Posted on October 11, 2011

David Cameron: ‘Immigration to Be Dropped to 1980s Levels’

Telegraph (London), October 10, 2011

The Prime Minister pledges to bring net immigration down to “tens of thousands” while conceding it has had a positive benefit to society.

The Prime Minister set out the new plans on immigration in a speech in London, while saying “some immigration is a good thing”.

“In the same way that many British people take advantage of opportunities to work, study and live overseas many of our communities have been enriched by the contribution of generations of migrants,” said Mr Cameron.

“Our schools and universities have some of the best teachers, researchers and students from all over the world and we’re proud of that.

“Our hospitals are full of talented doctors and nurses caring for the sick and vulnerable.

“Our high streets are home to entrepreneurs who are not just adding to the local economy but playing a part in local life.

He also said that Britain would always be open to those seeking asylum from persecution.

The party has pledged to bring net immigration down to “tens of thousands” but the Coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats has meant that promise is not formal Government policy.