‘Daggering’ Injuries on the Rise

Kieran Etoria-King, The Voice, December 22, 2011

There has been a rise in the number of men left with penis-related injuries because of the Jamaican dance craze known as ‘Daggering’.

Cases of fractured male pubic bones have more than tripled since the sexually aggressive dance for couples became popular in 2009, a surgeon has said.

One Kingston surgeon told French website MaChaîneÉtudiante.tv that male and female pubic bones ‘smash together’ during the dance, which can cause severe injury.

The website goes on to advise that Jamaicans return to more traditional styles of dance, suggesting the more traditional ‘Jonkonnu’ as a safer alternative.

[Editor’s Note: Curious readers can watch a video of “daggering” here.]


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  • Question Diversity

    If you were at all curious to see it, my suggestion is don’t. For once you see it, you can never un-see it. Remember how Oedipus Rex ended? But I will say this: This “Daggering” isn’t a dance move, it’s dry humping.

  • highduke

    Don’t worry about it ever becoming an epidemic because it’s clearly a skinny woman’s dance. The guy in the first 30 sec dancing with Rihanna (who by the way is of Irish descent paternally) is called Dreck or something, he is a rich kid who starred in a Canadian teen-drama and is now a rapper only because his Jewish mom is huge in the Canadian entertainment industry and well connected in the US. The girl daggering later in this clip isn’t Rihanna. Nice body though.

  • Istvan

    Hmmm…Why don’t they just have actual sex in public? It isn’t like they have any shame about them in the first place.

  • Kind of Impressed

    Simulated sex… why bother? just get a room & do it for real. But, simulated violent sex with a high potential for serious & maybe permanent injury, especially of sensitive parts… that’s taking Stupid to a whole new level.

    Whenever you think you’ve heard the Dumbest Thing in the World (like paying $180 for sneakers) our dusky brethren manage to boldly go somewhere even Dumber.

  • Rhialto

    One more great Black invention! Blacks have showered many benefits on humanity, and this is another.

    Seriously, blacks have very thick and injury resistant skulls, but the rest of their bone structure is vulnerable to injury. Blacks would do well to avoid this dance fad.

  • Anonymous

    There was a drug raid in Kingston, Jamaica last year. The resulting battle killed over 70 people. Jamaica is one of the most violent places on earth.

  • Madison Grant

    This wonderful, culturally-enriching new dance craze has now been imported to New York. Jamaican female enthusiasts are seen here voluntarily giving free lessons to the male members of

    our local consabulary.


  • Anonymous

    If they “fracture their pelvic bones” causing “severe injuries” will it reduce the rate of blacks committing rapes? If so, by all means let them continue and spread this dance and they should all be encouraged to take it up.

  • Spectator

    Daggering, the new great white hope!

  • Spartan24

    I don’t know which video was more disturbing, the one with the original article or the white cops “dancing” with the jamaican girls. You are right QD- this can’t be unseen.

  • HH

    And how long will be it until White high-school girls are doing this at the homecoming dance, etc? Then again, maybe I don’t want to know, as I suspect it’s already happening somewhere…

  • Anonymous

    Black culture at its finest. Lets see black culture has embraced wearing pants below the butt, flash-robs, the knockout game etc. and seemingly a whole slew of other bad behaviors as their own. It seems that whatever is the most stupid, obnoxious and uncivilized form of behavior is adopted and quickly spreads throughout a majority of black culture.

  • Harumphty Dumpty

    “The website goes on to advise that Jamaicans return to more traditional styles of dance, suggesting the more traditional ‘Jonkonnu’ as a safer alternative.”

    “Cases of fractured pubic bones have more than tripled since the sexually aggressive dance for couples became popular in 2009….”

    So what was the rate of male pubic bone fractures under “the more traditional ‘Jonkonnu’” style of dance that was “a safer alternative”?

  • Anonymous

    Most ordinary dancing, and even sex, do not cause such injuries. One wonders how hard they have to be pressing their body parts together, to get injured in such a way.

  • Anonymous

    So it’s called “Daggering” and not “African Fertility Ritual”, or maybe “Aggravated Foreplay”?

    And American liberals wonder why NYPD officers don’t enjoy policing the annual West Indian Day Parade.

  • Greg

    That’s what happens when you’re hopped up on jenkim.

  • Anon

    Based on the video posted with the article, that’s not dancing, but more of a form of weird gymnastics. “Dancing” with a midget in a wheel chair? C’mon.