Posted on October 26, 2011

I’ll Get You Anyone in from India for £3,000

Brian Flynn, Sun (London), October 25, 2011

A shady boss running a one-stop shop for illegal immigrants is today exposed by The Sun.

Bhavin Shah boasts that he can smuggle people into the UK, arrange weddings to keep them here and sort no-show college places so they can pose as students while working full-time.

And he insisted: “If you want to bring someone from India here, I can get a man from India for £3,000.”

A Sun investigator posed as a construction boss needing to keep his illegal staff in the UK with sham marriages and dodgy student visas.

Shah assured him: “We can help you out. Everything.”

He bragged how he rakes in thousands charging illegals for help to enter the UK. He also makes a fortune from dodgy British bosses keen to wangle student visas to keep staff here.


We met Shah at a second-floor office with its own reception in Wembley, North West London.

He was unaware he was secretly being filmed as he told how he charges £4,750 to arrange enrolment and a two-and-a-half year visa–with a discount for bulk.

Shah showed us a website of a London IT and management college licensed by the UK Border Agency where our “staff” would be enrolled.

He laughed that they would only have to attend college once “to see the place” and “know the address”.

And when told our fictional workers didn’t speak English he said: “I’ll sort out the English language pass certificate for your people.”

He also said he offered a £12,000 service providing fake brides and sham marriages to help illegals stay here.

He added that he could also arrange to smuggle in people–suggesting we could charge them more than he was asking and then take a cut.

Shah said: “I charge £3,000 from people in Punjab and you add your amount on top.”

At another meeting, he showed off a book of 1,600 clients signed on as students since January. Asked how many were working instead of studying, he replied: “Every one.”

He said he could supply backdated certificates for Government-accredited colleges confirming “students” had attended classes, even if they hadn’t, so they could get visa extensions.

Shah revealed he could arrange for an illegal to marry a Polish girl brought here by him.

Asked if he provided the wedding too, he said: “Yes, that’s our job.”

He said he had been doing it for 12 years.

Our dossier is available to police.