Posted on October 4, 2011

Asians Differ from Non-Hispanic Whites in Experimental Pain Sensitivity

Rowell LN et al., Pub Med, August 2011


This study examined differences between Asians and non-Hispanic Whites (Whites) in pain sensitivity, and its relationship to mean arterial pressure (MAP) and heart rate (HR). In 30 Whites (50% female) and 30 Asians (50% female), experimental pain sensitivity was assessed with a hand cold pressor task, yielding measures of pain threshold, tolerance, intensity, and unpleasantness. Mean arterial pressure and HR measurements taken at rest and in response to speech stress were assessed. Perceived stress, anxiety, perfectionism, parental criticism, parental expectations and depressive symptoms were also measured. The results indicated that for the cold pain test, Asians demonstrated significantly lower pain threshold and tolerance levels than Whites. Although no ethnic differences were seen for MAP or HR responses to stress, for Whites higher stress MAP levels were correlated with reduced pain sensitivity, while for Asians higher baseline and stress HR levels were correlated with reduced pain sensitivity. Asians reported higher parental expectations and greater parental criticism than Whites. For Asians only, higher levels of perfectionism were related to more depressive symptoms, anxiety and perceived stress. These results indicate that Asian Americans are more sensitive to experimental pain than Whites and suggest ethnic differences in endogenous pain regulatory mechanisms (e.g. MAP and HR). The results may also have implications for understanding ethnic differences in clinical pain.

14 responses to “Asians Differ from Non-Hispanic Whites in Experimental Pain Sensitivity”

  1. margaret says:

    I hate that term non hispanic Whites. It reduces us to nothing.

    No one ever called Whites of St Louis and Cleveland non German Whites when those ethnic groups were the majority in those cities. No one ever classified the Whites of Boston as non Irish Whites or non Yankee Whites. If Bostonians could be classified as Irish and Yankee why can’t we be called White?

    It is as though we are a subset minority of White hispanics. It is just one more small step in our goverment’s planned genocide,reducing us to nothing, not even worthy of a racial classification. Even Hitler called Jews Jews. Lenin and Mao called their opponents by their names, bourgeosie, kulaks, landlords, class enemies.

    Our goverment and academia does not even give us the respect and status of a proper name to describe us. Even blacks call us h**kies or Whitey or White b**ch

    Does anyone know who invented this slur on Whites? I assume ADL AJC SPLC ACLU.

    Does the census now have 2 kinds of Whites, hispanic and non hispanic? There are probably not more than a few hundred thousand hispanic Whites in this country. By hispanic Whites I mean Whites, not the standard cuban, peurto rican, mexican

    mish mosh.

    Where is the White anti defamation society? There will never be one because such an effort requires money and every White in the country who has money is busy donating to LARAZA, ADL, NAACP and all the groups that want us dead.

    With all due respect to those who feel Whites can fight back, it takes money to hire media consultants (PR firms) to control the media, money for lawsuits, money to elect congressmen, governors and get judges appointed.

    I’m going to write a letter to this person and blast him for using the ethnic slur non hispanic White. Before I do that I will find out what professional organizations to which he belongs, who published this, the hospital he works and file a complaint with their diversity gestapo that he made an ethnic slur.

    I’m outraged.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this one more example of Sailor’s, Sureesh’s Rushton’s and Taylor’s claims that asians are superior to Whites? Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of asians on this website.

  3. sociobiologist under distress says:

    What a big lie! Asians could not possibly feel the level of pain that White Humanity feels when we undergo the experimental tests of painful Emancipation without Deportation, Citizenship and the Vote, Equality (never!), Integrated Schools, Civil Rights (wrongs!), Affirmative Actions (governmental hate), Sensitivity, Inclusion, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Coexistence, and all the other massive attacks against our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  4. Jay says:

    Surprised to see AmRen use the hate label “non-Hispanic whites” in a headline on this blog. That’s a label imposed on the diverse white Americans by lefties and radical Latinos in the press and entertainment to claim a degree of supremacy by claiming the right to name us, and furthermore to deny our diversity, our nationality, and our right to name ourselves.

    I’ve noticed a lot of white American activists deny the impact of naming, and they are dead wrong. Any name imposed on us hurts us.

    The fact that the US Census uses the term is meaningless because the US Census also uses non-Hispanic black and non-Hispanic Asian, but you’ll never see those terms used in the same way or in the same context as non-Hispanic whites is used.

    This is a foul label that is a part of the anti-white narrative. No excuses, it’s a hate label.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes I do believe Asians have higher levels of perfectionism and this does lead to depression, anxiety and suicide for some..

  6. ATBOTL says:

    They should have tested blacks too. This may be a trait that does not follow Rushton’s pattern, along with “cultural achievement,”(which Rushton fudges).

  7. Bardon says:

    Perhaps the most precise term would be European Caucasians or European Whites.

    As for Asians- this is a conflation of physiology and psychology, I’d say. First, the “cold pain” is rather ambiguous. Is it sensitivity to the sensation of cold ? Or something else ?

    As for the rest, it’s trivial. The (East) Asians are a collectivist culture, no individualism there (no novel or autobiography until the 20th century). No Prometheus in their mythologies. No Heraclitus or Shakespeare or Dostoevsky or Nietzsche. No “hero” in clash with the existing order.

    When they succeed, they do so in harmonizing with the greater whole, by subduing their individuality. I stress- individuality, not ego. Ego-personality can thrive in a web of supporting & punishing families or extended groups (corporations etc.).

    Life in a beehive, that’s the Asian way.

  8. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    I hate that term non hispanic Whites. It reduces us to nothing.


    You have written the most profound and important comment on this entire board. It is FAR past time we attacked back and went on the offensive against this term and any others that are hurled at us Whites DAILY, and OPENLY: nonhispanicwhite, anglo, redneck, typicalwhiteperson, whiteskin privilege. These are terms that if I were to use their counterparts against non-Whites in my work place I would find myself out of a job before I’d finished mouthing the words.

    When I hear Whites hatefully insulted BY ANYONE I measure my words carefully but tell that person to STOP DEMEANING WHITES. It is an insult to ME and to my FAMILY, it is disrespectful and I won’t stand for it. Typical response: “You aren’t like that” or something along the lines of “lighten up!”. Lighten up my ***. There is NO freedom of speech for Whites in this country. None. Hyper-sensitive non-whites would not HESITATE to report me and demand I be fired for saying these types of racial insults to them.

    Please, everyone, don’t stand for it! Stop the insulting of Whites in your workplace, in casual conversations (other Whites are often the worst ones), in schools, tell your children and everyone you can. Spread the word far and wide. We Whites are sick and tired of being debased, demeaned and insulted. We’re tired of hypocrisy and double standards on racial issues. Take NO excuses and go on the offensive.

    Then do it.

    If you need extra help, Christian Miller runs the site, Resisting Defamation:

    Non-Hispanic Whites

    This is an expression of hatred, supremacy, and bullying by the dominant media culture, and an attempt to smother white American diversity and nationality. It is not the product of Hispanic Americans; it is the product of persons seeking to give full voice to the anti-white narrative.

    This term is sometimes defended as a US Census term but the haters, supremacists, and bullies who make that claim never use the parallel census terms — non-Hispanic black, non-Hispanic Asian, and non-Hispanic Indian.

    If we don’t put a stop to it who will?

    As you stated, we are not allowed advocacy groups (ask: WHY is that??) so this must start at the ground level, with us. The government in its current form will NEVER defend White Rights, every other racial and/or ethnic group, but NOT WHITES.

    We are being dehumanized to non-Whites by the powerful forces of media, government and schools. You can ask about the end result of dehumanization from kulaks, landlords, running dogs and class enemies from Mao and Stalin’s regimes — the ones that weren’t killed off, that is.

    63 million dead in the old Soviet Union “Workers’ Paradise”

    ~76 million dead in Mao’s red ant hill PRC


  9. Anonymous says:

    To #7:

    There are actually white scholars who built their careers translating classic East Asian literatures. For the love of God please don’t ignore their hard work.

  10. margaret says:

    4 — Jay wrote at 8:03 PM on October 4:

    “Surprised to see AmRen use the hate label “non-Hispanic whites” in a headline on this blog.”

    Jay, that is the headline the writer and editor of the journal used so it is perfectly all right for amren to just copy it.

    Read the original article. Down at the bottom is the address, Bethseda Maryland where hundreds of federal offices are located.

    Write a 1 page, 3 or 4 paragraph letter letting them know that the word non-hispanic White is a slur. Accuse them of bias, bigorty and prejudice. Ask them why they cannot just say White. You could mention that there are very few hispanic Whites in this country. Most are indians or mixed.

    This study will probably be used someday to deny Whites necessary pain meds. Another White privilege that must be destroyed, like euthanasia for old White people.

    A higher pain toleration level is like our high SAT scores even when raised in below poverty level families.

    A higher pain toleration level is why the poorest Whites are

    less likely to destroy school systems and end up in jail than middle class blacks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “These results indicate that Asian Americans are more sensitive to experimental pain than Whites and suggest ethnic differences in endogenous pain regulatory mechanisms (e.g. MAP and HR).”

    I’m a nurse. Pain regulation or pain management as it is usually called means pain medication and other pain relief such as positioning, guided imagery, massage and other things. None work as well as good old pain meds that affect the brain and nerves so the patient does not feel the pain.

    This could mean that Drs and other providers will get orders to give less pain medication to Whites. This is what will happen if Obama care ever is put into practice.

    Whites will get less necessary medication. Whites will be at the end of the line of diagnostic tests like MRIs and even Xrays, operations and treatment. Call for a prenatal appointment 3 weeks after you suspect conception and get your first Drs appointment 7 months later.

    The liberals want medical care to be like SBA loans, section 8 and goverment jobs. No Whites need apply, but the entire population of africa, asia and L.america will be free to come to the US for their kidney replacements and other surgeries.

  12. Anonymous says:

    5 — Anonymous wrote at 1:49 AM on October 5:

    “Yes I do believe Asians have higher levels of perfectionism and this does lead to depression, anxiety and suicide for some”

    I worked in San Francisco County social services. We had an entire division staffed by Chinese dealing with Chinese suicides.

    The major reason asians have high suicide rates is that no asian religion forbids suicide. Both Judiasm and Christianity regard suicide as murder and sinful.

    The old pagan religions of Europe were like asian religions. They did not regard suicide as sinful or wrong. Ever see the famous statue of the French warrior who lost a battle to the Romans, killed his wife who is dead at his feet and is in the process of stabbing himself? Romans and Greeks regarded suicide as the honorable way out.

    Asians who come to America (the golden mountain) often kill themselves because of the expectations of family left back home.

    It has been a real problem in San Francisco since the gold rush.

    Chinese are enticed to come to the golden mountain. 10 years later they are still sweatshop and restaurant slaves, lucky to have a pillow and sleeping bag on the floor of the sweatshop.

    The family back home assume the relative in San Francisco is prospering. The sweatshop slaves often would and still will committ suicide because they cannot deal with the shame of relatives discovering that they are still sweatshop slaves.

  13. Anonymous says:


    Please get your facts straight.

    “no novel or autobiography until the 20th century”

    “No Prometheus in their mythologies.”

    “No “hero” in clash with the existing order.”

    As for all the Asian philosophers/authors that you claim don’t exist, just look them up yourself. (Then again, who cares about realism any more, right?)

  14. Flossie says:

    And yet Asians aren’t at all hesitant to cause immense physical pain to their fellow humans. And don’t get me started on their delight in tormenting animals.