Posted on October 14, 2011

Young Gay Men Lead in New HIV Infections

Gracie Bonds Staples, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, October 13, 2011


Thirty years into the HIV/AIDS epidemic, gay and bisexual men of all races remain most affected by HIV in the U.S., said Tracy Elliott, executive director of AID Atlanta.

For instance, in 2009, he said white men accounted for the largest number of new infections–11,400— followed closely by black men–10,800. In Georgia, there were 1,366 new HIV diagnoses in the same year. Of those, 49 percent were among gay men, with blacks accounting for 74 percent, whites 21 percent and Hispanics 5 percent.


Among gay white men, Elliott said, the distribution was very consistent, about 3,200 new infections for those aged 13 to 29.

But among black gay men like Tim Ward, the latest numbers show the distribution was weighted toward those 13 to 29 with 6,500 new infections.

Elliott blamed the disproportionate number on to the significant levels of poverty and unemployment.


[Editor’s Note: According to 2010 Census Data, Georgia is 55.9 percent white, 30.5 percent black, and 8.8 percent Hispanic.]