Posted on September 20, 2011

It’s Free, Swipe Yo EBT

YouTube, September 20, 2011

[Editor’s Note: EBT stands for “electronic benefits transfer,” and refers to welfare benefits payable through something like a credit card.

The following videos contain explicit lyrics.]

38 responses to “It’s Free, Swipe Yo EBT”

  1. Retired Cop says:

    Teach a man to steal a fish,

    Feed him for a day.

    Teach a man to fill out a welfare form,

    Feed him for a lifetime.

  2. crusader says:

    The first video is better. At least he bought Kix. True black art. Ah, so confident, because they know there’s no way Washington will ever cut off their EBT.

    I feel sad for the children. Imagine being one of the kids they have, not out of love, but just to increase their moms’ welfare payments.

  3. fred says:

    I saw these videos a while back and they really drive the point home. But it’s disappointing that some viewers have completely misunderstood that point and are attacking the people in these videos. They don’t realize the people in these videos are NOT celebrating the welfare mentality but MOCKING it.

  4. Ronald says:

    One should bear in mind that those who have such flippant attitudes toward taxpayer funded costs such as the politician enabled EBT program, likely have been recipient of taxpayer moneys ever since the day they were born. Now that they have reached the age of majority, and have become direct beneficiary to the hard earned public purse, it’s only natural they should be in a joyful celebratory mood.


  5. BAW says:

    I thought that chips and candy and eating at McDonalds were no-nos with EBTs. All I gotta say is now I know why California is broke!

  6. Question Diversity says:

    Drudge posted a link to the first video seen here, in fact, it’s still on Drudge as I type this comment. The second video was a suggested link while viewing the first video. The first thing that crossed my mind while viewing the first, realizing I found it on Drudge, is that Obama’s approval rating just went down a few points.

    The next thing that crossed my mind are all the elderly and retired white people of limited means who should be getting EBT instead of these moochers buying snacks, fast food and useless knick knacks. The man in the first vid says he wishes he could buy weed with EBT — Methinks there’s already a way to do that.

  7. A Comment from Oz says:

    Wow, lots of babies, pregnancies, cigarettes, quite an eye opener all round, quite sickening also. No mention as to who pays for all of these benefits!

    Suggest one way ticket to Somalia for this for a general re-education program!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s apparently fine for blacks to poke fun at welfare (as well as presumably poking fun at the blacks for being overly reliant on it), but if whites did the same, the blacks would be calling out the whites for ‘racism’.

  9. Cliff Yablonski says:

    Charming. We spend trillions on aid to Africans so they can reproduce and demand more, then do the same thing here in America.


  10. Anonymous says:

    OMG…they mention Obama by name. The stupidity! This will really help the 2012 campaign! LOL

  11. Anonymous says:

    They’ll keep “swiping EBT” until the treasury is empty and hyperinflation has destroyed all credit.

    This modern experiment in popular socialism must fall before justice and hope are restored to the land.

  12. Anonymous says:

    3 — Question Diversity wrote at 8:20 PM on September 20: “says he wishes he could buy weed with EBT — Methinks there’s already a way to do that.”

    There is in NJ: the EBT card, called a FamiliesFirst card, which is loaded with both welfare and Food Stamp benefits, is sold, along with the PIN, for a certain percentage (say 50-75 cents on the dollar) for cash. Each month the client reports the card as lost, gets a replacement, sells it and the cycle repeats.

  13. CM810 says:

    Similar card in NY. Holds welfare and medicaid benefits. These are sold on the streets of the Bronx and Harlem by rogue NYC HRA employees. It is well known that any person (illegal, ineligible for whatever reason) can buy a card with full, activated benefits for a few hundred dollars on the street; thus bypassing the usual background checks.

  14. ex-liberal says:

    Mark Dice on Youtube interviewed the rapper in the video: It is amusing.

  15. Anonymous says:

    did you see the shot of the old tile on the floor? This must have been a nice place to live once, before it became a black ghetto. By the way, if blacks are trying to get whites to revolt , the videos will help motivate them to do so.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This card should be only available for the following:

    Breads, rice or pasta

    Beef or chicken

    Milk and eggs



    That’s it! Nothing more!

  17. sshadow says:

    Pure unadulterated degeneracy. If society won’t rise up against something this bad, …….. but then the MSM will totally ignore it. Most won’t even know it’s happening. O reilly and Hannity should make a big issue of it. But their masters will never allow it. America continues it’s decline.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “It’s Free, Swipe Yo EBT” is excellently done. Anonymous, I have news for you: Blacks and whites on the left are willing to do a lot more harm than name calling to intimidate into silence blacks who speak out against welfare programs and affirmative action. It actually takes a lot less courage to come out as conservative and white than it does to come out as conservative and black. So we should stop acting as if skin color can tell us what people are or where they stand on any issue. And, you know, we might want to be grateful for courageous individuals of any race. They’re always the smallest minority.

  19. Shawn (the female) says:

    In my day the word ‘swipe’ meant steal. Nice to know some things never change.

  20. Anonymous says:

    These videos only confirm one thing: Early Americans should have picked their own cotton-pickin’ cotton!

  21. Bethany says:

    These videos confirm only one thing: Americans of all races know welfare incentivizes degenerate behavior and illegitimate parenthood. Is anyone here going to acknowledge that the young people in these videos did an outstandingly effective job ? I’m just wondering. We will have nothing better or smarter to contribute to our society than that which is contributed by the likes of Al Sharpton (remember –among other things–his idiotic chant? “hey hey ho ho Western Civ has got to go”) if we can’t ever leave off the race talk long enough to see talented young people of any race doing excellent work.

  22. Indrid Cold says:

    I am going to have to respectfully disagree with anyone that suggests that these videos are parodies, satires or mocking welfare system recipients. The only mocking taking place it is at the expense of the taxpayers and it is quite an in-your-face message at that. The videos are celebrating the convenience of a “new and improved” welfare system that channels money directly to the takers with the least possible effort on their part and allows it to be used as if it were virtually discretionary income. Satire is a rather high functioning concept and I am not quite certain africans have the capacity for it, but they certainly do have the capacity to mock.

  23. Ben says:

    I thought it was satire until the end of the video and the interview that these people are actually serious and the humor comes from reality.

    Then I thought…

    what a minute…

    when I have ever seen Africans do satire?

  24. Retired Cop says:

    #12 Anonymous

    This scam is decades old. Back in the ’70s, there was the “13th check”. A welfare client would report that their monthly welfare check was ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’, read sold for a percentage. Then they could get a new check but supposedly they could only do this once a year, hence the name “13th check”.

  25. Sincerely Concerned says:

    #3, the MOCKING is a cover. They are all for it and laughing all the way to the, well, not bank…more like, ‘hood. I was discussing with my boyfriend that I was feeling sort of like a right-winger or even a racist because for the past three years, out of economic necessity, we’ve been renting a place in the ‘hood, and I have noticed how blacks really live. Sure, not all blacks, but most. And I, who grew up in racially mixed Atlanta, in a very diverse neighborhood filled with people from all over the world, have come to realize that maybe what it will take to open the eyes of other whites who were like me would be to live among them for a few years to see what happens when Section 8 takes over beautiful bungalow-filled neighborhoods and turns in them into ghettos. And I DON’T feel sorry for the children. They will never know anything else but to suck off the welfare teat and cry about being po’ while they drive a $500 car with $6,000 wheels on their way to buy weed. Meanwhile, my Indian, Czech, Korean, Russian and Venezuelan neighbors are self-sufficient. White guilt has to STOP and we have to cut this welfare OFF.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Funny….but drastically distorts the issue.

    Blacks are dependents no doubt. But that is hardly damaging to white society. They’ve been dependents for hundreds of years. Annoying….yes. Reason for change….yes. Life threatening….no.

    But look closer. The system is carefully crafted in such a way as to appear to make it difficult to spend this money on anything except necessities but in reality is a complex scam designed to dramatically overpay those who learn to game the system. That money is then used for drugs.

    How much? MOST OF IT. Most of the “EBT” money finds its way to the black market and is used to buy drugs.

    This causes massive problems for the whole world, not the least of which, creating legions of 10 year old and up drug addicts out to murder whites for no particular reason whatsoever. Mexico has become a place where people ground into hamburger are dumped in the street, daily, just to let everyone know who is boss.

    A few welfare dependents? Please. That’s small change and reason to reform the welfare system eventually.

    But that is not what we are faced with. We are faced with a living drug hell spreading throughout the world like a cancer….all fueled by “EBT” money.

    That’s reason to shut it all down and never mind the consequences.

  27. Crystal Evans says:

    In the 70’s, my sister had a low wage job just out of college and she was eligible for food stamps.We used to use her food stamps to supplement our food budget. All I know, is that I was ashamed to be seen paying with these food stamps. If I was going to use them, I would deliberately go out of the way to go somewhere where no one would know me. By the way, she is no longer on food stamps, she has since earned an MBA and has a six figure paying job.

  28. Anonymous says:

    A woman I know never worked. On welfare her whole life. Free public housing (with free electricity), food stamps, medicaid with free transportation, welfare money, a “student loan” never paid back (people on welfare or SSI don’t have to), etc. Even after the welfare-to-work law passed, and welfare was supposed to be time-limited, she got it for about 15 more years. Then the welfare workers encouraged her to apply for SSI. Got approved right after the first denial, which almost everyone gets. Never had to even be interviewed by a judge or provide additional documentation. “Anxiety”? No problem. Approved. Sorry to ramble, back to the food stamps. After getting SSI, now she pays a little bit for rent, but still gets free electricity. Food stamps were cut some because now she has “income”. Know what NYC did with its stimulus money? Increased her food stamps to $50 more than she ever got before SSI!!

  29. Bethany says:

    Indrid Cold,

    Ask yourself if you need to believe individuals of african descent havn’t the capacity to use parody, mockery or sarcasm to criticize the behavior of others of their racial stock. If you find you don’t just believe this but need to believe this, then don’t–under any circumstances–ever read the following people at Thomas Sowell,(It’s especially important to avoid reading Thomas Sowell) Walter E. Williams and Star Parker. Also,don’t ever read anything by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. No. That’s not safe enough. Don’t learn anything about her. And don’t ever listen to Bill Cosby.

  30. Parke Wilde says:

    I ran down some additional information about the (white) businessman and co-writer of the anti-EBT lyrics for the second video. “All you gotta do is f—” and 9 months later you get lots of welfare benefits.

  31. voiceofstl says:

    In the second video, I am not sure, was she being sarcastic or was she celebrating the EBT?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Classy video, smoking, drinking, cussing and raunchy behaviour in front of children, not to mention the boasting about scamming the system.

  33. Bethany says:

    She is being sarcastic.

    Best part : near the beginning of the video, the actress, Chapter, sits on a tricycle to suggest that the welfare program encourages people to put off growing up.

  34. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    How about some fun facts to go along with all the laughs??

    Business Insider reports:

    Food stamp recipients are 4.6% more likely to be obese.

    Judicial Watch reports:

    The USDA is dedicating $5 million this year to recruit more recipients, to ‘improve access to and increase participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.’…

    Also from our friends at Judicial Watch:

    Obama’s Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, claims that increasing the number of food-stamp recipients actually helps the economy, strengthens communities and creates jobs…. The USDA even cites some unknown ‘research’ that shows every $5 in new food-stamp benefits actually generates as much as $9 in economic activity. The source of the research was not cited in the USDA press release

    Did you catch the part about the Ag Secretary claiming ‘food stamp recipients strengthen communities and create jobs’??

    From the WSJ:

    Thirty-five states have abolished asset tests for most food-stamp recipients. These and similar ‘paperwork reduction’ reforms..are turning the food-stamp program into a magnet for abuses and absurdities.


    The number of food-stamp recipients has soared to 44 million from 26 million in 2007, and costs have more than doubled to $77 billion from $33 billion.

    From the Milwaukee Urinal:

    food-stamp recipients routinely sell their benefit cards on Facebook. The investigation also found that ‘nearly 2,000 recipients claimed they lost their card six or more times in 2010 and requested replacements’ USDA rules require that lost cards be speedily replaced.

    Remember this story:

    The food-stamp poster boy of 2011 is 59-year-old Leroy Fick. After Mr. Fick won a $2 million lottery jackpot, the Michigan Department of Human Services ruled he could continue receiving food stamps.

    Aren’t you glad you’re paying for all this? And remember, you’re greedy. You’re not paying your ‘fair share.’ While you’re buying hamburger “the hungry” are whipping out their EBT debit cards to “pay” for shimp and steak provided by you!

    I’m about to break out my hammock, quit my job, put my feet up and jump on the gravy train — why not? EVERYONE ELSE here in California seems to have an EBT card!! margaret: I have a hammock for you too, let’s go!!


  35. Anonymous says:

    This is the “culture” that needs to be “Celebrated”. Have you noticed the Liberals and Marxists always use this stupid term, when talking about the global degeneration, as if it was a big party?

    These creatures in the video say it all. There is nothing that I can add to what was displayed here, as to why we have fallen from AAA rated Superpower, to a pig trough of a country.

    You must make time to watch another You Tube video called, “Read a Book”.

  36. Bethany says:

    These videos intentionally hold up to ridicule what government welfare programs incentivize (i.e. dishonesty, illegitimate parenthood, vice, immaturity and sloth).

    I agree the videos are not funny.(Sarcasm, more than humor, was intended.) Satire doesn’t have to be funny to be great. It has to be true.

    I’m grateful for the talent and guts of the writers, actors and actresses.

  37. Question Diversity says:


    New York Daily News: Ripped by conservatives, rapper ‘Mr. EBT’ defends video as parody of welfare abuses