Posted on September 12, 2011

“Mini-Riot” in Downtown Minneapolis Caught on Tape

Mike Mullen, City Pages, September 12, 2011

A series of fights broke out after a teen dance party in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday night, causing wild scenes on busy streets, and leading to the arrests of three participants.

Early news reports called the action a “riot,” but that term has since been downgraded to “mini-riot.” The trouble started as hundreds of teenagers poured out of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, which was hosting the “Big Bash 2” dance party. During the party, kids had scuffled with event security, leading to a police call, an early end to the party, and an exodus of riled-up kids.

As a large crowd moved down Nicollet Mall, it tossed restaurant furniture and confronted bystanders, according to the Star Tribune.

More troublesome, though, were the fights that took place within the group, one of which was caught on tape.


Later, when the crowd stalled at South 10th Street and Nicollet, police responded with riot gear and pepper spray, and arrested three “mini-riot” participants, one of whom had punched a cop, the Star Tribune reports.


20 responses to ““Mini-Riot” in Downtown Minneapolis Caught on Tape”

  1. Chris N. says:

    Not only did City Pages not mention race, but they have closed down their comment board for that one article.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Paging Jerry Springer. This is one time you don’t want to be a light skin black person.

  3. Epiales says:

    Of course, comments to the original article are closed. Comments are also disabled at the Star Tribune. Both articles blame the police. The Star Tribune suggested that hotel security were at fault for fighting with event-goers.

    I am not surprised that the “slew of young people” fought, threw things, and behaved as expected. I am surprised that the Hyatt Regency Hotel allowed the party in the hotel. Did the hotel know that the first event at the Radisson in April ended in chaos?

    My prediction: Minneapolis will respond by restricting sidewalk tables. White people almost always blame (and punish) themselves for the behavior of blacks.

  4. Epiales says:

    Just to be fair, I thought I should let readers know that comments are allowed at the TV news website:

  5. Tom S. says:

    Oh those naughty-naughty “teenagers”.! Shame on you “kids”!

    Kinda makes ya think of Timmy on Lassie, Dennis the Menace,Opie, Wally and”the Beaver” and My Three Sons doesn’t it?

    I may catch some flack but I think this is great, I hope it gets worse. Blacks themselves will have to “wake-up” our fellow Whites because they won’t listen to us. It’s obvious that most Whites are completely lost as far as racial awareness is concerned, so blacks have to do something drastic in order for them to better understand what we’ve been telling them. They’re acually doing us a favor. Let them see the “real” African, let them see them “keepin it reeeaalll”.

    Lets see what happens when they or their loved ones are assaulted/murdered in their own home when the flash mobs decide to start busting down doors and 50 – 100 “teenagers” bum rush into the houses in upscale ( liberal ) White neighborhoods. Does anyone honestly think that a gray-haired Barny Fife security guard lowering a flimsy little gate across the drive will stop a hord of “kids” trying to rush a gated community? Thats where they’ll be going you know, to the rich White folks – the ones that “stole it from dem”! Just the ones that are truely deserving of a “wake-up call”.

    Like I posted afew days ago, IMO these are practice runs for Obamas and Eric “my people” Holders “foot solders”. Neither of them so much as make any comments concerning the growing violents of black mobs. They’re getting ready for Nov. 2012.

  6. Bill R says:

    Why are the stupid white bystanders smiling and laughing? If they had not been standing there in large numbers, but were walking along alone or with a couple friends, they’d have been attacked and kicked. Whites should have been outraged watching yet another typical mob acting out. Yes, this kind of behavior on the part of blacks is typical and we have seen a lot of it, but we should NEVER get comfortable with it or think it’s some kind of joke. We should, as a race, say ENOUGH! Put them back in their cages and their ghettos and bring back Jim Crow.

  7. margaret says:

    Too bad they didn’t burn down the Hyatt. Hyatt and many other companies are owned by the Pritzkers. They started off in Chicago 100 years ago as “russian” immigrants who became mafia associates within a few years of arrival in American.

    They give about 30 million dollars per year in tax exempt donations to hard left foundations such as the woods foundation for which Ayers and Obama worked for many years.

    Penny Pritzker raised millions for Obama’s political races. Hyatt, like Progressive insurance and other companies is a company that should be boycotted by all White Nationalists.

  8. Tim in Indiana says:

    What it appears to be from watching the clip was a crowd of mostly whites minding their own business (and in which the cameraman was standing) when a large pack of feral and angry blacks come storming down the street. Despite the fact that the cameraman tried to focus in on one of the few blacks in the crowd of whites at the beginning of the clip, it appeared to be largely a black-white altercation. Notice that just after the crowd passes the Green & White taxicab, one of the blacks pushes a white boy who was walking along with them (at which point the cameraman sheepishly pans away). This clip obviously only scratches the surface of the mayhem that actually happened that night.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Looks like it is the new American pass-time. It looks like everyone is becoming nothing but trash, just human trash. The blacks may be doing it, but the whites watch and get their jollies watching. Were they waiting until someone pulled out a gun and fired it to leave?

  10. Reformed says:

    As noted at other sites, that appeared to 1000 violent adults. That was a “mini” riot.

  11. MAJ says:

    What exactly is a “mini-riot”? I’ll tell you. It’s the liberal idiots in the media and government and the cowardly police being simply unable to say “black riot” – they just cannot do it. It’s as if they have some disease.

    To their credit they used the word riot – they could have called it “youthful exuberance” so perhaps it’s progress.

    The people running the Hyatt must be insane to hold Big Bash 2 – I can only imagine the glorious Big Bash 1. Are they that desperate for cash to embarrass the chain and place their employees at risk by tacitly supporting what amounts to a traveling zoo?

    I bet there won’t be a Big Bash 3 for the “kids.” This Africanized primitive behavior – in city after city ” – is corroding America from within. Why does it persist?

    Write the Hyatt and tell them you’ll never stay there. Write Nicollet Mall – or the owner/developer – and do the same. Speak up – speak out. Do something. Or else just move to Zimbabwe and get it over with.

  12. Fr. John says:

    How in Heaven’s name is a riot of over 1000 people, a ‘mini-riot’????

    Oh, BRA. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Just as in Milwaukee this year, and Iowa last year, now the Twin Cities are seeing the seething underbelly of Black culture manifesting itself in riots, mayhem, and eventual murder.

    Why do we allow/tolerate/countenance this sort of bestial behavior?

    Because Barack is the ‘Magic Negro’???? Hardly anymore.

    It’s now more like, ‘Begone with you, before someone drops a house on YOU!’

    (Oh, wait…. I was thinking of Hillary…)

  13. Ben says:

    @ Tom S.

    Your right. The only thing that will wake people up is stuff like this happening to people personally within the Liberal establishment. Things are tied has reached that point where the only change that can come is from personal experience.

    It really comes down the truth, because truth will be expressive in experience.

    Amren isn’t going to do it.

    However, I disagree about us about maintaining any racial tribal behavior or consciousness. We as a “group” aren’t tribal and I’m glad about it (as it brought rise to our greatness). Our tribal behavior only comes in dire times under direct threat of survival. It isn’t our dominant mode of thinking.

    I do believe our individuality gives rise to great things; however, there are limits and sleeping with lions means death.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hope more and more whites (and other minorities who are targetted by blacks) wake up and start pushing back. These black “youths” are going to screw with the wrong white person someday. They are going to even start turning the younger white generation away from them. I kid you not. There is going to be some old white man who came from a time when whites were free to say and do whatever they wanted to blacks, who probably hates how the country has changed from his young days, who fears how his grandkids will live in a ‘multicultural’ society, and is looking for any (legal) excuse to pull out a gun on these “youths” and kill them. Remember Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino? That’s the kind of old white man I’m talking about. I dare these “youths” to try this down South where there are armed whites who are the most patriotic and least politically correct group of white americans. They won’t tolerate their nonsense for a second.

  15. white guy says:

    now just picture when the ‘messiah’ isnt elected next year, ie. perry or paul wins the ’12 vote. Trust me, all hadies will break loose, I guess I’ll visit my local gandermountian more and more soon.

  16. Seek says:

    “Maxi” (not “mini”) rioting by blacks apparently isn’t nearly as dangerous to this country as American Renaissance holding a conference. If management of that Hyatt got wind of an AR meeting there, they would quash it in a nanosecond.

  17. Paleface 6 says:

    @ Tom S:

    You (and others here) might be interested in this website:

    The story lays out a convincing argument that flash mobs are going to be used as shock troops. It may also explain why flash mobs seem to primarily occur in the East and Midwest – in 2008, the election was called for Obama at 7:30 pm in California (while the polls were still open for a half hour). No need to intimidate West Coast voters, whose votes won’t matter anyway.

  18. Anonymous says:

    13 — Ben wrote at 11:30 AM on September 13:

    “However, I disagree about us about maintaining any racial tribal behavior or consciousness. ”

    Since I have referred to the tribal consciousness as a good thing in a previous post recently, I want to comment on your comment here.

    I think you are making a mistaken colloquially based interpretation of what “tribal” means. It doesn’t mean “barbaric” or any sort of reflexively violent, low brow thinking or behavior. The word “tribe” is interchangeable with “clan.” Maybe that helps some to gain the real meaning of the word. Tribal identity goes to the heart of one’s genetic and social/cultural ID. I am suggesting that the lack of clan or tribal consciousness among whites IS one of our weaknesses. We allow ourselves to be identified by things like transient politics (which have turned in all directions on many issues with sides switching often) to basing it on very generalized religion, i.e., Christianity. The problem with that is that whites are not exclusively Christian, and the tenets of it call for inclusion of every human being on the planet. That makes it less than a specific race identifier, let alone a clan or tribal identifier. Until we recognize that and learn the subtleties of true identification, we will continue to see whites drifting all over, looking for identification in all sorts of tribal identifications world wide. That used to be called, “going native” but it has been going on a a huge scale in the West for a long time and moreso since 1965, but certainly on a large scale since the 19th century.

    I hope this gives some readers something to think about when considering what whiteness really means.

  19. SNAviatrix says:

    Ah, the Hyatt. Yet another hotel that has no problem hosting violent black thug events. I wonder if they’d host the next Amren conference.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Start organizing now, and get small groups together to escort women and elderly White people to the Polls on Election Day.

    Several White men the size of Pro Wrestlers, or Football Players, should be enough to keep the local thugs from trying to keep White Americans away from the voting boots.