Posted on October 3, 2011

Curb on Immigrants’ Rights to Settle Here as Rule that Allows Them to Stay After Working for Five Years Set for Axe

James Slack, Daily Mail (London), October 3, 2011

Tens of thousands of immigrants will be stripped of the right to settle in the UK permanently under Home Office proposals.

Ministers are to crack down on a regime which allowed a record 241,000 foreigners to settle here last year–up from 51,000 when Labour came to power.

They plan to abolish a rule that gives those from abroad the right to live in Britain permanently if they work here for five years.

The Government will also look at restricting the right of immigrants’ spouses to a British passport if they stay here long enough.

Ministers say it is vital if they are to hit David Cameron’s target of reducing net migration–the number of people entering the country, versus those leaving–to the ‘tens of thousands’.

Breaking the link between permanent settlement and the right to work in the UK temporarily has long been demanded by groups campaigning for a policy of ‘balanced migration’.

Under the plans, to be published before the end of this year, foreigners will still be able to gain a visa to work in Britain, but they will no longer be able to remain here permanently simply by virtue of staying in the country legally for five years.

A Whitehall source said: ‘We want to break the link between working and settling in Britain. It has become almost automatic for people who keep their noses clean and don’t get a criminal record.

‘The Government is not against people coming here to work, but that shouldn’t automatically mean they get to stay in Britain forever.’

Under the policy, a new ‘hurdle’ will be introduced for immigrants who wish to remain here permanently, based on their ability to support themselves and their families, their qualifications and whether they are working in professions where there are shortages of trained Britons.

Those on high incomes, businessmen and millionaire investors would be exempt because the Government believes they create jobs. EU nationals who have a right to live in the UK would not be affected.

The Home Office knows it needs to do more to cut immigration levels if the Prime Minister is to have any hope of meeting his election promises.

Crackdowns have already been announced on student visas and on the number of work permits given to non-EU nationals.

But without reducing the number of people who can remain here permanently, the ‘tens of thousands’ target is highly unlikely to be hit. Last year net migration rose by 21 per cent–with 239,000 more people arriving in the UK than leaving.

7 responses to “Curb on Immigrants’ Rights to Settle Here as Rule that Allows Them to Stay After Working for Five Years Set for Axe”

  1. Anonymous says:

    For 900 years previous to the 20th century, Britain had almost no immigration. It is only in the last fifty years that the kingdom has allowed itself to be colonized by Africans, Arabs and Asians.

    What’s more, the perceived success of that unnatural colonization is totally dependant on a falsehood of economic prosperity, which is crumbling at this moment.

    The colonists will have to be expelled, no matter what the outcome.

  2. NBJ says:

    Four words come to mind here: Too little, too late.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too little too late, perhaps.

    But a storm is coming. It will crash on us. The better prepared we are(the more anti-immigration policies we’ve put up or enacted, the more aware we are, the more vocal and openly racial we are, the better we shall fare.

    There’s more to be done than just state the obvious travesty here, as in


    I urge you to change your outlook.

    The world is not fair, and never was. White societies gained a little foothold, after centuries of work, where life was damn good. But that’s over now.

    Time to make it good again.

    No one ever said it was easy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The very nature of this article is flawed.

    “Curb on immigrants’ rights to settle here…”

    Immigrants don’t have such “rights”. Immigration is a privilege, not a right.

  5. Reg says:

    This is not enough, however, it is a start. You can’t go from 0 to 60 without going all the speeds in between.

    For the last ten years you could get a British passport with every box of Corn Fakes.

    One of the very serious consequences of this madness is low salaries for people in the UK. Boat loads of Indians come to the UK to work in IT. They are happy to accept very low salaries because they aren’t just getting a salary. They get a British passport too. So, they know they work for five years and they get the big payoff.

    This puts pressure on Europeans to accept lower salaries. “Well, if you won’t work for that salary I’ll get an Indian who will.”

    I am going to enjoy telling the Indian who sits next to me that he won’t be getting a British passport after all.

    It is such a bizarre practice. How can some Indian be considered British/European if he is handed a passport. If I was born in India would I then be Indian. Dam right I wouldn’t be. I would be a European in India.

    For peoples information, the requirements for becoming an Indian citizen are blood based. You must prove you have Indian blood. That is the correct way.

  6. Wulfstan says:

    I’m sure the Home Office is already compiling a list of Australians,New Zealanders,South Africans,and Falkland Islanders for the grand exit.

  7. Jason Robertson says:

    We shall see.

    Temporary work contracts without permanent settlement? Such regulations should have been introduced from the 1950s, after the Royal Commission on Population advised against immigration of different races or religions into our developed society.

    Many attempts to control or reduce alien colonisation have been undermined in various ways and by various methods over many years, and may well continue. “Looking at…” weasel-word assurances and “right-wing noises” during a “Conservative” Conference, and during elections, are well-known devices to con the optimistic “faithful” of the “stupid party”. Cameron cannot be trusted, and his Lib Dem coalition partners have a near-veto on politically incorrect wheezes.

    This week, incidentally, sees the first of a three-part BBC TV celebration and promotion of miscegenation, presented by a Sri Lankan broadcaster (with an English wife and a hybrid brother-in-law). His (oxy)moronically-headed Sunday Times article “Lucky Britain’s mixed-up future….a rainbow nation at peace with itself” attacks eugenics as “bogus science”.

    According to an analysis of official statistics by Professor Linda Platt (London University), one in five children in Britain belongs to an ethnic minority and 9 per cent of them aleady live in “households of mixed ethnicity”. Nearly half the men of Caribbean heritage and one in five African men have a partner of another race. A third of Jewish men are in “inter-faith” relationships, and a remarkable 39 per cent of Chinese women have partners of different race.

    The fairly good news (if I may so describe it, without being visited by the “British” police for a “perceived race hate incident”) is that the lowest rates of inter-ethnic relationship are among the present-majority white population at “only” 3 per cent for men and 4 per cent for women.

    So far.