Posted on October 10, 2011

Bleach Fight Shuts Baltimore Walmart

Alicia Tejada, ABC News, October 9, 2011

A Saturday morning of shopping turned into an emergency hazmat situation at a Baltimore Walmart where two patrons threw bleach and disinfectant at one another, officials said.

Baltimore County Police responded to a call at about 10:48 a.m. Saturday and found two women fighting inside the store.

The bleach and disinfectant created toxic fumes, forcing the immediate evacuation of the entire Arbutus store, officials told ABC News affiliate ABC 2. It closed for several hours.

Fire, EMS and hazardous materials units were dispatched to the scene, as well as 10 medics.

Nineteen people reportedly received treatment, including three Walmart employees. {snip}

Three Walmart employees were being treated for respiratory problems, a Walmart spokeswoman told ABC News.

Police have arrested Theresa Monique Jefferson, 33, after she turned herself in to authorities, according to the Associated Press.


The brawl was a result of an ongoing dispute between Jefferson and the victim because the victim’s boyfriend is the father of Jefferson’s child, according to the AP.


35 responses to “Bleach Fight Shuts Baltimore Walmart”

  1. generalquagmyer says:

    Is anyone else as tired as I am of seeing that “I be BADDD,” high self-esteem/low IQ stare on every black female mug shot? It’s often said that insecure people put up a brave front to mask their inadequacies, but I don’t believe blacks are capable of thinking that abstractly. The face simply reflects who they are.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What savagery. I live in an area where the wal-marts, as the liberal whack-jobs might say, severely lack diversity. This type of incident has not, does not, and will not happen. Ever. Well, at least until they get “diversity,” then who knows. Probably will happen.

    The bleach must have been the handiest weapon available. They didn’t say, “I’ma find some bleach to throw at choo!”

    What would’ve happened if they were in the housewares section? How many innocents would have been slashed open by cheap kitchen cutlery?

  3. Alexandra says:

    Blacks, bleach, Walmart, and fights over a babydaddy. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Quite dramatic. that is how it goes when you go against the laws of God. Gross immorality, no standards, suffering the consquences. She looks very unhappy. I am sure she would have liked to have a good man for keeps and then none of that would have happened.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What should happen:

    1. Ban her from Wal-mart for life.

    2. Jail time for assault

    3. Fine her for costing Wal-mart money, because they had to close their business early that day.

    What will happen:

    1. Released on probation.

  6. S.L. Cain says:

    When I saw the headline on Drudge “Bleach Fight at Walmart”, I instantly knew what kind of person was involved. And I was proved correct ……………… you know, Canadians.

  7. Brown-Eyed Devil says:

    It would seem as if the Walmart employees (and I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt) attempted a clean-up and weren’t aware that bleach mixed with almost anything else results in highly-toxic gas flooding the immediate area. It’s not just unpleasant, it can be deadly-even out of doors.

    I’ve noticed the “look” too, General. There’s nothing in these faces, not a thing behind the eyes. Maybe the mugshot should have been taken with some of the mess the woman left behind sitting under her nose.

  8. Rhialto says:

    This item is an good example of synchronicity; it illustrates the AmRen Oct. 7 item: Estrogen Levels Are Higher Across the Menstrual Cycle in African-American Women Compared with Caucasian Women.

  9. NBJ says:

    We saw this story on Fox news. They talked about two women having a brawl in Walmart, and would have more after the commercial break. I told my hubby I’d bet him it was black women and if I was right, he would do the dinner dishes. He wouldn’t bite. Eh… can’t blame me for trying.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Here’s just another reason reinforcing my decision to avoid WalMart. In Western Washington we have local big box stores with loyal clientele that predate Wally World so when they expanded into the area they became the exclusive haunt of feral blacks and recent immigrants who haven’t learned about Costco yet.

    It smells, the parking lot is full of taxi cabs, and you’ll hear just about every language imaginable save English. No thanks, I’ll stick with Fred Meyer even though it’s more expensive. At least the trash there is white.

  11. Dutchman says:

    When I came across this story yesterday my first thought was “Walmart must have run out of orange soda.” I knew at least one of the instigators was black without even having a mug shot or a name. I must be psychic!

    I wonder why black women get so bent out of shape when their men cheat on them? Every time I see a black family’s profile at my insurance gig it never fails that the four kids have three different surnames. This is the modus operandi of the black man and there is no reason for the black women to fight about it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure one of em left the Walmart whiter than Michael Jackson’s corpse.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wherever blacks go there is assaults and violence. It is in their genes, period. In black neighborhoods most stores closed down simply because blacks still do not know how to act and behave in a civilized manner. How long have they been here? Hundreds of years? And some people still think blacks can change if they just lived around matter the evidence to just the opposite.

  14. Wayne Engle says:

    Round up the usual suspects. Pick an urban brawl — any urban brawl — and you’ll find blacks right in the middle of it. It’s definitely a genetic thing.

  15. Terry says:

    Do these females try to pass themselves off as civilized?

    I could see the faces of the participants even before I saw the photo.

    When are people going to wake up that these people are more like mad animals then human beings?

    I bet the people from the days of slavery would not believe that we have allowed and HEPPED these people become our rulers.

    What we can say, how we can walk, how we can gaze upon them is all under their control and they are pushing that to the limit.

  16. The Mighty Pen says:

    You guys need to lighten up! Why isn’t my local Walmart this fun?

    Isn’t a bleach fight called a “Michael Jackson?”

    These are Holder’s people and Øbama voters. Now they are white oppressors!

    For Walmart’s part, “this is obviously not the type of behavior we would expect from people at our stores.”

    No, normal Walmart behavior is stampedes, beating up on greeters and massive theft.

    For more Walmart laughs:

  17. Anonymous says:

    Although the woman doesn’t have a ‘ghetto’ name, it didn’t take me long to guess her race. To top it off, she was having a dispute regarding her child…what a way to harm the public.

  18. Robb says:

    I’d think there would be a video to go along with this story. Certainly there are multiple cameras in that aisle in that store too.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Bleach. The savior of the black race. The main Michael Jackson ingredient symbol other than the face knife.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Retail stores with items on shelves are not for blacks. Blacks are psychologically incapable of handling that much freedom. See it now, want it now, grab it now is all that matters to them.

    Now bleach will be kept in locked wire cages behind the counter and the price of everything will rise slightly because the blacks need babysitting like this to prevent impromptu bleach fights.

    Because blacks lack self-control, eventually everything must be kept behind bars, to keep them from trashing it and hurting themselves and others.

  21. Tusky says:

    This to “General Quagmyer”. You comment on that “look” . The other place that particular “look” can be seen is in the parking lots when they walk right down the center of the lanes, blocking cars and just daring you to hit them. Same look can be found as black people cross streets, especially when they (commonly) do not use established cross-walks.

    Yep, it’s out there.


  22. White E says:

    That look the previous posters were talking about is real. I have been lucky enough to be enriched with diversity for a lot of my younger years, and I speak from experience when I tell you that when you are forced to deal with a black and they get a look like that in their eyes hit them first. Your average respectable white citizen would be shocked by the savagery and senseless violence that some of these individuals are capable of.

  23. Who Run Bartertown? says:

    For black womanhood’s unvarnished take on their own badass “dudes”, see “For Colored Girls…” And re Wal-Mart’s peculiar patrons– one of that company’s managers told me: when he confronted a soul brutha attempting to shoplift a one-dollar stocking cap, the five finger discounter showed him a very impressive handgun.

  24. Sincerely Concerned says:

    As for locking items on the shelves, I noticed many years ago it was tobacco, then a few years later it was razors (the blades AND the actual shavers). Then, it became electric razors and electric toothbrushes. But the latest really gets my goat: body wash. Really? Body wash? I’ve seen them locked up in a plexiglass display but only at the ghetto grocery stores I am forced, for the most part, to shop from because I live in a ghetto neighborhood out of financial necessity. Someday I will ask the store manager why BODY WASH is locked up. It’s just weird!

  25. Lauren says:

    Mighty Pen, thank you for the link to People of Wal-Mart! I just spent far too much time ogling those lovely folks. Funny beyond words!

    If I may quote from the site, I particularly liked the caption of a black woman in a Watermelon print dress:

    “OH, COME ON! Listen, I know that not every stereotype is true, but please don’t specifically try to validate them. You don’t see Asian people walking around with solved math problems on their clothes!”

  26. Anonymous says:

    What were black women doing in the home-cleaning products section anyway? From the looks of most of the dumps they live in, they don’t ever buy or use these products. My sister and I used to earn money cleaning apartments between tenants, back when we were in college. The filth, disrepair and outright vandalism in some of them was almost unimaginable. I suppose when you live with people who think nothing of beating another person senseless for an imagined slur, a cabinet door wrenched off it’s hinges, or a vinyl floor that the dirt has to be chiseled off isn’t too upsetting…

  27. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Ninteen seeking Medical Treatment?How can Bleach harm anyone?(unless it gets into the eyes).Ill bet most of the “victims” are black, and trying to cash in on some moolah.

  28. Anonymous says:

    27 — Peejay in Frisco wrote at 6:58 PM on October 11:

    Ninteen seeking Medical Treatment?How can Bleach harm anyone?(unless it gets into the eyes).Ill bet most of the “victims” are black, and trying to cash in on some moolah.


    Peejay, common household bleach mixed with ammonia produces chlorine gas, a poisonous gas that can be fatal. I’m only surprised that there weren’t more victims.

  29. Shawn (the female) says:

    All the bleach in the world can’t clean those people up on the inside.

  30. The Mighty Pen says:

    Lauren, don’t you know Walmart has high standards and a strict dress code?

    Is it not the epitome of taste, haute couture and decorum?

    If you can’t display your rolls of fat and bare gut at Walmart where are you gonna go??!!

    How DARE Walmart discriminate against a 51 year old out-of-shape, overweight female (?) who showed up at their classy and chic fashion center wearing a string bikini! What NERVE!

    A woman says she was told to put a shirt over her bikini top while shopping at Wal-Mart or leave the store.

    An attorney for the 51-year-old McMillin said the experience was embarrassing

    ‘I was horrified. I am embarrassed….It’s wrong. If you don’t like the way someone looks, don’t look at them….I hadn’t done anything obnoxious or outlandish!!

    Of COURSE NOT! Imagine that! See for yourself. IF you don’t like it “look the other way!”


    How dare the spokeswhores at Walmart call this poor disabled woman on her elegant taste and acute fashion sense!

    Yes, I too have spent an inordinate amount of time perusing the photos posted on “People of Walmart.” Yeah, sweet justice and laughs — and all at the same time!! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I saw a news flash today. I don’t remember where it was. 2 pregnant woman stabbed by another woman while all 3 were visiting a hospitalized man.

    The man had been shot by police while trying to escape arrest.

    The pictures showed black victims and black perpetrator..

  32. Anonymous says:

    Even breathing a large amount of bleach such as a half gallon spilled on the floor can damage mouth, nose, throat and even lung membranes.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Tusky #21: If you want to cure this chronically stupid behavior of blacks and how the cross the street, meandering, or shuffling, at best, across a busy street, then I suggest that you install an Air Horn in your car.

    Just drive down the street normally, until one or more of these geniuses starts to “J walk” across the street, taking their sweet time about it.

    After a grace period of about 30 seconds, lay into your Air Horn and watch these Magic Johnson wannabes become Air borne, themselves. It really shakes things up, and gets them moving.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Anon. #20: We can always do a complete reversal of your idea, and keep all of our blacks behind bars, while we keep the bleach out on the shelves, where Civilized people can buy it.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Anon. #32: People ask me why I always where Safety glasses or ANSI approved Safety sunglasses when I go out, and are among the lowest of the low, in public. This is why.

    People who shop at these Stores would be wise to carry their Gas Masks or Respirators with them.

    We don’t need to worry about what some foreign Boogeyman might do, because we have 35 million of these idiots living right here among us,creating more hell than any foreign criminal group could hope for.