Posted on September 23, 2011

Chrysler Explains How It Creates Diversity Opportunities for Women, Minorities

KC Kelly, Torque News, September 21, 2011

The Chrysler Group was just named one of the 60 Best Companies for Diversity. The list was published in the September 2011 issue of HispanicBusiness.

This is a great honor for the Chrysler Group, as it was ranked number 36 out of the 60 companies that made the exclusive list. The exciting news for the Chrysler Group was just announced that they also were placed as the number 2 auto OEM in the United States.

The Chrysler Group is boasting being the best of the traditional Big 3. It believes that being put on the list for the 60 Best Companies for Diversity confirms that women and men who stand behind Chrysler vehicles echo that diversity. The Chrysler Group strives to bring diversity to women and minorities especially.


The Chrysler Group is thrilled to be honored on the HispanicBusiness list for the third consecutive year in a row. {snip}

With the goal of staying a very diverse company, the Chrysler Group has been organizing “Matchmaker” events for the past 12 consecutive years. These day-long events are “designed to provide minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses access to the company’s Tier 1 suppliers and procurement process.”

The Chrysler Group’s diversity efforts and objectives include a required goal that 10% of a Tier 1 supplier’s procurement buy be sourced to certified minority suppliers and a sourcing goal for Chrysler’s women-owned business program at 3%.


Kevin L. Bell, the Senior Manager for Diversity Supplier Development made this statement: “Chrysler Group will continue to create opportunities for minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses because diversity is in the DNA of our company. Our goal is a well-developed, diverse supply chain that is inclusive to all.”

25 responses to “Chrysler Explains How It Creates Diversity Opportunities for Women, Minorities”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    I wish Chrysler would focus less on diversity and more on building good cars. I’m semi-in the market, and while the Chrysler 200 seemed rather tempting, I gave it a test drive, and the economical four-cylinder engine might as well be a motor scooter engine in the ‘200, because the ‘200’s curb weight is significantly heavier than its segment competitors. I know the Chrysler 300 has an eight-speed automatic (mmmm, fuel economy — Homer Simpson), but it’s outside my price range in the upward direction.

  2. Istvan says:

    Hmmm…..Most people I know, and granted that is a small sampling to be sure, that have purchsed Chrysler products are usually one time purchasers. I hear nothing but complaints. Most Ford owners I know seem pretty content, including in my own family. Brother, sister and their spouses are loyal Ford owners. The exception being my parents who are loyal to Buick and content. I have been loyal to Mercury since 1984 and bought my final Mercury, a 2010 Grand Marquis, last summer when the end was anounced. Always happy with Mercury. Know plenty of people loyal to Toyota and Honda. But it seems no one is loyal to Chrysler or Dodge. Maybe diversity of build and design is part of the problem?

    I always figured Ford was the best run of the remaining three because Bill Ford’s name is on the building and the Ford family has a legacy to consider. Both Ford and GM boast about diversity but it seems Chrysler is the most diverse. Guess that explains why even the “diverse” poeples buy once and never again. Even they don’t want a car designed and built by them.

  3. Diplomat Driver says:

    I worked for a large metropolitan police department for thirty years, when the Dodge Diplomat was the common low bid “police special.” A glorified taxicab was what it was. If you found one that could go 100 mph without a half-mile downhill run, you hid the keys at the end of your shift so some rookie wouldn’t crash it.

    I foolishly bought two Chrysler cars for my personal use. I’ve never driven any Chrysler product that didn’t behave as if, after 30,000 miles, every screw, nut and bolt backed off half a turn.

    This explains it. No wonder I stopped buying them.

  4. Rich says:

    The decline of the American auto industry can be directly linked to the integration of the assembly line.

  5. Anonymous says:

    At least a ‘diverse’ Chrysler now opens up a lot of jobs for us later when whites are the ones stuck with Chrysler corp after the break-up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Instead of hiring the best, Chrysler hires by quota. Instead of granting contracts to the best, it signs by quota. Chrysler is not hiring the best, contracting with the best, building the best. When is its next bailout?

  7. Anonymous says:–UAW-face-slew-of-complaints

    There is a website to visit at the beginning there or you can google, toledo assembly plant harassment, or you can go to youtube and type in auto workers drinking.

  8. Mike B. says:

    Don’t forget – this is part of Government Motors. The more times they can use the words, “diversity” and “inclusive”, the more they can preen.

    These (all liberals/leftists/whatever) would call you a ‘racist’ if you bought a white colored Ford.

  9. Jim says:

    Now we are expected to display as conspicuously as possible our joy at being given the gift of blacks and hispanics. White American children learn this early on. Curious as to the Catholic Church’s treatment of Protestant reformer Martin Luther, I asked my niece some years ago what she had learned about him in her expensive Catholic high school. “You mean Martin Luther King?,” she exclaimed with the hyper-animated look of one who had learned to “celebrate” him at the drop of a hat. “No, Martin Luther,” I said. She had never heard of him.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Chrysler seems real happy with this award. But what is the benefit to the company? What does this add to profitability and returns to the stock holders? To better products? To greater competitive edge?

    Universities and government agencies crow about how they promote diversity and hire gays and celebrate King day and so forth and so on. Since these are entities on the dole from the taxpayers, not a lot is expected from them.

    But the purpose of a car company is to make money producing what the consumers what. Not to celebrate DIE-versity.

    Diversity in large private organizations is treated as an expense. They hire minorities for make work in phoney jobs with big titles and high salaries. All good for the numbers and keeps the goons off their backs.

    The cost for this extra baggage is added to the price of the final product. Foreign competitors in the same market need not worry about this extra expense, thus they get a price edge.

    I now know why my Dodge Pickup was such a piece of junk. I’ve had good luck with Ford and GM foreign made vehicles.

    I suggest that Chrysler come out with a new pickup line. Call it the Cabron and replace the hood goat ornament with Poncho Villa on a horse.

  11. Tab Numlock says:

    Asian companies do final assembly in the US but their design/management back in Asia is 100% mono-ethnic and sex roles are strictly observed.

  12. bernie says:

    Nearly 50% of auto workers are black due to affirmative action.

    I purchased one American car (a Chrysler) and it broke down after 2 years. Never had a problem with the Hondas I own.

    I’d rather my cars be made by high IQ Asian workers than by sullen, entitled, low IQ black workers.

  13. Howard W. Campbell says:

    Maybe I am an exception here, I have had good luck with the two Chrysler products that I have owned. In the past, I have driven both a Stratus and a Durango. However, both cars were assembled in cities with a very high population of whites. (Not sure if the assembly plants represent the make up of their respective cities; Sterling Heights, MI and Newark, DE.) However, after the bailouts, I refuse to buy another post 2008 GM or Chrysler product. I may consider a Ford depending on where it was built. A number of years ago, I spent over $2000 to fix a transmission on a 5 year old Taurus.

    One of my brothers has owned a series of Honda’s for close to 30 years and had little to no trouble out of them. All but one of their assembly plants in the US are in really white areas.

    I laughed at the Chrysler Superbowl ad for the “200” featuring Eminem. “Imported from Detroit”! Well, Detroit is a third world country in almost all aspects. Sooner or later, the money will run out and Wayne County, then Michigan will turn into the “Caliphate of Michigan”. How well will the assembly lines run when the production workers are taking 5 prayer breaks a day?

  14. Michigan Patriot says:

    The common theme among commentors is that the more ‘ diverse ‘,aka, non-White other than Yellow ; means poorly made and many diverse problems done the road ( excuse the ‘pun’ ).I have been living now in S.E. rural Michigan the last ten years and have heard this same refrain many times;I figure everyone can’t be wrong and won’t entertain the tought of purchasing a Chrysler product. One friend did purchase a top of the line Jeep 4 X 4 about 3 years ago and sold back to the Chrysler dealer at a loss within 4 months of non-stop trouble.

  15. Tom S. says:

    I would kill to have one of those new Dodge Rams and think the new Chrysler 300 is one of the most beautiful cars on the road – but – I’m REALLY tired of their ads highlighting Detroit as some big industrial city and its blacks as hardworking and ambitious. I really hate the ad on t.v. that shows some black thug football player driving the 300 with a scowl on his face going home to see his mother. Remember the ad several years ago that had Lee Iacocca pairing up with SNOOP DOG? How such an historic, accomplished man such as Iacocca could agree to appear with that black street thug is beyond me. To my knowledge, blacks have NEVER had anything to do with the invention or bringing to market any automobile, just supplying the labor after all the hard work of bringing it to market is done.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I opted out of even considering Chrysler when they got Snoop Dogg to do adverts for them on the telly.

  17. Alexandra says:

    I have often wondered if all these recalls are due to affirmative action hires. Or at least what percentage.

  18. white is right, black is whack says:

    Yes, it makes so much sense to hire people who can, not only not do the jobs, but can sue the employer simply by screaming racism. Then, when the US employer gets tired of ‘civil rights’ groups shaking him down and more intrusive taxes and more regulations, he will take his operations overseas where there are no labor laws. Made in the US is about as rare today as seeing an Amish person.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I suggest obtaining the list of the 60 most diverse companies to ensure that you never buy any of their products

  20. Aaron says:

    …and THIS is why Japanese cars have been getting more and more market share in the US.

  21. Anonymous says: No. 13 or anybody interested can go to that website to get an idea of newark delaware. Can look up university of delaware and townies also.

  22. Strider says:

    Tom S. (#15) said: I really hate the ad on t.v. that shows some black thug football player driving the 300 with a scowl on his face going home to see his mother.

    Same here. That last scene should have one of two captions:

    a) “Thanks for posting my bail, Mom!” or

    b) “Mom! I finally got out on parole!”

    The fact that Chrysler would consider running such a ridiculous ad campaign shows how clueless its management is. IMHO no one in his/her right mind would consider buying or leasing a vehicle “imported from Detroit.”

  23. Dance says:

    A few years back Detroit autoworkers who worked in the 60s and 50s were calling into C-SPAN and dared mention how hiring compromised quality and helped destroyed the industry. It was fun watching the host dump the calls. Could not do it fast enough. But they kept coming.

    Purchasing a vehicle engineered and built or mostly built in a homogenous country makes superb economic sense. It may also save your life.

  24. Anonymous says:

    That football bum is Ndamukong Suh. I think the 300 is a black people car.

  25. Anonymous says:

    If you have to buy a car, then buy a German car, like Volkswagen, and Audi.

    I’d say BMW, Benz, or Porche, but you need to be in the upper tax bracket for those wheels.

    Just the same, spend your money on White made products, whether from Europe, or here. You will get you money’s worth.

    Never spend your money on Companies that “Celebrate Diversity”, and the rest of that garbage, or on items from Communist China.

    Stop buying from the Reds, completely.