Posted on December 1, 2011

Clegg: Young Black Men Are More Likely to End Up in Prison than at a Top University

James Chapman, Daily Mail (London), November 24, 2011

Nick Clegg will today warn that hundreds more young black men are in jail than at top universities, in an explosive attack on race relations in Britain.

The Deputy Prime Minister will also use his speech in Brixton, South London, to accuse the banking sector and the sports industry of discrimination.

There are 400 more young black British men in prison than young black students at the elite Russell Group of universities, he will say.

Britain has ‘come a long way’, he will concede, but it is now up to businesses and industries to support talented people from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Mr Clegg will say that no matter how many new laws are put on the statute book, what happens at home has a ‘huge influence’ on how children do.

He will say: ‘In any family, black, white, rich, poor, we need parents and relatives to support their children, helping with homework, keeping them in school.’

Mr Clegg will also criticise football’s elite, pointing out that there are no black managers in the Premier League and just two in the top four divisions, though a quarter of players are black.

In an onslaught on High Street banks, he will point to evidence suggesting that firms owned by black people are four times more likely than those owned by whites to be turned down for loans.

Even if they they can get credit, he will say, black African, black Caribbean, Bangladeshi and Pakistani-owned firms have also been subject to higher interest rates than white and Indian-run enterprises.

Aides insisted, however, that he was not accusing banks of institutional racism, and admitted current evidence was limited and that the reasons for ethnic minority customers having less access to credit were likely to be complex.

Mr Clegg will announce that he is asking race equalities minister Andrew Stunell to examine the ‘barriers preventing black and ethnic minority groups from accessing loans’, working with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and the Government’s ethnic minority advisory group.

Giving the annual Scarman Lecture in Brixton, the scene of race riots in 1981, Mr Clegg will attack Labour’s approach to race equality as ‘too narrow’. He will say: ‘They attempted to deliver equality solely through the state. The state has been used to hide the sins of the market–and the veil is now being lifted.’

Mr Clegg, who will admit that he leads a party that is ‘still too male and too pale’, will say that among current business leaders, there are some ‘hugely important’ ethnic minority figures–but not enough.

‘Why is it that members of some of our ethnic communities want to start their own businesses, but their success doesn’t match their ambitions?’ he will ask. We know, for example, that 35 per cent of individuals from black African origin say they want to start a business, but only six per cent actually do.

‘Past evidence shows that firms owned by individuals of black African origin have been four times more likely than so-called “white firms” to be denied loans outright. And that Bangladeshi, Pakistani, black Caribbean and black African-owned businesses have been subject to higher interest rates than White and Indian-owned enterprises.

‘The reasons will be complicated: a mix of poorer education among ethnic minority groups, perhaps a lack of the right guidance, a lack of their own capital to invest. There may be an element of self-exclusion too.

‘But if we are serious about turning the UK into an island of entrepreneurs, we need to get to the bottom of this. Are our banks doing enough?

‘Britain’s banks, bailed out by the British people, have just as much responsibility as everyone else, arguably more responsibility, to help Britain build a strong and dynamic economy. Unleashing black and ethnic minority talent is their duty too.

‘We urgently need to lift a lid on the injustices hard-wired into our economy. It simply cannot be right that we still live in a society where if you are from an ethnic minority, you are much more likely to be poor.’

The research highlighted by Mr Clegg was published in the International Small Business Journal, and involved more than 3,000 British firms.

Lesley McLeod, of the British Bankers’ Association, said: ‘UK banks wish to support all our customers. We take racism very seriously and many already have diversity and inclusion policies, with trained staff in place to help. Bank mentors are already working with the Enterprise and Diversity Alliance.’

13 responses to “Clegg: Young Black Men Are More Likely to End Up in Prison than at a Top University”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Why do so many black men wind up in British prisons?

    Oh, I don’t know:

    They keep telling us on this side of the drink that more black men are in prison than in college. First off, that’s not true. Second, it’s a tragedy that it’s not true. For that means that colleges are accepting too many black men and prisons admitting too few. If our country and system were genuinely fair and color blind, there WOULD be more black men in prison than in college. Affirmative action means that college administrators admit way too many unqualified blacks, and the criminal justice system does everything it can to keep from having to send black men to prison.

  2. Madison Grant says:

    So this p.c. weenie is going to force British banks to make subprime loans to nonwhites with bad credit?

    Is this airhead aware that it was tried in the US and led to our current recession?

  3. John Engelman says:

    Those who point out that a large number of black men are in prison usually expect whites to be ashamed of it. An implication seems to be that black men are unfairly discriminated against by the criminal justice system. You know, “non violent drug offenses,” and all that. Another implication seems to be that whites somehow cause black men to commit all those crimes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No kidding.

    If these liberals know what is wrong with blacks, why haven’t they fixed them?

  5. Jack Krak says:

    In other news, women are more likely to have babies than men are, kids are more likely to watch Sesame Street than old people are and men are more likely to be deeply concerned about the playoffs than women are. I look forward to Mr. Clegg’s scathing indictments of a society that produces such horribly unfair and prejudiced outcomes such as these and others.

  6. white is right, black is whack says:

    It’s probably the evil white man’s fault, too, huh?

  7. Anonymous says:

    A few such prisoners will have both the intelligence level and

    determination to complete successfully in-prison college programs. There is no reason these few should not be harvested to productive purposes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Britain has ‘come a long way’, he will concede, but it is now up to businesses and industries to support talented people from ethnic minority backgrounds.

    OK, fine. I have no problem with the rewarding of talent, regardless of ethnicity. But what about all the UN-talented ones?

    On this side of the pond, there’s an expression “The Talented Tenth” for the 10% (give or take) of Blacks with triple-digit IQs and some ability to function in modern civilization at (more or less) acceptable “White” levels. Unfortunately, that leaves us with the Untalented NINE-Tenths, for which no-one — Black or White, Left or Right — really knows what to do with.

  9. Jason Robertson says:

    Whereas Cameron is essentially a PR man just as Blair was an actor, Clegg probably really believes in ethnic equality in abilities, i.e. that all human groups and/or “races” are identical in biology (apart from the accident of pigment) and in cultural aspiration. Therefore, all unequal outcomes must be the result of majority (i.e. white) discrimination, or “racism” to be met with a steel fist. On his own theory, of course, the disproportionately low percentage of white rather than black footballers must be discriminatory, not the result of a conjunction between long limbs and a round ball (cf. Jon Entine’s “Taboo”).

    Clegg in every policy respect is a walking caricature of “Political Correctness” who wants his “party” to be the “Oxfam” party. It is a disgrace that this unpopular limousine liberal, whose party actually did badly in elections, should be kept as Deputy Prime Minister and allowed to push PC ideas of all kinds into government in return for endorsing some of the Con Party’s “austerity emergency” measures. Too many of the voting sheeple, however, still think the “Lib Dems” are a moderate party between the “Rightwing” Tories and the “Socialist” Labour Party, whereas they are worse than both, especially when it comes to the survival of family, nation and race.

    No room to analyse his speech re the violent black riots in Brixton, but UK readers may like to get a good recent demolition of “Cleggism” in John Harvey’s “Race and Equality” (

  10. FischerFan says:

    To touch on Jack Krak’s post:

    White people are more likely to develop forms of skin cancer than Black or Asian people.

    Should I obey that probability and put on some sunscreen when I’m outside next summer; or ignore it in the name of political correctness and risk long-term trouble?

    Mr. Clegg! It’s time egalitarians like you realized that some people are interested only in the fast money rather than working for the honest money.

  11. CDE says:

    College courses are available in prison. Therefore, some blacks are in prison and college.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My reaction is ‘So what?’. It is obvious when you are racially aware on the most basic level. Blacks tend to have lower than average intelligence; they are not likely to be able to enter universities, and if they do, they are likely to not succeed, as the academic material is far beyond their understanding. They are also more likely to commit crime than other races, so they are more likely to do things that would get them in prison. It is NOT non-black people’s fault regarding this.

    There’s not much we can do to change this situation. I don’t care if blacks don’t get into university; I only wish they could behave themselves. But the very few blacks that do behave themselves (at least on the surface), tend to be the blacks that are somewhat more intelligent than other blacks. And we know those blacks are few and far between compared to most blacks.