Hotel Cancels Tea Party Event After Learning That Anti-Islam Activist Was Due to Be a Speaker

Meghan Keneally, Daily Mail (London), October 19, 2011

A hotel in Texas cancelled a Tea Party event that was going to be held in their conference room because it didn’t approve of the group’s keynote speaker.

Pamela Geller, a political activist and blogger, was schedule to headline the event and caused hotel representatives to deny the group use of their space.

Officially, the Hyatt Place Houston Sugar Land hotel cancelled the event citing ‘changing security needs’ after they learned that Ms Geller would be speaking.

This is not the first time that Ms Geller has ruffled feathers: the staunch conservative has written extensively against Islam and regularly attacks the religion because she deems it ‘the radical most radical and extreme ideology on the face of the earth’.

‘I’m not bashing Muslims. I’m not bashing people. I love people, It’s why I do what I do,’ Ms Geller said.

In spite of that, the event was forced to move to the Sugar Land Community Center, where it was held Tuesday night

‘I think it’s reprehensible, the restriction of free speech, because that’s what we’re talking about,’ Ms Geller said.

While event attendees were boycotting the Hyatt, a few dozen residents of Sugar Land, Texas, which is right outside of Houston, boycotted the event, calling it ‘hate speech’.

Ms Geller took to her blog, Atlas Shrugs, to critize the Hyatt organizers, who released a statement saying the hotel ‘respects the various opinions expressed by our guests and visitors. In this particular situation, the changing security needs required for the safety of our guests and others on the hotel property and to avoid business disruption prompted us to ask the organizers to move it to an alternate location.’

On her blog, Ms Geller called Hyatt representatives cowards who ‘prostrated themselves, wet their pants and cancelled tonight’s event’.

Though she has been a star in Tea Party circles for some time, Ms Gellar gained a national audience in the fall of 2010 when she spearheaded the movement against the construction of the so-called ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ near the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan.

Part of her speech at the event was intended to promote her new book, titled Stop The Islamization of America: A Practical Guide To The Resistance.

Never known for timidity, Ms Geller likened Hyatt administrators to the Iranian president.

‘Mind you, where does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stay and entertain his murdering comrades when he comes to New York? The Hyatt,’ Ms Geller wrote.

[Editor’s Note: Read Miss Geller’s account of the cancellation here.]


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  • searreigh

    In order to strike at these cowards you have to sue them when they censor speech. Strike back or stop whining.

  • HH

    Geller is a one-note-samba, obsessed with Muslims and apparently unconcerned on any level with an influx of other non-Whites and the far, far greater threat to America they pose. America will be completely inundated with Hispanic/Mestizos, Blacks, Asians, Indians and who knows what else long before any “Islamization” could possibly take place.

    I get the similarity to the Am-Ren conference issues – but Geller is no friend to the cause of White preservation in the long run. Let’s not be naive about these things.

  • Question Diversity

    My problem with the Spencer-Geller mentality isn’t that I disagree with most of what they’re saying, because Islam is that much a threat.

    First, I agree with 2 HH above, that it’s not our most acute threat.

    Second, Spencer believes every false flag “terrorist plot” on the part of people who happen to be Muslim, hook line and sinker. Example: Liberty City Seven. Dumb black Haitian (just happen to be Muslim) drug dealers who supposedly wanted to blow up the Sears Tower in spite of not knowing what city the Sears Tower was in. They were entraped by Federal anti-terrorist agents (provocateurs) desperate to justify their budgets, who needed a “victory” against “terrorists.”

    Third, Spencer hates the European nationalist parties, but gives them credit for opposing Islam (in Europe, Islam is a far bigger existential problem than here). Spencer’s meme is that while the BNP, FN, VB, Jobbik, et al. are “racist,” they’re succeeding because the lamestream center-right parties are “failing” to combat Islam. The problem with that mentality is that it assumes the elites behind the center-right parties in Europe really want to combat Islam; really, they’re the same kind of race egalitarians as the left-wing parties; I think they really welcome the browning of Europe. The obvious conclusion is that the center-right isn’t “failing,” Spencer, they’re succeeding. Because race treason and race replacement is the end game. Only the nationalist parties in Europe will truly give Spencer the agenda he wants, but he’s too willing to defecate on what are really his friends.

  • ghw

    “Pamela Geller, a political activist and blogger, was schedule to headline the event.”

    Oh, she was schedule, was she?

    What kind of a person writes like this? And a professional jounalist no less! Do these people even go to school?

    I see more and more of this garbled tripe coming to us from the land of our ancestors, the home of the English language!


  • Anonymous

    “sound familiar” (ref. coerced cancellation of AR Conference )


    It is overdue in AR, or on this website, that there would be a brief and selective review of the old COINTELPRO progam. Also, it need not be legally dangerous to have someone with the research knowledge of a Tom Clancy, say, or of a Gordon Liddy, to sketch a schema of “how it can be done without significant chance of recourse” as to the dark arts of scuttling these lawful assemblies (these lawful book publishings, etc.) There’s a lot of “get tough” and “hit back” locker-room enthusiasm in some of the commentaries re the contemporary version of COINTELPRO. Let’s get real. They got the power. We got the principles. Lawsuits, etc., can show promise of uncovering some of the facts of specific applications of these dark arts and that can be a powerful disincentive. But as long as a sitting Attorney General and the head of the FBI are willing to “see nothing, hear nothing, think nothing” wrong,

    there is not that much that reasonably can be done to stem the tide. By brining mere locker room determination to bear upon big league legal perversities, you can get checkmated and defeated greater than ever because the odds in such struggle are with them–not with us.

  • Anonymous

    Hyatt is owned by the Prtizkers. Long before they developed Hyatt they funded the CPUSA, ACLU, NAACP, National Lawyers Guild and other causes. A Pritzker was Obama’s chief fund raiser.

    No White nationalist should go near a Hyatt Hotel. If you have any influence on corporate travel, steer your company away from Hyatt.

  • Anonymous

    “Though she has been a star in Tea Party circles for some time, Ms Gellar gained a national audience in the fall of 2010 when she spearheaded the movement against the construction of the so-called ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ near the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan. ”

    The ground zero mosque is being evicted. The developers owe 3 years rent at $47,000 per month. Con Ed owns the building and

    the ground under it.

    The developers are renting the building on one of those rent with option to buy deals. They have never exercised the option.

    They can’t pay Con Ed the rent.

    Geller is no friend of Whites. She is a single issue person and her issue is not Whites.

  • Anonymous

    “Second, Spencer believes every false flag “terrorist plot” on the part of people who happen to be Muslim, hook line and sinker. Example: Liberty City Seven. Dumb black Haitian (just happen to be Muslim) drug dealers who supposedly wanted to blow up the Sears Tower in spite of not knowing what city the Sears Tower was in.”

    Thank you question diversity. Please keep on posting. What do you think of that Iranian used car salesman in Texas who planned to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in DC? It struck me as FBI entrapment from the first.

    Is Spencer that Robert Spencer agent of a foreign goverment?

  • Question Diversity

    8 Anonymous:

    Spencer…he’s the Spencer of Jihad Watch. There is also a Spencer of Alternative Right. I get the two confused often, but I know they’re not the same person.

    Re that “foreign government,” if you mean the “I” country, I think people make too big a deal out of that sort of thing. I think Spencer’s problem is simple — He’s a single issue rightist. Therefore, he suffers the same affliction as a lot of other single issue rightists — aborticide, 2nd Amendment, etc. — They get too wrapped up in their single issue and lose all sense of reason when it comes to everything else.

    Re entrapment. The number one concern of any Federal agency, law enforcement or no, is its budget. This is where Waco came from, because in the time frame constituting the late Bush 41 and early Clinton years, the ATF was thought useless and passe, and there were serious proposals to fold is functionality back into the FBI. The ATF got scared, and started trying to justify its continued existence by pulling a lot of false flag “sting” operations, climaxing with Waco, which, save the ATF’s zealous nature in that time, would have been easily resolved by reeling in Koresh when he went out for his daily solitary runs near but away from the compound. Incidentally, now that the F&F scandal is wide open, there are again calls to fold the ATF’s functions back into the FBI, and I predict again the ATF will get scared and try to pull stings. Word to the wise: Be careful if someone approaches you and starts talking real funny business about firearms.

    Islam is a big deal, but it’s not a complicated deal. It’s an immigration issue fundamentally speaking. Eliminate Muslim immigration, and deport as many illegal alien Muslims and eventually revoke the visas of legal alien Muslims as possible, and not only does the threat of real Muslim terrorism plummet, but also these sting/false flag operations, meaning we might finally get to reduce the budgets for Federal law enforcement agencies and eliminate a few in the process. Fewer non-whites and less expensive government…win win.

  • Jolly


    I am stunned that the Hyatt owners would be supporters of the CPUSA. What other big businesses are owned by far left wingers?

  • WhiteAmerican

    @9–Question Diversity. As usual, you sound a note of good sense. But I would like to just add this: there are all kinds of Muslims, just like there are all kinds of Christians, and there are many Muslims who can be perfectly good White Americans. I’m one of those, so I should know.

  • Anonymous

    Jolly #10: Home Depot and Wal-Mart are not exactly contributing to AmRen, either.

  • Question Diversity

    11 White American:

    The white Muslim convert who does not approach Islam from the hard or far left wing fascinates me from a sociological standpoint. The only thing I know is that the few that do definitely don’t go into the terrorism business. In fact, from one, I read that there is an alternate interpretation of jihad or, alternatively spelled, djihad — They interpret to mean much the same as when a Christian thinks s/he should be “salt and light,” no terrorism or violence involved. I take from that that Islam is whatever the adherent wants it to be — White Muslims will be peaceful because they’re white, while Arab and South Asian Muslims will tend to be violent because Arabs and South Asians tend to be violent. I’m guessing for non-leftist white Muslims, Islam’s allure is entirely spiritual.

    I do know that one of the members of the rival militias (SMVM) that snitched on the Hutaree, is a convert to Islam.

  • Athling

    Well, I did not know there was a broader issue to address other than the similarity with the Amren conference. That being the case, then yes, Geller, Spencer, et al, are indeed one-trick ponies. They say nothing of the murder, rape, and other savagery inflicted upon Whites (and Jews) by Africans here in America. They even seem complicit at times right along with the Leftist controlled media at covering up their crimes. Their only focus is on the Islamic threat. A threat to be sure, but one that pales in comparison with what is going on in the African street in the USA.

    It’s very frustrating. Their argument is that the crimes of the Musl

  • Athling

    Their argument is that the crimes of Muslims are ideology-based and therefore are somehow more dangerous than other criminal motivations. I don’t buy that argument. The greatest physical threat to Americans right now are Africans. You are much more likely to lose your life to one of them than to a Muslim.

  • Anonymous

    #15: True. Add to that fact that most Muslims do not consider black Muslims to be real Muslims.

    Blacks and hispanics are committing crimes against Whites, and other races, including their own kind, on a daily basis. They are the real threat to social order in this country, and wherever they are in large numbers.