Posted on October 18, 2011

69% Oppose In-State Tuition to Illegal Immigrants

Ed Carson, Investor’s Business Daily, October 11, 2011

While the battles over the budget underscore how polarized Americans have become, there is one issue that people across the political spectrum agree on: They oppose giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.

Fully 69% of Americans in the latest IBD/TIPP poll say they don’t favor states giving in-state college tuition to illegal residents while charging higher fees for legal, out-of-state residents. Just 22% support such a policy.

73% of Republicans are opposed vs. 20% in favor. Independents have even stronger views: 74%-15%. Even Democrats are strongly opposed 58%-32%.

In fact, a majority of every major subgroup opposes giving illegals in-state tuition rates–men and women, rich and poor, urban and rural. Hispanics, who have more conflicted views over illegal immigration than is commonly known, are opposed, 54%-28%. Blacks, who often see illegal immigrants as rivals for jobs, are the most opposed, 80%-12%.


11 responses to “69% Oppose In-State Tuition to Illegal Immigrants”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Federal commissars, er…judges, will invalidate the bourgeois will of the proletariat, er…citizens, regarding matters of social justice such as preference in indoctrination, er…higher education.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would support this if there were reciprocity. For example, if Portland Oregon (where I live and graduated) were to give reduced tution to Mexicans from Guadalajara (our offical sister city) to attend Portland State University, then I would expect Americans (resident in Guadalajara) to get reduced tution at the University of Guadalajara.

    Everything in international relations has to be a balance.

    Everyone that I explain this to thinks that I’m crazy. And they say why would Americans want to go to U of G? I say that I’m thinking about the American anchor babies of Mexican descent, who are Mexican in everyway but citizenship. No one considers the needs of these people, especially the smart ones whom we should be helping instead of hassling. Hassle the dumb ones.

  3. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Calif Guv-nor Jerry Brown-nose just signed legislation giving Illegal Alien children in-state tuition rates.They should be priohibited from getting any Higher Eddjumacation.Jerry Brown was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he never had to struggle for anything that he has.But, he is marginally better than the greater evil in the last election, Meg Whitman.

  4. underdog says:

    Of course, to a great degree, this is a somewhat moot question, as most contemporary college degrees will only fill up a Fleabagger’s mailbox with Sallie Mae collection letters and cause his/her career at Applebee’s or WalMart to be behind by four to five years.

  5. Riley DeWiley says:

    Rick Perry lost the nomination by supporting in-state tuition for mojados. The while topic has obviously been declared off-limits by the Republican Party bosses, but the public is so dead set on this, if any one candidate comes out for enforcement, he is nearly certain to get the nomination. The topic is the atom bomb of Republican politics – let’s see if anyone drops it.

  6. fred says:

    Hispanics, who have more conflicted views over illegal immigration than is commonly known, are opposed, 54%-28%.

    54% of hispanics say they oppose in state tuition for illegal aliens. 28% say, “no habla ingles.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s amusing to see how the Republican candidates sidestep that issue at the debates. Romney doesn’t even mention immigration on his website. They would rather grandstand about how much they cherish diversity. They try very hard to generate applause by complimenting the hispanic community…the camera then focuses on the hispanic Republicans clapping….all two of them.

  8. Miss Whitey says:

    At no time, under any circumstances,should illegal alien children be given in-state tuition. I know it’s not their fault that their parents are lawbreakers, but we should not give them this privilege because this should be reserved for citizens only. By not giving illegal alien children in-state tuition, we are not punishing them, we are merely affirming that they have no legal right to receive this tuition break.

    To any White people who want to give in-state tuition to illegals: Be careful of misplaced sympathy. The parents of the illegals, the illegal alien children, and their advocates will have no sympathy for you, your children or grandchildren should White people begin justifiably fighting for their survival.

  9. Anonymous says:

    And we are suppose to believe this? That blacks and hispanics do not favor giving illegals freebies? They all know who pays the taxes and it sure isn’t them, so why do they care? They still get their freebies from us, don’t they?

    WHO did this “poll” or “study” or whatever they tend to call it nowadays?

  10. Question Diversity says:

    College tuition and student loan debt seem to be a common sent of complaints from Occutards. They would be shocked to realize that once upon a time, many state colleges and universities that had selective admissions did not charge tuition to in-state residents. Missouri did not, and in fact, the state legislature forgot to undo the “free tuition for residents” law for a lot of years after the University of Missouri system started charging tuition. The same lawyer who won the Library Lawsuits for the Council of Conservative Citizens several years prior to that won a lawsuit against the University of Missouri on behalf of a number of students who paid tuition when they technically weren’t supposed to. Needless to say, the state legislature changed the law in a hurry.

    The University of California did not charge tuition to CA residents until Reagan’s first term as Governor. Reagan’s 100th birthday was this past February, and various documentaries of his life and career said that in passing. In Indiana, I know that Purdue once had free tuition for Indiana residents; don’t know about Indiana University.

    The point is, the reason state schools had to start charging tuition even to in-staters, and higher tuition every year, for several converging reasons: One, “everybody had to go to college.” Two, colleges started to become employment sinecures for extreme left wing radicals. Three, state budgets became strained because of welfare expenses.

    The occutards are being hypocritical when they complain about the high cost of higher education, and all the debilitating loans they have to take out to pay for it, for it is a result of left-wing social and economic policy they demand. Almost everything that left wing Democrats and left wing Republicans do vis-a-vis higher education policy involves funneling as much money as possible through the veins of these little red schoolhouses, and giving them carte blanche permission to jack tuition and other fees up year after year.

  11. Anonymous says:


    Speak the truth!

    Where were you a decade or so ago? Replace said chain restaurant or retail outlet with any job that doesn’t require a college degree, or even a high school diploma, and you have captured it completely. You could have saved me big on opportunity cost and I wouldn’t be behind in advancement in my seemingly dead end job and answering to all the “uneducated” (sans sheep skin) people at work. I wish to God that they had some sort of refund policy on college “education”.

    A loser is a loser, give a moron a fancy diploma, he’s still a moron, but now lost time and earned debt. You cannot educate people out their IQ band. This college thing has got to be a massive scam.

    Soy un Perdedor

    (No one to blame but my own ignorance)