Posted on December 29, 2011

‘Daggering’ Injuries on the Rise

Kieran Etoria-King, The Voice, December 22, 2011

There has been a rise in the number of men left with penis-related injuries because of the Jamaican dance craze known as ‘Daggering’.

Cases of fractured male pubic bones have more than tripled since the sexually aggressive dance for couples became popular in 2009, a surgeon has said.

One Kingston surgeon told French website MaChaîneÉ that male and female pubic bones ‘smash together’ during the dance, which can cause severe injury.

The website goes on to advise that Jamaicans return to more traditional styles of dance, suggesting the more traditional ‘Jonkonnu’ as a safer alternative.

[Editor’s Note: Curious readers can watch a video of “daggering” here.]