Posted on September 22, 2011

Dozens Test Positive for Exposure to Tuberculosis

Kevin Cokely, NBC (Dallas), September 20, 2011

At least 80 students, teachers and staff at Ennis High School have tested positive for exposure to tuberculosis.

The skin tests were ordered because a teacher now on medical leave was diagnosed with the bacterial infection just before the first day of school.

Dr. Brian Smith of the Texas Department of State Health Services, said people who a positive skin test normally are not sick and are not infectious.

“What a positive skin test means is that a person has been exposed to the disease and they have picked up a tiny bit of the bacteria that has caused their body to react to the skin test, so in those persons you can kill the bacteria by giving a single medication for nine months,” he said.

Those who tested positive are now being told to get chest X-rays at Baylor Medical Center in Waxahachie.


In all, 235 people at the high school were tested last week. The school has a student enrollment of 1,580.


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11 responses to “Dozens Test Positive for Exposure to Tuberculosis”

  1. Stiv says:

    Take your pick of suspects. Nearly every third world immigrant you can think of.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When you encourage an invasion of immigrants from countries that are rife with disease, what can you reasonably expect? Third world people bring third world diseases.

  3. Tired of It says:

    This is why decades ago immigrants were funneled through Ellis Island before they could enter this country. One of the biggest reasons was to test for disease and check for parasites, so they couldn’t infect others. Especially with diseases we had eradicated. Now our uncaring and ignorant leaders let them roll on in with every infection known to man, and a few we’ve never heard of. This story will be buried by main stream media as they are complicit in keeping us uninformed and in the dark about the alarming resurgence of infections and infestations unchecked immigration has brought.

    Until they can’t keep it quiet any longer, that is. Like the bed bug epidemic. Twenty years ago they had practically been wiped out in this country. And you won’t hear this on the five o’clock news, but TB has been wide spread in US jails for the last three decades thanks to the boat lifts of “refugees” allowed in under President Carter, where most of these refugees were prisoners Castro dumped on us. And our officials even lied to us about the amount of Cuban criminals released on us. I know the truth because I worked in law enforcement at the time, in south Florida. Multiply the “official” US numbers by at least five.

    But with the change, or lack, in immigration policies by a list of presidents and other elected officials over the last three or four decades, this is part of the end result, with Obama being one of the worst. He wants no restrictive policies at all. And why would he when two of his relatives are in this country illegally.

    With Texas being a border state, the rise of TB is not surprising. What would be surprising would be to hear the truth in print or in the media for the rise, that Mexican immigrants are bringing TB over the border with them.

  4. Boondoggler says:

    TB has been extinct in the US for decades, now. Why, may we ask ourselves, does it suddenly make a re-appearance? Is there a reason? Could it be diversity? Could it be the zillions of invaders who come from countries where not a single disease has ever become extinct? Makes sense to me. Close the borders!

  5. lost angeles says:

    While teaching in Los Angeles I’ve witnessed the standard policy of allowing students into the public schools without verification of vaccination or those whose vaccinations are not up to date. I had to get a TB exam after working with a student who regularly tests positive for TB and who casually showed me the skin test he’d just taken that was having an obvious reaction. When told of the gravity of the situation the student didn’t comprehend the irresponsibility of exposing others to his situation. Of course, the administrators did not take the situation seriously and implied that I was overreacting to the threat. Diversity is strength.

  6. NoAmnesty says:

    I was recently at a store in the DFW area, and a mexican female had parked her cart in the middle of the aisle so no one could get by. I said “Excuse me” and she wouldn’t move her cart. I pushed her cart to the side and went about my business, and the next thing I know is this woman comes up to me, gives me a dirty look, leans right in my face and starts coughing. I walked away very quickly. I found out later that the mexicans here are coughing on people to try to give them TB. I have seen how some of these illegals live, and it is no wonder that there is an epidemic of diseases coming here from mexico. Unfortunately it is only going to get worse.

  7. Krister says:

    Here in my country we have also seen a steady rise of TBC,

    This disease havve been nearly extinct here for about 50-60

    years but with all the new immigrants from Africa and other

    places it has returned with a vengeance, unbelievable!

  8. Allan says:

    Actually, exposure tests are relatively meaningless. I have a sister-in-law who tests positive for TB on exposure tests but has never had TB. Her mother had TB back in the 1930’s, when it was still common in this country.

  9. Lakeview Senior says:

    TB was not an issue here in Chicago until after the influx of 3rd world immigrants settling in the city. The way the City of Chicago’s Health Department has dealt with it is to send nurses to the homes of these immigrants, legal and/or illegal, and pay them to take their TB meds in front of the nurse. This way they at least know that the TB patient is at least in compliance. How much this costs the taxpayer is not public knowledge but it must be high considering the number of newly arrived immigrans. (Chicago is a Sanctuary city too). Most of the citizens of this city of course don’t know about this policy so they go on about their business as usual. It is more like the Mexican ‘Mordida’ I guess. Could you call it extortion? I’m not a lawyer so I can’t answer that question.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Regular TB, drug-resistant TB, Ebola, Leprosy (YES! LEPROSY!) all nearly extinct or unknown in the continental North America, now at risk of running rampant through a population that no longer has any immunity whatsoever… such are the strengths of our “vibrant diversity”.

  11. True Blue says:

    United We Stand. Diverse We Fall.

    A truth that needs no embellishment.