Posted on September 8, 2011

How to Discipline Black Kids? Mom Says “Beat Them”

The Smoking Gun, September 6, 2011


Responding to a 911 call last night, a Speedway Police Department officer found Latoya Price, 28, and her crying child at the bus stop. Price, who was yelling at the girl, told police that she began striking her daughter with a belt after the girl stole “a pack of gum from the gas station.”

After an officer noted that “it might not be the best location to discipline her child,” Price allegedly responded by poking the girl in the head and telling her, “Fine I’ll beat you when we get home,” according to a police report.

Pictured in the above mug shot, Price was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct after she “continued to get more upset causing a large disturbance” and ignored repeated police directions to calm down. It was at this point when Price told Officer Benjamin Rupenthal that he “did not know how to discipline black kids. You have to beat them.”


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  1. Alexandra says:

    Hot water seems to be a favored disciplinary measure among blacks, hence the term “ghetto lobster.”

  2. Ben says:

    NAACP full throttle lawsuit and :cry of racism rage: in:






  3. Browser says:

    I recall we have been through this unpleasant subject here before. It is impossible to argue with them. I also know black people who insist that beating children is the proper and best disciplinary approach. They are very adamant about that and will hear no other opinions.

    It seems they were beaten too and so that’s the right way to raise a child. They don’t seem to notice the wonderful results it got (!), or the odd fact that despite all the beatings so many blacks are residing in prison today!!!

    As for “that’s the only way to discipline black kids”… you mean blacks are NOT the same as whites after all? Who would’ve guessed?

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Children of all colors need discipline and I can’t think of one that wouldn’t benefit from a good wallop now and again – when they do something wrong. The more grievous the offense, the harder the hand. Lack of a good spanking is why the youth in this country is so out of control. Ditto for their parents who also weren’t spanked. Send them to me. I guarantee a well-behaved child overnight and FOR LIFE!!!

  5. CDE says:

    The one black woman that actually disciplines her kids. Let her alone. Sounds like she’s got the right idea.

  6. Duran Dahl says:

    Dis-empowering parents is a critical aspect of the Cultural Marxist agenda for destroying the West. Mom and Dad beat the stuff out of kids for centuries without any ill-effects. Now, in the zero-tolerance world, we are seeing the ill-effects. Parents know their children and know how to discipline them. Blacks tend to be pretty rough on their offspring…but it seemed to work far better than turning them over to the state which has…not worked out.

  7. Question Diversity says:

    I don’t agree with wanton corporal punishment. If a parent decides on using it, it has to be done using some semblance of due process. The child has to understand that the parents did everything they can to find out the truth, but once the truth shows that the kid did it, and did something that deserves corporal punishment, then it should be administered.

    This kind of wanton violence only breeds more wanton violence.

  8. NBJ says:

    Oh my. Well at least she was honest about it. I never had to spank my children much at all. I found other methods such as taking away privileges to be more effective when punishment was called for. Although I do recall a time when my then 8 or 9 year old son had been called to dinner several times when he replied with a disrespectful tone and remark, who had the misfortune to say it just as his father was walking in from work. He promptly received a thump to the head and was told he was never to speak to his mother that way again. He hasn’t either.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This may be why the black British Commonwealth nations in the Caribbean insist on retaining the death penalty.

  10. Anonymous says:

    No joke. I saw a black woman beating a small child outside a store once. The little kid must have been 2 or 3 years old. She was so loud, so cruel – I felt really bad for the little kid. Other people passing by also looked, but no one said anything, because we didn’t want to a) get accused of racism and b) get the violence of this woman turned on us.

    Since then I’ve seen it a few more times here and there. What can you do?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I sure got the belt when I was a little kid, that is what a responsible parent does to enforce discipline. I learned right from wrong and how to be respectful as a child. Until this woman started yelling at the police she was completely doing the right thing. It’s too bad the flash-mobbers that are stealing from stores did not have a mother like her.

  12. Spartan24 says:

    She was pretty out of line for screaming and carrying on in public. I agree that a spanking is in order when a kid is deliberately disrespectful or disobediant but in private where it won’t cause a scene. Even spanking advocates like Dr James Dobson don’t recommend spanking after about age 10 since removing priviliges works better.

  13. Terry67 says:

    From the original article…

    Price, who was booked into the Marion County jail, is scheduled for a September 12 court appearance. Her daughter was placed in the custody of child protective services officials since the girl’s father, James Motley, 28, was arrested at the bus stop on an open bench warrant

    wonder what he went to jail for?

  14. CM810 says:

    A very wise black woman who used to work for me once told me a story about her grandson she had raised. They were crossing a busy intersection when the boy went out of control and ran into the street. When she caught him, he began screaming and having a temper tantrum. She began beating him. A police officer came over and asked “Miss, why are beating that child?”

    She replied, “So in 20 years, you don’t have to…”

  15. Beaten Child, Bitter Adult says:

    “I don’t agree with wanton corporal punishment.

    This kind of wanton violence only breeds more wanton violence.”


    I agree with QD. Of course, there’s a big difference between “discipline”, and vicious beatings. Where do you draw the line? A mere slap or swat now or then is not the same as a rage-filled beating. And not all punishment has to be physical or cruel.

    I got the vicious beatings. I was beaten with whatever was nearest at hand. Only from my mother, not my father who didn’t beat. It produced a rebellious, bitter, hate-filled child. I have never gotten over it nor forgiven her. I still love and respect my father.

    My brother, on the other hand, born much later, was never beaten. My mother vowed when he was born never to beat him — and she didn’t. He grew into a well behaved child and a loving, devoted son. No beatings were necessary. He was raised with love. Of course, his mother was a middle-aged, more mature woman by then.

    He was with our mother in her old age and cared for her to the end. On the contrary, I did not see or speak to her or have any dealings with her during the last thirty years of her life, despite her pleas. I did not answer her letters nor attend her funeral. I remain full of bitter memories to this day. The emotional scars she inflicted will never heal and will go with me into the grave.

    Which course of child-rearing was the more sensible?

    Btw, beating seems to run in families. My mother came from a family where children were beaten. She had been beaten herself. It was expected and normal. My father did not. He wasn’t beaten by his parents and didn’t beat his children. They were also from different ethnic groups, which may explain something.

    I only resent that he never intervened with my mother. For men of his class and where he was from, he would no more tell a woman how to raise her children than how to make gravy or bakc a cake. That was “women’s work”. He kept out of it.

  16. sbuffalonative says:

    I wasn’t there so I don’t know how savage it was. There’s a difference between a slap on the buttock and a beating.

    “…explaining to the cop that he “did not know how to discipline black kids. You have to beat them.”

    It may be true that blacks respond more to corporal punishment but I’m troubled by the term ‘beat’ in regards to a 7 year old girl.

  17. Anonymous says:

    (Controlled violence) is a natural and necessary part of growing up, of rearing children, and being in any society.

    Some kids don’t need it, being too good, or too fearful. Some need more. Some parents have a way of teaching without it, most need to employ at least some. Spanking is not abuse. Fanny-taps on little kids produce tears and fear, which gets the kid’s attention…so they can learn not to do harm to themselves! That’s part of a loving parent’s job. It’s not fun, but it’s necessary.

    When I was in both public and private school, the teachers often paddled us, used physical force (not in the least bit unwarranted- or mean, for that matter- and We all grew up just fine. We bear no grudges. That threat of violence (as in OUCH, my ass hurts!, or OWWW, stop pulling on my ear!) really accelerates learning, and gets kids in touch with reality.

    You wanna’ stand here after the bell has rung and pick a fight with a peer? Fine, MRS. Johnson grabs both would- be fighters by the ear, and PULLS them to the dean’s office. Worked on me! (And that was public school- 8th grade).

    In My Baptist elementary school, I can guarantee you it would have been a good deal worse than that. Old SPANKY would have made a definite, butt- searing appearance, too. You cry from that no matter how tough you are. I’ve been shot (no, not in a crime), and I rank those paddlings as among the most painful events of my life (momentarily, anyway). But no emotional scars. Just a little more respect for consequences.

    They always say, if your infant sticks their hand in an electrical outlet, you spank them FAST. Give them the instant feedback; (OUTLET= BAD!) An infant can’t reason any more than that, and you love your kid, so you are trying to SAVE THEM!

    This woman probably has a screw loose by white standards, but blacks are way more violent, so she’s probably just fine for her own kind.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I read somewhere that the diference between physical punishment and abuse depends on the circumstances. It is justifiable when a child puts himself or another playmate in extreme danger. Not so much when he steals a peice of gum…

  19. Anonymous says:

    it is wrong to hit children, and the fact that this is even an open question means we are a sick, sick society.

    if you cannot guide your children with kind but firm words and loss of privileges, you are not much of a parent.

    if “your kids are out of control and only respond to violence,” then you really need to take a good hard look in the mirror:

    how did YOU create such a horrible situation?

    blacks beat their kids WAY!!!! too much, and their kids end up very violent & nutty as a result.

    the pattern needs to be broken.

  20. Anonymous says:

    1 — Alexandra wrote at 5:37 PM on September 8:

    Hot water seems to be a favored disciplinary measure among blacks, hence the term “ghetto lobster.”


    Thank you. Burning and scalding are good example of vicious abuse, not discipline. Many blacks (and some posters here) don’t seem to recognize the difference between a well deserved smack on the bottom and a brutal beating that can cripple or kill a child.

    Maybe they’d like to bring back torture and hanging children for small offenses, as was once considered “normal”?

    A parent who flies into an insane rage and goes out of control — in a public tantrum bad enough to attract the police — is far worse than a naughty child, but the two are connected. One begets the other. But the parent at least ought to know better. She’s an adult, isn’t she?

    I think that with an intelligent child there’s little that a good scolding and a withdrawal of priviliges can’t cure.

    With a low IQ child, well, I just don’t know. Even harsh physical punishment doesn’t seem to get through, as evidenced by all the adult blacks in prison.

  21. Anonymous says:

    “…explaining to the cop that he “did not know how to discipline black kids. You have to beat them.”

    Wow. If that cop were to follow her exact advice (beating blacks), he would find himself in a heap of trouble, facing brutality charges and the end of his job.

  22. Josh Harlan says:

    Look, there is a difference between beating a black kid and beating a white kid. Blacks’ horizons are incredibly short. Unless punishment is instantaneous they do not connect it to the offense. This is a corralary of “candy bar today or bigger bar tomorrow.” This is one reason blacks were immediately whipped or hung. A time lapse in punishment caused them to not worry about consequences of their actions.

  23. Whammo says:

    Descendants of slaves that were selectively bred and beat if not obedient.

    Obedient slaves not beat and allowed to breed.

    Disobedient slaves beaten, if not to death and not allowed to breed.

    This is essentially the ‘Jimmy the Greek’ hypothesis.

    One thing is sure, this is one thing the Whites cannot do for the blacks.

  24. A Black Man repsonds says:

    Sigh…I have not hit my kids in years and I never had to “beat them” I rarely raise my voice but they listen to everything I say because they know I do not back down on administering punishment..

    Like no access to electronic devices (computer, XBox, Cell phones etc) or trips to the Mall to hang out with their buddies…Forget about TV, this generation barely watches it.

    However I focus on achievement and that I reward handsomely.

    At the same time the Mrs. yells continuously and they do not move an inch for her. After all her IDLE threats she ends up calling me to handle the situation. I am not bragging (I still have work to do) I just realized long ago that all kids are like terrorists and like terrorists you can never ever back down or make concessions or soften up with them. Also you TRAIN people of all ages on how they treat you; if someone continually disrespects you then you in some way have allowed that behavior to happen and even enabled it. Anytime my kids ask for something they know they do not deserve they ask my wife first and when she says go ask your father and they say “Forget about it”

    Bottom-line is you DO NOT have to “beat them” if you are consistent and stern with them always. Also the big problem here is there are not enough (Black) fathers taking care of business. Black women may be great mothers (some of them) but they are not “super women” do not believe the hype and once a positive, firm and thoughtful man enters a room the difference is obviously, no woman can replicate that.

  25. Alexandra says:


    Spanking is not abuse. A swat on the bottom is not abuse.

    On a forum I posted on a long time ago, a poster pointed out that they spanked their children and their children were obedient. The poster had a cousin who was some kind of child psychologist or something, never spanked her child…and her child was a complete out-of-control brat.

    There’s a difference between a swat on the bottom and beating a child within an inch of their life. And I’ve read the laws in my state regarding this. As long as you don’t injure them, spanking is not abuse–and furthermore you’re to keep your child in line.

    Blacks have this tendency to go over the edge with what passes for discipline. No surprise given their tendency towards violence.

  26. Norman says:

    Love is a Boy,

    by Poets styl’d,

    Then Spare the Rod,

    and spill the Child.

    -Samuel Butler, 1662

  27. Anon says:

    The left-liberal promotion of divorce and illegitimacy has been hell for all of society, but especially for blacks, the offspring of whom seem to require a bit firmer hand than that needed by whites or Asians. This doesn’t mean beating, but it does mean a father that enforces standards, respect, and discipline among his offspring. Just about every black person I’ve ever known to amount to anything has come from an intact home.