Posted on October 6, 2011

Cupertino Cement Plant Shooting Victim Recalls Bloody Morning

Julia Prodis Sulek, Mercury News, October 6, 2011

Shareef Allman arrived for his 4 a.m. shift Wednesday at the quarry a few minutes late, said good morning to the guys, and like he always did, poured himself a cup of coffee and punched the time clock. But this time, after listening to the small talk of a morning meeting, he pulled a handgun out of his sweatshirt and began firing at the dozen men, said one of his targets.

Mike Ambrosio felt the burning heat of a bullet shoot through his right arm as he dove under a plastic table. When the bullets were gone and the room was already splattered with blood and bodies, Ambrosio said he played dead and peeked out as Allman grabbed an AK-47 assault rifle he had left just outside the door, and started firing again.


“You guys want to (expletive) with me? You want to (expletive) with me?” Ambrosio recalled Allman angrily saying as he shot his co-workers.


Allman, a 6-foot-1, 47-year-old boxer and weightlifter, a man who preached peaceful conflict resolution in a series of public access TV shows he produced, fired away in the confines of the quarry’s trailer, Ambrosio said.

Lying under the table, Ambrosio covered his face with his bleeding arm and pretended he was dead. When the gunfire stopped, Allman stooped to look under the table “to make sure I was dead,” Ambrosio said.


Allman had worked at the plant for 15 years. While he was respected by his wide circle of friends in San Jose’s African-American community, he had a poor performance record at the company, Ambrosio said. Allman felt as though the company, and some of his co-workers, were out to get him, Ambrosio said. Two weeks earlier, Allman had refused to pose for a photo with his colleagues at the plant, saying, “I don’t want to take my picture with back stabbers.”

Before the shooting began Wednesday, a supervisor was leading the weekly meeting, which included a discussion about rescheduling a farewell party for another employee. Allman piped up, Ambrosio said: “If we ain’t gonna have no party, give me my $10 back.” Then Allman “pulled out the gun and started.”

{snip} An additional eight men sitting in plastic chairs around the tables–all truck drivers–were hit as they tried to scramble to safety, including Ambrosio and his cousin Manuel Pinon.

“Why are you doing this?” some of the men asked as they tried to duck the bullets.


The rampage came less than a week after Ambrosio confronted Allman, telling him that as his union shop steward, he would no longer represent him to management over the numerous safety violations he was accused of committing.

“He’s had so many accidents and always said that because he’s African-American, the company was after him,” Ambrosio said. “He was an unsafe driver.” Ambrosio said Allman had turned over a truck and snagged overhead wires when he left the truck bed in the air.

Last Thursday, Ambrosio told Allman that “no one has ever had so many accidents in the company like you have.”

Ambrosio set up a meeting Monday morning with management, telling officials that Allman’s safety record was so bad, his driving so reckless, that “the workers weren’t safe.”

Company officials, Ambrosio said, responded by encouraging his fellow drivers to document any further problems.

“The workers were tired of complaining and the company not doing anything,” Ambrosio said.


Somebody must have told Allman about the meeting, Ambrosio said, because on Tuesday morning, Allman seemed to be an exemplary employee.

“He was working like he should be,” Ambrosio said. “He was on the ball.”

So when he came in Wednesday morning, no one paid much attention.

Until the gun came out.

Lori Preuitt, NBC (Bay Area), October 6, 2011

The subject of a massive manhunt in the South Bay is a volunteer producer for the San Jose cable access station CreaTV.

Shareef Allman is accused of a mass workplace shooting at a South Bay rock quarry that left three people dead.

Word of that shooting sent shockwaves to the people who knew Allman as a community activist and doting father.

He was seen in YouTube videos interviewing Jesse Jackson as well as hosting a community access talk show. The Jackson clip was dated Septemeber 24, 2010, and lists Allman as executive producer and host.

Allman also authored a fiction book titled “Saving Grace” on the subject of domestic violence.


Police said Allman walked into a meeting at his workplace in Cupertino at 4:15 a.m. Wednesday morning and opened fire. {snip} Authorities said three hours later Allman shot a woman after failing to steal her car in an HP parking lot, then fled into a neighborhood in nearby Sunnyvale.


Allman also hosted a show called Reel 2 Reel at CreaTV. Qwen Mejia co-hosted that show with him on occasion called Qwen’s Couch. {snip}


42 responses to “Cupertino Cement Plant Shooting Victim Recalls Bloody Morning”

  1. HH says:

    Oh, I wondered why the media wasn’t trumpeting this story from coast to coast, wailing about “gun-violence” and all the usual nonsense. Now I know why…

  2. Dance says:

    Same old story. Incompetent black continually falls short of the mark, then reasons it can only be racism so bullets must be pumped into whites.

  3. Uptown says:

    Mr. Allman’s reputation for being a peacemaker seems inconsistent with all the guns he had. Didn’t anyone notice? It takes a lot for your own union rep to complain to management about you, an awful lot.

  4. Periapsis says:

    He was half right, it appears from articles about the mass shooting a team of white SWAT officers went out in search for and then shot and killed him after he did his murderous rampage. Good riddance, a dangerous paranoid case was rendered permanently irrelevant. One less dangerous black man to threaten the lives of white Americans, who no doubt were among his victims.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The cops shot him and he is now dead, according to the latest news.

  6. Seek says:

    This thug produced a public access TV series on peaceful conflict resolution — say, is this some kind joke? I’ll leave that to the psychiatrists.

    My main point: This man was incompetent and a safety menace at a workplace with little or no margin for error. Even his union steward wouldn’t deal with him. But there was no point in reasoning with a person who believes himself to be a victim of “racism.” Well, Shareef, you now join Cookie Thornton as among the luminaries of conflict resolution masters.

    Need anyone wonder, by the way, why employers “discriminate,” however silently, in hiring and promotion practices?

  7. Peejay in Frisco says:

    When I was in high school many years ago, I was friends with a black who was 2 years younger than me. We hung out just a little. He was quite intelligent, not at all violent or negative ,had never been in trouble, but he was doing drugs, just a little. Fast forward several decades. I asked a mutual friend, hispanic, what ever happened to him. He had killed someone over a drug deal, and I assume he was incarcerated. They are totally unpredictable. If a black ever accuses you of screwing with him, it is time for flight or fight.

  8. Dutchman says:

    I began following this story as soon as it was reported yesterday. For the first hours there was no mention of the suspect’s name, then a name but no photo, and then finally a photo but no pictures or names of the victims. Not until today do we find out the names of the victims. It is interesting to compare this to shooting sprees when the perps are White.

    Several blogs and newspapers, such as the SF Chronicle, tried to make Shareef Allman a sympathetic character that ‘just snapped’. I did not read Ambrosio’s comments until the Mercury News article above.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Though extreme, the pattern is all too familiar: black performs poorly, cries racism, then turns to violence.

  10. FYI says:

    Cupertino is like 80 percent Asian, many of whom are Asian-Indians, many of whom are Black if you classify by skin color. However, Asian-Indians are like the most conservative race. let’s ask them what they think of the incident.

  11. anonyance says:

    Private companies should be allowed to fire anyone they wish, at will, without having to explain themselves.

    The government meddling and forcing them to account for firings to make sure that they were not based on race is what causes deaths like this.

  12. Sonya says:

    My mom lives 1.5 miles from the area that was cordoned off during the search. She sent me an email in the morning to say the police called all the local residents and warned them a black male was on the loose after shooting multiple individuals.

    That area is EXTREMELY safe with virtually NO violent crime (and no blacks, go figure). Even my sweet elderly mother is becoming racially aware when she hears my stories of the deep south and she said “Naturally he is black and will be easy to identify”.

    I was there a few weeks ago and there are still a fair amount of older white people (used to be 97% white). Because the area is so low crime very few folks have weapons, and the gun laws forbid loaded weapons in the vehicle etc… which means people like my elderly mom, and other family members close to the search zone did not feel comfortable going out in their cars for fear of being carjacked or killed by this lunatic with no protection.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Somebody must have told Allman about the meeting, Ambrosio said, because on Tuesday morning, Allman seemed to be an exemplary employee.

    “He was working like he should be,” Ambrosio said. “He was on the ball.”

    This story makes you wonder how many blacks know exactly what they are doing. They are not helpless victims but master manipulators for white handouts.

  14. Juggernaut says:

    ‘He’s had so many accidents and always said that because he’s African-American, the company was after him,’ Ambrosio said

    BECAUSE he was an African-American, he was allowed to remain FAR past when a White would have been fired for the same infractions . No business wants a visit from the EEOC or angry black activists.

    At least he saved us the bother of a trial and the spectacle of angst-fillled hand-wringers looking for “reasons” as to why the brother snapped.

    There’s also no guarantee in this day and age that he’d be convicted given the stupidity of modern juries and the demand his lawyers would make about the number of blacks jurors as a “representative force.” They may have even gotten the trial moved to Oakland.

  15. Deirdre says:

    Yes they are completely unpredictable. And in many cases so impulsive that it borders on insane. One thing that has always surprised me is their lack of shame. I would be SO embarrassed if ever there was a HINT that I wasn’t carrying my weight at my job or whatever. I saw a commercial for the Dolphin Tale with Morgan Numinous Freeman, and I thought how mortified I’d be in his position, usurping another man’s role on an affirmative action acting job. Gross. They have no shame.

  16. Anonymous says:

    5 — Anonymous wrote at 6:47 PM on October 6:

    The cops shot him and he is now dead, according to the latest news.


    I certainly hope so, and would say that’s a very good thing for the rest of us.

    Otherwise, another circus of a trial, a long wait to get justice, maybe for life…we keep the murderer alive for 40 years?

    A bullet is a lot cheaper!

  17. Mark says:

    Sonya; that area is like only 30 percent white. Guess who the other 70 percent are?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Allman was a racist who hated anyone who is not black. No doubt his family will sue the police who killed him, claiming he was shot because he was black.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Look at his work record. So many safety violations his own union rep wouldn’t support him. And he is black! That should speak volumes to anybody who knows about these things. Is there any doubt at all that had he been white he would have been fired years ago. What company would put up with a 15-year record of poor performance? (“But he was well-respected in the African-American community.” What a non-sequitur this is!) Something to remember – a lot of blacks are ticking time bombs.

    One other thing. Judging from their names I wonder if these workers are Mexicans? Wonder how the media will spin this?

  20. Jeddermann. says:

    The surviving victims need to see if Shareef is a Black Muslim. If Shareef could be demonstrably shown to have been influenced by Black Muslim teachings, sue the NOI in civil court for having preached hate against whitey and helped to establish a climate of hate that led to this crime being committed.

  21. Anonymous says:

    he was right about one thing. It sounds like they were out to get him.

  22. SKIP says:

    I would wonder why Whites would be asking “WHY are you doing this” as he sprayed them with bullets, the thing to do in such a small contained area (the trailer) is go for the shooter and his gun and kill him first!

  23. SunnyvaleSal says:

    Although I live in Sunnyvale and listen to news and talk on the radio all day, I heard nothing about this till the school where may kids attend an evening gym program e-mailed to say that classes would be cancelled due to a crime suspect being in the area.

    While the local paper reported his name there was no photo or mention of his TV show. Still hasn’t been. They did report the names of the victims and a little about them. They appear to be Mexicans (legal).

    Cupertino is largely upper income Chinese with some Japanese, Indians, and Whites. It has been impolitely known as “G–kertino” for a couple of decades. There are blocks were every sign is in Chinese (even for national companies such as Charles Schwab). There are few Mexicans and very few Blacks. Neither group is thought highly of by the Asians, although they will hire Mexicans for low paid labor.

    When I worked there, while the Asians didn’t like Blacks, they weren’t particularly angry with them, they just regarded them as one of the downsides of living in America.

  24. Paul says:

    Cupertino normally has very little crime and schools with very high test scores. It MUST be ALL WHITE!

    Oooops: Just did some googling and it turns out that Cupertino is only about 50 percent white and the schools are only about 30 percent white.

    Now….how is that possible that a city with a low crime rate and such high achieving schools could have a majority of nonwhites?

    hmmmmmmmm…………This is a paradox for us whites…..

    The answer is that Cupertino is majority Asian.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I read that the murderer is a Christian, but being Christian did not stop him from murdering. Race is more important than religion. A lot of Christians think that if other races become Christian, they will behave themselves, which is erroneous thinking. By the way, it seems the victims of the crime have Hispanic surnames.

  26. Sonya says:

    FYI wrote: However, Asian-Indians are like the most conservative race. let’s ask them what they think of the incident.

    No Sureesh, let us NOT ask them. When I heard about this I thought if Amren runs a story then Sureesh will get up and brag about how Indians now run my hometown, then he may even condescend to the “less intelligent and less civilized whites” and ask them again what type of guns he should buy.

  27. olewhitelady says:

    It’s been said over and over, but the coddling of blacks by white liberals is what usually leads to this kind of going-postal event. When a black worker starts to let his work standard drop, it may be due to things like drinking, frustration with trying to compete with whites, or just the total realization that he won’t be taken to task for any lapse. When the bosses will do nothing to remedy the situation, fellow workers will probably complain and/or try to reason with the black. If he tells other blacks about it, they’ll likely reenforce his belief that racism is the cause. Even if he didn’t believe this to begin with, he probably will after a while.

    If management would take such people to task immediately, letting them understand that their behavior is unacceptable, things would probably never reach a shoot-out level. Union-manned businesses always have a tier of reprimands for employees, as do some non-union ones. First, there’s usually a verbal reprimand, then a written one, then suspension, then firing–or something akin to that. I’ve worked for both union and non-union organizations, and I’ve seen that these procedures are not always followed. In my experience, I’ve seen that blacks get away with much more when there are only a few of them in the work force, whick was apparently the case with Allman.

    I believe it’s the failure of bosses not to, point-by-point, indicate to failed workers exactly what their faults are. If the bad worker continues to do poorly, then he will reach the firing level in a short time, and the company can be rid of him.

  28. Nomad says:

    three dead: Mark Muñoz, 59, of San Jose; John Vallejos, 51, of San Jose; and Manuel Guadalupe Piñon, 48, of Newman. Among the seven people injured were Jesse Vallejos and Mike Ambrosio.

    This is a black-on-hispanic killing. It’s going to be VERY interesting to see how this plays out.

  29. The Bobster says:

    This is a black-on-hispanic killing. It’s going to be VERY interesting to see how this plays out.


    Just as the story has been downplayed, the racial angle will now be downplayed. Invaders can’t possibly be racist.

  30. Miss Whitey says:

    As I understand it, the victims were all Latinos.

    No matter the race or ethnicity, they did NOT deserve to be shot.

    But I do wonder if the police will investigate the Latino victims for their so-called racist attitudes like the White victims of Omar Thornton were investigated.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Just another reason not to hire members of this violent, unpreditable race. Never fails to amaze me-blacks consistently refuse to understand or won’t understand that it’s their BEHAVIOUR which means why many employers don’t want to hire them in the first place; or they get thrown off the job at higher rates than anyone else.

  32. fuzzypook says:

    First let me prefece that I wish I could snap my fingers and rid our country of blacks and mexicans. That being said, after reading this story I am reminded of a story my husband told me. He works in the horse industry here in Lexington, KY. The industry is saturated with illegal invaders. (I blame the owners for that.) An old gentleman he knows (black) one of the few blacks left working in the barns, told him how hard it is for him to work with mexicans. They don’t like him and they let him know it. They even conspired to have him fired. One fat, nasty mexican woman accused him of making sexual advances on her. He denied it and the accusation was seen for what it was, an attempt to remove him from his job to make way for another mexican. The woman was not taken seriously as this man had been working in the barns at Keeneland and Churchill for 25 years without any complaints such as this ever being lodged against him!

  33. Lucas says:

    I can’t help but think that if his co-workers were black this whole thing would have resulted in a fist-fight.

  34. Anonymous says:

    “Allman had worked at the plant for 15 years. While he was respected by his wide circle of friends in San Jose’s African-American community…”

    Are we really expected to believe that being “respected in the African-American community” counts as some sort of credible character reference? The African-American community also respects Tookie Williams, Troy Davis, Mumia, the Knoxville Massacre killers, 2Pac Shakur, and Barack Hussein Obama.

  35. Anonymous says:

    One really big problem with hiring blacks is that it is almost impossible to fire them, once they are hired. Had this guy been white he would probably have been canned years ago. I see he was transferred to the graveyard shift. This was probably done by the company in the hope he would quit. In my own 30+ years of work experience, blacks are by far the worst workers there are out there. I would never hire one for my business.

  36. Sonya says:

    SunnyvaleSal wrote: Cupertino is largely upper income Chinese…

    Yes in the mid 80’s early 90’s when Hong Kong was about to be transferred back to the Chinese many wealthy Hong Kong Chinese bought up houses in Cupertino.

    I did notice a few weeks ago that the fashion of the ladies walking down the sidewalk near my mother’s house was BIG SUN HATS! They ALL had huge sun hats on. Apparently protecting their very fair complexions is a high priority among the upper class Chinese. Of course the black skinned Indian’s don’t need to worry about that.

  37. Peejay in Frisco says:

    I was watching the news about this, and an older blond, white man,50s, said that he purposely didn’t shoot him, but he could have. All of the dead were hispanics. So Mucho for the black-hispanic alliance against Whitey.

  38. SunnyvaleSal says:

    Sonya wrote: “Apparently protecting their very fair complexions is a high priority among the upper class Chinese.”

    It sure is. It one point in time, those with very light skin were members of the aristocracy (females especially mostly stayed inside, some even the victims of foot binding) while those with very dark skin were working in the rice paddies all day. So whiter skin was associated with success even when China had little contact with Europe.

    Now, the racial angle has been added to the stigma. One of my college roommates was always being chided by her mother to wear sunscreen, wear hats, and carry an umbrella; otherwise she would “end up looking like a N—-”. More recently, my boss visited relatives in Hong Kong with her daughter who was on the swim team and didn’t use sun protection. They came home in a huff after a great aunt refused to be seen in public with them, again using the N-word although everything else was in Chinese. The girl was in fact very dark and this caused a family scandal that only increased with time. The mother’s parenting skills were seriously questioned although the girl did well academically and could only date Chinese boys.

  39. Richard says:

    Thought experiment:

    Replace “because he’s African-American, the company was after him” with “he thought the IRS was out to get him” and “on Youtube with Jesse Jackson” with “on Youtube with Alex Jones.”

    Would the ho-hum, just another lone nut attitude be so prevelant?

    Or would we hear 24/7 shrieking of pundits about how anti-government sentiment is the most evil thing since Hitler?

    So, why do we not hear that “black self-pity and other-race hatred is the worst thing since Hitler?”

  40. Cooper says:

    This was a black man politically active in his community, an intellectual and emotional imbiber of the Narrative, exacting retribution for, as he sees it, discrimination. How much more explicit does racial-political violence have to get for the topic to be broached by the High and Serious of the media?

  41. Keepin' it REAL says:

    One should liken any potential developments whenever in close proximity to blacks to that of pitbulls: totally unpredictable and potentially dangerous/life-threatening behavior can transpire at any time without (apparent) cause.

    This is the reality of what is denied to whites through brainwashing into Cultural Marxism by the themselves racially supremacist PTB – self-preservation.

  42. voter says:

    Once again we see that blacks see and interpret EVERYTHING in terms of race. And anything unfavorable that happens to them is because of discrimination. It’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault… never their own.

    With anyone else, this would be just an unfortunate mental quirk, except that blacks are inclined to grab a gun and “go postal”. Thus, they are dangerous.