Posted on December 9, 2011

Diversity Studies

UDaily, December 8, 2011

The University of Delaware’s new Center for the Study of Diversity will serve as a scholarly think tank that not only conducts research but also helps guide the University in finding the best ways to support diversity on campus.

That’s the vision of James Jones, professor of psychology and director of the center, whose own academic career has involved more than three decades of research, scholarship and professional service focused on issues of racism and diversity. {snip}

“Diversity is a complex issue in an increasingly diverse world,” Jones said. “I see the center as a place where we will accumulate knowledge and disseminate it–where our main product is information.” The center’s mission statement specifies a goal of “promoting academic research and scholarship that facilitates dialogues about and understanding of the social and academic impact of diversity.”

The center, which will serve the entire University but is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, is part of UD President Patrick Harker’s diversity initiative, which he discussed at the Dec. 6 Board of Trustees meeting.

“I’m serious about making UD a more welcoming, more inclusive institution because we can no longer say that we’re fundamentally preparing students for life and for work if we’re not preparing them for diversity,” Harker said. “Students must get an education that’s anchored in learning from and about diverse perspectives and people.”


UD already has identified diversity as a core value, Jones noted, quoting the Path to Prominence strategic plan, which calls diversity “an integral and vital part of everyday life and a cornerstone value of our University.” {snip}


Jones said that longer-term plans for the center may include establishing a group of faculty affiliates from other universities, who will collaborate with UD faculty on various projects; hosting scholarly lectures and workshops on diversity topics; issuing working papers on subjects that may be useful to the University and other institutions; and offering small research grants to faculty members focusing on key areas. Eventually, he said, an undergraduate minor in diversity studies might be established.

“In principle, of course, diversity is good, but it’s not good if the efforts to promote diversity aren’t done in the right way or aren’t effective,” Jones said. “We need to evaluate what works and what doesn’t, and we need to be creative in our approach. I think the center will be able to help the University do that.”

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  1. Question Diversity says:

    Want a good drinking game? Tell everyone that they have to knock one back when hearing “diversity.” Then read this article out loud.

  2. BO_Bill says:

    As man continues to explore his world in a never-ending quest for Truth, it becomes apparent that one natural outgrowth of the Center for the Study of Diversity would be the Center for the Study of Human Bio-Diversity. One of the Center for the Study of Human Bio-Diversity’s first projects could be to provide IQ and DNA testing for all incoming Freshmen.

    The Center could then correlate region-of-origin and IQ data against GPA, crime data, dropout rates, and future gainful employment through the student’s college years and beyond. The knowledge gained from such a project could be used to determine issues of national interest such as immigration policies, and the optimum distribution of ever-shrinking public resources.

    The fruits of this knowledge would include the strengthening of America’s economy, a reduction in crime, the re-emergence of a traditional value system, and the elimination the welfare system as we currently know it. Americans would be healthier, happier, and safer.

    I think I’ll write up a grant proposal.

  3. NBJ says:

    @ #1

    I’m afraid I’d be out cold after the fourth paragraph!

  4. Denmark says:

    “In principle, of course, diversity is good …” … Jones said.

    In principle it’s good? What does that mean?

    What it means is that diversity is good, because liberals have defined it to be good, not because the evidence say so.

    Harvard professor Robert Putnam conducted a mayor study in 2000, to see how diversity correlates with social capital. To his surprise, he found that the more diverse a community is the less people are willing to engage with society. As he put it:”People living in ethnically diverse settings appear to ‘hunker down’ that is, to pull in like a turtle.

    Denmark has consistently been ranked the happiest nation on earth for several years. One of the conclusions among researchers has been, that the happiness of a nation, is strongly correlated with how homogenous it is.

    Diversity brings nothing good, and is nothing to celebrate.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will this center conduct any studies in the diversity of violent crime, like interracial rape and sexual assault? How about the correlation between a cities black population and inter-racial strife, poor schools, poor academic achievement and violent crime.

    How about the effect of busing on white academic achievement in newly integrated schools?

    Somehow I don’t think the center will research such relevant stuff.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It used to be you’d show up, you’d go to classes, you’d make your way, you’d graduate or not. Now is coddle the unprepared and perhaps unwilling to be sure they can get a degree. Personal initiative, molding oneself to societal needs and expectations are diminished. The individual with all his flaws is allowed to go through school with the schools bending to their needs.

  7. Whatever says:

    As soon as anybody uses the word “racism” instead of bigotry or prejudice, etc I tune out immediately. Might as well be that they’re opening a new “Heresy Studies” dept.

    “Hmmm… how further can we insulate ourselves from criticism by screaming ‘heresy!’? thoughts? anyone?”

    Can’t wait until the whole thing falls apart under it’s own weight. Heart of darkness here we come!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s great to see my alma mater is promoting this stuff again… And they wonder why I refuse to send them donations when they call me asking for money.

    I think this was posted on here on AmRen a while back, but in case people missed it, this is what they were up to around the 2004-2007 time period(read: ideological reeducation):

    And the PDF associated with the Resisdent Assistant training:

    The University of Delaware will never get another penny from me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the unprecedented proliferation of micro-miniature technology such as video phones, covert audio recorders, etc., will enable in due course enough real life footage to be amassed and suitably disseminated ( e.g., omission of specific identifying characteristics of persons therein ) to crack some of this utopian nonsense wide open. Body language and other subtle indicators abundantly show that people are hard-wired to prefer their own kind within the range of choices offered in any particular situation. I’m not a racist, a bigot, or anti-variety because in a dramatic “lifeboat” dilemma, I’d insist on throwing you or your child overboard so that I or my child might remain in the boat and live. We work really hard to avoid any remote possibility of such raw face offs and even imagining them is averse to our normal functioning. We are the survivors of evolution thus far because our ancestors had and observed an inherent, if somewhat flexible and adaptive, “us/them” sense. It’s natural.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Diversity is a complex issue in an increasingly diverse world,” Jones said. “I see the center as a place where we will accumulate knowledge and disseminate it—where our main product is information.”

    Will they teach knowledge of how dangerous black men are for white women? Will they teach knowledge about the IQ gap, the fact that is is mostly genetic, and that it explains all the other performance problems blacks have (lower academic achievement, lower income)? Just wondering if their diversity center has room for the truth in its diverse curriculum. Probably not, we all know.

  11. CDE says:

    This maniacal, Orwellian devotion to “Diversity” is getting to be downright creepy. The university Marxists want nothing more than to water down white influence and power. I suppose these race traitors think that in the end they will be sitting on top, directing their thankful minority minions while living the good life and patting themselves on the back.

  12. Anonymous says:

    On the drinking game thing, does “diverse” count as diversity or can I keep from buying a second 12-pack?…

  13. anon non-tenured faculty says:

    “I see the center as a place where we will accumulate knowledge and disseminate it—where our main product is information.”

    I wonder if the Center’s library will include such works as IQ and The Wealth of Nations, The Color of Crime, The Bell Curve, and The Camp of The Saints?

  14. Question Diversity says:

    12: No, just “Diversity.” We want you drunk, not comatose.

    Eventually, he said, an undergraduate minor in diversity studies might be established.

    Oh you can bet on that. There will also be an undergrad major, and a graduate program. Imagine the first Ph.D. thesis in diversity (chug a lug) at the University of Delaware — “Our diversity makes us more diverse. And that, in turn, creates more diversity.” (Two chugs)

  15. Anonymous says:

    With a name like Jones, and a title like “Director of the UD Center for the Study of Diversity”, you can probably guess this individual’s ethnicity.

    But I bet you can’t predict his hairstyle:

    Like an African version of that comedian who smashes melons with a mallet.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is it really necessary to point out that James Jones is black and the head of the college’s black studies department?

  17. martin_uk says:

    Yanks have a sense of humour after all. Whilst the Indians and the Chinese are studying maths and engineering, the Americans, the people who put a man on the Moon, are learning “Diversity Studies”. (This is a joke, right?)

  18. Anonymous says:

    Promoting dialogue and understanding the impact of diversity?

    Jared Taylor had a few interesting things to say about diversity in his ‘Banned in Halifax’ talk. I wonder what students would think of his ideas when compared to those we see here from the diversity institute? Which would they think a more real observation about the managing of diversity?

    I think Mr. Taylor ended his talk by saying something like, “there are those who would prefer you remain ignorant of any dissenting argument about diversity, however, ignorance is not a strength”.

  19. Jack in Chicago says:

    How about we contribute to “DIVERSITY” at the University of Deleware and bring some diverse, alternative perspectives to the campus:

    Have an American Renaissance day – where students can consider the alternative viewpoint that White Americans should have civil rights.

  20. Allan says:

    In unity is strength; in diversity is weakness. That is the way it always has been and always will be.

  21. Flaxen-headed Strumpet says:

    This is the same University of Delaware that has now translated its web site into Spanish in order to “attract more students from Spanish speaking countries”.

    All of this new-fangled Multi-Culti Global Studies monkey business that is going on in academia (and you can see it in just about every state in the country in both public and private post-secondary education institutions including the community colleges) can be interpreted in a couple of ways:

    1- As a component part of selling out the Nation to barbarians and “electing a new people”.

    2- The post-secondary education institutions have wised up to the fact that the native population in increasing numbers is concluding that a large part of what Academia is selling (maybe as much as 70 percent of total semester seatings) simply won’t pass basic Dollar Tree calculator cocktail napkin return on investment math in today’s economy. Certainly not the drivel Professor James Jones is delivering. Therefore, the apparent institutional survival mechanism of choice is to conduct “outreach marketing” to more suckers from foreign nations. The state supported institutions also get an additional kicker in that foreign students will ostensibly be paying higher out-of-state tuition. Never mind that this is treason to a large degree in that it will lead to a further (via the 30 percent semester seatings that have tangible value in today’s national economy) siphoning off of what remains of this Nation’s intellectual and technical capital up to and including national security sensitive items.

  22. Alexandra says:

    You want to know how to do diversity right?

    Stop forcing integration and stop trying to mix. If you mix everyone up…there goes diversity.

  23. WyattWhite says:

    Oh thank heaven! A panel of the usual experts! The worst we can hope for now is a Manual of Standards, published, approved by some deans, and distributed to other dubious institutions of higher learning for their board meeting amendment fodder. Hopefully, there will be some holdouts.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If it’s broke, keep hitting it with a hammer until it improves.

    The beatings will continue until moral improves.

    The solution for failed diversity is more diversity.

  25. Galtonian says:

    It is interesting that Univ of Delaware is the home of Professor Linda Gottfredson who is an expert on employment psychology and educational psychology and Professor Gottfredson is actually a leading figure in the Jensenist camp, she believes that racial differences in intelligence are real, are important, and are probably biological/genetic.

    Check out her CV and publications:

  26. BerekHalfhand says:

    “That’s the vision of James Jones, professor of psychology and director of the center, whose own academic career has involved more than three decades of research, scholarship and professional service focused on issues of racism and diversity.”

    The man has been extorting money under false pretences from various employers for over thirty years for producing absolutely nothing of any worth. Nice work if you can get it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The University of Delaware has a long record of intolerance for any thoughts that are not politically correct. In 1990, Professors Linda Gottfredson and Jon Blits received a grant from the Pioneer Fund to study the inheritability of intelligence. A black professor pronounced the Pioneer Fund was racist and the then-president Arthur Trabant immediately violated the professors’ academic freedom by forbidding the professors from receiving the grant. A committee of liberal professors investigated if this was a violation of academic freedom and concluded the administration was right to suppress this research. Gottfredson and Blits retained counsel to assert their right to free speech. All this is described by Kors and Silverglate The Shadow University: the Betrayal of Liberty on America’s Campuses.

    Gottfredson and Blits were shunned on campus, as is the fate of all conservative professors who somehow receive tenure. Ultimately, “>”> the professors prevailed. Gottfredson went on to expose the “race-norming” of scores in federal government testing, whereby blacks and whites on placement tests were given scores based on the mean of their racial group, not the mean of the entire number of test-takers of all races. In race-norming, a black applicant and a white applicant might be reported to an employer as scoring 90% on a test, without revealing that one scored in the highest 90% of blacks, which if pooled with white scores, would be a much lower percentage. Gottfredson, in “>”> testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, she called this a new way to have “quota-hiring.” She was instrumental in having this reverse discrimination banned.

    Gottfredson has produced a long list of publications on race and intelligence, most of which are “>”> available on the web.

    Blits went on to expose the University of Delaware plan to identify students in the dormitories with politically-incorrect views, and develop “treatment plants” for these students to injdocrinate them into correct ways of thinking. He won the “>”> Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award from CPAC for exposing this violation of student civil rights.

    Posted by via, created by AlgART:

  28. Frank says:

    #8 I wish I could say DU will never get another penny from me, but I live in DE and pay taxes. So, I have no choice, but I can hope to influence my elected representatives to fire the president of the school.

  29. white advocate - Canada says:

    I think the best people to change universities are state governors. By executive order they can impose job requirements that are contrary to university credentials. They can convene conferences where professional civil servants are required to justify new policies. They can direct funding. They can create new faculty chairs. There must be many more ways to set universities in new directions.

    The Confederacy is the likeliest place to find such governors.

  30. Greg says:

    @21 Flaxen:

    Universities have grown tremendously during the past 50 years, but now that Americans are having less kids the growth is bound to decline. For this reason, expect to see more marketing to foreign students as a way to increase enrollment and revenue.

    It is of course under the guise of “diversity,” but colleges also benefit financially from the replacement of American whites with those who aren’t us. I expect the problem to only get worse. As a grad student at a Midwestern university, I can attest to the large growth of foreign students–particularly from China. They are nice people, but have terrible English and no desire to assimilate. If I brought this up to anyone I’d risk becoming like that girl at UCLA.

  31. Tab Numlock says:

    “Diversity is a complex issue in an increasingly diverse world,”

    Actually, the world is becoming less diverse as one of its races is being eliminated.

  32. rechill says:

    We’re supposed to accept homosexuality because it is a “natural” urge and whatever natural is good. We’re not supposed to be uptight about sexuality because it’s “natural”. Suppression of the natural is oppressive. Processed foods are bad, “natural” foods are superior. Nature is supposedly in a state of balance that we’re supposed to imitate.

    So why do leftists keep trying to suppress the “natural” urge to want to be among one’s own kind?

  33. jo shelby says:

    the good doctor needs to work on his hair

  34. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    What I find truly sad about these “degrees” is they provide no real information or teach real skills to students. These college “grads” are basicly set up to fail and when they do, who do the blame, the school? It’s time to stop with these fake degrees and start teaching trades and more useful classes. Any wonder why America is no longer # 1, just look at our schools and the material they teach.

    Time to go get a guitar and learn kumbaya, now everyone let’s hold hands and sing together….

  35. RegvlvsSeradly says:

    “Diversity done right”

    If they want to do it right (meaning, if they want to remain functional) the best possible diversity is about 15% Jews (any lower is suspicious, just ask Princeton), 20% Asians, 10% (East) Indians, 5% Persians, and the rest White gentiles from where ever.

    Of course, if it is 90%+ Whites it will be ideal for me.

  36. Anonymous says:

    #36–jews comprise about 2% of the population of the United States. “Proportional reprsentation” would dictate about 2% “diversity”.