Posted on September 29, 2011

Australian Lawmakers Flag Changes to Racial Laws

Boston Globe, September 29, 2011

Australia’s conservative opposition plans to repeal or amend racial discrimination laws that a right-wing commentator has breached by implying that fair-skinned Aborigines chose to identify as indigenous for profit.

Sen. George Brandis said Thursday that changes would be considered if columnist Andrew Bolt does not successfully appeal against a court ruling that his articles had illegally offended Aborigines.

A minister in a center-left government that introduced racial hatred laws in 1995, Gary Johns, says repeal would be sensible because the case shows the laws limit free speech.


15 responses to “Australian Lawmakers Flag Changes to Racial Laws”

  1. A Comment from Australia says:

    Columnist Andrew Bolt was only saying what everyone else in the community already seems to know. In other words, find a minimum of 1/32nd Aboriginal blood in your veins, identify with Aboriginal culture and you are now on the gravy train. Free medicals, free education with special incentive allowances right up to university level, well paid AA jobs and so on. Andrew Bolt should be commended for having enough guts to speak out publicly on this rort. Instead they bring the age old charge of racism against him.

    I have not followed this up but I would assume that Aboriginal Legal Aid (Taxpayer funded) paid for the court case. I have also noticed that some of the main organisers of the court challenge looked quite Caucasion.

    Please note, like most Australians, I have no problems with taxpayer funds being used to help REAL Aboriginals with the many real problems that this race faces in adapting to the 21st Century.(These include basic hygiene & nutrition, alcohol abuse and welfare dependence)

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is funny. Every textbook i’ve ever read has been Intentionally offensive toward whites. It’s about consciousness raising. And keeping the white crime rate down.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Scientific findings and other realities can not logically be considered racist. The longstanding finding that IQ differences between Australian aborigines ( on non-verbal, culturally fair tests ) and Euro-Americans are dramatic, can be

    considered to be an unwelcome fact and even a damaging fact. It is not, however, racist until and unless, by wide consensus ( across different political viewpoints ) emotions, expressions, attitudes, values are brought to bear upon the fact that are socially ungracious, emotionally insensitive, especially inviting of misunderstanding, etc. But in a society that is so “far gone” that what feels good is reflexively assumed to be good and what stings or scratches is reflexively assumed to be bad–the Ostrich posture is all that’s comfy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Australia is also crushed down by the double- crunch of onerous brown populations, and economic depression.

    Like elsewhere, expect to see, and encourage, congratulate, all white efforts to turn things around.

    No rosy speeches from me; we still have to get very tough, and expel most browns, or else carve out new nations…but the counter- revolution is begun. Don’t dismiss the idea: did many whites in the early 1960s really think the insanity of lefties could wreck the place this much? Of course not. But . stupid as they were, the lefties had optimism, anger and energy.

    Here, I mainly see anger.

    Ahem, time to turn some of that energy outward into useful purpose.

    Do something!

  5. John says:

    As comment No 1 states Andrew Bolt is simply stating what

    probably over 90% of people here think.Unfortunately too many of these light skinned `Aborigines` have taken advantage of a system where they are granted numerous welfare and employment

    advantages which I witnessed first hand working in the public service here along some of these aforementioned light skinned

    blue eyed ` Aborigines`

    Policital correctness has well as truly taken over here

    when racial vilifacion laws limit the freedom of public speech and expressing a personal view, no matter how controversial.Hopefully this `big brother` type of decision wont spread to the Internet or it could possibly put the future of this and other similar websites at


    In another act of PC stupidity this week down under women are now allowed to serve on the frontline of combat including the elite SAS…if they can make it through the gruelling training program…possibly they will lower that as they have done to allow more female police recruits in!This should be not taken as sexist or misogynist..along with most males many females with a realistic outlook on life will see this as being a completely stupid and tokenist gesture

  6. William says:

    Bolt didn’t offend anyone. Australia spends $46,000/capita on Aboriginal welfare compared to $28,000 returned in some way to normal Australians.

    Bolt alleged that a group of diversitycrats with White skin were enriching themselves rather than sincerely helping the community. Most of these people are fractionally Aboriginal and look totally White, all have integrated well in the White community at times.

    Aboriginal welfare is a scandal under the watch of these people with endemic child molestation taking place under their watch and one of the plaintiffs having a conviction for leading a pack rape; these people in fact resisted Federal Government intervention when the huge scope and horror of the child sexual molestation became apparent and conducted ad hominem attacks on full blood Aboriginal elders who supported intervention. I guess they didn’t want anyone on their maladaminstered rice bowl.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A friend of mine is 1/8 Aboriginal (but has blonde hair, blue eyes etc) and has been told by Aborigines he’s chatted to before that he should identify as Aboriginal so as to be entitled to numerous extra benefits. He’s too proud to do that and sees the sillyness of it all himself, but it goes to show how easy the system is to game should one want to do so. As Poster #1 writes, Bolt’s opinion is exactly what most Australians think, especially when they see a white “Aborigine” on TV campaigning for “their” rights.

  8. olewhitelady says:

    #1 Comment from Australia:

    Thanks for the info concerning Australoid mixture. I’ve read that only about 2% of the Australian population is comprised of this ethnicity. Do you have any data concerning how much of this 2% has significant white admixture?

    In the U.S. there are some mostly white people who identify as “Indians”. If they have directly descended from a recognized tribe, then they are of course a tribal member, regardless of the influx of white blood, and can receive benefits as such.

  9. Rebelcelt says:

    I remember watching some documentary about Australias’ prison system. It seems that Aboriginals make up over half the inmates although they are only 3% of the population. Some Journalist pointed out to the warden that this is a higher percentage than racist S.Africa and the Warden felt very bad about that. Why should he feel bad… he should be angry that the Aboriginals are so difficult to deal with and that such a large percentage are criminals.Why apoligize to people who would be living in the stone age if not for your largesse and willingness to help them?

  10. Comment from Australia says:

    To Dear Olewhitelady #5

    No I do not have any real official data re my comments, it is all just “common knowledge” Like the Indian situation in your country there are lots of benefits to be obtained if you can prove an indigenous connection. My blond blue eyed daughters quickly found this out when they were at university. (Causes lots of resentment also) The most recent Australian census form was worded in such a way to get a more accurate indication of people ethnic background and hopefully this will give a better indication as to the real percentage of Aboriginals in our population.

    You will only find real full blooded Aboriginals in very remote localities where there has been little contact with Europeans. Most other Aboriginals seem to have lots of European (great)grandparents, often Irish railway workers.

    Members and friends of my wife’s family were actively involved with Aboriginal Mission work mainly in 50s to early 70s, the whole scene is as sad and tragic as it is disgusting. The Mission system of caring for Aboriginals may not have been perfect but at least it tried to teach basic living skills including hygiene as well as a basic education. The mission system was discontinued in the 70s and basically replaced with welfare dependence and all the associated social problems such as alcohol. One friend spent months in a remote locality as a Government nurse, the most common injury she had to deal with was spear wounds!

    I post on Amren as it seems to be a very sensible forum where I can share my frustrations about all the stupidity and double standards forced on to us by the do-gooders on issues such as multiculturalism and inappropriate immigration to the West.

    On our TV news this evening we now have a push by Australia’s African Community, now numbering 300,000 to let us know how GOOD multiculturalism will be for all of us and telling us racism must be stopped in Australia! We saw an arrogant looking African woman telling us this, she was surrounded by some other women in colourful costumes. No sign of all the uneducatable, aggressive, unemployable black African males who have come here, that is the ones who are not in prison for theft, violence or sexual assult.

    Brief Comment re #6. Yes Aboriginal males are over represented in prison. They are a stone age culture, uneducatable by our standards and mainly unemployable. They are taught from day one to hate whites. They can not handle alcohol but it was racist to deny it to them. They have no concept of private property, if you want it you take it! Theft, hate and alcohol and the associated violence puts them in prison, as simple (and sad) as that. (Again, I have seen it all, and more, when living and working in outback areas)

  11. Anonymous says:

    8 — olewhitelady wrote at 7:43 AM on September 30:

    “In the U.S. there are some mostly white people who identify as “Indians”. If they have directly descended from a recognized tribe, then they are of course a tribal member, regardless of the influx of white blood, and can receive benefits as such.”

    Not necessarily true. Many tribes have a criteria based on blood quantum to keep a primarily-Indian membership and to discourage out-breeding. Tribes like the Cherokee Nation only require descent, but others require a member be at least 1/16-1/2 Indian.

    But the fact is that nobody is really “part __ Indian” with regards to American tribes. Either one is a member of a tribe or they aren’t.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ref. #04 “no rosy speeches from me”

    The practical resistance to laws like these is to emphasize the

    distinction between ugly facts and ugly emotions. They are going to insist that emotions be better than perhaps they should be. But if they can keep pushing facts into oblivion with “hate laws”–the darkness might lift some day.

  13. Jim L says:

    The funnest thing would be the opinion of the abos them selves. Then things start to get really wacky. Is it offensive for a black fella to call a white fella who thinks hes a black fella white? I think Australia needs Judge Judy.

  14. Canadian White Guy says:

    This is the same as in Canada where it is illegal to offend minorities. Truth is no defense in these witch hunt cases. Whites of course are fare game for offence (the way it should be(for everyone of course)). As well in Canada every person with a single % of Native or Indian blood applies for a treaty number which entitles them to a windfall of benefits from the government. Between the Indians and the immigrants we Canadians are broke…what a great country.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Canada Guy # 14: What if every White person, in every White country from Canada to Australia, to Europe went out of their way to offend every non-White they met?

    What could anyone do about it, when the entire White population just doesn’t give a damn, and also makes up the very Police that would enforce those stupid laws, and refuses to do so?

    These stupid laws would go the way of the Dinosaurs. Wasn’t it St. Thomas Aquinas that said, “Unjust laws are no laws at all”.