Posted on October 11, 2011

Town’s Entire Police Force Held for Investigation

Fox News Latino, October 10, 2011

More than 100 officers, the entire police force of the town of Linares, Mexico–75 miles (120 kilometers) southeast of the northern industrial city of Monterrey–were herded into buses and driven to a nearby town, Linares Mayor Francisco Medina Quintanilla told Milenio Television on Sunday.

They are being held for investigation of possible corruption and ties to organized crime. Mexican soldiers and Nuevo Leon state police are patrolling instead.

The detention of more than 100 officers comes after a rise in kidnapping and extortion in the area. A series of investigations in other towns already has put hundreds of officers in custody.


4 responses to “Town’s Entire Police Force Held for Investigation”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The irony about this and all other such stories- that most Americans simply DO NOT GET, is that it doesn’t make a difference who’s in power in Mexico, or who is being “rounded up and questioned.”

    Everybody in Mexico is crooked. All the theater about cleaning this or that up, about restoring order…what a crock!

    If anyone reads up on Mestizo history in the place called Mexico, they soon realize it’s not really a nation, and it never was.

    It is a continual war zone, always ruled by bandits, warlords, pirates, thieves.

    I can not remember a time in my 47 year old life, when Americans did not KNOW that all Mexican cops were total criminals.

    Extortion and bribery are their lifeblood. They’ll do ANYTHING for money, and their main source of income, is sheer robbery of any and all people without a gun and a badge.

    Mexicans, from the top to the bottom, are rotten to the core.

    When the iron fist of central power is weakened, we see revolution, as with the present, but it is always mayhem and murder, every day, even in the more stable times. Huh, “stable…” it sounds silly and oxymoronic when used in relation to the spot on the map we call Mexico!

    Mestizos are incapable of large- scale self rule and prosperity.

    This IS Mexico, the way it always was, always will be.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They take their cue from African nations like Rhodesia and South Africa holding nation creator European African whites for investigation before raping all their females and murdering the males and then robbing all their loot and seizing their property.

    Dont worry. America is next and the process has been going on for at least 50 yrs getting worse every year.

  3. fred says:

    Before I clicked the link I thought the story was going to be about either Detroit or Memphis.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stories like this make me ask: Is this two rival cartels dueling it out, but one has their corrupt official(s) in a higher position than the other; or is this a genuine attempt to stamp out corruption?