Posted on September 20, 2011

Zanu PF Youths Invade White-Owned Buildings

Tatenda Chitagu, News Day, September 19, 2011

Zanu PF youths in Chiredzi have invaded three buildings owned by white businessmen in the sugar-producing town.

The youths appear to have taken calls by Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment minister Saviour Kasukuwere for a take-over of foreign-owned businesses too far.

Led by a shadowy Zanu PF youth group, Masvingo Youths Empowerment Association (MYEA)–an equivalent of Harare’s Upfumi Kuvadiki–the youths, toyi-toying and singing revolutionary songs, stormed three buildings.

They invaded Govan Investments’ building, owned by Southhood Govan, Graig Hanning Building and another one belonging to Jan Van Javeert, proprietor of the South East Tanning Company declaring the properties theirs.

“We were shocked to see some youths singing in the afternoon in town and we wondered what the occasion was. They headed for the buildings and accused the businessmen of ignoring the country’s empowerment regulations. The youths also threatened to move into the businessmen’s companies,” said a source privy to the developments.

The cowed businessmen could not be reached for comment as they were said to be in hiding, but members of MYEA and Zanu PF confirmed the incident.

“It is true; we seized the buildings in Chiredzi and we have not exhausted the town yet. This is a programme which will move to all parts of Masvingo. Chiredzi was our first port of call. We are doing this in line with the minister (Kasukuwere)’s indigenisation drive,” MYEA secretary-general Misheck Zazo said.

“We believe as youths we should not be left out as some of us did not benefit from the government’s previous empowerment programmes.”

Zanu PF national youth deputy political commissar Talent Majoni also confirmed the incident and threw his weight behind the youths.

“We fully back the youths who took over the buildings in Chiredzi.

“This is redistribution of wealth. After all, some of these whites acquired the wealth by hook or crook, taking advantage of our ancestors when they colonised us,” said Majoni.

He said the youths would move into bigger companies such as sugar conglomerate Tongaat Hulett, owners of Triangle and Hippo Valley estates.

19 responses to “Zanu PF Youths Invade White-Owned Buildings”

  1. chuck says:

    first we kill off the white-owned farms that are productive and provide employment for our black brothers, next we commandeer the white-owned businesses that still provide some income and destroy them. These youth likely have no idea how to run a business but surely they will move into the front office and run it into the ground. then blame whitey!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Full speed ahead to complete annihilation of SA.

  3. Dan says:

    Aid must be cut-off to Africa, for the good of all. Talk about condescending, providing food and money has probably been the most blatant “you are not capable of…..” demonstration of leftist holier than thou-ness we have seen. I say let the yutes have it (history shows that they, like the “empowered” farmers, unfortunately won’t be able to do anything with it). Get some reasonable compensation to the current business owners, and get them the heck out. Make them fend for themselves, like the Rhodesians before them.

    Of course, this is all fantasy. I’m a big enough boy to realize there is a goldmine of political corruption to be played here. I feel badly for the white S Africans and Rhodesians, but the best solution in my opinion would be to return to ethnic nation states. World-wide depression could be the catalyst.

  4. Anonymous says:

    To give blacks what they want whites must simply leave, but first they should take steps to leave the country just the way they found it. It’s the only just way to do it.

  5. fred says:

    “This is redistribution of wealth. After all, some of these whites acquired the wealth by hook or crook, taking advantage of our ancestors when they colonised us,” said Majoni.

    I don’t think so. There was no wealth before the whites arrived. But now that the whites have created some wealth those “urban youths” would certainly like to “redistribute” it to themselves. I’d have more respect for them if they just called it what it was — stealing.

  6. McGillicuddy says:

    The old man won’t live forever, and things are just going to get worse when he dies; it’s high time that SA whites get out of there and/or secede, and leave Talent and Savior to their own devices.

  7. Rob says:

    And what are these “youths” going to do with their new property? Nothing, except run them into the ground like the white farms they have stolen

  8. Anonymous says:

    Whites still trying to do business in Zimbabwe are insane. Do they really think they’ll be spared in the end?

  9. Rocky says:

    Well, give it a year and these “seized” bidnisses will be worth diddly squat. Before they provided employment, now they will provide scrap copper and firewood for a few weeks. Such is the “black” way, not a lot of future thought, for that matter not a lot of thought PERIOD.

  10. B J Deller says:

    Some comments here look as though there is confusion about where this happened. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is the country in this case; South Africa is to the South which was where Apartheid, a system of government to protect the white Africans from being subjected to the same treatment as they have been in the rest of Africa with all their earned wealth being stolen by terrorist black Africans. Refugee systems need setting up for white Africans in the west,. Most are skilled and will be of great benefit to the West. Let Africa stew in its own bitter juice until they come to their senses in about 50 – 100 years.

    And remember that under white governments, this area fed the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, even with full UN sanctions in place so ignore any future cries for AID for food, etc. in the future. They must learn to stand on their own feet, or fade away into obscurity.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The commenters here are too kind. The blacks will not run any businesses at all, for even one day. They will loot the premises, and burn them.

    They will do this to all of once white- run Africa, until there is nothing left to destroy, then they will merrily commence with the ongoing destruction of their fellow blacks.


  12. Rhialto says:

    Don’t the 3 digit I.Q. blacks in ZA have any control over their less mentally able brethren? The impossibility of ignorant blacks running tanning and sugar refining businesses must be apparent to the black leaders, as well as the damage to the economy. Perhaps the leaders are allowing/encouraging this vandalism to intimidate whites who own businesses. High tech agricultural enterprises can be seized, and run as subsistence farms, but factories will completely destroyed, producing nothing.

  13. white is right, black is whack says:

    And, we all know the story. They’ll kick out those “evil racist whites who get rich by exploiting and displacing others”, then they’ll ‘take over’, will run it into the ground, will starve to death, will be killing each other and then ask for more money. They’ll never say, “You know, these whites know how to run things better here. We should let them run things and treat them well since they know how to keep our economy stable.” Many are very short-term thinkers.

  14. ExiledWhite says:

    I know American diplomats who spent time in SA and say that it will descend into a larger Zimbabwe, without question. Whites will never have the “minority rights” that the Whites currently grant to other races, and when we are a voting minoirty in our own countries the real oppresion of our futures will begin.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the leaders are allowing/encouraging this vandalism to intimidate whites who own businesses.

    … into leaving so that the good Chinese can come in and make things better.

    We are the target.

  16. AmericaFirst says:

    To Anonymous who posted “And the deafening silence grows louder…”

    I remember this incident, and the lack of concern for the victims,and the lack of outcry regarding the absolute barbarity of those who perpetrated it. All the while calling these murderers of innocents “freedom fighters.” (A term also used indiscriminately to describe the PLO at the time.) Another horrible act of barbarity was perpetrated in the town of Umtali by other Rhodesian “Freedom Fighters” who, in early July 1978, butchered eight unarmed British missionaries and four children. They forced the male pacifists (for that is what they were) to watch while the women were raped, then gouged out their eyes, followed by bashing in the heads of all involved, including infants. All the meanwhile the world castigated and boycotted Rhodesia, while cheering on Mugabe and Nkomo, neither fit to rule a household, let alone a modern nation, were held out as leaders. An abomination then, an abomination now.

  17. Dan says:

    16 anon – It will be interesting to see how the Chinese handle things. I believe their presence is growing in Africa (hungry China needs resources after all). I think they are trying to avoid traditional colonial behavior, but ultimately they will get rather involved, and I suspect that former colonial powers will look very benevolent in hindsight.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t South Africans fight, while they still controlled the country? They had a formidable Army.