Posted on November 23, 2011

IQ Blackout: Why Did Studying Intelligence Become Taboo?

Anneli Rufus, AlterNet, November 2, 2011

Scholars used to avidly study human intelligence. They measured cranial capacity. They administered IQ tests. They sought to define what intelligence was and who had more or less of it and why.

These days, not so much. Somewhere along the way, the very idea of intelligence became politicized. Its legitimacy as a field of study, as a measurable quality–on par with height, eyesight and hand-and-eye coordination–and as a concept came under fire. Talk of “brainpower” and “smarts” ebbed as scholars proposed “multiple intelligences”–such as musical, spatial, interpersonal and intrapersonal–rather than whatever had hitherto been called IQ. An IQ blackout has descended. When researchers talk about IQ at all, the big question is whether it’s inherited, and if so, how much. IQ now faces fierce competition from SQ and EQ, social and emotional intelligence, two burgeoning theories.

Why are our minds and their capabilities among the most taboo topics in 21st-century academia?

“I believe there are a number of factors involved,” says Dennis Garlick, a postdoctoral researcher in psychology at UCLA and the author of Intelligence and the Brain: Solving the Mystery of Why People Differ in IQ and How a Child Can Be a Genius (Aesop, 2010). “Certainly a major factor is the race issue. Arguing that the races differ in IQ has tainted the whole field, and many researchers and commentators would prefer to just avoid the area for fear of being labeled racists.”

Much of that taint and fear dates back to the work of UC Berkeley psychologist Arthur Jensen, whose writings in the 1960s linking differences in cognitive ability with differences in race sparked protests on the Berkeley campus and outrage in the scientific community that echoes to this day.

“The most important fact about intelligence is that we can measure it,” Jensen wrote in his most famous work, “How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?” published in the Harvard Educational Review in 1969.

“IQ is known to predict scholastic performance better than any other single measurable attribute of the child,” Jensen wrote.

Asserting that intelligence is “heritable”–that it’s mainly in our genes–he then warned against making racial generalizations: against, in a sense, being racist.

“Whenever we select a person for some special educational purpose . . . we are selecting an individual, and we are selecting him and dealing with him for reasons of his individuality. . . . Since, as far as we know, the full range of human talents is represented in all the major races of man and in all socioeconomic levels, it is unjust to allow the mere fact of an individual’s racial or social background to affect the treatment accorded to him.”


“Schools and society must provide a range and diversity of educational methods, programs, and goals,” Jensen demanded: In other words, diversify the curricula, not necessarily the faculty or student body.

“Jensen is still greatly respected by many traditional intelligence researchers,” Garlick says. “By ‘traditional intelligence researchers,’ I mean researchers who still value IQ and continue to do studies that evaluate the effectiveness of IQ in predicting outcomes, or studies that examine possible mechanisms that may cause differences in IQ. However, due to the unpopularity of Jensen’s findings, this group of researchers is now very small.

“The major move in response to Jensen’s findings hasn’t been rigorous and compelling research to try and disprove his hypotheses and findings. Rather, it has led to an exodus of researchers away from the area, and a drying up of grant funding and research positions for researchers interested in IQ.”

Jensen’s work was a flashpoint dividing the study of human intelligence into two periods: BJ and AJ, you might say.

“The post-Jensen period has not been filled with good research aimed at disproving and discounting Jensen’s hypotheses,” Garlick laments, “but rather with treating not just Jensen but the field of IQ in general as persona non grata. What this means for people who are low in intelligence is very much up to debate.”


“If you believe that IQ measures something genetic, scientifically and precisely measurable, and of paramount importance in life, then it’s easy to believe that people who score very low should not be allowed to have children,” says human-rights lawyer turned journalist Stephen Murdoch, author of IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea (Wiley, 2007). {snip}


“Other traits, such as conscientiousness or self-control, might be viewed as equally or more important. . . . As long as there is disagreement in the field about what intelligence is, we should remain agnostic and ignore what the intelligence experts say the nature of intelligence is. . . . We listened to the intelligence experts in the 20th century with dire consequences,” Murdoch says.

“Unfortunately, there are researchers who are still interested in the differences between races. I have no idea why. What’s the intellectual appeal or social utility of such studies? It escapes me. . . . I believe in academic freedom: Let them study the issue if they want to. Just ignore them.”


54 responses to “IQ Blackout: Why Did Studying Intelligence Become Taboo?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    UCLA psychology professors seem to be well paid. They are paid substantially more than their post-doctoral researchers like Garlick.

  2. elitist says:

    The IQ test came into disfavor because blacks do so badly on it.

    All the rest is smoke and mirrors.

    The Nazis euthanized a few thousand retarded people before popular outcry scuttled the program.

    Then they went on to exterminate the Jews, who were not retarded, but instead more intellectually gifted on average than the general population.

    All of which proves exactly what?

    The eugenics movement in the West predated the Nazi regime, and generally resided on the enlightened and progressive side of the political spectrum.

    The notion that racial differences in intelligence is a dull, tedious sort of topic (as claimed by one of the interviewees in the article) is a weird, desperate sort of argument:

    on the contrary, racial differences in intelligence is by very wide margin the MOST controversial topic in our society.

    Let’s be perfectly honest:

    if all US citizens – including blacks – with IQs below 75 had been sterilized over the past century, would the results have been positive for American society, or negative?

  3. Anonymous says:

    “If you believe that IQ measures something genetic, scientifically and precisely measurable, and of paramount importance in life, then it’s easy to believe that people who score very low should not be allowed to have children,” says human-rights lawyer turned journalist Stephen Murdoch, author of IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea (Wiley, 2007).

    I don’t know why he would make that leap about having children, but notice that he is willing to ignore the truth, for fear of how others will use the truth. Is that really his job?

  4. Sincerely Concerned says:

    “I believe in academic freedom: Let them study the issue if they want to. Just ignore them.” -Murdoch

    Here’s one: why don’t we just ignore you? A human rights lawyer turned journalist is bound to be biased based upon emotion rather than fact. Perhaps he’s even more biased than a regular ole MSM journalist, if that’s possible.

  5. Question Diversity says:

    IQ Blackout: Why Did Studying Intelligence Become Taboo?

    Because left wing screwballs, including most of the people who write for AlterNut, hold a dedication to the doctrine of racial equality that can only be described as religious zealotry.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “it is unjust to allow the mere fact of an individual’s racial or social background to affect the treatment accorded to him”.

    My the forces of ‘tolerance’ could learn a thing or two from this terrible ‘racist’ Arthur Jensen.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “it is unjust to allow the mere fact of an individual’s racial or social background to affect the treatment accorded to him”.

    My the forces of ‘tolerance’ could learn a thing or two from this terrible ‘racist’ Arthur Jensen. And by a thing or two I mean a lot. A lifetime’s worth of learning.

  8. Allan says:

    Back in the mid 1950’s, when I was in college, a Psych prof made a remark which no college professor would dare make today. He said, “A brilliant Negro is one with a 100 IQ.” At the time, my youthful idealism didn’t want to admit that that was true. The older I get, the more true it seems.

  9. Lee says:

    IQ research became taboo when the results didn’t coincide with the politically correct mantra of “equality between the races”. One area in which this blackout [pardon the pun] of information has really hurt America is in the early childhood education.

    Ability level + motivation are two key components of student achievement. IQ plays a prominent role in ability level. Let’s face it, a student with an 80 IQ will never be able to learn at the same pace and level as the student with a 120 IQ. But yet, there they are, sitting in the same classroom for the first 7-8 years of school. It is only at the high school level that the high achieving student is able to segregate himself by ability level by enrolling in Advanced Placement, Honors, College Prep, or other higher level classes.

    Too little, too late, IMHO.

    Educrats in America point to places like Finland and Sweden as nations who are leaving the US behind academically.

    But they cannot bring themselves to admit the reason why.

  10. Tim in Indiana says:

    I’m a firm believer in evolution, but the sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy of the liberals really gets me. They ridicule creationists and skeptics of global warming for their “anti-scientific” views, when they, the liberals, themselves believe science should be censored when it comes to exploring racial differences in IQ.

    It all depends whose ox is being gored, I guess, or whose pet theory is being questioned, as the case may be. In any event, it’s amazing how quickly they are willing to push science aside the moment it ventures into forbidden territory.

  11. Detroit WASP says:

    If blacks scored higher in IQ testing…it wouldn’t be a taboo.

    Instead, it would be on the front page of every paper in the world as proof that RACISM is the reason blacks fail at everything that doesn’t involve jumping or running.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why Did Studying Intelligence Become Taboo?

    When telling the truth about racial differences in IQ started ending one’s career, if not threaten his life. Ask James Watson.

    “We listened to the intelligence experts in the 20th century with dire consequences,” Murdoch says.

    What might those “dire consequences” be, Mr. Murdoch?

    The fact that blacks cannot achieve at the level of whites no matter how much money is thrown at them? Dire consequences resulted when IQ experts and racial IQ differences were ignored, when a trillion dollars was spent over sixty years trying to educate blacks to the level of whites. A trillion dollars spent over sixty years and the IQ gap remains as wide and intractable as ever.

    Just ignore them.

    It’s time to recognize that racial IQ differences exist, stop spending billions of dollars on something intractable and ignore you.

  13. Russ in the South says:

    There are racial diferences in athletic ability. Does anyone deny THAT? So, why is controversial to point out racial differences in mental ability? No one will deny that blacks can run and jump better than other ethnic groups (whites, Asians, etc.). So, what’s wrong with pointing out where non-blacks have it on blacks?

  14. Anonymous says:

    The refusal in our society to acknowledge racial differences in intelligence has had real ramifications. It isn’t boring, but even if it was, it’s highly relevant for that reason alone.

    I’ve talked to people from other countries about the US educational system before, and one thing that they are always surprised by is that we don’t divide students into a college-track and a trade-track at some point like most other countries seem to do. I tell them it’s politically impossible in the United States, because the result would be a vanishingly tiny percentage of blacks being placed on the college track. Can you imagine the uproar if some school district tried to do something like this and only 1 out of 50 blacks made the college track, compared to 1 out of 5 whites?

  15. iLia says:

    And what about “criminal” intelligence, some races seem to be very gifted with it?

  16. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    There is an important truth about the United States. Many whites and most blacks are incapable of learning marketable job skills for a high tech economy. Because the implications of this truth are lethal to what most liberals want to achieve, they try to suppress mention of it. Because conservatives like to pretend that that there is moral significance to the distribution of wealth, they allow liberals to suppress the truth.

    There is reason for being reticent about this truth. If you are invited to a dinner party at Georgetown it would be impolite to tell anyone that the hostess worked her way through Vassar as a call girl, especially if she did. Nevertheless, the truth has legitimate policy implications. There need to be places where it can be discussed candidly.

  17. John Engelman says:

    There is a passage in 1984 where George Orwell says – in effect, it has been years since I read it – that a political ideology may say that 2 + 2 = 5, and the government exposing the ideology may punish those who say otherwise. Nevertheless, where it is really important for the government, such as in military matters, it is still understood that 2 + 2 = 4.

    Although it is dangerous in the current political climate to acknowledge the importance of intelligence differences, the military remains committed to intelligence testing. Employers in the private sector are increasingly using it in making employment decisions.

  18. John Engelman says:

    It is not dangerous to disagree with the theory of relativity in parts of the world, and dangerous do agree with it in other parts. Unfortunately, with scientific theories pertaining to human beings, that kind of thought control exists.

  19. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    The first time I visited Las Vegas I asked a friend what the function of the pit bosses was. He replied that they were there “to see that nothing interferes with the smooth flow of money from your pocket to theirs.”

    Virtually all the things we discuss on this site have been put in place by anti-Whites to prevent interference with the smooth progress of White Genocide. The smooth flow of life from Whites to non-Whites.

    1. Anti-Whites don’t allow IQ to be discussed because the falsehood that all races are the same is used by anti-Whites to justify White Genocide.

    2. Whether you believe the statement below to be the truth or a lie, the constant repetition of “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, Nazi” is done to demoralize Whites and smooth the progress of White Genocide:

    “The Nazis went so far as to execute untold thousands of low IQ scorers…Coming two decades after the Nazis used IQ to justify slaughter.”

    Lol! Nothing the Nazis did or didn’t do has been “untold”….give me a break!

    If you object to these or any other measures that smooth the process of White Genocide, you’re a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews!

    The people who devise and enforce these genocidal measures say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  20. Jack Krak says:

    #2 hit it exactly. The more we study IQ, the more we see blacks always have been & always will be at the bottom of the ladder, and several rungs down from everyone else at that. The proof for it is as overwhelming as any proof can be. Any real discussion of the implications of this clear and simple truth is off limits due to the embarassment is causes – not blacks’ embarassment, but ours. Picking on the little defenseless guy runs strongly against our sensibilities and is thus discouraged. Add to this the strong associations in the popular mind with Nazis (pre-Nazi leftist eugenicists somehow get a pass on this) and all comparisons between races have the tenedency to make people squirm. That is, of course, unless it shows something supposedly flattering or complimentary about blacks.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You are way behind.

    The word “race” is taboo

    The word “black” is taboo

    The word “white” is taboo

    And you sure as hell cant call Asians as yellow or red or Mexicans as red. Miami changed the yellow line transit because of the same reasons.

    Amazingly the Redskins are still around.

    the list is a mile long since Obama took over …

    and these idiots thought Herman Cain was legit?

    Just proves how gullible and naive whites are.

  22. Luke says:

    Mr. Elitist needs to catch up on his remedial homework, and spend a few hours watching the excellent video documentary titled ‘One Third of the Holocaust’.

    Followed by the equally excellent video documentary by Eric Hunt which is titled ‘The Last Days of the Big Lie’ – which does an outstanding job of revealing how much of a con artist Steven Spielberg truly is.

    Two video documentary films, incidentally, which will be mandatory viewing for every White European school-age child once this rapidly decomposing dung heap of a nation finishes collapsing, and Whites have their Cultural-Marxist-free White Ethnostate finally established.

  23. Sureesh says:

    Also taboo that many Asian-Indians have skin darker than your average American Black, yet we do better than whites on tests such as the SATs and other standardized achievement tests given in the U.S.

    Your average American white thinks that race=skin color and a good portion would mistake a South Indian for Black upon sight.

    Liberals can’t explain why we fall into a total opposite pattern of Blacks if their excuse is that Blacks do poorly because whites are prejudiced against them cuz of ‘da color of their skin.’

    I think this IQ taboo will be broken sometime within the next five years which is why I plan to move to Singapore next summer. When the racial reality in America comes to wake, I’m afraid that I’ll be mistaken for Black and force to live among them.

    In Singapore, there is plenty of diversity but it’s all of the Asian variety and people there KNOW that Indians are NOT Black and my chances of being mistaken for Black there are ZERO because there are NO Blacks in Singapore.

  24. neanderthalDNA says:

    This is perhaps the most tragically laughable aspect of the lib-lefty Lysenkoist duckspeaky witch hunt nature of the soft core genocide of white people.

    We know. People like Tim Wise, that pathetic Quisling who “earns” his living crusading for the destruction and humiliation of his own people – they know too, deep down…

    We know the sun sits at the center of the solar system. We just can’t say it because reality is apparently…


  25. Jordan says:

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

    The primary difficulty with your “mantra” is that it is both nonsensical and awkward.

    It is nonsensical because the phrase “anti-racist” is not a word used in common speech. It therefore cannot be a “code word” by any intelligible stretch.

    The slogan is awkward because the human mind doesn’t process negative statements with great facility, particularly double negatives. “The mantra” is a double negative.

    This “mantra” is awful. With so few opportunities to spread your message, how is it possible you’ve settled on such a horrible leading slogan? Please put your collective minds together and come up with something better.

  26. sbuffalonative says:

    “Why are our minds and their capabilities among the most taboo topics in 21st-century academia?”

    Because stating an objective, quantifiable truth is forbidden in the new Dark Ages of Political Correctness.

  27. Pigmentally challenged says:

    @Tim in Indiana- great point about the hypocrites on the left regarding science. I admit to watching Bill Maher at times because of his anti-corporate and anti-congress opinion on things. But this is one major area that he and others of his ilk are hypocritical. On science and global warming, he agrees that there is scientific evidence to suggest man has sped up the process of climate and its extreme changes throughout the world.

    But when it comes to racial differences from a scientific standpoint, no liberal, (or conservative for that matter) wants to touch the topic. Another sad commentary that will only lead to more racial divisiveness in the long run. In the hair-brain stream media, all over the headlines when a black does something groundbreaking for the 1st time, it’s etched in stone and a must read. But when poor Whites are beaten, raped and harassed at majority black schools throughout America not a word is mentioned.

    The irony in all this is not lost on me. Here in Cleveland the other night, there was an attractive Caucasian feature dominated black woman (think pretty young long haired brunette with,a permanent tan) and she had a police sketch of a suspected police assailant in her hand. He was wanted in Akron (a majority black area in Ohio) on sexual assault charges, and was pulled over by cops, waited until the policemen approached to his driver side window, restarted the car and took off on the interstate. The black female reporter held the sketch up to the camera. He was black, but she did not verbally mention his race. Might this be a new practice so to notify the public without declaring the color of the assailant? Well, that is a start back to what is right.

  28. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    25 — Jordan wrote at 12:22 PM on November 24:

    “The primary difficulty with your ‘mantra’* is that it is both nonsensical and awkward…The slogan [‘anti-racist is a code word for anti-White’] is awkward…This ‘mantra’ is awful.”

    I’m surprised you’ve been having such poor results with it. Possibly you’re using it incorrectly and could use a touch up at the bugster site, or perhaps you’re not repeating it frequently enough. In our own experience it’s been very effective. As for “the slogan,” in mainstream-land everyone seems to understand immediately the meaning of “anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

    And that’s in contrast to what must have been the stupefaction with which Whites greeted the introduction of the brand new word “racist” into their world 50 or 60 years ago. But, after the r-word had been repeated into their brains a few thousand times, Whites assumed the word had been around since the Pleistocene and that it’s meaning and validity couldn’t be more self-evident.

    White GeNOcide

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    (Isn’t “White GeNOcide” even MORE irritating than the slogan! It was to me when I first saw it. Much too unsophisticated. Now I love it.)

    *The Mantra:

  29. Cliff Yablonski says:

    In the 1960’s, my High School civics teacher once talked about Africa and casually mentioned that the average IQ of the African was “right at moron level”. At the time the term moron was used to denote an IQ of 70 or below, so he was being accurate and truthful,something that would never be allowed today.

    It’s ironic that this was in Inglewood High, which was then 100% white. Today Inglewood High looks like it’s set in Africa:

  30. Netzach says:

    #9 Lee,

    “Educrats in America point to places like Finland and Sweden as nations who are leaving the US behind academically.

    But they cannot bring themselves to admit the reason why.”

    Worry not. Sweden has already suffered a steep reduction in its academic standards (being just about the most fanatically multicultural nation anywhere), and us Finns are facing decreasing performance as well. Sure, there are plenty of reasons for that, but none of them will be effectively addressed, since our teacher’s union is in hysterics about “hate speech in classrooms” and shouting how addressing that should be the responsibility of all teachers, no matter what the subject (anti-racist mathematics, right).

    Yeah, maybe I’m just a little bit bitter. Primary education is one of the very few things that really works here, and it’s being thrown upon the pyre. More diversity. I’m sure that’ll fix it.

    #10 Tim in Indiana,

    “I’m a firm believer in evolution, but the sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy of the liberals really gets me. They ridicule creationists and skeptics of global warming for their “anti-scientific” views, when they, the liberals, themselves believe science should be censored when it comes to exploring racial differences in IQ.”

    Most of people couldn’t possibly care less about scientific method. They just want to hijack the hard-won credibility of science to their own ends. Someone who actually follows the profound skepticism and empiricism of the method is at best an embarassment to them, at worst a real danger.

    #25 Jordan,

    “The slogan is awkward because the human mind doesn’t process negative statements with great facility, particularly double negatives. “The mantra” is a double negative.

    This “mantra” is awful. With so few opportunities to spread your message, how is it possible you’ve settled on such a horrible leading slogan? Please put your collective minds together and come up with something better.”

    Good points. The leading slogan should certainly be something pithier and simpler. Then again, there is plenty of room for more convoluted slogans playing with double negatives and such. I’ve personally enjoyed some success with “The difference between fascism and anti-fascism is as big as that between Arctic and Antarctic.” In quite a few contexts, having some complexity is actually a virtue.

    But yeah, once again, one really needs some simple, uncomplicated ones as well, slogans that big crowds can shout easily.

  31. Woody Woodpecker says:


    Most criminal activity, especially violent, does not require any amount intelligence, rather the willingness to commit heinous acts. If you are willing to offer an old lady to help her with her grocery bags, and hit her over the head & rob her when alone, does that make you intelligent for tricking her, or just sadistic and evil with no conscience? By the way, the “tricking the old lady” crime was what Teddy Atlas said Mike Tyson was sent to “youth prison” for when he was a young teenager.

    Now, if you’re talking about a Bernie Madoff or Ivan Boesky, then I will grant you some intelligence was involved there, along with a big void in ethical conduct. But you won’t find criminals like that in the ghettos.

  32. Anonymous says:

    30 — Netzach “I’m a firm believer in evolution”

    Evolution is a set of scientific hypotheses. “Belief” in it is not appropriate. One examines facts and evidence for and against hypotheses. Evolution is NOT a religion (unless the atheists want to admit that what they are is a religion and admit they serve a force of unspeakable evil based on the fruits of their way of thinking). “Faith” is not supposed to be a factor. Evidence is the only thing that matters.

    And with regard to evolution, ALL of the evidence point to it as being largely invalid. From examination of the fossil record to the ridiculous hoaxes that times and time again have been debunked (yet CONTINUE to be provided as evidence) to the complete failure of evolution to be observed on the microbiological level, as far as I can tell, not a single shred of valid evidence in support of this theory has ever been provided. Instead, “belief” is put forth, largely to try and challenge Christian faith….which IS a religion and NOT a science and not held to the same set of rules.

    It gets ridiculous. For example, the primordial ooze explanation of the beginning of life is patently absurd and violate the prime scientific tenant of biology….that life only comes from life and never non-life. That alone puts it in company of the worst failure of scientific theory.

    Evolution is actually a two pronged attack by those who despise whites and civilization. The attack against Christian faith most people understand. And one only has to look at the various incredible genocides that always step hand in hand with marxist atheism adopted as government to see in rather obvious fashion that, whatever their supposed faith or non-faith, these people are hardcore devoted to the service of evil.

    But the more insidious brain washing is the attempt to undermine science. Science is nothing more and nothing less than an important toolkit of careful observation, application of specific logical rules and attempts to assert reliable controls over reproducible phenomenon that are objective. It has served the white race well for thousands of years in its various forms. The liberals would undermine this and then destroy it by replacing “science” with calls to authority, dogma, heresy and shouting down of those who disagree, no matter what the evidence says.

  33. Rhialto says:

    1-Stephen Murdoc is a lawyer and journalist, not a scientist. His training has therefore not been directed to ascertaining facts, but in human manipulation. Murdoc’s statements illustrate this clearly. He wants you to ignore the relevant fact that races do not have equal average intelligence, because it destroys his position. Lawyers use this tactic when the evidence proves their clients are guilty.

    2-Let’s be realistic. If blacks’ have one sigma lower IQ that whites’, all the affirmative action, EEO, forced busing programs of the federal government become an enormous fraud perpetrated on America. We can’t have that, can we.

  34. Luke says:

    There is another, extremely important reason that the enemies who control our mainstream media, academia, government, and financial sectors are vainly trying to keep the cork in the bottle on the topic of IQ differences between the races – it has to do with their larger and far more diabolically evil, sinister, and malicious agenda of pushing miscegenation between White females and black males.

    Now, I could be way off base here, but my instincts tell me that very few White females – armed with up-front, prior knowledge of the 15 to 20 point average IQ deficit between those black males that our media constantly try to sell to them as great choices for bed partners and mates and the White men of their own race – would completely throw aside this knowledge and deliberately want to produce IQ deficient off-spring. Mother Nature’s influence over the reproductive process of all mammals tends to drive the female to seek to mate who is the strongest, most intelligent, and most genetically fit – because that ensures the off-spring of such a union would have a far better chance of survival. Human Anthropology 101.

    Therefore, in just about every area of our rapidly decomposing society and nation that even remotely touches on the subject of race – if you simply view it through a prism of ‘does this help or hinder the progress of genociding White European people’ – you will literally always find that our Cultural Marxist enemies have erected taboos or passed laws or tried to categorize any open discussion of the given topic as ‘hate speech’.

    By the way. For those in the AR community who naively think that these enemies of ours are going wake up one day and decide to change their genocide objectives towards White European people voluntarily, and that we, as Whites, can continue to stand like a deer in the headlights and do nothing in our own defense – I have some bad news for you. They won’t.

    They will cease and desist only when we force them to. They will cease and desist only when they can be made to experience real, extremely unpleasant, and profoundly negative consequences for what they are attempting to do to our race and civilization.

    Bring on the Genocide Trials.

  35. Anonymous says:

    There is plenty of research on intelligence. Type “IQ” and “heritability” into Google Scholar, set it to show articles from 2000, and there are over 8500 papers, most on technical and scientific aspects of the topic using good methodology, rather than the PC handwaving you bemoan here. The scientific work costs a lot of money, and I doubt the Pioneer Fund provides 1% of the cited documents in the sample I direct you to, which probably means private or even State money underpins these efforts. Perhaps you mean a dearth of research on IQ and race? Er, no – 24900 papers published since 2000 using the same method as above, including a fair number that are technical or neuroscience-related. it’s supposedly the enemy who confuse a fact and an opinion. There is no need for it here.

  36. white in philly says:

    The blithering hypocritical liberal thought police march on to the Brave New World they have prepared for us.

    Lets see. In civil service employment in this city (police and fire), the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Index)test, along with other psych testing, are still used. Search Amren for articles on that test and how blacks do on it. A little problem with the ability to postpone gratification, hyper positive self esteem, etc., is revealed by the test as RACIALLY unequally endowed.

    Its not just “g” or “general intelligence” that psych research shows racial differences in, but the mind and body in general, including such things as testosterone levels and its personality trait, aggression.

    The MMPI continues in use. Medical science continues to research into and inform people of the racial differences in health risks.

    Blacks continue to be worshiped by liberals for athletic superiority, with white liberals mocking any “Great White Hope” or attempt of whites to compete against their black athletic clear (at least in liberal minds) superiors.

    (Of course, the “Great Black – white liberal sports journalist or broadcaster – Hope” in athletics is the running “super athletic” black quarterback, e.g. Cunningham, McNabb, and now Vic. It would seem that quick mental response and superior “touch” make whites better quarterbacks. Can you say Aaron Rogers?)

    Everyone, white, black, brown, Asian, knows that all this stuff is true (though blacks and browns – while boasting in such things as their racially distinct athletic and aggression superiority – try desperately to deny the obvious about their racially distinct IQ deficit, and adore white liberals who tell them to ignore it).

    When it comes to IQ, truth is no defense.

    Such is the state of racial affairs in this Orwellian liberal madhouse.

  37. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    30 — Netzach wrote at 6:13 PM on November 24:

    “But yeah, once again, one really needs some simple, uncomplicated [slogans] as well, slogans that big crowds can shout easily.”

    Yes, it’s tragic that our big crowds of pro-Whites that gather regularly to demonstrate have no suitable slogans to shout! Lol!

    In my experience so far, only some pro-Whites have found anything “complicated” in the slogan, “anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.” On mainstream sites and among mainstream audiences addressed in person, the slogan’s simple meaning seems to be easily understood.

    White GeNOcide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  38. Anonymous says:


    Have you done your research properly on Singapore? Singapore is rife with racial tension. There have actually been race riots in Singapore, but not for some time. Violence had been subdued by strict laws from their fragile dictatorship. Singapore enforces forms of socialism and affirmative action as well.

    Singapore has a large population of Malay Muslims. What has been the history between Hindus and Muslims in your country? Do you think all of that animosity has somehow mysteriously vanished? Also, Singapore regularly accepts black Africans as guest works. Have a look around the constructions sites, you will see them.

    Some Indian students have some impressive work ethic and academic skills, but they are not more intelligent than whites. Where do you acquire your statistics? I admit that I don’t know the exact statistics, but WHAT HAS INDIA EVER INVENTED? Did India invent the automobile, telephone, light bulb, rocket propulsion, jet, nuclear fission, the computer? NO, they did not. These are exclusively European and European American inventions.

    I have respect for my Indian colleagues and have nothing against the country, but your comments fill me with rage. I will not hate an entire race of people based soley on the comments of one idiot. I must warn you that not everyone in the world is rational and calm. Sadly, your comments ignite racial hatred on your people. Whites are constantly being attacked in western society. Comments like yours are simply more attacks which only generate only more anger.

    Enjoy Singapore, but don’t expect it to be paradise. After the novelty wears off, you will see that it has many of the same problems that you thought you were escaping.

  39. Jason Robertson says:

    Re esp. 32.

    I try to approach the arguments for and against evolution with an open mind. The diverse multiplicity of fixed life-forms in existence or in the fossil record, and proposed mutation rates, seem good arguments against it, or at any rate against an entirely aimless process.

    On the other hand, stories and chronology in Genesis do not seem to be literally accurate, e.g. the descent of all human races from Noah just a few thousand years ago.

    The genetic diversity of human groups and its correlation with a now fairly substantial hominid fossil record, plus DNA analysis, points to evolutionary differentiation (especially intellectual and physical adaptation to climate) within Homo sapiens over a very long period of time, although there are disagreements about the migrations and relationships of human subspecies. Significant variations in average intelligence among human breeding populations are well established, as also are genetic components in brain function.

    Zoroastrian and Hebrew sacred literature may contain moral wisdom in metaphorical form about the nature of humanity, but outside of genetics and palaeontology, theodicy remains a problem. How is a God of an infanticidal Deluge, or of painful carnivore predation, worthy of adoration?

    White nationalists with reading time to spare may find three very different books of unusual research interest:

    (1)Prof. Vincent Sarich & Frank Miele, “Race: The Reality of Human Differences” (2005); (2) Prof. Christopher M Hutton, “Race and the Third Reich” (2005); (3) Lawrence Blanchard, “Did All Races Come From Adam?” (2001). Details from Amazon/Google.

  40. Anonymous says:

    #29- Africans are ‘at the moron level’ in a WHITE or Civilized counrty. In Africa, Africans have adjusted through natural selection quite well. No need for ‘religion'(Voodoo-well, ok), writing, technological advances. Africans are hunter-gatherers period. Calling Africans ‘morons’ would be a misnomer. But I understand his point. Calling many Blacks in America Morons would be accurate. Harsh, but accurate.

  41. Michael C. Scott says:

    Behavior linked to genetics is at least accemtable for study in Russia today. There was a very interesting article in the March 2011 “National Geographic” about a Siberian research group in Novosibersk that raised foxes.

    The researchers bred some foxes based on how friendly they were toward people, and another group of animals based on how unfriendly they were. Generations of each group were selectively bred for the desired characteristics. After nine generations the friendly group weren’t just tame; they were completely domesticated and loved human companionship the way dogs do.

    An interesting part of the experiment was when one of the 9th (I think) generation “unfriendly” fox kits was raised by a friendly mother. It remained extremely hostile to humans. In short, nurture meant absolutely nothing and nature meant everything. The Russians conducted the same breeding experiment with rats and mink. Only after their results were published was a German group willing to experiment along the same lines with rats.

    Read the article; your library likely has back issues of National Geographic. It’ll also make you want a pet fox.

  42. Question Diversity says:

    41 MCS:

    The irony of all that is that those famous silver fox experiments in Russia are what led Dr. Raymond Coppinger to formulate the “accidental/trash dump” theory of canine domestication. Coppinger also denounces dog breeding as an example of “Nazi eugenics.” Funny, I never knew there were Nazis in ancient Egypt, where and when they were breeding Salukis.

  43. American Civililan says:

    Sureesh, what is the sample of the students from which you get that your Indians do better than American whites on tests such as the SAT? Because I bet it’s a pretty wide swath of Americans, compared to largely the progeny of Indians who are here for technical jobs and are let in the country accordingly. Do you really want to go man-for-man, white Americans with the Indian subcontinent as a whole? Maybe your brothers can take the SAT there between binging sessions on cow urine.

  44. Anonymous says:

    “And with regard to evolution, ALL of the evidence point to it as being largely invalid.”

    Sorry, it is the exact opposite. Since the discovery of DNA, it has reinforced evolution as a fact. As a scientist I have never met a non-religious scientist who did not believe in evolution. Not one. Evolution also explains perfectly the qualities of Whites compared to other races.

    I have nothing against people who worship the Sun, or elephant Gods. Or people who believe in Middle Eastern fairy tales. However I must take them to task when they go against scientific facts based on their personal superstitions.

  45. Alexandra says:

    Sureesh, it’s not hard to tell the difference between a native of the Indian subcontinent and an African. Last time I checked you Indians didn’t have nappy hair, for one thing.

  46. george00 says:

    Jensen said,”…it is unjust to allow the mere fact of an individual’s racial or social background to affect the treatment accorded to him.”

    If as a general rule white people practiced this belief they would be close to extinction in 2 or 3 generations.

    Also Luke #34 did a very good job of summing up so many important things.

  47. Tom Iron says:

    Obviously, studying intellect is taboo because it bares out the fact blacks and hispanics aren’t as smart as Whites and asians. But that’s not important anymore. We’ve log since crossed our Rubicon. We must ready ourselves for the task ahead of us, the sending blacks and hispanics away, voluntarily or otherwise, whatever it takes.

  48. Question Diversity says:


    Need some help here.

    If one is a ground animal, how does one evolve wings?

    If one is a water animal that uses gills to extract oxygen from liquid water, then how does one evolve air-breathing lungs?

    If one is an air-breathing being, how does one evolve gills?

    It would obviously behoove dogs and similar canid species to have better eyesight, but their eyesight is relatively poor. Why hasn’t evolution kicked in to remedy the situation?

    And why can’t evolution give the Emperor Penguin a better way to procreate than having to haul feathers seventy miles or more back and forth into the interior of the Antarctic continent?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Wxcuse me, but what is this “Asians”?

    You call Hugo Chavez , Manolo of Mexico City or Sanchez of Peru Americans, just because they all live in Continent Americas? Total madness.

    “Asians”, or “Asian”, is a terminology used by hostile main stream media to deliberately burr the water.

    To counter this, the very first thing EVERY self-respect AMRENers should do, I would say, is not to play their games by refusing to recognise main stream media propaganda of “Asians” and “Asian”.

    And exactly who are “Asians”? Kazakhs? Sri Lankans? Indians? Koreans? Chinese? Afganistanis? Japanese? Pakistanis , Bangladesh or Turks? They are all “Asians”, likes such as NYT would insist.

    In reality there’s NO such things as “Asians” or “Asian”.

    There are only:

    NE Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans);

    SE Asians ( Philippinos, Indonesians, Malays, Vietnamese, etc. );

    and South Asians ( Indians, Pakistanis, Sri lankas alike).

    They are as different groupings to each other as Euro Americans to Mexicans and to Blacks, even though 30% of Malaysians and many Vietnamese are in fact ethnic Chinese or partially such.

    Note that American main stream media (also this Sureesh) use “Asian” American SAT score – which is as absurd as using the average score of South Americans, Caribbeans and North Americans to represent Euro Americans in the US.

    BTW, average IQ of Indians is 81, slightly higher than that of Sub-Sahara Africans. So next time when you use absurd wordings such as “Asians”, you are effectively admitting to the “Master” that Whites and Sub-Sahara Blacks are interchangeable.

    The “upper class” Indians in America is not that better if one refuses looking at the PC stats of “Asian”Americans (which include every Zhang, Suzuki, Aziz, Gonzales, Azturk, Mohamed and Sureesh) but concentrating on those of Indians which are, of course, verboten by the main stream media.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Here is a study of the Asian Indian IQ [see Chapter 6]:

  51. Anonymous says:


    Your Indians average IQ is about 81, lower than American Blacks who have 85 (thanks to interbred with Euro Americans throughout history) . It is an empirical fact, determined by Indian average brain size, reproduction level such as hormone, skeleton, dental and motor maturation development levels, and personality taints such as laziness and aggressiveness, etc. numerous biological characteristics in comparison to other S / SE Asian countries in its backyard.

    Historically, Indians have been known as small time Con Man in all countries of SE and NE Asia. Else traveling in India itself tomorrow will remind you of this “stereotype” every minute.

    “high IQ” Indians? “IT super genius”?, etc, etc?

    Any country in NE / SE Asia wants to import these “IT geniuses” like corporate USA desperately does?

    No, but no thanks.

    No one, but USA, Canada and Australia! Even the UK knows now it is a scam.

    Name ONE , just ONE commercial software invented wholly by “Indian geniuses” that everyone knows about it and buys it?


    – That Pentium chip was a 5th generation chip invented by a consortium of American scientists, not by Indians.

    – Hotmail is just a simple web mail which had been freely in use by American/British universities long before that Indian person stole it.

    – USB wasn’t created by Ajay Bhat, but by a multi-company consortium.

    – HDTV was invented by the Japanese, not the Indians as they boast.

    “Made-in India” is non-existed while “Invented by India” is next to “Invented by Africa”

    -– go check WIPO site for India’s patent ranking on a global stage. E.g. Netherlands, a tiny place of 15 million people, invents more tech stuff ANNUALLY than what 1.2 billion-strong-India could do in the last 20 years putting together!

    If Indians are high IQ, then the Dutch must be the advanced third-kind from Orion Galaxy.

    Let the reality speak:

    Every country with mass Indian immigration crashes and burns: USA with its Silicon Valley “techie” scams, UK with its NHS Indian “doctors” scams, and of course Dubai/UAE real estate “marketing guru” scams…

    Every company outsourcing India with a large Indian presence fails: PeopleSoft(failed), Sun Micro(failed) , Bell Labs (Arun Netravalli – head, closed, turned into a shopping mall), Quark (Alukah Kamar CEO, fired), Skype (Madhu Yarlagadda fired) , MIT Media Lab Asia (canceled), Intel Whitefield processor project (cancelled, Indian staff canned), Apple R&D CLOSED in India in 2006, etc, etc.

    Indian “outsourcing high tech geniuses” are a myth, a poster boy, invented by global mainstream media (CNN, BBC, etc.) either to fit in their left political ideology or paid handsomely (e.g. Forbes, Time) by PR firms of NASSCOM – an Indian lobby consortium of Mittel, HCL, Wipro and Tata.

    It’s natural really, as CEOs of America Inc. getting cheap labour (and worth the very pennies of what they pay for) and their fat bonuses, the liberal political elites getting their hard earned new vote banks, while NASSCOM Indian scam-multinationals getting their giant profit share in this outsourcing scam as the originator, making them BILLIONAIRES. Who are the suckers then in the ring? — White American Middle Class.

    It’s quite a no-brainer really, as these “high IQ Indian geniuses and management gurus” , including poster boy the so-called “high” caste and “high” IQ Brahmins, live in absolute chaos and poverty in their own hometowns in India proper ( even can’t manage to build a earlier 20th century covered sewage system without the combined handouts of Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation, Asian Development Bank and the UN Food Aid — well, even with it, they still can’t! ) with no hope of self-improving for the foreseeable future, whereas they all suddenly become “high tech high IQ geniuses ” of Silicon Valley and “Management Gurus” of American universities the very next day they land on previously prosperous American soil which (of course) desperately needs Indian “high tech” niche to survive.

    India as a country is the single largest AID recipient in post WWII world history, as it still is today, according to the UN and World Bank, far larger than any single Sub Saharan African country.

    It boggles mind to believe that to “save” the Western civilisation, the West needs to import millions upon millions of Indian “high” IQ “techies” who have failed to build anything worth mentioning in India in its entire existence. What a laugh!

  52. Don'tNeedTestScores says:

    They can deny it all they want, but the truth about IQ is obvious to everybody. Life is a daily intelligence test. If you want to know anyone’s IQ, simply look at how that person lives his or her life. It works for groups as well as individuals – it works for nations even. And we’ve all known that since we were kids.

  53. Brendt H. says:

    A couple years ago, I remember coming across an article. Research had found that red-heads were the most intelligent of all hair colors.

    I did a google search and up came many search results — all referencing the same red-head intelligence research.

    A couple days later, I wanted to send my friend, who’s a carrot-top redhead, the link to the article. I hadn’t bookmarked it, but I thought it’d be easy just to google it like I had done a couple days prior. I tried searching for it, and the google search results came up with nothing.

    It’s like the news article dissappeared, and had just vanished without a trace in several locations.

    About IQ:

    I have saw many IQ results say that “asians” are the most intelligent. But how intelligent is it to overpopulate your country and have the majority of your country living in abject poverty? How intelligent is it to kill off all your female babies? Etc?

    It would seem intelligence isn’t being measured *collectively*. There should be a *collective intelligence* IQ measurement. In that case, all you have to do is look at history to know who’s the most intelligent. What race invented Computers, phone, electricity, motorized vehicle, air travel, democracy, vaccines, internet, refrigerator, etc, etc, etc. Sorry, none of it was asians. Einstein wasn’t Chinese. Sorry.

  54. Old White Jim says:

    Well, judging by the fact that back when America was still 90% White we sent leaders to Washington who gave us several Civil Rights Acts, changed our immigration policy, and appointed/approved Supreme Court justices who gave us Brown vs. Board of Education and Katzenbach vs. McClung, I think it is possible that IQ tests fell from grace because they might reveal how damn stupid we whites are.