Posted on November 30, 2011

New Study on Hispanic Achievement Paints Stark Picture

Lesli Maxwell, Education Week, November 29, 2011

A brand-new study examining the nation’s fastest-growing population of students–Hispanics–is out today, and the findings are pretty bleak.

The Council of the Great City Schools has just published “Today’s Promise, Tomorrow’s Future: The Social and Educational Factors Contributing to the Outcomes of Hispanics in Urban Schools,” which takes a close look at how Hispanic students in urban school systems are faring compared with their white peers nationally.


Among the key findings, according to researchers with the council:


•On the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Hispanic and ELL proficiency rates in reading from 2003 to 2009 were at least 26 percentage points below the rates for white students in 4th grade and 24 percentage points below white students’ in 8th grade. For math in those same years, the proportion of Hispanic students performing at or above “proficient” was at least 29 percentage points lower than for white students in 4th grade and 26 points lower in 8th grade.


•Hispanic students in 2008 were much more at risk of dropping out than their white and black peers: 2 1/2 times more likely to drop out than white students and almost twice as likely as black students. And in 2010, fewer than two out of 10 Hispanic students took an Advanced Placement exam compared with six out of 10 white students.


[Editor’s Note: The full report is available here.]

6 responses to “New Study on Hispanic Achievement Paints Stark Picture”

  1. E Pluribus Pluribus says:

    The White-Hispanic achievement gap manifests itself as early as age 2. Latino toddlers (2 or 3 years olds) “trail their white counterparts by up to six months in understanding words, speaking in more complex sentences and performing such simple tasks as assembling puzzles.”*

    *”Studies Find Latino Toddlers Lag White Children in Cognitive Skills,” Carla Rivera, Los Angeles Times, October 20, 2009

    The gap expands to around four years by 12th grade:

    “By the time [minority students] reach grade 12, if they do so at all, minority students are about four years behind other young people. Indeed, 17 year-old African American and Latino students have skills in English, mathematics and science similar to those of 13-year-old white students.” (Education Trust, “Closing the Achievement Gap,” National Governors Association Clearinghouse, 2002, 9th paragraph)

  2. Jim says:

    So now are we going to start artificially propping up hispanics as we have blacks for decades? Give give give, then reflexively blame ourselves for their failures, while destroying what’s left of our childrens’ future?

  3. flyingtiger says:

    My advice to all hispanics is go home. You will be happier, safer and more prosperious in the old country. American does not need you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think the word “Hispanic” needs to be clarified. It should just mean Spanish speaking. Our problem is not that we have millions of “Hispanics” here, what we have is an over abundance of South American Indians here. If we were being invaded from Latin America by the professional and educated classes we’d have no problem. As a matter of fact, one of the doctors I worked with in Chile was a Dr. O’Ryan and he was as white as I am.

    I was watching something on the internet a while back from Spain about some get-together of young women from Spain and Latin America. The girls from Spain were referred to as Hispanas and the girls from Latin America were referred to as Latinas.

    Another thing of interest. I was doing a telephone interview one time with a Mexican woman and I asked her if she she was White. (It was part of the survey to ask one’s race.) She said in Spanish oh, no, I’m not White, the Americans are White. I wish that were still true.

    I don’t hate these people. I’ve traveled extensively throughout Latin America and most of the people are very nice, White, Mestizo, or Indian. However, as that nun Sister Socorro said to me mamy years ago in Colombia, as long as they U.S. keeps taking them in, Latin America will never solve its own problems.

  5. kulak says:

    Hispanic students in 2008 were much more at risk of dropping out than their white and black peers: 2 1/2 times more likely to drop out than white students and almost twice as likely as black students.

    This proves Hispanics are smarter and more ambitious than blacks, and maybe even some whites.

    Hispanic drop-outs are smart enough to realize that school for many of them is waste of time, and they are ambitious enough to go do something else.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “what we have is an over abundance of South American Indians here.”

    Poster 4 hit the nail on the head, and this needs to the language used by all. I work with “Hispanics” and almost all of them are Indians. Very few are mixed or Mestizo.

    I keep thinking how ironic. Our ancestors pushed the American Indians from the Atlantic coast all the way onto desert reservations, and in the last 30 years, their cousins from Mexico on down are pushing us back to the hinterlands.

    The only difference is we are allowing it to happen. It’s like the revenge of the Indians!