Posted on October 24, 2011

UK Rioters Came from Abroad: 1 in 7 Jailed After Summer of Violence Was a Foreign National

Rebecca Camber, Daily Mail (London), October 24, 2011

Foreign looters from 44 countries have been locked up over the riots which scarred the country in August.

Robbers, vandals and thugs from as far afield as Afghanistan, Cuba, Ethiopia and Samoa joined in as shops were plundered and businesses set ablaze, causing millions of pounds worth of damage.

The sheer number from different corners of the globe who took part in the mayhem is one of the strongest indicators yet that the riots had nothing to do with political protest or civil unrest, but was born of greed and opportunist criminality.

Last night campaigners said anyone convicted of a riot-related offence should be thrown out of the country at the earliest opportunity.

Prison statistics revealed that 14 per cent–about one in seven–of those jailed for burglary, robbery, theft, criminal damage and disorder during the riots were born abroad. But the true number could be even higher as at least four per cent of those remanded in custody refused to tell police their nationality.

Jamaicans represented the largest group of foreign inmates, followed by Somali and Polish offenders. The list also included those from Colombia, Iraq, Congo, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Hundreds of other foreign suspects are facing deportation as separate figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that police have referred 367 ‘suspected foreign nationals’ to the UK Border Agency.

That number is expected to grow as police are still hunting thousands of suspects, with experts predicting it could take up to two years to sift through all the CCTV evidence.

The Ministry of Justice has released a breakdown of the nationalities of those jailed for riot-related offences committed between August 6, when the trouble exploded in Tottenham, and August 9, when disorder had spread outside London to Manchester, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

A snapshot of the prison population on September 9 reveals that there were 153 foreign nationals and prisoners of ‘unrecorded nationality’–which in most cases refers to those from the European Union–representing 18 per cent of the 865 criminals imprisoned over the riots. That compares with 712 offenders from the United Kingdom.

One in four of those jailed for robbery were born abroad, as were one in ten convicted for violent disorder or other disorder offences such as possession of a knife or drugs.

Nationally, police have made more than 4,000 arrests, with 2,952 suspects held in London alone.

Yesterday Sir Andrew Green of the MigrationWatch pressure group called on the Government to kick out foreign rioters and looters.

He said: ‘It’s absolutely unacceptable that any foreign citizen should take part in a riot in Britain.

‘It’s important that the courts should recommend deportation in every case which would qualify.’

Immigration Minister Damian Green has said criminals born abroad should be thrown out of Britain.

In the immediate aftermath of the riots, he said: ‘We strongly believe that foreign national lawbreakers should be removed from the UK at the earliest opportunity.’

Yesterday Mr Green repeated his commitment to deport offenders from overseas, saying: ‘Foreign nationals who were convicted of offences during the riots will be returned home wherever possible.’

But Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Tom Brake has said the Government would ‘need to exercise caution’, particularly in cases where foreigners have families established in the UK.

Criminals from outside Europe are automatically put forward for deportation if they are sentenced to 12 months in prison.

The same applies to Europeans given a 12-month sentence for drugs, violent or sexual crimes, or 24 months for other crimes, and courts can recommend deportation in other instances.

However offenders can use the Human Rights Act to appeal against deportation on the grounds that they are entitled to a family life or to avoid the risk of torture.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: ‘It is important to bear in mind that this is only a snapshot of the prison population on September 9.

‘It would be misleading to suggest that it provides a complete picture of those involved in the riots.’

11 responses to “UK Rioters Came from Abroad: 1 in 7 Jailed After Summer of Violence Was a Foreign National”

  1. Ciccio says:

    Good luck with that. A recent court decision overturned an expulsion order on the yo-man rites grounds, the defendant owned a cat which proved his deep rooted attachment to his new home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My memory may be a little off, but as I recall of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, about a third of those arrested were illegal aliens.——-HM

  3. Anonymous says:

    “However offenders can use the Human Rights Act to appeal against deportation on the grounds that they are entitled to a family life or to avoid the risk of torture. ”

    So, forget everything you just read, this is a bureaucratic exercise.

  4. Jason Robertson says:

    Naturally the expected response to this further evidence of how “vibrant” our “diversity” has become in Dear Old Blighty was that the majority of “rioters” were “British”.

    How many in the flash mobs who burned down homes and shops, and baited policemen, fell into the government’s own official census category of “White British” can be guessed from early TV footage of arson and mayhem. Not to mention black spokespersons demanding special attention for their own racial community as a result of their “protest”. (A bit like “gay” organisations denying that AIDS was ever a “gay disease” while campaigning for special medical help for their own sexual community.)

    Whatever the Orwellian history rewriters may say, this was not

    an “English riot”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe these statistics,I don’t believe them at all.If one in seven of the rioters were foreign born, how many more were immigrants to Britain or more to the point how many were white indigenous Britons?

  6. Periapsis says:

    I’m not surprised at all that foreigners were actively involved in the rioting, not am I shocked that at least one out of seven are illegal and criminal aliens. Frankly, half of more of these rioters being criminal aliens is probably closer to the truth. What should be done with the ones who committed murders, rapes and assaults is immediate execution by hanging, shooting or beheading without trial, appeals or liberal lawyers defending them. The rest should be locked up for long jail terms then expulsion from the country. It’s time for white Britons to turn into Hellraisers over this, just as white Americans ned to become Hellraisers over the criminal aliens from south of the border doing the same thing in this country.

  7. cpascal says:

    If most of the rioters were UK citizens, it’s only another argument against birthright citizenship. All of the photos of the riots show a great number of blacks causing the trouble.

  8. sam says:

    Mr Robertson–let’s stick to facts, shall we? If AIDS was a “gay disease” we’d see absolutely no instances of heterosexuals getting it. Is it possible that your blind hatred has clogged your ability to think?

  9. John Bell in England says:

    It turns out that 55% of those arrested in London were black, 32% white, and 7% Asian. Even on these figures, which probably understate black involvement (whites being more easily identified and picked up), and taking into account their relative numbers in the population, it means that blacks were ten times more likely to be charged than whites.

  10. BullMarket says:

    I bristle whenever I see the ridiculous terms “Black Britons” or “White Britons”.

    These are subtle propaganda terms that insidiously prepare people’s minds for the concept of a multi-racial Britain.

    Why should we blindly accept this absurd Newspeak?

  11. Jason Robertson says:

    Replying to Sam, I have no “blind hatred” of homosexuals. Nor do I regard homosexuality as either a sin or an illness, though I do consider it a reproductive disability, with hormonal and/or genetic causation, among a small minority.

    The widespread practice of anal intercourse among promiscuous gays, initially in the US, appears to have been an accelerating factor with regard to HIV and other afflictions, which have since spread to heterosexuals, especially in black Africa, but AIDS remains rife among “barebacking” homosexuals.

    Personally I dislike public flaunting of sexuality – “gay”, “straight” or “bi”, and note the evidence of gay liberation movements encouraging the seduction of boys. But I happily acknowledge the contribution that homosexual personalities have made to theatre, ballet, literature and music.

    I do not mind civil partnerships between same-gender couples, but reject abuse of the term “marriage”, an institution which exists to anchor men to support their own children.

    Among Catholics the Sacrament of Matrimony is completed by physical consummation, and in the gay or indeed lesbian case, this tradition requires an ability to distinguish between a hawk and a handsaw, so to speak.

    The “love that once dared not speak its name” should not be shouted in our face by bigots, who mistake well-informed criticism as “blind hate”.

    Or as they used to say in pre-PC days, “Oooh, hark at her!”