Basketball Teams Get into Massive Brawl After Fan Shoves Coach

Jonathan Wall, Yahoo! Sports, December 26, 2011

We’ve highlighted a couple of nasty high school brawls this year on Prep Rally, but the one that occurred between Baltimore’s ConneXions School for the Arts and Washington, D.C.’s Cardozo Academy could top them all.

As Fox-5 in Washington, D.C. and other local outlets reported, a Wednesday night game between ConneXions and Cardozo Academy got out of hand after a couple of questionable calls by the referees started to anger fans in the stands during the second quarter.

With tensions mounting and the game on the verge of going south, an unknown fan came out of the stands and shoved a Cardozo coach, igniting a nasty brawl that lasted for more than a couple minutes.


{snip} Baltimore police were immediately called to the scene and used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

All in all, it was a black-eye moment that both schools will not soon forget.



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  • Bop Berrigan

    A visible reward and the inevitable outcome of “Midnight Basketball.”

  • Anonymous

    The thin veil of civilization. Is it true that such unprovoked and prolonged riots only occur at black events?

  • Mr. Pibb

    That’s just how they roll.

    Watching the video I was wondering why the refs didn’t break out their whistle. Don’t they carry that anymore?

  • Goldar

    Jefferson could not have been more wrong. All men are NOT created equal.

  • Anonymous

    How cute! The “youths” are having fun again.

    Seriously, here is a link to MyFoxDC:

    The video includes interviews with two of the players, and a mother. As usual, there were questions as to why more security was not present at the game.

    “More security” is always needed for African-Americans. Simple things that others accomplish without “more security” are difficult for African-Americans. Things like buying a popular shoe, attending a concert, dancing at the disco, and high school sporting events are dangerous outings for black people. Black people need to be closely supervised at all times.

  • Question Diversity

    Saw a video of the same story several days ago from a different source, and the ending showed black parents and students demanding more security or bemoaning the lack of security at this game. Of course, if you put more security at games, especially black games, the same big mouth parents and students are first in line to complain about racial profiling.

  • Zapp Branigan

    A gymnasium full of Africans on opposing teams, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Jim

    Typical black violence. It starts with two of them, and then quickly spreads, resulting in a multiple nucleated fight scene. Note the “youth” near the end of the tape literally DANCING to violence!

  • Anonymous

    It never fails to amaze me how suddenly and spontaneously blacks resort to violence and mayhem. When scaled up and carried to its extreme you get Rwanda.

  • Heath Stephens

    Geez, the most minute physical “disrespect” sends these people into an absolute frenzy. And its almost as if it’s contagious with them also.

  • Randolph Carter

    Mini-riots like this occur across America 365 days a year. Anyone shocked by this video has led a sheltered life.

  • Ian J. MacAllister

    All in all, it was a black-eye moment that both schools will not soon forget.

    Excuse me, but I don’t think racist remarks are necessary here. 😉

  • Anonymous

    The rewards of 60 years of Social Engineering!

    With what we spent on the War on Poverty, Head start, Midnight basketball, Court trials, incarceration, Death Penalty appeals, retrials etc. We could have sent them back to Nigeria. Liberia wherever and built each “family” a 3BR, 2 BTH rancher, LED flat screen TC and a car for less and permanently fixed the problem.

  • Anonymous

    This IS crazy, but you know, I suddenly recalled all those John Wayne movies and other Westerns where white cowboys go into huge barroom brawls that go on and on. Anyone here ever seen “Destry Rides Again?”

  • HH

    On a hopefull note, one wonders if iphones and Youtube may just yet accomplish what decades of White racial activism have largely failed to – namely, open Whites eyes to how Blacks REALLY behave…not how television, film and the corporatocracy want you to believe they do!

  • Anonymous

    What an exemplary culture!

  • Anonymous

    Folks this was not necessarily a black thing. In any event where there are high tensions there is a liability for emotional people to react physically.

    Pontificating about such events weakens Amrens case rather than strengthens it.

    Looking at the video I saw numerous black men acting peacemaker and more young hot heads acting badly. I saw nothing happening in this video that would not happen at an all white game.

    In Australia and in Ireland a bit of a dust up is part of their national games (Australian rules football and gaelic football). There is an unwritten rule that a man cannot be hit if he is on the ground.

    For me, hitting the man on the ground is where manlyness turns into savagery. In this basketball dust up there was noone beaten on the ground.

  • Dagworthy

    The subtitle was “It didn’t happen in Nebraska.”

    This certainly could happen in Nebraska. See the December 26, 2011, Amren story Sudanese Refugees in Omaha Wrestle with Rise of Street Gangs”. Nebraska used to be overwhelmingly white except for a small community of blacks in Omaha. Now Omaha has Sudanese, Lincoln and Grand Island have Somalis and every town, including the smallest, has Hispanics.

  • Anonymous

    #17 is correct. I’ve seen worse stuff happen in European soccer matches and unruly fans on TV.

  • Question Diversity

    17 Anonymous wrote:

    I saw nothing happening in this video that would not happen at an all white game.

    Evidence, please? YouTube clips, stories? If such a thing has happened among all white high school basketball players and teams, I do not remember it.

  • Tim in Indiana

    Goldar wrote at 6:02 PM on December 29:

    Jefferson could not have been more wrong. All men are NOT created equal.

    If you look at the totality of Jefferson’s writings, it’s clear that he meant that all men are created equally FREE, not that they are all equal in capacity or intelligence or ability to carry on civilization.

  • Tim in Indiana

    Anonymous wrote at 5:26 AM on December 30:

    For me, hitting the man on the ground is where manlyness turns into savagery. In this basketball dust up there was noone beaten on the ground.

    If you look at the video again you’ll note that there WAS someone attempting to beat someone who was on the ground (towards the end of the video). The victim had to fend off the attacker with his feet.

    I, too, would be very surprised to see this kind of a brawl at an all-white event, and certainly not going on as long as this.

    The liberals, if forced to admit that this kind of brawl is unheard of among whites, would simply turn around and say it is all due to “oppression by the white man.” In other words, if they can’t deny, then they shift the blame.

  • Anonymous

    20 — Question Diversity

    Ok. You got me. I was unable to find evidence to back up my claim that white basket ball players in the US act the same.

    However, I can find plenty of evidence that European sportsmen are subject to the very same emotions and behaviours.

    Whole Irish football team attacking a referee.

    Australians players participating in mass brawls.

    Greece and Serbia Basketball players in mass brawl.

    All these men carry the very same genes as US white stock.

    Let’s face it, Europeans conquered the globe, you don’t conquer the globe without being aggressive.

    I think arguing that European people aren’t as aggressive as other races is a sure way to loose the argument. We should stick to things in which we clearly excel. Innovation, organization, ability to build successful societies etc.

  • Lee

    And then, come Monday morning, a businessman will be told that if he wants that contract with the government, he has to have policies in place to hire these same folks over a more qualified white person.

    Ain’t diversity fun. Diversity is our strength. Just think how bland America would be if we didn’t have all these “cultures”.

  • Anonymous

    #17 Apples and Bowling balls. Your comparisons don’t add up

  • Anonymous

    Some here are bantering back and forth about Soccer riots and other examples of whites behaving as bad or worse at sports events.

    The fact is that has been happening for some time. The fact also is that it has been happening since the 1970s. I don’t think you can find an example of this before then.

    So what happened?

    IMO it was the suppression of traditional values of chivalry that originated and supported the idea of “Good Sportsmanship,” as all traditional values went out the window beginning in the Sixties. Also, and this is a big ALSO, a lot more money got involved. The use of steroids by athletes also has affected things as well. It all adds up to corruption in general, going back to the original idea of traditional values.

  • Anonymous

    These are the future administrators of Detroit, Camden, Oakland and Chicago. Long live the Republic!