Posted on November 16, 2011

Jared Taylor Challenges Campus to Debate Diversity

Jared Taylor, The Highland Cavalier, November 14, 2011

On Oct. 28, “The Highland Cavalier” published an editorial claiming that the positions held by my organization, the New Century Foundation, are “ignorant” because we find racial diversity to be a weakness for the United States and not a strength. I suspect that many on the UVa-Wise campus share the Cavalier’s indignation that anyone could question current orthodoxies. After all, from the President of the United States on down, we always hear that diversity is our strength–perhaps even America’s greatest strength.

And yet, as of Nov. 3, there were 30 online comments to your editorial, and virtually all agreed with us rather than you. Clearly, there is a substantial point of view that is seldom heard on campus, and I believe UVa-Wise would benefit from further discussion. I propose a public debate between myself and any faculty member on the following question: “Is diversity a strength for America?”

The affirmative position is so widely proclaimed that surely someone on campus will defend it. If my opinions are as “ignorant” as your editorial claims, they should be easy to refute. I look forward to a lively exchange. If none is forthcoming–if no one steps forward to defend orthodoxy–some may conclude that those who profess to love diversity have no stomach for the diversity that matters most: a diversity of opinions.

Taylor is president of the New Century Foundation in Oakton, Va.