“Colored Only” Sign Posted over NY College Drinking Fountain

NBC New York, November 17, 2011

Campus police at an upstate New York college say they’re investigating the posting of racist signs in two buildings at the school.

A sign reading “Colored only” was found posted over a drinking fountain in the Humanities Building at the State University of New York at New Paltz, 65 miles south of Albany, reports The Times Herald-Record of Middletown.


While there have been no arrests, campus police Chief David Dugatkin said Wednesday the investigation has turned up several potentially strong leads.

Associate Professor Major Coleman, of the Black Studies Department, sent a letter to the college president noting that SUNY New Paltz’s undergraduate student body is just 5 percent black.

“It is our hope that over the coming weeks and months your administration will use this tragic event to begin the process of what Martin Luther King Jr. called ‘substantive equality,’ which is so desperately needed on this campus,” the professor wrote.


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  • Anonymous

    “tragic event”? Did somebody die? If the truth ever comes out, there’s an excellent chance the poster is black. Tragic, indeed.

  • Hirsch

    Nobody be alarmed. There’s a new memo from Holder’s DOJ that went out saying that the new policy will be for whites/Caucasians to be referred to as “colored” and that they will be forced to drink at separate water fountains.

  • Mike B.

    Yawn – another hoax.

    “Associate Professor Major Coleman, of the Black Studies Department…”

    And the ‘White Studies Department’ is… Wait… Where is it?

  • E Pluribus Pluribus

    Major Coleman, of the Black Studies Department, sent a letter to the college president: “It is our hope that . . . your administration will . . . begin the process of what Martin Luther King Jr. called ‘substantive equality,’ which is so desperately needed on this campus.”

    King’s remarks below are probably what Coleman means by the term “substantive equality”:

    “[I]f a city has a 30 percent Negro population, then it is logical to assume that Negroes should have at least 30 percent of the jobs in any particular company, and jobs in all categories rather than only in menial areas.” (Martin Luther King, Jr., Chapter 5, Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community, 1967, found also in A testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther, p. 603)


  • Rhialto

    Let’s assume liberals-in-educationing were normal, here is what would have happened:

    1-The president of the SUNY would have communicated to all that this is a serious matter, and those responsible would be punished.

    2-The campus police would be tasked with investigating the incident.

    3-The president of SUNY would not mandate a convocation to atone for the incident.

    The article also states that no arrests have been made. I am curious as to what laws were violated. I suppose there are federal and NY state civil right laws that could be twisted to allow prosecution. Expert legal comment would be welcome.

  • Question Diversity

    The campus cops should mind their own business. This was nothing more than a juvenile prank, and one that I think is a production of non-whites — Whites doing this would have hung a sign that reads, “Whites Only.”

  • fred

    Whites were the ones discriminated against in this situation. After all, the sign said “Colored Only” not “White Only”.

    Regardless, of who put it up I’m getting a bit tired of hustlers from the “Black Studies Department” using these sorts of theatrics as an excuse to grab goodies.

  • Anonymous

    He seems to view the sign as a reference to “coloreds” being banished to their own drinking fountain, as in the 1950s South.

    Funny, but my first reaction was that “people of color” had decided that white weren’t allowed to drink from that fountain, now that “people of color” and their white sympathizers are running the show at universities.

  • Jeddermann.

    This sounds like some sort of intentional false flag provocation done to incite hatred! NOT done by a whitey.

  • anonymous

    Just like the cross burning of several days ago, this is probably the work of some self absorbed black professor or student that is mad about not being smart enough to know how stupid he is.

  • rjp

    Who drinks from fountains?

    If history is a predictor though, a colored posted the sign.

  • a

    I went to New Paltz in the early 2000s. It is an ultra left wing artsy-hippy college. Back then town of New Paltz received national attention when the mayor, a grad student green party activist who I knew personally, performed illegal gay marriages and got himself locked up.

    I give a 100 Percent guarantee this is a hoax by a black studies or sociology professor or student. I would bet my last dime on it.

  • WR the elder

    Unfortunately, with most white college students believing the left wing drivel that all races are the same, that black studies professor will probably get more than a few whites to join his protests demanding the admission of more blacks. (Needless to say, the “Colored Only” sign was probably put up by that same professor.)

    I remember when a bunch of students were demonstrating at Harvard because they didn’t have any black mathematics professors. To get a job at Harvard as a mathematician it does not suffice to merely have a PhD in mathematics and a decent publication record. You have to be one of the best mathematicians in the world. Less than 1% of all mathematicians in the U.S. are black, and needless to say, few if any of those are among the best mathematicians in the world. But to the clueless students demonstrating only racism could explain the dearth of black mathematics professors.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I thought it was Jim Crow in reverse, no whites allowed to drink here. Are you sure that is not what it is?

  • HH

    “While there have been no arrests…”

    “Arrests?” For what, for heavens’ sake? A prank in bad taste is an arrestable offense? Madness!!

    Of course we all know that this is likely a hoax anyway – but that the police must immediately be brought in? We really are a country of out-and-out imbeciles!

    By the way, New Paltz is a flaming liberal school, town, etc. So this is suspicious all around.

  • jason

    In the article it says “there have been no arrests,” and the police are investigating. What is the crime here? Let’s suppose someone did post a sign over a drinking fountain that says ‘Colored only,’ and let’s say the police found out who did it. What crime would they be charged with? The article makes it sound like some horrible crime has been committed.

  • Tom S.

    *Associate Professor Major Coleman, of the Black Studies Department – “It is our hope that over the coming weeks and months your administration will use this tragic event to begin the process of what Martin Luther King Jr. called ‘substantive equality,’ which is so desperately needed on this campus,” the professor wrote.

    No, whats so “desparately needed” on ALL campuses is the elimination of all BLACK STUDIES departments or to also have WHITE STUDIES departments. Now THAT would be a good start in having “substantive equality”!

    I wouldn’t be surprized if Mr. Coleman himself posted those signs there! Go get a REAL job “professor” Coleman!

  • Enough

    We need to push the concept of rational equality as a counter to “substantive equality”. Rational equality should look at IQ (potential), Talent (Aptitude for a particular field or line of work) and Experience (History of having worked successfully in a particular field). Most people would understand and accept the legitimacy of rational equality and see that is is vital if America is going to retain any semblance to a meritocracy.

  • Anonymous

    How could a sign reading “colored only” be considered racist by the authorities when Black Student Union isn’t?

  • Sarah

    Just like the noses a couple years back and the burning cross last week, it’ll end up being a black person that put up the signs.

  • Anonymous

    Tragic no doubt, but wouldn’t it have been even more catastrophic if the sign had said ‘whites only’? Would there be enough grief to handle the crises?

  • rockman

    While in college the black candidates for student office were slurred by racist posters put up on the college buildings. After investigation it was determined that the black candidates put them up to gain sympathy votes and set up a law suit. Crafty folk

  • Awakened

    Pretty soon it’s going to be “Colored Only”. We’re almost there now.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, if only every water fountain had a similar sign. Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

  • Art from the NC mountains

    What ever happened to the saying “sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me”?

  • sheila

    College pranks, and most likely a sign put up by a black student as has so often been the case…and they want *substantive equality* because that will do the trick? Great, then instead of the student undergrad body reflecting black students at a rate of 5% they will surely love a new rate at 75%…nothing less then they deserve!

  • Anonymous

    Could just as easily be students from India marking out territory for themselves. “No Untouchables Drink Here” would not be understood, so they just claimed the fountain for themselves. 😉

  • Harumphty Dumpty

    Flash ahead 50 years:

    Nation of Islam security guards at an upstate New York university say they’re investigating the posting of genderist signs in two buildings at the school.     

    Signs reading “Men” and “Women” (mistakenly reported earlier as “Dudes” and “Hoes”) were found posted on bathrooms in the Anti-White Studies Dept. at the Nat Turner University of New York, reports the White Genocide Herald of Sharptonville.

    The newspaper reports that three other similar signs were found in the school’s award-winning May Britt Interracial Impregnation Dormitory later that week.     

    Nat Turner University President Boomquisha Kwaneeta Smith has sent shout outs to students and faculty decrying the incidents.  

    While there have been no executions of the guilty Whites involved, campus police Chief Studebaker Jones said Wednesday that beat downs have turned up several potentially strong leads.

    Associate Professor Field Marshall Dandrika Darshay Beuncle Bonay Williams, of the Reparations Studies Department, sent a letter to the college president noting that the school’s undergraduate student body is just 90 percent black.

    “It is our hope that over the coming weeks and months your administration will use this tragic event to begin the process of what Nat Turner called ‘substantive equality’ which is so desperately needed on this campus,” the professor wrote, noting, “Ten percent of the student body is still White, which will cost us funding from our nation’s Dept. of Education and White Genocide.”

  • m

    @ #3 And the ‘White Studies Department’ is… Wait… Where is it?

    …that would be Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Statistics, Philosophy, and a few other made-up AA topics offered in order to make whites feel good about themselves, and so they can succeed at University.

    On the other hand, strike philosophy from the list. Traditional made-up ‘white’ studies in topics like metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, and formal logic have been replaced by serious subjects such as GLBT Studies, Black Philosophy, Peace Studies, Social Justice, and so forth.

  • Fer de Lance

    It is our hope that over the coming weeks and months your administration will use this tragic event.

    Tragic event? Oh, the horror! Fire up Old Sparky!

    Yes, it will be a “tragic event” if Obama gets a second term because “crimes” like this will be prosecuted like first degree murder. NY will reinstate the death penalty for such crimes (think I’m kidding?).


    {A black} was caught on video knocking out an older man at the Chicago Avenue Red Line stop while other {blacks} laughed and mimicked the attack.

    {A black} was charged with stabbing 14-year-{White girl} to death when she interrupted a burglary then sent taunting text messages to her mother from the girl’s stolen cell phone.

    Neither of these two crimes compare to the absolute horror of finding a racist sign over a drinking fountain, far from it.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Jim Crow-era signage, something interesting for AR readers to do is to go on Ebay and type in the searchword SEGREGATION, and have a look at all the “racist” collectibles that come up.

    I recently bought on Ebay a cast-iron sign from the Cotton Belt in the 1920s, which reads “REST ROOMS, WHITE ONLY” with a helpful drawing of a (Caucasian-looking) hand pointing to the right. I have mounted it on wall just outside my downstairs bathroom. Remarkably, this well-preserved piece of history cost me only $20 from a friendly seller somewhere in the Southeast (NC, I think it was).

    And there are always many other similar Segregation-era signs to choose from on Ebay — not just for rest rooms, but also for white-only drinking fountains, colored-only swimming pools, etc — around that same affordable price. I have to assume that almost-a-century-old antiques as these selling for only one Andrew Jackson (instead of several Benjamin Franklins) is because demand is low: “Racism” such as this is wildly out of fashion these days. Plus of course not everybody wants something like this up in their house — in fact it takes some guts to install it, not knowing who might some day gaze upon it and comment adversely.

    (And FTR, if I ever have any non-white guests, no of course I won’t forbid them the use of my john; my sign’s only a joke. I explain to shocked/appalled/offended guests that “No, I’m not a racist, I just have a sick sense of humor.” That usually mollifies them. Usually.)

    As for the drinking-fountain sign brouhaha in New Paltz? I agree with the previous posters who say it sounds like “an inside job” by some Blackivist looking to make a “Jim Crow ain’t dead, yo” statement. This situation in upstate NY is probably no different from the black female prof who hung a noose on her own office doorknob Columbia U; or the various self-inflicted cross-burnings AmRen occasionally covers (the latest being in Florida just this past week).

  • Anonymous

    ” I have to assume that almost century old antiques are selling for one Andrew Jackson because demand is low…” Uh, no, they`re selling for twenty dollars because they are reproduction signs… Like the CSA belt buckles with the minnie ball embedded in them. They are a common flea market item, same as the dinosaur gas signs and the twenty dollar coke signs… Your clue should have been your own words,”THERE ARE ALWAYS MANY OTHER SIMIALR SIGNS”… Sorry to burst your bubble, cause I feel your pain. Im` looking at an “original” Hires Root beer sign I bought on line that I knew was fake as soon as I opened it up. More mad about paying for the shipping than the sign…

  • Anonymous

    I suspect this will turn out to be a hoax. For those entertained by the sheer stupidy of “hate-crime” hoaxes, I suggest Googling “hate crime hoax at Elmhurst College.” The stupidity of the Muslim student who perpetuated the hoax is almost surpassed by the gullibility of a liberal community that was quick to hold a rally, call for diversity training, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Police are brought in to investigate what crime has been broken. Can there be a crime without consequences? So, before any suspects are hauled in, I want to know what the consequences are for this offense up front. That way, when it is discovered that a black person actually hung the sign we can hold them accountable and issue the same consequences. YEAH RIGHT!! When, not if, when the person is discovered to be black it will be called a time of reflection, whites will STILL have to do a diversity and tolorance seminar and no charges will be filed.

  • Anonymous

    32 — Anonymous wrote at 1:21 PM on November 18:

    ” I have to assume that almost century old antiques are selling for one Andrew Jackson because demand is low…” Uh, no, they`re selling for twenty dollars because they are reproduction signs…

    Hey, #31 here again. You could be right about that, I have no way to verify authenticity.

    If I were going into the fake antique sign business, I can see making repro’s in pressed tin, but I don’t think I could be bothered making cast iron like my Rest Rooms sign (it’s quite heavy). But of course any sort of fakery is possible these days, and I have no facts or Certificate of Authenticity on which to dispute your point.

    Regardless of real or fake, I’ve already had way more than $20 worth of fun out of this thing. It’s also a way to — gently, discreetly — steer a conversation round to where you can make some race-realist points, and maybe enlighten the unenlightened. And the opportunity to persuade some of our people to start thinking a little more like us, is something you really can’t put a price on.


    Please go to this school’s website and look up their academic calendar. November 7th is Black Solidarity day. They try so very hard to be a leading role model of diversity and multiculturalism (anti-white, of course) but this proves that you can only push this propaganda down the throats of these students for so long before someone fights back. Now they are having a big discussion on equality.

    Assuming it is not a hoax, of course, but these incidents are nothing but kids fighting back in the only way they know how, and it is completely justified. If the rest of the population had the nerve to question what we are force fed, there would be more than just silly signs over water fountains.