Posted on November 18, 2011

Sickening Attack on Subway Passenger Who Confronted Spitting Thugs

C.J. Sullivan, New York Post, November 17, 2011

A valiant straphanger who confronted three thugs for spitting on the train was beaten as laughing passengers filmed the sickening attack.

Daniel Endara, 25, was coming home from his birthday celebration on Nov. 8 when the trio barged onto the L-train and harassed fellow riders near the Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenues Station in Brooklyn, authorities said.

“They were making noise and acting like they were mad about something,” Endara told The Post. “One of them spat on the floor and hit a woman in her late 40s.


One of the thugs got angry at his intervening and took off his shirt.

“I was ready to fight,” said Endara, a student and security guard. “If I fought him one-on-one, I would have knocked him out.”

The trio punched and stomped Endara, who is seen in the video bravely fighting back as he struggled to crawl to his feet, wiping blood off his face as passengers taunted him.

“I was very angry at these guys, but I understand they come from a tough environment,” he said. “Jail won’t help them. They need to learn how to give back to the community instead of always taking.”

He said the women who were cruelly laughing and filming the assault simply need “to learn how to act.”