Posted on November 1, 2011

D.C. Halloween Violence: Georgetown Shooting Sparks Youth Confrontations; 6 Shot Across City

Christina Wilkie and Michael Grass, Huffington Post, November 1, 2011

A shooting in Georgetown during Halloween festivities on Monday night sparked a series of fights that traveled through downtown, including an incident outside George Washington University Hospital where police deployed pepper spray inside a Metrorail station entrance. The Georgetown shooting was just one incident in a violent night in the nation’s capital; in all at least six people were shot.

According to WJLA-TV/ABC7, a confrontation started between two groups of people at Wisconsin Avenue and M Street NW then spilled eastward toward 28th Street NW, where “[a] witness says a man across the street started firing shots at the group and one victim fell to the ground.”


Georgetown has been known for years as a citywide gathering spot on Halloween night. Like previous years, police shut down streets in the congested neighborhood to accommodate crowds.

The shooting sparked a wave of young people who made their way on foot along Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Foggy-Bottom-GWU Metrorail station at23rd and I streets NW.

Many of them were visibly disturbed–some were weeping, others were yelling threats or calling for their friends. A few people ran, but most walked in loosely knit groups. {snip}

Within minutes, violence broke outside the Metrorail entrance, where an argument between two young women devolved into a street fight involving 20 to 30 people. Traffic was completely halted on 23rd Street, and one female eyewitness described the scene as “a gang war.”


Asked later about what had occurred inside the underground rail stop, a D.C. police officer standing guard outside the station told HuffPost, “there was a guy with a gun in there, and we had to pepper spray the whole place.”

The spray caused a mass exodus of people from the station, many of whom began walking east on I Street.

According to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel, a large group of disorderly juveniles returning from Georgetown entered the station and pepper spray was deployed. {snip}


According to the Washington Post, there were at least five other shootings in the District on Monday night. {snip}

[Editor’s Note: This editor frequents the Georgetown area, largely because it is overwhelmingly white. Last night, however, he was surprised to find the main street filled with a crowd that must have been 60-to-70 percent black. Even though there was a heavy police presence, blacks were running through the streets, knocking down barricades, and harassing bystanders. Though he did not witness the shooting, this editor had the feeling violence was imminent and this story confirms his suspicions.]

13 responses to “D.C. Halloween Violence: Georgetown Shooting Sparks Youth Confrontations; 6 Shot Across City”

  1. Gen. Lee says:

    Blacks like hanging out in G’town, and not just on Halloween either. What is somewhat surprising is that this shooting occurred in an area that hasn’t witnessed a shooting in at least 7 years…as a quick look at DC homicide maps shows.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nothing suprising here — it’s just Africans acting like Africans. Anywhere on the planet where Africans congregate, the results are always the same.

  3. blackmambojambo says:

    georgetown is where the mobs of blacks have been looting stores. sounds great to visit i cant wait

  4. margaret says:

    Here is the story of a do gooder blonde rich White woman who decided to help the underprivileged yute of Harlem celebrate halloweeen since their food stamp allotment did not include a seasonal increase for halloween candy.

    As she and her son left a Harlem target after loading up with candy for underprivileged black yute, 2 12 year old black yutes dumped a shopping cart off the 4 story roof. It landed right on the do gooder’s head. She is in critical condition.

    The first report I read mentioned that in addition to working full time and raising her own children, she is active in several charity groups for the under privileged children of New York.

    Da yute who dumped the shopping cart were arrested.

    There are many cities where the freeway overpasses in the black neighborhoods were completely enclosed in fencing to prevent black yute from thowing rocks, trash cans and other things down at the passing cars.

    Like most liberal victims of black crime, she will refuse to admit the obvious and will publicly forgive them,blame evil owrking class biased Whites for da yute who tried to kill her and continue her do gooding if she survives.

    If she or remains in a coma, her husband will establish a foundation to teach tolerance and help more harlem yute. ADL will help him set it up. The name of the neighborhood in which yet another White was seriously injured by blacks will be re named the upper upper east side instead of harlem.

    NYC Woman in Medically-Induced Coma After Struck With Falling Shopping Cart

    Tuesday, November 01, 2011 5:26:41 PM · by Altura Ct. · 11 replies

    Fox ^ | 11/1/2011

    The wealthy Manhattan real-estate agent who was hit by a shopping cart that police say was dropped four stories by two 12-year-olds as she was buying Halloween candy for underprivileged children will “in the best of cases” be in rehabilitation for months, her husband told the New York Post. Marion Salmon Hedges has been in a medically-induced coma after she was struck in the head by the falling cart on Sunday while walking outside a Target store with her 13-year-old son in East Harlem, the paper reported.

  5. RandyB says:

    Of course. They celebrated Easter the same way:

    Teen stabbed at National Zoo during Easter celebration

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. I vacationed in D.C. last summer with my brother-in-law. Georgetown was the one place I remember seeing no blacks at all. I’m not saying there are none there, but I didn’t see any at all. On a side-note back in 2000, I was in Las Vegas and went to the Boulevard mall. It was really nice. My sister just got back from L.V. and wanted to go there, but some white locals told here it was no longer safe there for white people. Do any Vegas residents know about this?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was born in DC and I spent many an evening in Georgetown while in college and as a young adult. Georgetown began to turn about 15 years ago. That’s the first time I recall being accosted by a group of black teenagers. Now you see roving gangs of young black males harassing white couples and terrorizing people in general. And this is within a couple of miles of the White House. The closing of Au Pied du Couchon and Nathan’s a couple of years ago were probably harbingers of the end of Georgetown as a civilized place to go at night.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Editor- I also frequent the Georgetown area and I would like to buy you a beer. It was basically a coin flip decision that kept me out of Georgetown that night. Glad I did though.

  9. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    If you get a bunch of blacks together, and add alcohol, you can expect violence.

  10. Jack in Chicago says:

    I would like to thank the editor for getting out in person and observing the situation on the street. We can’t just hide out and type at our computers, we must venture out in to areas close to where we live – observe, report, but don’t “engage”.

    I have found that even in urban areas with overwhelmingly high % of lower class Blacks, Whites can live, work and play without being killed, raped or even robbed if they develop strong street smarts and the police will take your/our side if you/we learn how to work the system – learn to use code words like

    “youths” (badly behaving Black teens)

    “gangs of youths” (Black teens or even 20s doing criminal violence)

    “bad elements”

    Need to attract more middle class, families to events (anybody but blacks)

  11. Shawn (the female) says:

    ‘Where an argument between two young women devolved into a street fight involving 20 to 30 people.’

    More evidence that black females are as savage as the males. And that’s saying something.

    One by one all historically American traditions, American institutions and American values are being destroyed by the drive for diversity

  12. Heterodox says:


    Da yute who dumped the shopping cart were arrested.

    Thanks for the details.

    I heard this story last night but didn’t know the specifics of what had happened. No mention of race, as per usual. But, mentioned in the report I heard was that “Da yute” were laughing uproariously after the shopping cart hit the white woman below.

  13. Sincerely Concerned says:

    Jack in Chicago, well said.

    My friends and I keep an eye out and never hesitate to call the police when we see trouble or potential trouble. We refuse to stay inside (for one, we work nights and some of us own businesses that open at 5pm) and we refuse to give over the streets to the bad element. They know it, and they don’t mess with us.

    Everyone should do this. Go out in groups, make your presence known, and let all know that if our tax dollars paid for the streets and sidewalks, then we will walk on them unafraid. This is actually the only way to “take them back”.