Posted on November 15, 2011

Menace of the Bus Sex Attackers

Beatriz Ayala, Oldham Evening Chronicle, November 11, 2011

Bus passengers are being urged to be vigilant after police launched a hunt for three different men who all sexually assaulted women on buses in Oldham.

Three different women reported being sexually assaulted during a 10-week period from August 25 to November 2.

The first incident occurred at 2pm on August 25 on the number 83 bus from Manchester to Oldham.

The offender sat behind the woman on the upper deck and sexually touched her.


After he was confronted, he got off the bus on Oldham Road in Failsworth.

He is described as Asian, in his mid-40s, of a skinny build, 5ft 9in tall and with a long face.

He was wearing circular rimmed glasses, had a long nose, short black hair and wore a black jacket and black jeans.

The second incident happened at about 4.40pm on October 23 when a woman got off the 409 bus from Oldham to Rochdale at the Oozewood Road bus stop, and was sexually touched by a man who had been a fellow passenger.

He is described as Asian with a pale complexion, in his mid 20s, of a skinny build, and 5ft 10in tall.

He had cropped black hair combed forward and wore a waist-length cream jacket and dark jeans.

The third incident happened at 6.30pm on November 2 when a woman was travelling on the 83 bus from Oldham to Manchester with the offender.

Both got off in Manchester Street when he approached her, sexually assaulted her and ran off.

The offender is described as Asian, with a round face, in his 30s and had a monobrow.

He was between 5ft 6in to 5ft 8in tall and wore a cream or beige fleece-style jacket and was carrying two shoulder bags.

CCTV stills of each man have now released and police are urging anyone with information or who recognises the men to come forward.

PC Edmund Taylor, from the Sexual Offences Unit in Oldham, said: “What we are investigating is three different offenders and three different women who have all been sexually assaulted by touching over a 10-week period.

“On each occasion, the offence has either taken place on a bus or when the offender had got off and followed his victim.

“These are very serious incidents and have clearly caused each woman a great deal of distress.

“That is why we have circulated images of the men we want to speak to and I would appeal to anyone who recognises these men to come forward.”


PC Taylor stressed there was nothing to suggest the offences were linked, or that the offenders knew each other.

But he urged bus passengers, especially women, to be aware of other travellers and move seats or inform the driver if they felt uncomfortable.

He said: “The majority of buses these days are fitted with CCTV cameras and we work very closely with bus operators to identify these sort of offenders.

“If anyone thinks they can get away with touching someone on a bus they need to think again.”

16 responses to “Menace of the Bus Sex Attackers”

  1. Tom says:

    Asian= Muslim. Getting harder to explain the enrichment. The Internet will save us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For our American cousins, Oldham is a town with a large Pakisatni muslim community(Asian to us). This is a town where gangs of ‘groomers’ prey on white under age girls. Parts of the town have no go areas for whites with saying saying as much on display openly.

    The town is a dissgrace I hardly recognise it from how I remember it 20 years ago.

    I have to work there from time to time but always get out quick.

  3. Bardon says:

    My take- Indian subcontinent Muslims (Pakistanis and Indian Muslims).

  4. Anonymous says:

    As long as these nations do nothing or little to combat the sexual exploitation crimes against white, indigenous women, the perpetrators will only grow bolder, as they have in Norway, where 246 public rapes have occurred with most of the perps being released because they succeeded. The social softness of Westerners is killing them.

  5. Bill R says:

    Looks Indian or Paki to me. I see Britain keeps referring to these types as “asian” the same way our news and police refer to Mexicans as “whites” or when necessary, hispanics.

  6. RJS says:

    How in the bleep do they describe a perp if he is Korean? Also an “Asian”?

    It is ridiculous to describe middle easteners as “Asian”.

  7. Klee says:

    This suspect is not East Asian. He probably South Asian or Middle East origin.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The consensus among many immigrants is that white women are sexually available to them.

    Their aggression has been given a green light by our passive immigration policies, which already give them the bounty of our land without so much as a struggle.

  9. Anonymous says:

    More problems thanks to the immigration QUISLINGS. I highly recommend the Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades.

    Please pay special attention to the book’s explanation of the Koran’s and the Haditha’s prescriptions regarding the treatment of non-Muslims.

    While I personally oppose the wars currently being pursued against Muslim countries, I also recognize the danger of the quisling immigration attack on the “western” (northern)countries. It is really south against north. In particular, importing Muslims is sheer folly!

  10. Anonymous says:

    These “Asians” are all undoubtedly Pakistani muslims who probably couldn’t get a date with a real woman if their lives counted on it. I bet the victims were probably white females.

  11. Cousin Charlie from TN says:

    Idiotic to use “asian” as an description of anyone or anything. “Asia” is a gargantuan polyglot of races and cultures. And, these various races and cultures do not intermingle whatsoever.

  12. ATBOTL says:

    “Asian= Muslim”

    No, “Asian” means Indian, Pakistani, Bangladesh or Sri Lankan in the UK.

    Muslisms from Turkey or Algeria are not considered “Asians.”

  13. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    Where are all the English men to protect their women? If this happened in my presence I would have have given the little thug a solid right cross with a sweet left combo. This is the only response this attack on our women deserves. These people of the “religion of peace” have been taught that Western women are trash and to treat them as so, even Allah approves.

  14. Wulfstan says:

    For RJS at 7.40

    An Asian is someone from Asia, which includes the whole of the Indian subcontinent as well as the middle east. Asiatics from further east, ie China, Korea, Japan etc are not as numerous in the UK, and would be described in direct relation to their specific land of origin. I don’t know why so any people get confused over this.

  15. John Bell in England. says:

    RJS asks “how in the bleep do they describe a perp if he is Korean?”. Answer; oriental. In fact we don’t have many Koreans in England but plenty of everything else.

    When I see an American reference to an “Asian”, I always have to pause and translate: “they don’t mean what we mean, they mean an oriental”. RJS obviously has the same problem in reverse.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Question. What is a white Russian born anywhere EAST of the Ural mountains called? That whole area of Russia, most of its national territory, lies in Asia, at least geographically.