Posted on November 22, 2011

White Men Still Dominate the Venture Industry

Scott Austin, Wall Street Journal, November 21, 2011


A new survey of venture capitalists shows little has changed in the area of diversity since the first poll was conducted three years ago by the National Venture Capital Association and Dow Jones VentureSource.

Not surprisingly, the profession is dominated by males, specifically white men. Of the more than 460 respondents identifying themselves as investors, 89% were men, and 11% were women. The 2008 survey consisted of 86% men and 14% women.

When looking at race, 86% of investors identify themselves as Caucasian, 10% as Asian and 1% as African American. In the 2008 study, 88% were white. Combining gender and race, 76% of participants were white males, compared with 77% three years ago.