Posted on September 12, 2011

Malema Declares Economic War

IOL News, September 10, 2011

ANCYL president Julius Malema declared an “economic war” against the “white minority” in Scwetla informal settlement today.

“This is war, and we should fight moving forward. There will be casualties, but I know that we are going to win,” he said.

Malema addressed nearly 1000 people at the Youth League’s 67th anniversary in Alexandra, Johannesburg.

“The day has come, and on OR Tambo’s birthday, we are going to march to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and take the battle to the monopoly capital,” he said.

He said the league was holding it’s celebrations in Alexandra because its residents were the most “reliable forces for the revolution”.

“You are the reason the struggle against apartheid continued. The time to fight is now, and we will reclaim ourselves in South Africa’s economy. “If we don’t do it now, those who are unemployed will stay that way forever.”

Malema said the league would not apologise for its stance on nationalisation, land reform and for the circumstances that led to its leadership facing disciplinary charges.

Malema, his spokesperson Floyd Shivambu, deputy president Ronald Lamola, secretary general Sindiso Magaqa, his deputy Kenetswe Mosenogi, and treasurer general Pule Mabe face charges of bringing the ANC into disrepute and sowing divisions in ANC ranks.

Malema recently said the ANCYL would send a team to Botswana to consolidate local opposition parties and help bring about regime change.

This was because the league believed the government there was “in full co-operation with imperialists” and was undermining the “African agenda”.

“The crime we have committed is reminding people about their rights in the Freedom Charter. If I am expelled, then I know I will die with my soul intact,” he said.

“They have stolen our land. They are criminals and must be treated like that. We want our land back and we want it for free.

“I don’t need permission to be in ANC. We are born as ANC. Our blood is always green, black and gold.”

Earlier, two cakes were brought into the marquee where the gathering was held.

A one-metre square cake decorated in ANC colours with “Happy 67th Anniversary” written on it, was the centre-piece.

The other was a white three-tier cake decorated with pictures of diamonds and gold bearing the words “Economic Freedom in our lifetime.”

Nearly a thousand people gathered to mark the occasion.

The crowd was seated in a sprawling white tent while protest and pop songs blared out of speakers on top of a makeshift stage.

Vendors walked amongst the crowd, selling ice-cream to those looking for shelter from the midday heat.

A Youth League official asked the crowd to give up some of their seats to a group of elderly women, and the crowd shouted back that the meeting was for the youth.

Chairs were eventually brought for the women, and they were seated next to a group of children at the foot of the stage.

21 responses to “Malema Declares Economic War”

  1. Istvan says:

    “They have stolen our land. They are criminals and must be treated like that. We want our land back and we want it for free.”

    I can not wait until the French, Germans, Waloons, Spaniards, Sewdes, etc. start demanding the same thing in their homelands.

  2. Cliff Yablonski says:

    Who didn’t see this coming?

    Now that they are the majority and in power, they want to exterminate the minority whites.

    So much for freedom and equality.

  3. b.b.shawE says:

    Expect in a few years, a massive drive in America to feed the poor South Africans. Sainted rock stars and enlightened Hollywooders (America’s moral compass) will pontificate that we should send the produce of American farms down there to save those poor unfortunates. Congress will agree. After all, America is rich.

  4. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Go ahead, have an economic (of other )war against Whitey. It was done successfully against Whitey in Haiti 200 years ago.And now see what the long term outcome of it is.After Whitey completely leaves South Africa, they will scream for him to come back. I just wish Whitey wouldnt take so long.

  5. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    No Malema. YOU are the criminal. You deserve to sit in squalor that you and your ancestors created. I don’t feel sorry for you. The people before you at least could claim discrimination. If you were in America you would be just another charlatan like Al Not-So-Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. You would be a pariah in your own community, but because moron liberals will take up your cause you would have a forum here. Over there if you have land issues it’s your own fault. You have 90% of the population and virtually all of the firepower. If you can’t win your “war” with Whites it’s because of your low IQ.

  6. neanderthalDNA says:

    Oh good. Another budding little black African Hitler in deepest, darkest…

    Maybe he’s got some talent and can hypnodoozle enough of those 70 average IQ patriotic masses to…

    REALLY accelerate post white africa’s final descent into post apocalyptic depravity. I figure South Africa’s got enough military hardware left to really make things hot down there until they run out of it and realize they can’t replace what they break…without hated old imperialistic, whitey…

    So here’s to you Malema! Best wishes to pulling as big a “Hitler” as you can in what’s left of subsaharan Africa and showing the developed non BlackAfrican world once and for all…

    Time to build the wall.

  7. Jeddermann. says:

    Rhodesia yesterday, South Africa now and tomorrow. Tomorrow much worse than today. The fiction that there will be or even can be a totally happy diverse society with everyone sharing is never going to happen. This Julius is a commie through and through and is interested only in power. That exodus from SA of whitey has been going on for some time now and will only get worse. Those getting out while the getting is good.

  8. blkwatch says:

    i remember back when seeing all the white leftists progressives riding around with the african flag sticker and end apartheid another reason to hate progressives

  9. NAVY says:

    Julius Malema -March 2010 hate speech conviction

    On March 5, 2010 Julius Malema was convicted of hate speech by

    the equality court, fined R50,000 and ordered to apologize

    unconditionally, following a 2009 incident when he told a group of Cape Town students, at a South African Students Congress (SASCO) meeting that the woman who accused ANC President Jacob Zuma of rape had a “nice time” with him because in the morning she had “requested breakfast and taxi money”.

    Following the conviction SASCO expressed “delight” at the ruling, and attacked Malema for the “gratuitous abuse” of the platform that SASCO granted him. – Wikipedia

  10. SKIP says:

    This time, I wonder if the Whites there will start shooting first since they know all to well what will happen to them if they don’t. From experience, I can tell you that when you start shooting at a bunch of black thugs they will turn tail and run, at which time, you shoot them in the back or they will be back. At least you can reduce the number that will be back.

  11. madison grant says:

    Q; What’s the difference between SA and Zimbabwe?

    A: Zimbabwe had a 14 year head start. But don’t worry, SA will “catch up”.

  12. rockman says:

    They should have let the Zulu eat their neighbors like they wanted to. The white mans burden created the mess by trying to civilize stone age cannibals

  13. Anonymous says:

    “You are the reason the struggle against apartheid continued. The time to fight is now, and we will reclaim ourselves in South Africa’s economy. “If we don’t do it now, those who are unemployed will stay that way forever.”

  14. Anonymous says:

    If this were the white minority declaring ‘war’ on the blacks in South Africa, there would be screams of ‘Racism!’ and ‘Oppression!’ Just because blacks are in the majority doesn’t give them the right to do whatever they please. Anywhere in the world, blacks like to wage ‘war’ on whites (even other races too), or say ‘Kill all whites’ and they’re never held accountable.

  15. SKIP says:

    I wonder how many of the remaining White farmers still have blacks working for them in their homes and on their farms after their repeatedly demonstrated treachery. If these Whites are not yet ready to kill blacks, they deserve to be wiped out and they should STOP keeping their guns in the safe!!! Blacks are apparently natures way of eliminating stOOpid people.

  16. B J Deller says:

    We escaped South Africa in 1999, but we know that in another 20 years, more or less, it will be another Zimbabwe. Make sure that the masses in all Western countries know the true history of Sub-Saharan Africa, once very rich and stable with enough food for all and more even in times of drought until the terrorists wanted it all without having to work for it.

    The most successful terrorist of the 20th Century, Nelson Mandela.

  17. MAJ says:

    Fine. The last whites should just leave – however they can – and Julius can have his land. Then we can watch as it deteriorates into an African dustbowl.

    These people are SO stupid. They can’t quite figure out why there is a 90% reduction in food and services. Soon it will be 100%. It’ll be interesting to see how they spin things when the beg the White man to return and feed them. Except it won’t happen this time.

    Talk about genocide – they are practicing it on themselves.

    Perhaps this is how it should be in the big picture. With no western money left and Whites fed up with wasted donations I think Whites will be in for an unexpected surprise as we rebound in 30 years while Africa melts away.

    They got they wanted – now we’ll get what we want if we can wait it out.

  18. neanderthalDNA says:

    blkwatch wrote at 8:23 PM on September 12:

    i remember back when seeing all the white leftists progressives riding around with the african flag sticker and end apartheid another reason to hate progressives


    If by “progressives” you mean “libtards” trying to relabel themselves and not think themselves “liberals” (in the modern American parlance – ie mixed market psuedo-lefty social democrats)…

    Sure. Is it me? Have I somehow managed in my humble way, to isolate myself from that crap so well as to be out of the loop? Or has that sort of poser libtard af-romance started petering out recently?

    But shame the term “progressive” has been hijacked by the left.

    I consider myself pretty third way politically these days with a wistful longing for a time when government worked because it hired based on merit and helped build things like the interstate highway system, the TVA; that put a man on the moon and destroyed the race traitor, hitler (what other white man has done more damage to the white race in all history?)…you know?

    I mean, I believe in market economy, good government, democracy (whatever the hell that thing is, IF the people participating are well educated and self controlled enough), mom, apple pie and all that crap, but…

    I think I’m a progressive. Not sure how fits into the stupid, shibboleth strewn standard modern america duckspeak left-right dichotomy…

    And I don’t really care. I just think that whatever direction we take in the future – economically, socially – we will do much better if we institute as true a meritocracy as this sad old universe will tolerate, and people of subsaharan african descent make it THAT much more difficult when propped up by suicidally well intentioned libtard ideology.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I wish we would take the white South Africans into America and send them our blacks.

  20. Laager says:

    ANCYL president Julius Malema declared an “economic war” against the “white minority” in Scwetla informal settlement today.

    “This is war, and we should fight moving forward. There will be casualties, but I know that we are going to win,” he said.


    What a fool.

    For the benefit of international readers who do not know:

    About 90% of the South African economy is controlled by white businesses

    What this means is that whites are the custodians of the intellectual property that created the economy, the millions of jobs for blacks who work in this economy, and the tax revenue which funds the administration at city, provincial and national level – where virtually all posts are now occupied by blacks. (all the white man’s creation)

    Since 1994 when blacks entered the business world as equals there is barely an enterprise that they can hold up as a success. They simply have no idea how to run a successful legitimate enterprise in any field of endeavour.

    They have been gifted a fully functioning western administration. All they had to do to keep the show on the road was copy what the white man was already doing. They are incapable of even doing that.

    Malema’s mission to nationalise the mines is the biggest joke of all.

    Firstly the major mining shareholdings are not held by (white) South Africans.

    Follow the trail and it will lead to Europe and the west.

    Next step: once he controls the mines, who is going to do the work?

    Sure blacks will continue to mine the ore at the coal face – but then what?

    Extracting the ore and getting the product to market is a sophisticated operation.

    Planning the future works and maintaining the equipment is skill which blacks have proven they do not have.

    Go for it Ju-ju!

    You are quickly going to discover that all you own is a useless big hole in the ground.

    Ha Ha Ha!

  21. Amber says:

    We are not only threatened by blacks, their sangomas kill white babies to harvest their body parts for muti(their medicinal concoctions).I copied the report below from Cencorbugbear. Pray for us, our lives are threatened on a daily basis, and the police, now 98% black turns a blind eye to what is happening to white people in South Africa.

    Thursday, 15 September 2011

    white baby’s toes harvested for witchcraft

    Adriana Stuijt writes: – September 15 2011 – LADYSMITH/DOKKUM – I have just confirmed the accuracy of an email-warning being sent around by the relatives of a farm family near Ladysmith, warning of a disturbing new development. They discovered that three toes each on their 7-month-old baby-girl Lilli’s feet were beginning to swell up . Upon closer examination, the mom discovered that the housemaid had tightened a tourniquet made of strands of the mother’s hair around the toes – right at the base of the foot.

    “This is apparently now what the Sangomas (traditional tribal medical practitioners) want. They sent their people out to harvest the toes of white children. The toes, once tied, are expected to fall off within four days and then they are taken, ” the grandmother told me in a telephone interview from London. UK, where she is visiting another new grandchild. To protect the family, I am not identifying them by name.

    The maid had only been in their employ for three weeks and lives in a nearby squatter camp. She has been arrested and police are investigating who had ‘placed the order’ to harvest the child’s toes. It’s not known what the exact purpose of the ‘muti’ (medicine) manufactured from this human flesh would be.

    We have approached an expert on African witchcraft to advise us further. The child ‘s grandmother, Sheila, told me in a telephone interview from London, UK, that her daughter-in-law discovered the swollen toes on Sunday, when she dressed the baby and changed her socks. ”She called my son over, he examined the toes closely and realised that they were being bound off with hair. ” She said there are instances when babies pick up hairs and threads which wind around their toes and fingers while they are crawling around. “However these hair strands were very deliberately applied, the paediatrician told her’. Her son carefully snipped through the hairs to restore the blood-flow before she arranged for a paediatrician to examine the baby at a local hospital. The Farm Watch and the police were called and arrived at the same time on Sunday. The police questioned the maid, who then admitted that she had used strands of the mother’s hair to tie up the baby’s toes with, and that she was doing this so that the toes would drop off: she was allegedly asked to bring the toes to a sangoma. The police took the unidentified woman to the Ladysmith police station for further investigation. The paediatrician said the baby could have developed gangrene ‘but they caught it just in time’. “ The grandmother said: “All I can say is that it has had the most devastating effect on us all, everyone we speak to is shocked. My appeal is that we all pray for healing and that the family may be saved from any other form of witchery. This is savage and a tragedy and we can’t let this happen. So… an urgent appeal to everyone: please check your children thoroughly every day for signs of any kind. Keep your family safe at all times. “

    Farm-security experts believe that the ‘muti’ manufactured from the baby’s flesh would have been used to create a spell for farm-attackers – and that the farm is probably being watched as well. The family and Farm-Watch have stepped up security in the area. The mother, who lives in Centurion, returns to South Africa at the end of the month. She was visiting her family in London, UK where her fifth grandchild was born just recently.

    Note: I know the identity of the family but to protect them, am not publishing it. Anyone wishing to enquire further, please contact me at Skype Adriana Stuijt, Telephone the Netherlands 0021519701266, [email protected] or [email protected]