21 responses to “Audio of My Interview Last Night with Pat Buchanan”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    As an aside, James Edwards received another great honor today.

    Look at the front page of Wikipedia English


    His radio show’s Wikipedia page is Wikipedia’s “Feature article of the day” for today, October 24. Look at it today, it will change by tomorrow. I saved a screenshot for proof.

  2. noneknown says:

    Having now just finished the book, I highly recommend it!! In fact, I intend to give a copy of it to each one of my children and my sister’s children for Christmas.

    Mr. Buchanan may have some faults, but I have the utmost respect for him and have bought and read every book he has written.

    I encourage all to read this book!

  3. Madison Grant says:

    Here in NYC we don’t get the Political Cesspool. However, I visited Wikipedia yesterday and today and was pleased to find James Edward’s radio show was Today’s Featured Article both days.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did Pat ever get around to mentioning the RACIAL aspect yet? Or just give out stats? My speakers are messed up so I can’t listen to it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Another great interview. Finally people are really talking.

  6. Detroit WASP says:

    If Buchanan is right and whites die out….

    Who will be around to pay taxes to keep the welfare checks going out?

    Who will blacks blame for their failure to keep the lights on?

    Who will keep the Internet up and running?

    Who will send food and clothing to Haiti?

    Seriously, if you could push a button and make all the white people and their accomplishments disapear…what would this world be like?

  7. HH says:

    I am reading the book now. As per the norm, Pat flirts with racial reality, but just can never quite bring himself to “pull the trigger.” Either way, it is a good read so far, and even beyond racial issues, it is a sobering and not a little depressing assessment of USA 2011, which every American should read.

    I still maintain that Buchanan places far too much emphasis on the fading of Christianity as being such a major problem for the West, but that is a whole debate unto itself.

  8. Paul Jones says:

    I am also reading the book and find it hard hitting as far as issues of the Culture Wars go,but as an earlier post says, Pat never “pulls the trigger” on the racial question. However, if you “read between the lines,” it’s pretty obvious that he realizes that there are significant average differences of intelligence among ethnic groups that are causing the problems.

    I wonder whether the Establishment may now try to “do away with” Pat Buchanan after this book, since it is too “politically incorrect,” and consign him to “outer darkness” as is the case for more insightful and intelligent writers on questions of race such as Jared Taylor.

  9. Jupiter7 says:

    Pat Buchannan should be saying the following on his book tour:

    1)0 nonwhite legal immigration..forever

    2)deportation of the Hindu,Chinese,Mexican,Korean, Pakistani and Korean fifth columns

    3)Asians and other high-fertlity nonwhite immigrants are the number one threat to America’s environment-ecosystems. They account for 100 percent of current “US” population growth. One lone Chinese legal immigrant introduced one pregnant Chinese snakehead fish into the Potomac River. This has set into motion the ecological destabilization of the state of Virginia’s riparian ecosystems. There have been many more introductions of snakehead fish species into America’s river systems by Chinese and Korean immigrants.

    4)Asian immigrants in our America are actively participating in the destruction of who knows how many centuries of Native Born White American scientific,engineering,technical and medical experience and expertise-future generations that will not be developed included. This is in the realm of genocide.

    5)severe labor scarcities have always been a great and wonderfull benefit to millions of ordinary Native Born White Americans..this is why there must be a permanent shut off all nonwhite immigration.

    6)Native Born White Americans are under no obligation to commit racial suicide within the borders of America because the Hindus,Sihks,Mexicans,Pakistanis,Koreans,Chinese,Koreans and Muslims demand that Native Born White Americans commit racial suicide within the borders of America.

    7)How did Native Born White Americans ever manage to survive all the years that Asians were not in our America in such large numbers? Very well thank you. We put 12 Alpha Native Born White American Males on the moon without their help…we did this at a time when America was 90 percent White and NASA 99 percent Native Born White America. This fact apparently really bothers the Asian invaders in our America.

    If Pat Buchannan stated 1-7 in his new book and in his bolk tour interviews…his new book would be a best seller on the NYT best seller list for at least the next two years.

    It is one minute before midnight demographically for Native Born White Americans within the borders of “America”. And the best that Pat Buchannan can come up with is Sailer’s “citizenship” nonesense and the immigration moratorium which is legalized race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority.

  10. white is right, black is whack says:

    6 — Detroit WASP wrote at 11:52 PM on October 24:

    If Buchanan is right and whites die out….

    Who will be around to pay taxes to keep the welfare checks going out?

    Nobody. The Hispanics and Asians won’t want to, in which case blacks will riot and they won’t tolerate it for a second. Or, and this is likely as well and a nightmare, whites will only be taxed and forced to pay blacks. Or whites will break off and form their own areas and will fight tooth and nail to keep others out.

    Who will blacks blame for their failure to keep the lights on?

    Blacks will blame whites still like they do today, or they will blame the Asians or Hispanics or make other excuse.

    Who will keep the Internet up and running?

    Maybe the Asians, but they will keep a tight lid and censor it.

    Who will send food and clothing to Haiti?

    Blacks will be on their own then or, as I said earlier, the white minority will be forced to provide them things. That is, unless, whites start growing a backbone soon and are willing to stand up to these thugs. I have a feeling more and more whites are going to start becoming more militant as we are losing numbers and as they see that most nonwhites want what we have and use the ‘we beez kept down cus’ we black’ argument to justify it.

    Seriously, if you could push a button and make all the white people and their accomplishments disapear…what would this world be like?

    I shudder to think what my grandkids and loved ones will put up with. I look at white kids today and think, “Dear God, I feel sorry for them!”

  11. voter says:

    Who will be around to pay taxes to keep the welfare checks going out?

    Most blacks are not reflective people, and I doubt that such thoughts would ever occur to them.

    It’s like feeding a dog or cat: the food (or welfare) is just there. They don’t question how it got there or where it came from.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What Pat Buchanan (and apparently no one on Amren either) will say is that whites are not in danger of being wiped out. That a race be wiped out without losing a war is ludicrous. But that whites are on the cusp of change that will divest us of much of our altruism and tolerance.

    Somebody is pushing us. Some of that are the various races themselves, greedily attaching themselves to our culture as parasites. But there is one main race that seeks to enslave us and has for thousands of years now. It always turns out the same and will be no different this time. History is repeating itself.

    What will YOU see, in your lifetime if not within a year or two? Ethnic cleansing of all all non-whites from white lands and severe oppression of marxists. And it will start just like flipping a lightswitch on. One day, you will see the Occupy Wallstreet crowd making asses of themselves for the media. The next, they will be machine gunned down and their bodies hauled away in garbage trucks….and you will know it’s begun.

  13. ATBOTL says:

    “I still maintain that Buchanan places far too much emphasis on the fading of Christianity as being such a major problem for the West, but that is a whole debate unto itself.”

    Christianity actually hurts us because it distracts conservative and traditionally minded whites away from racial issues and towards nonsense like giving money to Haitians and promoting an apocalypse centered foreign policy. We see today that Rick Perry, the worst GOP candidate on immigration, is also the darling of the fundamentalists.

    In Europe, where there are very few practicing Christians, there is much more opposition to race replacement. Right wing Europeans don’t waste time trying to convert non-whites or try to stop evolution being taught in schools.

  14. Question Diversity says:

    12 ATBOTL:

    I think you’re suffering a bit of correlation without causation. It “appears” that there’s far more actual resistance to race replacement in Europe than the United States, when I think the reality is that they’re about the same. But because most European countries have sociopolitical cultures that reward multiple political parties, Europeans have a legitimate outlet to vent those political feelings. We don’t, because of our bipolar partisan nature, and the winner take all electoral system.

    In the scant few opportunities when people have gotten the chance to vote on quasi-WN issues, our side usually wins big. I’m a native of a city that is deep blue in national and statewide politics, but as late as 1991, 80% of its whites could be counted on to vote for school board candidates who were publicly opposed to forced busing, candidates whom the local newspaper tried to slander by means of editorial cartoons as being K-people. There are numerous other examples.

  15. Anonymous says:

    White is Right #10: What should be happening is that we teach our kids and grandchildren how to handle a rifle, to hunt, fish, canoe, boat, sail, ski, snowshoe, backpack on hiking trails, learn field craft for camping and survival, use a map and compass, ride a horse, ride a dirt bike, work on cars, and so much more.

    In short, we need to teach them all the self sufficient skills that they will need to survive on their own, and to protect themselves and their families from attack, much the way our Frontiersmen and Pioneer families had to do.

  16. Anonymous says:

    #13: Since when is Christianity the only Religion responsible for giving money to Haiti? My Church didn’t collect a dime for Haiti, and I personally gave nothing when other groups came around, or called on the phone.

    Charity begins at home, and we have more than our share of Citizens that are poor, or homeless, right here; especially my own White brothers and sisters. I give to them first, on the streets, with donations of food, clothes, and money.

    There is no Middleman Agency or Organization involved. I hand it to the Homeless Vets, or Handicapped people, directly. They appreciate it, and I know who received it.

  17. HH says:

    (ATBOTL # 13) Curiously, Buchanan actually acknowledges precisely what you suggest in the new book, stating something to the effect that absent a focus on religion, people turn to racial solidarity, nationalism, etc. In other words, and I would guess somewhat unintentionally, he acknowledges that our Christian leanings are at least partially responsible for our modern race-blindness, etc!

    Hence, one of my main reasons for believeing he places far too much emphasis on religion, and in particular Christianity as being such necessity for White(or “western” as he terms it) survival.

  18. Anonymous says:

    More on this interview. The usual suspects are up in arms.


  19. Anonymous says:

    (ATBOTL # 13)

    I fully agree with ATBOTL. Christianity’s emphasis on universality and on the equal value of all souls is antithetical to any concept of racial solidarity. (You can’t be importing Haitian babies and still be a good WN.) Maybe #16’s church “didn’t collect a dime for Haiti”, but it does not speak for all Christianity. What about those churches that did?

    I also strongly disagree with #12 (“whites are not in danger of being wiped out. That a race be wiped out without losing a war is ludicrous.”)

    To the contrary, there is nothing “ludicrous” about it. We see it happening before our very eyes. How can we be in denial? … unless we recognize that it IS a war that is being waged against us — a propaganda and cultural war, not a military one. Also a war of imigration, birth rates, and political subversion.

    There are many types of warfare. Not all involve bullets. This one is a clever form of warfare that most Whites don’t even realize is going on.

  20. Anonymous says:

    #19: It is up to every one of us to inform our families, friends, Neighbors, and work associates. It is too important not to.

    Most people stare at me in disbelief when I tell them the statistics of crime, welfare, and its abuse, Illegal Aliens taking their jobs away, while soaking our Heathcare system, etc.

    Remember, there is a tremendous amount of information to go through, all while trying to make sense out of all of it.

    There is so much information that the average person with a job and a family hardly has enough time to come home from work and have their dinner, and all the rest that they need to do, much less focus any real attention on these pressing matters.

    Our political and cultural adversaries are also attacking us from all sides, so it is really impossible to keep up with every affront to our traditional culture, and threat to our way of life, other than by reading every email that is sent to you on the various subjects. But who has the time for that?

    That’s what they count on; ignorance from the people of the traditional American culture. No one can make a sound argument for or against something, if they do not have all of the facts.

    For these reasons, it is imperative that people such as yourself hand out printed aticles, or web site addresses, for your family, friends, and others, to read and learn from.

  21. realist says:

    Our decline is obvious to all but the most naive white liberals at this point. We’re completely saturated with foreigners, from the Indians who take advantage of AA so they can rip off the gov’t on low interest loans to buy small businesses like gas stations to illegals of all nationalities. People don’t realize that Texas is so Hispanic now you can’t even get a decent construction job if your not Mexican. Within a generation Texas will be as Hispanic as the border towns and as Democratic as California. The only sizeable number of white majority areas in the Southwest will be the scattered Mormon towns. Makes you wonder how it will all end..