Posted on September 8, 2011

Europe Braced for Immigrant Influx as Chaos Reigns

Nick Meo, Sydney Morning Herald, September 5, 2011

With the Mediterranean stretching to the horizon, the fishing port at Janzour is a jewel on the coastline around the capital.

It is also where Muammar Gaddafi held Europe to ransom by threatening to flood it with illegal immigrants. While he was in power, he demanded billions of dollars in European Union funding for his help stopping human trafficking.

But, ever since the NATO bombing campaign started in March, he seems to have not only abandoned attempts to stop smuggling but also encouraged it as revenge.

For much of the past few months, men in uniform had been directing immigrants on to boats bound for Italy, witnesses said.

Africans who landed this northern summer on Lampedusa, an island south of Sicily, said their passage was free, in contrast with the $US1000 ($938) usually demanded by smugglers.

No boats have left since the rebels drove out Gaddafi’s men, but the human cargo is still stranded there; a thousand African men, women and children, clustered in the dirt under beached boats. They are hungry, scared, penniless and desperate to escape.

This raises the prospect of an influx of migrants to Europe in the months to come, with no guarantee that the rebel government will want or be able to stop it.

Many Africans fear they will be murdered by rebels taking revenge. Since Gaddafi’s soldiers fled two weeks ago, Libyan gunmen have prowled the camp, raping women and robbing the men at knife point.

Gaddafi had invited them into the country, giving them jobs and housing in return for their support. He used their presence to blackmail Europe.

Last year, Gaddafi warned that unless the EU paid him $6 billion a year to stop immigration, Europe would “turn black”. Before that, Libya and Italy had co-operated with each other to stop immigration.

After NATO backed the rebels in March, Gaddafi again threatened to open the floodgates.

When the NATO bombing of Libya began, 28,000 Africans arrived on Lampedusa from Libya from March to August. There were few the previous year.

21 responses to “Europe Braced for Immigrant Influx as Chaos Reigns”

  1. sbuffalonative says:

    I assume these are largely the black Africans they Libyans are trying to expel.

    They could, of course, go back to their homelands but they won’t. They want the good life only White Europeans can provide them.

    In a few years, these ungrateful miscreants will be protesting in the streets that ‘the government’ isn’t doing enough to help them.

  2. highduke says:

    Gaddafi’s big mistake was thinking European elites didn’t want the Blacks, they just didn’t want him to call the shots because they already take orders from that avatar of Satan King Fahd of Saudi Arabia who uses oil to buy out the West and with their military had Gaddafi and every other secular Arab nationalist leader removed to establish new Islamic fake Democracies, all to confuse, mongrelize & dillute Europe’s population with Blacks Muslims so as to hasten Islamization.

  3. Riley DeWiley says:

    Not to worry – the only blacks leaving Libya for Europe are those already in Libya. No sub-Saharan blacks will dare enter Libya now if they are not already there. And those in Libya need resources (i.e. boats) to cross the Mediterranean, and they do not have them.

    No story.

  4. ice says:

    Europe cannot afford to take care of these people. The EU is on the verge of collapse, with austerity programs just now taking hold and MANY more to come in the next few months.

    Too, these people will just add to the millions of dissidents already there who are no less than soldiers for opposition forces in the coming civil chaos, as the economy continues to tank.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If these were boatloads of Al Qaeda terrorists or Gaddafi’s soldiers, NATO ships would be intercepting them within Libyan waters.

    The means to stop them is there, but the political will is not.

    The European response is ineffective, because the dictators of global finance want population growth in white countries, any way possible.

  6. rockman says:

    Why are the nations of Europe just sitting there doing nothing? At one time Brittania ruled the waves and the legions of Germany made the world tremble with fear. What is lacking is resolve to say no thanks to black immigration. It is called backbone. Just say no and mean it.

  7. Bud says:

    The leftist elite are committing genocide against their own nations and people, they are the only criminals that matter. It doesn’t matter what Gaddafi does, it doesn’t matter what Mexico does. Racist colonialist genocide against the West is a policy hammered out by Western elitists, not Africans, Muslims or Mexicans. These invaders could be scattered with a proverbial “whiff of grape-shot” if the elite wanted it.

  8. ATBOTL says:

    It’s amazing that they take in these African boat people. It’s like a real life Camp Of The Saints.

  9. Rider in the Storm says:

    The invasion of Europe by the multitudes of various races and creeds has been in full swing for over half a century. Today the great European cities are awash in a multicultural mire of unfamiliar cultures and peoples. Crime, disease and general decay is rampant thanks to the ruinous decisions of a influential few. Who profits? What will be the end result of mixing groups so unrelated and incompatible? Chaos, violence and domestic conflict with which American cities are sadly so familiar?

  10. Luke says:

    “Camp of the Saints” coming true, in real-time.

    And, you know what? Jean Raspail could not have been more prophetic, and neither could have Enoch Powell – when they both

    accurately described (and tried to sound the alarm) what the eventual consequences would be for white racial cowardice and white racial stupidity on the subject of racial reality.

    So – how’s it feel, White Man? How’s that racial cowardice working out for you, pal? How’s it feel to stand by, shaking in your boots, thumb stuck up your hind parts, as your entire nations are being flooded and taken over by your racial competitors?

    All of this is happening because of the White Man’s fear of the Communist Leon Trotsky invented word of: ‘racist’.


  11. Browser says:

    Today the great European cities are awash in a multicultural mire of unfamiliar cultures and peoples. Crime, disease and general decay are rampant thanks to the ruinous decisions of a influential few. Who profits?”

    That is an excellent question. It is always important to look behind the scenes and ask, “Cui bono?”

    Despite the obvious disaster this is courting, there are those among us who applaud it and expect to benefit.

    These African hordes are not accomplishing this invasion purely on their own. They could not possibly. They are aided from within by those who have personal interests or various agendas to serve. It is those subversive elements WITHIN THE GATES who are much more dangerous to us than those without.

  12. Spirit Wolf says:

    Amazing. If anyone had threatened to “turn Africa white”, the howls would be defeaning.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It is funny that the West would rather put a gun to its head rather than point one at these invaders.

  14. Nick says:

    Why doesn’t Europe take the shakedown money they were going to give Libya and set-up a naval blockade?

  15. Bantu Education says:

    The fictional Dracula would cower in terror before a raised crucifix. Whites cower in terror before a raised word – “racist”.

    If we continue fearing a word more than we fear cultural extinction

    then we are destined to become fiction too.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I received the following comment on the Black Riots in London from a UK HOTMAIL address. Really twisted thinking and again it’s the white man’s fault.:”

    No offence yh, but stop being racist! black and white people were involved in the riots so all of you ppl who think black people are to blame can think again. I don’t care ehat colour the offenders were, the main point is that they all commited a crime and they’re no bearing the brunt of the punishment. There was even a white guy in the video. Btw, the only reason why places in africa aren’t getting better is because we robbed of their recources in the slave trade and we’re not giving enough donations……


  17. Deniz says:

    I guess these blacks are those who are already in Libya and trying desperately to escape to survive

    No “new” blacks would dare to enter Libya, check other Amren news about it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    13 — Anonymous wrote at 5:08 PM on September 9:

    It is funny that the West would rather put a gun to its head rather than point one at these invaders.


    The best comment so far!

    People, wake up and stop the insane invasion of the West. It is all by DESIGN and we here at amren all know it! Are we going to just sit and keep taking what the enemy of our race has been dishing out for eons?

  19. Anonymous says:

    “Why doesn’t Europe take the shakedown money they were going to give Libya and set-up a naval blockade?”

    The obvious is always the best idea, but impossible. Im sure you know why. That would be “racist”. Liberal European MPs would be scream. Even their neutered, spineless conservatives would consider this racist and wrong. Parliments could argue about implementing a blockade for ten years, before the measure is defeated by a bipartisan agreement.

    You see, the shakedown money is actually much cheaper and effective. It is spineless, but it did save Europe for a few more years.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This story is a total nonsense! Amnesty Int. is investigating claims of atrocities commited by rebels against blacks who worked for Gaddafi. Thare were killings and hangings. Blacks are going to stay away from Lybia for a long time.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Anon #20: Yes, there was a News video from entitled, “Are We Creating a New Boogeyman in Lybia?”.

    News cameras showed black Africans jammed into a room, anxiously waiting their fates, all while asking the White Foreign News Journaists to stay with them, most likely to keep whatever was going to happen to them, from occuring.

    Now, I am sure that 99% of blacks around the world do not know about this story, and I am interested to know if they would abandon Islam, with their NOI, with Calyso Louie running the show, or would they stay in it, even though most Muslims despise them?

    Of course, the UN has been noticably silent on the issue of how these poor blacks have been treated in Lybia, but when blacks get a beating by White Police in White countries, for doing such violent acts, the Socialist Liberal UN Chorus begins again.