Posted on September 2, 2011

Study Says Zimbabwe Capital Worst City to Live In

Angus Shaw, Washington Examiner, September 1, 2011

A top research group on Thursday rated Zimbabwe’s capital as the worst of 140 world cities in which to live.

The British-based Economist Intelligence Unit said its researchers excluded cities in Libya, Iraq and other war zones.

Harare, where power and water outages occur daily, scored a 38 percent “livability rating,” the group said.

The group said the threat of civil unrest and the availability of public health care and public transport in Harare were intolerable. Energy and water supplies were undesirable, it said, calling phones and Internet services uncomfortable.

Zimbabwe formed a shaky coalition government in 2009 after years of political violence and economic meltdown.


The research group is a respected economic and risk consultancy linked to the Economist magazine.


Cities across sub-Saharan Africa had an average livability rating of 50 percent, compared to 92 percent in Western Europe and 91 percent in North America.

22 responses to “Study Says Zimbabwe Capital Worst City to Live In”

  1. Jeddermann. says:

    And why is this? This is just so surprising? I just cannot understand why? Was at one time very live-able but not now. Something has happened and what is that? A big mystery to me.

  2. chuck says:

    Very few African cities are liveable after their respective countries gained independence. The very idea that Africans can manage something complex like city administration is the domain of foolish whites. It remains to be seen, a black run African city that can boast a high standard of living for all of its citizens. It just won’t happen, end of story.

  3. RandyB says:

    This was undoubtably a culturally biased measurement of livability, based on white Western standards.

    It didn’t even consider things like how easy it was to steal a day’s food.

  4. June Warren says:

    An elderly family member lived in Kampala, Uganda back in colonial times. He states it was one of the cleanest, most beautiful and comfortable places he had ever been. Now it’s a sty.

  5. Bantu Education says:

    In “Dark Star Safari” – Paul Theroux´s account of travelling overland by public transport from Cairo to Cape Town, the liberal writer had a lot of negative things to say about Africa including (as I recall) “whenever I entered an African City I wanted to leave” and related remarks about the constant thieving and scams that were part of everyday life for poor blacks.

    Of course the first thing he did when he got to Johannesburg was to “have tea” with the deplorable Marxist witch Nadime Gordimer who was instrumental in bringing the same horrors to once civilised South Africa. In order to finesse any possibility (certainty) of being accused of racism, in his travels within South Africa Theroux made doubly sure he included many lurid tales of “typical” Afrikaner racist attitudes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I surely hope the world economy does not auger into the ground, but oh man, just IMAGINE the hellish scenes from Africa if it does. No Western aid. Chinese rapaciously tearing out all the wealth…Africans eating each other alive. OK, the latter happens every day, but with their artificially bloated populations, the die- off and murder will be the most horrible in the history of the world. They’ll talk about Harare as it is TODAY, like it was a paradise!

  7. Cliff Yablonski says:

    I wonder where Washington DC was rated? With it’s black population it may as well be an African city.

  8. Laager says:

    In Salisbury/Harare’s case it all started going downhill in 1980

    That was the watershed when the white minority government of Ian Smith was replaced by the black majority rule government of Robert Mugabe.

    This transfer of power and collapse of civilised western values and standards was orchestrated, managed and presided over by the Government of “Great” Britain at the time.

  9. Anonymous says:

    One thing whites don’t want to face, particularly on Amren, is this depends greatly on the level of ruthlessness of those who want to “live” there. I’m sure I would have no trouble living there whatsoever with my moderate income that is not dependent on where I live. A few bribes to local officials. A compound built on slave labor. A couple dozen hard core mercs hired with orders to shoot to kill any blacks that approach within a half mile. Goods shipped in. Even portable nuclear power generators easily available to anyone who wants when government only cares about bribes, and nothing about any rule of law.

    In fact, I’m sure local drug lords, diamond smugglers and misc people of all types provide nearly unlimited investment opportunity with high rate of return to those with hard capital.

    All these things would create a very high standard of living for those who engage in them…..and make life a living hell for the average person who lives there. But who cares. Those people are guilty of genocide and make it perfectly crystal clear they are intractably evil and dedicated enemies of mine. Those conditions make anything I choose to do, fair game.

    So when an article like this is written, take it with a grain of salt. Living conditions are different for different people and fairly well earned to boot.

    If whites choose, they could carve out a whites only paradise in Africa through a mixture of bribes to the right blacks and consolidation and ruthless application of military prowess.

    If they choose.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am an exporter. I occasionally get inquiries from South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Most of the customers are white, sometimes they are black. There is simply no money anymore, so the deal always falls through. I have many inquiries from Nigeria. All of them want to use a fake credit card, sometimes several of them.

    I once had an inquiry from Ghana. The customer was of course black. He offered me a bank transfer in advance, no stupid credit cards. He was conversational and spoke of the horrors of living there. He seemed like a decent person, and I believed him. I did not do business with him though. I assumed that the merchandise would be stolen enroute, after I had received the poor gentleman’s money. I gave him my competitor’s name, but he had already contacted him unsuccessfully. It was just sad. Most of these countries were thriving at one time. There was a high standard of living for both blacks and whites. Why did the liberals want this? Why do liberals prefer death, rape and horror?

  11. Ronin says:

    Why do liberals prefer death, rape and horror?

    People with wealth, security, and freedom don’t want to be ruled over by tyrants. Western civilization, i.e. white civilization, and the people that create and live within it have a natural aversion to tyranny. The Globalist Ruling Elites wish to overturn Western civilization and rule over humanity as Pharaohs, Emperors, God-Kings. They used the U.N. and hired “communist” thugs to destroy Western civilization in Africa. They are using unlimited Third-world immigration, forced integration, Corporate media/education brainwashing, and economic warfare to undermine Western civilization in the USA and Europe. Death, rape, and horror are just tools in what Sam Francis called anarcho-tyranny.

  12. John Engelman says:

    10 — Anonymous wrote at 5:00 PM on September 3:

    Why do liberals prefer death, rape and horror?


    They do not prefer it. Unfortunately, they overestimate human nature and human potential.

  13. Kingoldby says:

    ”Anonymous 2:56 PM”, when you write about ‘portable nuclear generators’ which are ‘easily available’, you show yourself up as someone who is very unserious.

    ”Anonymous 5:00 PM” I have heard more than one leftist argue that it is better for Blacks to be poor and suffering as long as Whites aren’t in charge. It has never been about the welfare of the Blacks, it has only ever been about knocking Whites and then hypocritically blaming the Whites for all the disasters that occur.

  14. Matt says:

    I don’t like to question articles approved to be run in AmRen because it is the most honest news out there BUT on this one Iwonder if they made a small mistake?

    Did they really mean to identify the city as DETROIT, OAKLAND,ST. LOUIS, NEW ORLEANS rather than what they did?

    There is a common thread here but I can’t seem to put my finger on it, what is it?

  15. shaunantijihad says:

    Replacing humans with IQ 100 with humans with IQ 70 isn’t a good idea then? Gee, who’d have guessed…

  16. Mike H. says:

    I recently saw a video on youtube of Salisbury back when it was run and populated by whites.

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  17. Laager says:

    “Most of these countries were thriving at one time. There was a high standard of living for both blacks and whites. Why did the liberals want this? Why do liberals prefer death, rape and horror?”

    Liberals latch on to fashionable causes – i.e in this case supporting the poor downtrodden underdog – without coming out of their white enclave ivory towers

    They get a fuzzy warm feel-good emotion out of banging their drum thinking that by helping to westernise other ethnic groups khumbaya will erupt and we will all live happily ever after.

    They just don’t get it that wearing western apparel and talking a dialect of English does not change these folks into the clones they want them to be.

    That is why now that reality is coming home to roost you do not hear or seem them en masse. It is those that seek refuge in their media fortresses and upmarket neighbourhoods that still need to be removed from their positions of false influence and be forced to live in the real world like everybody else.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “They get a fuzzy warm feel-good emotion out of banging their drum thinking that by helping to westernise other ethnic groups khumbaya will erupt and we will all live happily ever after”

    For the masses, ‘Helping’ poor folks miles away is about browbeating and feel superior to those many, many miles closer. That’s the true concern? It’s less about warm fuzzy feelings and more about the banging part. That’s why they win.

  19. B J Deller says:

    It was a typical day in haraed Zimbawe. The electricity had been off for days as had the water. The family sat in their tatty home, not having had s good meal for weeks and generally there was starvation throughout Zimabawe as life expectation repturnd to that of te days before the European settlers arrived some 120 years before. But they were free having voted and supported the great Presient mugabe, and they did not believe all the rumours that he was rsonsible for the terrible poverty that now existed. Depression was everywhere.

    The owners oif the nmany farms that had fed not only Zimbawe/Rhodesia but also suuround countries for many ecades hjad been stolen from the white African owners who had moved on to other counties where they would be free from the racism they now experienced in their home country.

    Suddenly the electric lights came on and the water started flowing from the long open taps. A food vendor was shouting in the street outside.

    The man sat up as best he could min his emaciated state and called to his wife for her to fetch his machete.

    “Come on woman, be quick, the white man must have returned as all is working again”

  20. chuck says:

    on a positive note it was reported that mugabe has prostate cancer that has metastasized so he is not long for this world. Theres a piece of rubbish that will not be missed and, maybe, things will begin to improve in Harare.

  21. Laager says:

    @ Chuck

    Don’t bet on it

    The word was that Mugabe was ready to quit after he lost the last election fair and square but his acolytes managed to rig the result for him to emerge the winner. They refused to let him resign.

    Mugabe is the front man for a Shona cabal who fear a democratic victory at the polls by the Matabele. If it happens the good life will be over for them and it will be pay back time.

    It has been reported that about 30,000 of Mugabe’s Matabele political opponents ended up at the bottom of mothballed mine shafts shortly after he came to power.

    What we may see is classic African strong-man-survival-of-the-fittest politics as the Matabele move in to scoop up the spoils of victory and settle some old scores.

  22. Anonymous says:

    “It has been reported that about 30,000 of Mugabe’s Matabele political opponents ended up at the bottom of mothballed mine shafts shortly after he came to power.”

    I remember a few articles about that. There were stories of the losing tribe’s bodies being burned to cover up the evidence of the massacres.

    Be nice to watch the carnage. Zimbabwe is truly regaining its “lost legacy” destroyed by the evil White devils and returning to its wonderful african roots.

    Enjoy your freedom from White oppression suckers.