26. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    I hope my measley twenty-five dollar donation helped in some small way.

    I’m sending another check today to help bury these left wing fascists.

  27. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    By the way, what’s the scoop on this Jeffrey Imm. Does anyone know anything about this guy? Where is he from? What does he do?

  28. Question Diversity says:

    27 WJP:

    While I think Jeffrey Imm was indeed up to no good, I get the feeling that he isn’t the real bad actor. Imm is a Republican neo-con type who likes to repeat egalitarian slogans every where he posts, especially when he is trolling blogs and sites like AR. I’m surprised National Review hasn’t hired him yet.

  29. David Yeagley says:

    Sureesh, you are writing in the English language. The meaning of words, in English, has its own history. “Hindu” did not originally have a specific meaning other than the name of the people who lived in the river valley. River people. People of the river.

    That “Hindu” came to have any specific reference to a specific aspect of the culture of the people of the river is historically circumstantial. It may have developed during the Muslim invasions of India, which classified everything in religious terms.

    But,”Hindu” is NOT a religion, per se. It is a people. Like it or not, that is the correct history. You are a Hindu. A river person, by demographic, ethnological identity.

  30. Anonymous says:

    “FEATHERS do because they are a ‘historically oppressed minority’ with a lower than average SAT score.”

    Note that they actually are an historically oppressed minority, so you can remove those quotes.

    “Your pretense of being White in all but skin color grew tiresome long ago, but most here are unwilling to call you out on it.”

    Dot Indians were the first to implement affirmative action to kick down the upper castes. They’re very, very relevant to compare to white Americans today.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Ref. 14 (and 4,5,9)

    No powerful source has as much at stake in matters like this than

    does the liability insurance industry (which has its own enormously penetrating intelligence network collectively used by

    most major carriers). That intelligence network should, in due course, be provided all the otherwise concealed facts of a matter like this. The chief legal minds in the major carriers are capable of seeing beyond the here-and-now “opportunities” of outfits like $PLC, etc., into the long range interest that the insurance industry has in defusing this historial recrudecence of “cointelpro”– hence the need for the fullest range of facts to be made accessible to the industry. Any possibility of a remotely meritorious class action suit would sure seem on target in this respect.

  32. Phil says:

    Sureesh is to Indian (David Yeagely) what junker (car) is to Junker (Prussian baron).

    Congratulations, Dr. Yeagely.

    I know from my boxing days that they only real defense in life is a good offense, and I was very demoralized from too many years of Amren and Jared Taylor being a punching bag.

    You found the chink in their armor. Keep up the good work.

  33. Phil says:

    # 27,

    Jeff Imm is a small time race hustler whose wife runs a psychic scam that many rich DC bureaucrats buy into.

    Hit the wife’s wallet book, and he will go away like a fly on a fresh vegetable.

  34. Antidote says:

    Sureesh, as you surely know “Indian” takes in far too much territory to be useful as a description of nationality. Dot Indians are Dravidians, blacks from East Africa, White detritus from the colonial era, lighter skinned Aryans, and even a sprinkling of East Asians in the form of Burmese, Gurkhas, etc. Ethnolinguistically and culturally the country is also very varied. So I suggest a new term; why not call yourself and your fellow dot Indians “subcontinentals”? Occidental, oriental, subcontinental. Try it on for size. I think you’ll like it.

  35. Franklin Ryckaert says:

    @ (32) I see the term “subcon” (from:”subcontinent”) frequently used for this purpose on the internet.The advantage is that other than “Hindu”(religion) or “Indian” (country) it includes also people from Pakistan,Bangla Desh and Sri lanka, irrespective of religion.

    Another term sometimes used is “South Asian” but this term is too wide,actually it would include people from the Middle East and South East Asia.That could be corrected by adding “central” to it (“Central South Asian”) but then the term would be unwieldly long.So “subcon” is a good solution.

  36. Von Mises says:

    At least with the Asians, I would have a better chance of waking up every morning alive and not robbed, raped, beaten and/or killed during the night.

    Maybe not, but they won’t hesitate to genocide us whites when and if they get the chance. They are NO friend to whites. Read some of the comments Asians put up here on AR – they are filled with hatred for their host population, traditional Native Born Whites, think we are stupid, beneath them and illegally squatting on land we stole from the rightful owners. They believe we are liars and that what we created should rightfully be credited to them.

    I don’t know of a more ruthless population than Asians.

  37. Pandemonium says:

    Looking for “goodies” from the government” Sureesh??? Shame, shame, shame on you, Sureesh!!!!!!

  38. Sureesh says:

    Dr. Yeagley,

    The country has been known as India for hundreds of years. The internet GLOBAL- used by those in Australia, the UK, and many ou other English speaking countries who ONLY think of India when you say the word ‘Indian’ so of course if you google the word ‘Indian’ references to India come up first. The word ‘Indian’ to refer to the aboriginals of America is strictly restricted to North America.

    I understand and respect your desire to keep the name ‘Indian’ and you are upset that when you google the word ‘Indian’ we take precedence over you.

    However, I also want to be called Indian because the country IS called INDIA now.

    I insist that we both share the name ‘Indian’- I’m sick and tired of being treated like an overachieving minority and having my kids discriminated against because we do so well on the SATs and are overrepresented in tech companies and medical schools in America.

    I want to share the name with the aboriginal Americans in order to end discrimination against my people in the colleges and the hard sciences.

    I’m Indian; you’re Indian; LETS PARTY!!!!!!!

  39. Phil says:

    AThe top 1% of Hindus come to the US, get an MBA from a second-tier college and then buy a Howard Johnson of a Seven Eleven.

    Most of them, however, have an IQ of 84, worship various animals such as cows or rats, and swim with dead bodies in the Ganges.

    Its not what we Americans think of when we refer to the warrior tribes of North America.

  40. Anonymous says:

    More than civil action can be done to strike back at “anti-facists”, the police can also help. A lot of these people use drugs. One of the ways they’re financed is through drug trafficking. Just let your local drug task force know know about them.

  41. David Yeagley says:

    Sorry, Mr. Sureesh.

    This is America. This is not England, Australia, or any other third world country. This is America. You are in America (I assume.) Therefore, you adjust. Not me. Least of all me. You should respect the people in whose country you chose to abide (if other than your own), and not try to demand special attention and consideration for your ethnicity, religion, etc.

    America does not belong to the world. America belongs to Americans–White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, principally and primarily. Because of their initial and perpetual relations with American Indians, I feel justified in commenting on the additional foreigners who have come here. American Indians fought the WASPS (and their Scots and Irish servants). We have a special relationship with them. Everyone else is foreign. I will not have a foreigner assume any place in the historical dialogue between the WASPS and the American Indians.

    If I were not addressing you, I wouldn’t even use the word “American” before Indian. I’d just say Indian, and that would be understood by the major forces in the world.

    I share my name with no one, nor the honor of having fought the WASPs here. You (the the Hindu population here) are committing identity theft, a nasty crime, against the indigenous people of this country. I despise this, and rightfully so. You’re creating nothing but confusion for all.

    Now, personally, I’ve never had anything against any Hindu I’ve ever known! Had lots of fun, interesting experiences, and have been educated in many ways.

    This name thing is something that has evolved in recent years here in America. I say you are completely wrong and out of place. It is rude, historically INCORRECT, and offensive. It is a form of robbery. Your name is HINDU, not INDIAN, in English. That is the historical precedent, since the Persian invasions.

  42. Sureesh says:

    Dr. Yeagley,

    You win! I will no longer call myself Indian but I refuse to be called Hindu because it’s a religion, not a race.

    I will now call myself BLACK because of ‘da dark skin of my skin. NOT ‘African American’ because I’m NOT of African decent but I am blacker skinned than most American blacks.

    That way my kids can get into the colleges of their choice with a full scholarship and I can get any engineering job I want. However, I refuse to live or even visit a black community because I value my safety too much. Can I become an ‘oreo Black racial realist’ who admits the truth about Black crime and low black achievement?

    After all, in America, race= skin color and skin color= race.

    Your so called ‘Hindus’ do way too well on the SATs, are overrepresented in math and science careers here in Silicon Valley (and the rest of metropolitan America), and have a crime rate of near zero, and an illegitimacy rate of absolute zero.

  43. Colin says:

    Daryle Lamont Jenkins isn’t mentioned. He’s the one who started all this. What happened with him?

  44. Futura says:

    Good information! This can be handy!

    From Wikipedia:

    “Tortious interference with contract rights can occur where the tortfeasor convinces a party to breach the contract against the plaintiff, or where the tortfeasor disrupts the ability of one party to perform his obligations under the contract, thereby preventing the plaintiff from receiving the performance promised. The classic example of this tort occurs when one party induces another party to breach a contract with a third party, in circumstances where the first party has no privilege to act as it does and acts with knowledge of the existence of the contract. Such conduct is termed tortious inducement of breach of contract.”

    I had no idea such a thing existed. Thank God it does! This information is a windfall.