Posted on September 13, 2011

Now It’s Beatin’, Riotin’ & ‘Rithmetic

Susan Edelman, New York Post, September 11, 2011

The lunchroom at Aspire Preparatory Middle School in The Bronx can erupt in a split second over issues like girlfriends, boyfriends or any little thing.

“A group of people will just be looking at another group, and out of nowhere there’s a huge fight,” said eighth-grader Chitra Jaipersud, 12. “I’ve seen girls pull each other’s hair out.”

The Williamsbridge junior high is one of seven city schools newly added to this year’s list of “persistently dangerous” schools, which was quietly posted on the state Education Department’s Web site last week.

Of 19 schools statewide on the 2011-12 list, nine are in New York City. It’s a big improvement from last year, when 12 of 16 schools named were in the city.


For a spot on the list, schools rack up six or more “serious incidents” for each 100 pupils two years in a row.

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, parents can seek to transfer their kids.

Aspire Prep, which has 554 students, tallied 88 “violent and disruptive” incidents in 2009-10, including 10 sex crimes, a robbery, 21 assaults and 38 “minor altercations.” {snip}


City schools considered “persistently dangerous”

* Aspire, Bronx

* Soundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship, Bronx

* PS 11 Highbridge, Bronx

* IS 190, Bronx

* Middle School for Academic and Social Excellence, Brooklyn

* PS 12, Brooklyn

* PS 194 Countee Cullen, Manhattan

* JHS 13 Jackie Robinson, Manhattan

* MS 332 University Neighborhood, Manhattan.

[Editor’s Note: The following are the racial breakdowns of the first five schools on the list:


7% white, 31% black, 55% Hispanic, 6% Asian

Soundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship:

0% white, 43% black, 54% Hispanic, 2% Asian

PS 11 Highbridge:

1% white, 38% black, 61% Hispanic, 0% Asian

IS 190:

0% white, 34% black, 66% Hispanic, 0% Asian

Middle School for Academic and Social Excellence:

0% white, 89% black, 11% Hispanic, 0% Asian]

29 responses to “Now It’s Beatin’, Riotin’ & ‘Rithmetic”

  1. RJS says:

    Granular details aside, the subversives back in the magic year of -1954- KNEW it would come to this.

    Forcibly integrating the african gene pool into our once wonderful public school system has destroyed it. There could be no other outcome…dumbing everything down to the lowest common denominator.

    Now, around the country we also have meztizos and middle easterners – two more mutually antagonistic groups that only ensure more chaos in the future: skyrocketing drug use, pregnancies, race mixing, lowered standards and especially more violence – we’ve it all.

    And we wonder why we have no more space program.

    The Whites who send their precious children to these hellholes should be imprisoned for child abuse.

  2. Peejay in Frisco says:

    I just wonder what it is like to be one of the 1% of the white students in some of these schools.Either they must be incredably tough, or they must live in constant terror.

  3. Sureesh says:

    Chitra sounds like an Indian name- I weep for the poor, docile, girl who is subject to this chaotic, violent environment.

    I have a feeling that whites are about to wake up en mass real soon and that when that happens, we Indians will be forced to to violent, black schools en masse cuz of the color of our skin.

    I am advising all my fellow Indians to move back to India before the great white awakening happens. We love our kids too much to subject them violent schools and I know whites won’t make an exception for our well behaved Indian kids because we are still dark skinned and look too much like Blacks.

  4. Jeddermann. says:

    I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be that 1 % whitey in a schoo’. I can recall back in my high school days when duiring my four years it was a quarter to a third Bantu and even then the tenseness was pretty bad. The slightest “incident” and there was trouble. And after I left even worse.

  5. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    but without the ‘Rithmetic.

    This is why schools were segregated. It had nothing to do with discrimination against those with dark-toned skin and kinky hair.

    Rather, segregation protected decent White students from violent crime.

  6. rockman says:

    Why are these schools still open to kill off the students? That they are still open is criminal negligence.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you love the names. The more highfalutin the name, the more barbarous the inmates.

    As for Jackie Robinson school, reminds me of the famous Chris Rock joke: “If a friend calls you on the telephone and says they’re lost on Martin Luther King Boulevard and they want to know what they should do, the best response is ‘Run!'”

  8. chuck says:

    these “schools” sound like holding pens for AA’s rather than s place to have an education. Its preparation for their future lives that may include drug-dealing, pimping and prison.

  9. SKIP says:

    GOOD GOD! why do those parents of White kids listed at 1% allow their children to go to those schools! There is no excuse for it. I don’t care HOW poor anyone is, ESPECIALLY if their kids are girls!!

  10. Sardonicus says:

    I’ve predicted before that New York City was drifting back to the bad old days of former Mayor Dinkins. The demographic trends in the city now make it minority/majority. It is only a matter of time before another corrupt minority political hustler comes forward. Next time it will be a Hispanic mayor who puts a Latin American stamp on the city. I can’t say exactly when this will happen but it will happen.

  11. bob says:

    I would be interested in knowing how these fights break down along ethnic lines. One suspects these are Hispanic vs Black fights.

    Once upon a time, nearly all NYC Hispanics were Puerto Rican. They were largely black, which confuses the ethnic issue. Is it still the case that NYC Hispanics are Puerto Rican?

    Anyway, this looks like the Mexican on Black race war that is going on in LA. The established underclass is being displaced by a new underclass. The violence won’t stop until one group is beaten down.

  12. PhillyGal says:

    The “Brooklyn Middle School for Academic and Social Excellence”?! The “Bronx Soundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship”?! How about the “Harlem Lyceum for Rape, Robbery and Armed Assault”? Or the “Watts Seminary for Drug Dealing and Welfare Fraud”? Or the “Detroit Preparatory School for Homicide, Flash Mobs, and Drunk and Disorderly Conduct”? A point was made earlier on this site by a very astute contributor: the fancier the name, the lousier the school. Here in Philly, we have no dearth of such institutions – many of them charter schools – like the Imani Education Circle Charter School, the Harambee Institute of Science Technology Charter School, the Global Leadership Academy Charter School, the Multi-Cultural Academy Charter School, the Planet Abacus Charter School, and, of course, the Wakesha, Imhotep, and Khepera Charter Schools. (The last is one of my personal favorites. Not only does it feature a “Wazuri Parents Association”, it also has a CEO named Baba Highsmith and a Dean of Students named Baba Mukasa Afrika.) Of course, all of these ethno-centric seats of learning operate on the beleagured white taxpayer’s dime; still, they provide me with non-stop entertainment. So I’d like to place my bid on naming the next one approved by the Philly “School Reform Commission”. How about “Miracle Academy Charter”? And I can even suggest a snappy advertising slogan: “If it works, it’s a Miracle!”

    Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You don’t want to be one of the 7% whites or 4% Asians at those schools. You’re of the white race, the ones somehow really responsible for all problems. Their teachers tell them so. It’s the breeding ground for our future mad killers.

  14. Anonymous says:

    And I bet no celebrities’ children are in these schools-they are all in private ones. They would not allow their privlidged litter to associate with the underclass!

  15. EllenA says:

    My high school was about 50% black, and that was hellish enough for us white students! Pity the one percent in schools such as these.

    I recently looked up my old high school on the web. It appears to be all black now. There’s now a day care center on the site for all the baby mamas to drop off their chillens, and the name of the school has been changed to a fancy “Academy” name.

  16. John Engelman says:

    When the topic of “our failing public schools” comes up Republicans blame the Teachers’ Union. Democrats blame insufficient funds. The real problem is with the “students” themselves.

    Hundreds of thousands of young people cannot be educated, and violently interfere with the education of others. These trouble makers should be permanently expelled so that students can learn, and teachers can teach.

    What will happen to those “at risk youths” after they are permanently expelled? The same thing that happens to them anyway. They will end up in prison. The sooner they get there, the longer they stay, and the more harshly they are treated, the better it will be for decent people.

  17. Veritas says:

    The fact that these schools are on any kind of “persistently dangerous” shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone considering the demographics of the student body. What is hilarious are the names given to those places: “Soundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship”; “Middle School for Academic and Social Excellence”. It’s beyond surreal. Cue the Twilight Zone intro…

  18. MAJ says:

    Pull your white children out of public schools with any black influence or numbers. Move away – let the tax base die. Home school if necessary.

    I know this is not an easy thing to do. But it must be done.

    Do something. Inaction is our enemy.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I taught in the south bronx for several years in two different ‘small’ schools. The entire south Bronx is a warzone of gangs, baby-mommas, listless foreigners on the make and garbage everywhere.

    In the schools I was in, I witnessed fights each week, theft on a scale that is off the charts, cheating and bullying from the low IQ, affirmative action admins, a full scale riot involving over fifty gangbangers and police – in the halls at class switch time, and daily habits and cultural practices that grated on me to no end.

    ‘Yo, what up miss? Why don’t you be gittin’ wit’ me tonite?’

    I transferred to a nice, mostly white school in Manhattan to teach the children of the fruits and nuts, otherwise known as clueless liberal yuppies and hipsters.

    From my experience, there are two types of ‘whites’ in those ‘urban skoo’s’ in the Bronx and elsewhere. They are the unfortunate ethnic white kids of unconcerned or clueless parents (I’ve seen Italian and eastern euro kids, who, of course, adopt the wigger lifestyle to survive.)

    The other type, and these are the most numerous, are the light skinned latinos, light skinned Arabs and some central asian, northern indian types who get classified as ‘white.’

  20. Auntie Em says:

    People don’t believe me when I tell them that I met my first person of color when I was in my twenties. I don’t remember seeing any violence in all twelve years of school.

    Allow them to fail. We are wasting millions propping up a dead horse. The system is broken and will need to be be rebuilt from scratch.

    Any parent who sends their children to a “persistently dangerous” environment to learn is guilty of child abuse.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Ain’t immigration and diversity enriching.

    Scores on the critical reading portion of the SAT college entrance exam fell three points to their lowest level on record last year, and combined reading and math scores reached their lowest point since 1995. The College Board, which released the scores Wednesday, said the results reflect the record number of students from the high school class of 2011 who took the exam and the growing diversity of the test-taking pool — particularly Hispanics.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sureesh #3: Your fears are unfounded. I interact with Indians almost every day, and I don’t feel physically threatened by them.

    I do have a problem with trying to make any real connections on any tpe of level, and see many of them as Clannish in a way, that closes themselves off to others. That’s fine, as long as we Whites can do the same thing in our own Countries, without hearing the Liberals whine over it.

    Blacks have a long track record of destroying everything that they get their hands on. They have destroyed entire Neighborhoods that were beautiful, and large swaths of whole Cities, that look worse than Italy, Germany, or Japan did, after they lost World War II.

    Do Indians and other Orientals want to live next to Blacks? Do you want to work with them, go to School with them, ride buses with them, or do anything else with these violent people?

    Neither do we.

  23. SKIP says:

    Pleae read the author Terry Brooks’ novels titled “the Word and the Void” they perfectly describe the coming “urban” conflicts as these “once men” begin leaving the big cities in starving, looting, raping, pillaging and murderous gangs. Remember, weapons and ammo will be your only friends, buy several so you can arm your less racially aware neighbors and friends (IF you feel like it:)

  24. sestamibi says:

    #7, #12, #17

    I once read in the comments on this blog such schools referred to generically as “Ghettoville Comprehensive Magnet Career Academy for the Arts, Science, Mathematics, and Music.”

    That really made my day, having grown up in the south Bronx myself.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sardonicus, I’ve been saying the same thing about NYC for years too. Bob, we have them all! Black and mixed race from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Mestizo from everywhere. Unfortunately, I think I’ll be stuck here for the rest of my life. At least I’m (literally) surrounded by Koreans and Chinese, not them. But I am seeing more of them, as well as Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, etc. The best that white Americans stuck here can do is try to stay safe. I just love the names of these schools. I guess it’s part of that self-esteem nonsense. I think a few hundred of these disadvantaged youth should be given school vouchers and bused over to Nassau County to attend school with Sean Hannity’s kids. He loves school vouchers and school choice.

  26. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Hundreds of thousands of young people cannot be educated, and violently interfere with the education of others. These trouble makers should be permanently expelled so that students can learn, and teachers can teach.

    –John Engelman

    Brilliant commentary, Mr. Engelman!

    You have succinctly summarized the failings of the entire educational system, which is based on the dogma that all students are educable and no student is ever to be held accountable for his own failures and shortcomings.

    Every intelligent teacher I know believes violent, uneducable students should be expelled immediately; some say they violate the Civil Rights of others by their violent interference with the educational process. I just want them gone.

    I asked a fellow teacher the other day where he thought his “extremely at risk” students would be in five years. He instantly and bluntly stated: “They won’t be alive in five years.”

    You cannot imagine the untold money that is wasted on uneducable students and violent, incorrigible thugs whom some judge has “fiat-ed” back into a “regular” classroom via a court order, stating “the best place for him is back in school!” No, the best place for him is locked away in a small, barred cell as far away from a classroom as possible.


  27. Anonymous says:

    #25 – I live in Queens NY and am now also surrounded by Asians and, increasingly, seeing more Indians, muslims, hispanics, and loads of “not elsewhere classfied” types. It’s frigtening how quickly the population has changed. I worry about the future.

  28. EyeOnMadisonStreet says:

    As AWG @ 5 said September 14,

    “This is why schools were segregated. It had nothing to do with discrimination against those with dark-toned skin and kinky hair.

    Rather, segregation protected decent White students from violent crime.”

    Exactly, no question about it.

    Blacks were responsible for the destruction of any chance I had, as the son of a working class white, to get a decent eduction, and the reason I have to work today at menial labor making chump change.

    In the Catholic high school my dad scrimped and saved to get me into, they attacked me so often I got kicked out – for fighting back.

    But I went from the frying pan into the fire, as the only other school I could go to, despite great efforts by my parents to get aroung the residency requirements, was all black. I lasted one year. Then, seeing it was no use, it was off to work. I still remember the look of great sadness on my dad’s face, he who had had to leave school at 13 to work, when he drove me to work on my first day.

    Instead of the MLK worship and black “history” month whites are forced to endure, there should be a bunch of statues and memorials to the brave Southern white parents of ’55 and ’56 who stood up to federal bayonets to try to protect their darling children – how innocent they look in the old photos! – from the black tide.

  29. Anonymous says:

    “23 — SKIP wrote at 9:31 PM on September 14:

    Pleae read the author Terry Brooks’ novels titled “the Word and the Void” they perfectly describe the coming “urban” conflicts as these “once men” begin leaving the big cities in starving, looting, raping, pillaging and murderous gangs. Remember, weapons and ammo will be your only friends, buy several so you can arm your less racially aware neighbors and friends (IF you feel like it:)”

    I don’t think they will leave the cities. They’ll just kill each other.